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  1. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    I can buy that story and almost sympathize with Mangini, because Belichick put him in a shitty situation -- tell on your old boss to your new boss. I remember at the time that the Mangini situation was unique among Belichick assistants. Usually he gives them his blessing or at least remains neutral when people leave, no hard feelings. McDaniels was welcomed back from Denver, for instance. But scuttlebutt at the time was that Belichick told him not to take the Jets job, and that Mangini's departure pissed him off before signal taping became a thing. I guess the hatred flows both ways between Belichick and the Jets. Players have commented that there's just something different about Jets week. Makes me wonder what made Belichick decide to resign as HC of the NYJ the way he did. I imagine he doesn't respect Woody Johnson, but there's gotta be more than that...
  2. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    I don't remember -- did the rat insults start right away, or was it from reporting Belichick over Spygate? I looked up Mangini on Wikipedia to verify his HC stint with the Jets. Did you know that two of his sons have middle names derived from the Pats? One kid's middle name was Harrison, for Rodney, and the other has William -- for Belichick. That makes his Eternal Enemy status with the Pats seem almost Shakespearean. His youngest son got the middle name Brett from when he was trying to woo Brett Favre to the team. That may be sadder than the Pats-related names. I'm glad we got Baby Dante's middle name from blood relations.
  3. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Fair point. Once, "Mangenius" was meant unironically and he was considered a real threat. Dude even had a Sopranos cameo.
  4. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Hrm. I concede the floor. Ain't no one got nothing on Jones and the Maras. I think all sports fans of good heart should spend more time shitting on John Mara.
  5. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    How dare you, sir. How DARE you insult such a varied and unique collection of individuals, each with their own miraculously sui generis inner lives. Grow up.
  6. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    All I did was ask if the statistic was cited among Steelers fans. Apparently it is, though I shan't make the mistake of thinking any honorable Steelers fans on this board hold truck by it! Except probably Ross. Ross probably brings it up a lot, huh? So I misunderstood your intent in bringing up the ten year figure. I did not mean to suggest you are some deep and thoughtless imbiber of Steeler propaganda, but it seemed reasonable to ask if a Steeler fan had heard a statistic cited by other Steeler fans. Forgive me for not fulsomely acknowledging the wide variety of media consumption strategies and life experiences among special snowflake Steeler fans! My goodness. I don't get a bug up my ass about Tawmee from Quinzee jokes, get the suffering fuck over yourself.
  7. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Ben and I guess James Harrison? But the Steelers have changed coaches since XL. Dunno how that affects your assessment. You're right that it's just Brady and Belichick for the Pats. Well, them and secret mastermind Ernie Adams.
  8. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    I'm not sure you understand the point I was making. If I thought it was you who was solely responsible for the erroneous ten year championship figure, I'd have asked if you were Commenter So and So from some other site. But your comment came right after I saw similar comments from other Steeler fans, so it made me wonder if that's a commonly cited statistic. In much the same way, when I saw Rock referencing Goodell's ridiculous bartender story, I felt pretty certain he listened to the same talk radio I heard this morning (SportsHub guys were hammering away on it), or at least had been talking to people who had. It's interesting to me how things get shared around in fandom. And thanks to Joe Pesci I have been educated on my simple question. Maybe you should just ignore me if my simple posts are going to make you upset like Mike Tomlin with a busted headset.
  9. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    I brought it up because I literally just read sone comments from Steelers fans on a Pro Football Talk article about how the Steelers actually have more championships in the last ten years than the Patriots... So yeah, when you say "only one championship in the last ten years" it does make me wonder if you guys send these sad little Unskewed Super Bowl history memes around to each other. Except, oops, the XL victory came in 2006, almost 11 years ago, so I guess it's an equal number of championships in the last ten years. So Steelers fans will have to come up with some other rubric to illustrate your team's heretofore unacknowledged dominance over recent history.
  10. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Do Steeler fans like to cite this "Super Bowls in the last decade" statistic because then they can claim two championships while the Pats have one? I see this a lot in comment threads. I wonder about the logistics too. Will you feel sad in a year when the ref-assisted victory over the Seahawks doesn't count in your metric any more, or will Pittsburgh's preferred window of relevance merely extend to include it? And would you be more likely to buy a workout video entitled Seven Minute Abs over the Eight Minute Abs?
  11. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    The trade-off is that those teams of the past were able to keep their best players, and there was no salary cap or real free agency. So, yes, offenses are coddled now (thanks, Peyton Manning!) but quarterbacks usually have to break in new teammates every year. So the challenges are different. I don't know which ultimately helps a QB more: consistent talent support or softer rules on the offense. Of course, Peyton Manning got the benefit of the softer rules and he had a GM that kept his best skill players around him for their peak years. I think Belichick's achievement as a coach/GM in the salary cap era where he has to routinely get rid of good players before they become expensive is unambiguously more impressive than the achievements of great coaches in years past. And it's interesting that Belichick seems to have changed his approach to team construction as the league changed. He used to win with brutal, bullying defenses, and then when Polian got the rules changed to protect his expensive skill players, Belichick started focusing on offense -- bringing in Moss and Welker, then developing a two-TE attack, while the defense has receded in importance.
  12. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    There seems to be something in the Chiefs' DNA. Their loss on Sunday brought me back to their playoff losses of the mid-2000s, the Priest Holmes-Trent Green years. They were a quality team that just couldn't get it done in the playoffs, and they were a constant source of frustration for someone who wanted them to beat the Colts. Dick Vermeil's Chiefs couldn't get it done in the 2003-04 playoffs, losing a shootout with the Colts by basically being the first team to punt. Then Herm Edwards' Chiefs team in 2006-07 couldn't capitalize on Manning throwing three picks to Ty Law, in the year Manning finally won with the Colts. The Chiefs are built to disappoint.
  13. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    I'm not a Colts fan, to count getting to a conference championship game as an achievement, but as they say, quantity is its own quality.
  14. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    "We'll be ready for their ass, unless the headphones go out, then I'm going to cry and whine and insinuate cheating without actually having the stones to make a direct accusation, and I'll send Joey Porter out to sucker-punch someone. Steeler pride!"
  15. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Hrm. I think I would have preferred KC next week. Ah, well. Great games coming.