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  1. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    I thought "I believe in science" was the line of the night, before "A person you can bait with a tweet should not be trusted with nuclear weapons." Pretty good speech. I thought it was a good move to attack Trump so directly and authoritatively. Bait him into a response, since he's already said he wanted to hit some of the DNC speakers attacking him, including one "very little guy" whose name he couldn't actually remember. I kept wondering how it will play with the working class voters she was trying to woo.
  2. U.S. Politics: The Bipartisan Dismemberment of the VA

    Jesus Christ, what is Susan Estrich (feminist lawyer/activist, managed Dukakis' campaign in 1988) doing defending this swollen bag of dick cancer?
  3. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    A friend of mine recently reminded us that the internment of Japanese Americans happened with an executive order. He wouldn't need to go through Congress to have entire minority populations rounded up and put in camps.
  4. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Don't forget the plans to make it easier to fire career (as opposed to politically appointed) civil service employees and to allow people to serve simultaneously in government and in the private sector. http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKCN10003A It may not reduce the country to rubble or lead to a Red Dawn style invasion, but I do regard these as pretty fundamental threats to the country.
  5. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    North Carolina GOP takes a break from patrolling women's bathrooms for illicit penises, and tweets an attack on Tim Kaine for wearing a Honduras flag pin. Turns out the pin was for Blue Star Families, a group for military families. Kaine's son is a Marine. The pin doesn't look much like a Honduran flag at all. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/north-carolina-gop-kaine-pin-shameful Those dim fuckfaces really don't have anyone capable of walking and chewing gum left in their organization, do they?
  6. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    I have a pretty large and colorful vocabulary, but I don't think I could ever properly express my loathing for that fraudulent, dog-whistle racist chickenhawk. He did unimaginable damage to millions.
  7. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Also probably due to the nominees being so well known already. Most Americans have had opinions on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for years.
  8. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Depends on how much Fox News you watch, but, I think you're right for the majority, Kal.
  9. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    I think, even with this crude attack, you are smart enough to be able to distinguish between the contexts and connotations of the deployment of those concepts and cheering points. If you have some specific remarks you'd like me to address, give me some quotes. Otherwise, do better.
  10. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    It's nice to have a well-liked President that you're proud of at your chosen party's convention. Sorry you don't know the feeling.
  11. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Tim Kaine is kind of irresistible. Loved the Jesuit lines.
  12. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Never thought I'd say this, but I am enjoying the hell out of Michael Bloomberg.
  13. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    Meandering, but a purposeful meandering. Like Kal, I was a little worried about what Bill Clinton would say. I thought he might go self-indulgent and would make it about himself, but that was well done. He seems to be nearing the end of his powers, but he can still bring it.
  14. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    You could look at Clarence Thomas as a counter-example. He did not recuse himself from ruling on the ACA even though his wife was an anti-ACA lobbyist.
  15. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    Maybe you could actually answer the question posed instead of resorting to stupid bullshit plumber analogies that reveal more about your ignorance and neuroses than they do about the candidates involved.