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  1. Flat Earth theory gaining converts???

    Well, there are two schools of thought on this. The Pratchetites do believe in a giant turtle that swims through the void. More primitive sects hold to the Russellian Exception, that it is, in fact, "turtles all the way down."
  2. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    I think Fiorina is hoping to buy out one of the smaller campaigns and lay off half their staff, then claim it as an example of fiscally responsible leadership.
  3. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Kasich is doing well in New Hampshire because he's basically been camped there for weeks. The Rubot thing is hilarious. He really is an empty suit. Christie's attack opened the floodgates for articles like this thing from McKay Coppins about how Rubio is anxious and cracks under pressure, which is a great quality in a President. The Rubot hilarity peaked today when it was revealed that his New Hampshire campaign manager attacked a protestor dressed as a robot.
  4. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    The Boston Globe's poll tracker tells me that 25 people have voted for Rick Santorum. I want to meet these people.
  5. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    You know they would have gone for him if he'd still been there in the second round. The Will of Jerry can only be stayed for so long. Unless you're talking about standing up to Greg Hardy.
  6. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    True enough. Only a desperate team (and the Cowboys) would have drafted Manziel. There's almost a vicious socioeconomic model at work here, where a team that's been so destitute of success for so long is willing to take bigger risks in pursuit of some taste of success.
  7. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    I can see how the organization would want to do that just to maximize their options with a first-round pick. It's just that by maximizing their options, they covered up for an out-of-control domestic abuser. I wonder how many other NFL teams would have done the same.
  8. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    In retrospect, I should have known the Panthers were doomed when Newton sealed his case for the MVP. By my reckoning, and please do check my math, the last regular season MVP to win a Super Bowl was Kurt Warner with the 1999 Rams. Since then, the MVP has gotten to the Super Bowl and lost six times. 2001 Kurt Warner 2002 Rich Gannon 2005 Shaun Alexander 2007 Tom Brady 2009 Peyton Manning 2013 Peyton Manning The crowd at Gilette chanting "MVP!" at Peyton Manning during a playoff defeat made a big impression on me and I started to notice the drought for MVPs winning championships. Which is part of the reason I was secretly rooting for Newton to get the MVP this year when it seemed like he and Brady were the lead contenders. I had just imagined it would be the Pats beating another MVP this year, instead of the Broncos.
  9. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    It almost seems a pendulum swing back from the last time Blakeman caught my notice. If I recall correctly, he was the ref in the Pats-Panthers game from a couple of years ago when it came down to a last-second throw to Gronk in the end zone, and Kuechly mugged Gronk. A flag was thrown, and picked up without any explanation, and the Panthers got the win. At the time it looked a lot like Blakeman and his crew just wanted to get the hell out of there rather than piss off Carolina fans.
  10. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    So yeah, I'm going to post my Super Bowl thoughts 36 hours after they are relevant. Had to watch the game on delay due to various factors, and then I didn't really have time to catch up with the thread. First, congratulations to the Broncos and especially their defense. A well-deserved win. Even if a lot of people thought they weren't the best team going into the game, they certainly outplayed and outcoached the Panthers. All game I kept waiting for the Panthers to string together enough plays to get that critical touchdown, but it never materialized, due to the Broncos' suffocating defense and their own horrible mistakes. In retrospect it actually makes the Patriots' loss a little more bearable -- what offense could do well against that defense? Somewhere, I am sure,  Marcus Cannon was watching that game, pointing at the screen, and shouting, "See? I'm not as bad as I looked in the AFC Championship!" (But you are still pretty bad and I hope the Pats never have to start you again.) Second, Cam Newton may be a very emotional player and all that, but he needs to learn that an elite quarterback who is the best and most visible player on a contending team needs to be spotless in his public appearances. The reactions to him are worse because of racism, but he needs to be bulletproof if he really wants to be The Guy. I mean, Tom Brady is unfailingly polished and professional in his press conferences and... wait, they fucking booed him at the MVP lineup. Fuck them, Cam. You do you. Third, there was some terrible fucking officiating in that game and it really affected the game. Most egregious was the bobbled Cotchery catch that looked like a catch to anyone with a pair of neurons to rub together, but was still somehow ruled Not a Catch. Remember that play happened right before the strip-sack that got Denver their first touchdown. If the refs had ruled that correctly, the line of scrimmage is well away from the end zone and even a strip-sack maybe leads to a field goal at most. It really seemed to me like officiating was stacked against the Panthers most of the game, including Talib's grabbing a receiver's arm in the red zone while the ball was in the air. Fourth, the Beyonce-Bruno Mars portion of the halftime show was as good as I've ever seen for a Super Bowl halftime show. A pity Coldplay had to be there at all. When Beyonce, Chris Martin, and Bruno Mars were parading down the stage together, Mrs. Gabriel and I looked at each other and both said some variant of "One of these things is not like the others..." Last (at least for now), fuck Peyton Manning. I will puke if people look at this as some kind of crowning jewel in his career instead of a shameful sub-Dilfering that happened to be paired with some of the greatest individual defensive performances in the history of the Super Bowl. Fuck him for his Papa John kiss and the grotesque Budweiser endorsement. Was he hurting for cash?  Does the Guyer Institute charge that much for HGH? I'm told he earned an extra $4 million this season, for winning the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl. He should send those checks directly to his defense. I hope his Papa John's franchises are the next ground zero for a norovirus outbreak. In closing, take it away, Drew Magary.
  11. Flat Earth theory gaining converts???

    That's obviously why you have the elephants facing in opposite directions to hold it up and keep it from pulling inward.
  12. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Thanks for the rundown on the Iowa Democratic Party in the previous thread, Fez. I bet this is more about disorganization and failure of involved officials than any deliberate skullduggery, but it's all too easy for the general public to assume the worst about a situation involving the Clintons.
  13. US Election Thread - Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa

    Was the Iowa caucus any more weird or disorganized than in previous years?
  14. NFL 2016: Super Bowl in Memory of John Fox

    I think of him as a legendarily awful announcer from his stints on Monday and Thursday nights.
  15. US Election Thread - Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa

    Having a 3/4 majority in Congress overcomes a lot of controversy and mean newspaper editorials I guess.