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  1. Shep Smith is actually a decent journalist who somehow remains employed at Fox News. I wouldn't take his stance as indicative of anything of the network itself, except that they allow him to say honest things from time to time.
  2. I think of Brees as one of those rare QBs who can elevate his receivers, and make average or flawed guys look like Pro Bowlers. Cousins is competent, but I don't think he can make guys better than their talent.
  3. This kind of intelligent and eloquent commentary is not new for Dale Hansen. Here's his defense of the NFL protesters:
  4. Yep, imagine being such a mediocre loser that the only thing you can take pride in is an accident of birth: the privilege you occupy over minorities. Now all these damn hippies want to take that away too!
  5. Bradley's kid has a band? Jesus Christ I'm old. 40 oz to Freedom is still on regular rotation in my car.
  6. Pro old men having control over women's bodies.
  7. Where's our sea lion to pop up and tell us not to worry about Nazis, because they are too extreme to be a threat?
  8. It won't help in midterms. Nor will the next hundred or so mass shootings that will inevitably occur before then. When I was in high school, we used to talk shit about the overprivileged kids at the private school down the road. "They can justify anything and deal with nothing," huffed one of my friends. That's America. That's us as a nation.
  9. I love my son so much. He is the light of my life. And every day I wonder if it was a good idea to bring him into this shit-encrusted world.
  10. There's a new generation of religious hucksters preaching even more naked greed than Bakker and Swaggart anyway. And they have bought in on the thrice-married philandering swindler and vulgarian from New York. They have provided cover for him with their flocks.
  11. Wasn't some sea lion trying to convince us that Nazis will never be influential or powerful enough to be a threat? I guess that's true, as long as you're a mediocre middle-aged white Trumpkin. The rest of us may need to be a little more alert to the racism in police departments.
  12. I don't much care about Brady's potential wink wink deals either. But if it irritates the mcbigskis of the world, that's dandy. He has a "sports therapy center" in the mall by Gillette. That's where his snake oil nutritionist is based. I bet he gets a lot of "synergistic effects" for his business.
  13. I'd actually be surprised if Brady did NOT have some kind of understanding with Kraft about future arrangements, a stake in the team, or something like that. Not to mention he gets to have his TB12 thing right there in Patriots Place (for which I am sure he pays market rate rent, cough cough).
  14. This morning, the Boston Herald, the paper which published and then retracted a 2008 story that the Patriots had filmed a Rams practice before SB36, published and then quickly retracted a story about Brady intending to hold out if he didn't get Handsome Jimmy money. The reporter behind the story, Ron Borges, got punked very easily by some random guy pretending to be Brady's agent. The hoaxster suggested that Adam Schefter would have it next week, so Borges rushed out this portentous story that opened with two single-sentence paragraphs. He did no follow up or verification before running with a story based on some text messages. Nor did sourcing this from one texter prevent him from using the "sources say" phrasing to back his story. Borges has won awards here, he's one of the big sportswriters in Boston, but he has a... checkered journalistic history. He got canned from the Globe in 2007 for plagiarism, which is why he's at the Herald. What a chump. https://deadspin.com/boston-radio-dopes-claim-boston-newspaper-dope-was-tric-1822864161
  15. Bad sign to be an extra piece in two trades in six months.