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  1. I was hoping some of the slack would pick up with Benintendi, who actually hit one tonight to make the difference against the Cubs. But there's been practically nothing from Hanley, Bogaerts, Bradley, or Pedroia (whose power may just not come back).
  2. All right, I'll be prepared. I can't wait for Jace to Make Patriotism Great Again.
  3. Somehow it'll be easier sharing the bandwagon with Jace than with Trumplestiltskin. But I think you were away during that season where Jace did a reasonable face/heel/face turn as a Pats fan. It was pretty good. That's what I was joking about.
  4. Gonna pretend to be a Browns fan this year?
  5. He outclassed the Bruins so badly on the ice, I can't even be mad about it.
  6. There's apparently been a lot of rogue editing of Pace's Wikipedia page. Refers to him as the soon to be former GM, says he signed Napoleon Dynamite to a huge contract, said he was revealed last night to be a secret Packers employee... Maybe this "Cleveland on Lake Michigan" transition really is happening.
  7. I just wanted to see these words next to my username. Thanks, please carry on.
  8. Stupid quote system. The lack of run support for Sale has been maddening. They get on base fine but there's no power. I knew they wouldn't be able to replace Ortiz's production but their offense has just gone feckless.
  9. Supposedly they got two of the top three people on their board. Wow. And oh Bears. They gave up all those picks to swap with San Francisco because they beat the Niners in a pointless-except-for-draft-position game in Week 13. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/28/bears-week-13-win-over-49ers-cost-them-three-picks/
  10. Oooh, Browns trade the 12th pick to Texans. Is O'Brien going for his QB? And so far, a very non-Browns draft...
  11. I don't like doing things that profit the Cowboys, but fuck the Ravens, above all things.
  12. Wow. Big move by the Chiefs. And the Bills pick up a 2018 first-rounder!
  13. I like all these top receivers going off the board before the Ravens pick.
  14. I don't get what just happened here. Were the Bears scared someone else was going to trade with San Francisco to get that pick?
  15. Jesus, I know exactly the period you're talking about. And now I am nostalgic for Ralph Wiley too, also on Page 2 in those days I think...