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  1. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    That hits me right in the childhood.
  2. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I always wonder how differently things would have turned out for all involved if not for that stunning championship run in 2001. The Pats had been 5-11 in the year before the Bledsoe injury and started 0-2 that year. Belichick wasn't a highly regarded coach at all. People had panned Kraft's decision to hire him. Winning brought Belichick respect and allowed him to consolidate control over personnel matters. It bought him more credibility within the organization and with his players. A Super Bowl winning coach can be arrogant and dismissive, but a coach with two straight losing seasons, maybe not. Does a coach with a mediocre record get players to buy in to pop quizzes about other teams? Does that coach get deferential treatment from the local press? Maybe in some alternative universe where the Pats didn't keep a rookie Brady as their 4th QB in 2000, Belichick is that talented coordinator who couldn't hack running his own team, and Brady washed out after never getting a good shot or proper development, and maybe the Rams, Colts, and Steelers have a few more titles.
  3. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    So Mike Reiss, ESPN's beat guy in Boston, thought that Belichick is trying to get bigger corners. Gilmore is kinda tall for a corner, Butler is a peanut. Logan Ryan was a little smaller. Eric Rowe, over whose outstretched arm Julio Jones caught that pass, is a little taller I think. I don't trust him yet, but he seems to be part of their plans. On the offensive side, the Falcons got good results with clogging up the middle, and the comeback drives relied on outside catches, so Cooks (on paper) works nicely. He can do slants as well as downfield routes, from what I've read. If defensrs have to respect the outside more, then more room inside for Gronk, Edelman, etc.
  4. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    Right with you on what I want the Pats to do with free agency, Rock. I was very relieved to hear that Butler was not part of the Cooks deal. I know one must be unsentimental in football, but that interception remains my favorite football play ever. Forms a powerful appreciation and an emotional bond. And he's really just all they've ever wanted their players to be. Same with Hightower -- his shoestring tackle on Marshawn Lynch and the strip-sack, of course... Maybe he's approaching Bruschi in my mental rankings. Word is that during the joint practices the Pats and Saints had a couple of years ago, people (including Butler) raved about Cooks, talked about how no one could cover him. This is how they ended up with Welker and Chris Hogan. I hope it works out. I thought Cooks was complaining about lack of touches in New Orleans? He's not going to get 80 catches in this offense, but he might get 1200 yards... It sure does seem like Belichick is loading up for this year, isn't he? I support it. When has he ever had this much salary cap to work with? The whole league is throwing money around but they still seem to have made good deals... on paper. Assuming they can coax more out of guys than their previous team did (hi Rex, did you think Belichick was done fucking with you?). This is unorthodox behavior for Belichick, but the other times he's broken the pattern it's worked out. He splurged in 2007 and yes had an epic loss in the Super Bowl, but you can't deny it was one of the most talented and intimidating teams in a generation. And the last time he threw around draft picks like this, trading up to get two first round picks, he got Hightower and Chandler Jones. It's usually a good sign when Belichick is that confident in a player. They are stacked for this year, but there is good core talent there. Both lines are young, except for Alan Branch and Nate Solder. Gilmore is young, and imagine if they can get Butler for an extension. Then, if they trade Garoppolo, they can restock quite a few positions this year and next. I'm glad they didn't have to get into the offensive line market. Not like they ever have, but I think of my team needing to court the likes of Matt Kalil and I shiver. I'm glad for Martellus Bennett. I sincerely wish him success. He seems interesting and original and creative. The more I hear from him, the more I like, usually the opposite of how it goes with NFL players. Wish I could say I was surprised by Jerry Jones reneging the offer to release Romo. It's smart business to try and get something for him, but that's a shitty thing to do to the guy who literally broke his back over and over returning your franchise to relevance. He probably just shouldn't have made the offer at all. I wonder if his son convinced him to pull back.
  5. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I've never seen the Pats this frisky in early free agency. Even in 2007, the Moss trade was at draft time. Belichick must be mellowing. He allowed Cyrus Jones to field a punt in a game after he almost gave away the Ravens game. He's been smiling and joking in public more often. Maybe he's feeling a little looser after creating his seventh horcrux winning his seventh ring.
  6. Following up on Snyder drama, Deadspin has a very Deadspinny post about McCloughan's firing. One thing I didn't realize when I posted about it yesterday, was that the team's "We wish him well and will never talk about him again" statement was followed, literally minutes later, by a long Washington Post smear piece that he'd been drinking for months, of course sourced to anonymous team executives. Petchesky noticed the timing and made it the lede of his column. I am well familiar with the local newspaper carrying water for sports franchises to smear departing employees. Terry Francona, the best manager the Red Sox have probably ever had, endured "He lost control of the locker room because his divorce made him a distracted pill popper" stories in the Globe. I wasn't even sad when the Sox got swept by Tito's team in the playoffs last year. But man, this hatchet job on McCloughan is incredible and appalling, even if he was actually drinking. Let's say it's true and that he'd been drinking, showing up drunk at meetings, etc. Why send Chris Cooley out talk about it, and leave no comment on his statements? Why let the stink of the accusations linger for weeks? Why throw in a literal dead grandmother story that was obviously fishy? It can be true that McCloughan was drinking AND that the team had the worst, most cynical and damaging possible response to it. The Deadspin column makes a solid case that someone with an alcohol problem should never have been hired into Washington's boozy culture (which I hadn't been aware of, but the reference to Snyder's "Crown Royal muscles" is priceless). But even if Bruce Allen and his gang were teetotalers, we all should have seen this coming simply for the fact that everything involving Dan Snyder gets boiled down to the greediest, shittiest, most callous and petty instincts of human nature. It doesn't seem like anyone running that team ever chooses the graceful or kind option. They optimize their awfulness like Belichick optimizes his roster. Maybe the worst thing McCloughan could have done was to be good at his job. If he sucked, maybe Allen wouldn't have gotten jealous, or maybe the team could have just fired him without having to leverage his demons into an excuse. Nah, that's probably wishful thinking too. Snyder always does the worst thing.
  7. There's at least one Washington Post reporter saying that Washington execs were jealous of McCloughan and were planning in advance to use the drinking as an excuse to fire him. It always seemed to me that a guy with alcohol problems would have a bad time of it in that organization. If the reporter is right, this transcends the usual level of scumbaggery, douchebaggery, and incompetence to be found in NFL front offices. This is genuine evil.
  8. He hasn't signed his RFA tender yet. Can't do a deal without that. I imagine he wants a long term contract from whoever he ends up with, so maybe he'd need at least the framework of a deal before this can happen. Word is Butler is pissed so he's probably gone one way or the other. Fucking shame.
  9. Well how about the even less successful highly-drafted pass rusher that went from the Browns to the Pats? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/09/barkevious-mingo-will-sign-one-year-deal-with-colts/
  10. I heard they were at least pursuing Jabaal Sheard, who ended up in Belichick's doghouse midseason but is probably still better than anyone on the Indy roster now.
  11. Turns out Brock Osweiler is the Archduke Ferdinand of the NFL! One piece that sets off an avalanche of responses.
  12. So now I'm hearing that the Browns are shopping BO and 2017 picks and offering to eat half his salary this year, in order to stockpile 2018 picks for a package to get Garoppolo. If that's true, I love the sudden NBA-ification of the NFL trade market. This is the most interesting kickoff to free agency I can remember.
  13. Your wordplay has given me half a Harbaugh.
  14. Will there be more trades like this in the future? This kind of trade demands its own nickname right? So do you call it a Brock, an Osweiler, or a BO? I first leaned toward Osweiler, but Brock makes an elegant verb. "I bet the Jets wish they could have found a trade partner to Brock Revis's contract."
  15. Rapoport is saying the Browns might just release him. Amazing. One day, you're making a semi-credible case that you're better than (the shambling corpse of) Peyton Manning, then all of a sudden you're the booby prize in the NFL's first salary dump trade, scorned even by the Browns.