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  1. Me, Week, is that about it? There are others, but not that often, it seems. I'm not even that regular. To be clear, I don't blame the Yankees for making this deal. I just think we should contract the Marlins instead of letting them flounder along like they're being run as a front for a cartel. They're the player in the fantasy league who gave up early in the season and doesn't even bother to set lineups any more.
  2. Cutler is playing well, and the Patriots are so slow at LB that fast pass-catching backs make them look terrible, especially when they don't have much film on them.
  3. "Anti-Moore propaganda campaign?" What the suffering fuck do you think is propaganda? The creeping and assault on teenage girls? His obvious bigotry? His ISIS-like view of Christianity over secular law?
  4. What this thread needs more of is Sawks fans talking about how this affects them. The team may as well hibernate for the next five years. I'd rather they stick with the roster they have instead of letting this spook them into overpaying one of the second tier sluggers on the market. It's amazing that one shithole team that went from one cheap asshole owner to an over-leveraged douchebag owner with a pet Yankee for rented credibility has more or less tilted MLB's competitive landscape with their stupid debt-servicing fire sale. Yeah Jeets!
  5. Seahawks pulled the same crap with a victory formation snap at the end of Super Bowl 49. What a game tonight. Damn that AB. Seems like the Steelers have mounted a lot of crazy comebacks this year.
  6. Dear Lord. Even if he had started off as a sane and reasonably compassionate person, absorbing 4-8 hours of Fox News every day would turn a person into a paranoid, resentful bigot. We're being poisoned as a nation by our President's TV habits.
  7. Of course these problems should be discussed. But with a firm understanding that equal rights for women in no way oppresses men. I don't see how this is hard or why you are trying to mischaracterize Scot's simple argument that men who think feminism has oppresses them should be corrected, not coddled.
  8. So adorable! Congratulations! Love the name, too.
  9. It was in a sports bar in Los Angeles... in a room packed with Red Sox fans and a handful of Cards fans...thirty seconds after the final out of the 2004 World Series.
  10. Yeah, it's a chilling reminder. Trump has shown no hesitation to break every cherished norm and rule in our political culture, and the Republican Party has shown no ability or desire to restrain him. Waiting for the Republicans to tell him no is like waiting for Lucy to let Charlie Brown kick the football.
  11. He's a Christianist Southern Republican. Couldn't you just assume he doesn't believe in evolution?
  12. More detail on Trent Franks -- AP is reporting that he repeatedly offered a staffer $5 million to serve as a baby surrogate for him and his wife. That might just seem strange and inappropriate but not necessarily resignation-worthy, but Franks' own statement mentions his preference for "pro-life" conception, which I think means he was asking his staffer for sex until she got pregnant. He did talk about what a special and wonderful person helped them have twins before... https://apnews.com/ca905b7b6e264683832a038521f5353f
  13. So like I said... Best of all worlds for Ohtani then. The porridge is neither too hot nor too cold.
  14. Look, there was a guy with a Yankees shirt walking through! You gonna tell a dog not to chase a tennis ball? But a bewildered Angels fan sitting in front of me turned around and asked incredulously, " Do you guys just start that chant at random times?" ETA: That's not even the saddest "Yankees Suck" chant I've been a part of.
  15. I guess the McJesusites were right about gay marriage leading to pedophilia. Gay marriage got them so crazy they're supporting a pedophile for US Senator. They fulfilled their own prophecy, which is usually how prophecies work I guess.