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  1. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    I am personally uninterested in his affairs, but I want people to ask the sold-out religious charlatans backing him, like Jerry Falwell Jr, about their decision to ally with a proudly unrepentant moral degenerate. Of course they won't really address it, but my fucking God these assholes need to squirm.
  2. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    It's about a compulsive need for dominance and a horrifying appetite for cruelty. Whether it's Hillary Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell, John McCain, the Khan family, or even putative allies like Chris Christie, Trump cannot resist these casual attacks. Even if I didn't find his policies (such that they are) horrific, I just don't want my son and our friends' children to grow up in a country with such an example of leadership. Somewhat relatedly, Trump's son Qusay, I mean Eric, is very proud that his dad "took the high road" and refrained from mentioning Bill Clinton's affairs. What a rotten brood of dead-eyed sociopaths Trump's domestic staff has raised. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/eric-trump-proud-bill-clinton-debate
  3. NFL 2016 Week 3/4: The Darkness Peers Back

    JJ Watt has re-injured his back and is probably out for the rest of the season: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17655910/jj-watt-houston-texans-likely-headed-ir-reinjuring-back The AFC South is going to be won by a 7-9 team.
  4. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Anyone else wonder why Trump keeps bringing up Rosie O'Donnell in debates? He's been stewing a grudge against her for a decade because she called him out on all his bullshit ten years ago: http://www.vox.com/culture/2016/9/27/13072666/donald-trump-rosie-odonnell-feud-debate-explained I've never been particularly a fan of Rosie O'Donnell but she was a decade ahead of almost everyone else. This is the ur-text of Trump takedowns.
  5. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Trump was so offended by Clinton bringing up that Miss Universe that he fat-shamed, he went on Fox and Friends this morning to... complain about how much weight she'd gained. Do you think even the dim and callow propagandists who host that show might have sensed that they were helping him double down on a mistake?
  6. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    Oh she fucking killed him on the stamina thing.
  7. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    They're both infinitesimally short, and prone to unplanned eruptions.
  8. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    Trump not paying taxes is good business. But NATO not paying what they owe is bad?
  9. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    Manic energy and bold incoherence. If he wasn't like this all the time I'd wonder if he was coked up.
  10. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    Clinton had a good response on implicit bias.
  11. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    One of Trump's foreign policy people is being investigated for his connections to Putin: https://www.yahoo.com/news/u-s-intel-officials-probe-ties-between-trump-adviser-and-kremlin-175046002.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw
  12. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    Well, it finally happened. Ted Cruz, the Second to Last Principled Conservative Senator, is endorsing Trump. Or, as Deadspin puts it: Ted Cruz Planning to Cuck Himself Is anyone surprised?
  13. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Oh for fuck's sake. At least we can look forward to the entertaining press conferences where reporters ask Rex Ryan if he thinks two Ryan brothers can beat Belichick with no QBs.
  14. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Brady has publicly entertained the same thoughts -- that he was lucky to be drafted and developed where he was, and he might have washed out of the league if he'd been drafted by, say, Arizona. Also: have the Cardinals been respectable for long enough now that people have mostly forgotten how consistently bad they were 15 or 20 years ago? We're only ten years removed from the "crown their asses" rant, right?
  15. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Okay, let's punish the team. Cheating the salary cap and assembling an illegal roster sounds pretty bad to me. Let's void their championships won while cheating. Congratulations on the repeat championships, Green Bay Packers, and congrats to the Falcons for their first title! But seriously, a player gets more money than a team should be able to pay them, and you say it's only the team that benefits? Seems like biased reasoning to me. I think it'd be fair to use Elway's acceptance of an illegal contract to taint everything he's done.