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  1. Well shit, now I'm even more bummed. Though Robert Mueller does have the look of a giant eagle about him...
  2. It hasn't even been a year and I think of Obama like Sam and Frodo languishing on the slopes of Mount Doom, trying to remember the sound of running water or the taste of strawberries.
  3. It's both. His business practices are all about fucking people over. It's why he needs to humiliate his allies and employees, like tweeting to undercut Tillerson or sending Chris Christie to get his McDonald's. He is a rich stew of every negative and hateful personality trait. And 60 million assholes voted him into the world's most powerful position.
  4. I have other thoughts about what to do with Trumpkins but people get upset these days when you talk about gulags and sterilization.
  5. The more wounded and upset this dumb piece of shit gets, the more he will lash out to hurt people. Life is a zero sum game to this jabbering crook, and he can't feel good unless he's hurt or fucked over someone else. I wish we could just lock him in a stadium with his hardcore supporters so that they can be each other's problems.
  6. Well, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum looked pretty good at least. Word is that Hayward's injury is a sort of "best case scenario" for this kind of awful break -- clean fracture, no ligament or blood vessel damage, possibly about six months of recovery.
  7. Ah, fuck. Five minutes into the new season, and Gordon Hayward is getting stretchered off the court with a leg injury.
  8. I've seen it in real time. They don't try to defend it, they just say something about Obama or Hillary Clinton.
  9. I would really like for you to go back to my original post and read through as if I were not personally calling you a racist Trump supporter, because I was not. I find this to be a common problem with trying to discuss things with you -- in a long post, you'll zero in on one thing that you find to be a personal insult and chew away at that one little side issue while ignoring the meat of the argument I tried to present. You're doing it here too. I can see, however, why you could think I was personally attacking you. I said that your arguments sound a lot like the same kind of stale arguments that come out of Republican propaganda. I've seen far too many people, especially here, claim to be centrists, and to not really belong to either party, but then argue 100% Republican talking points (Curt Schilling used to claim he was an independent before he went full Breitbart). Your arguments sounded similar. So I characterized them that way. If you think I have you wrong, that's fine, but that's not why I'm here. I am not here to argue about your personal qualities. The next time you feel it imperative to personally defend yourself against some imagined charge that I supposedly leveled, please just let it go. The next time you feel the need to go on a long tangent about your personal life in order to justify whatever political opinions your demographic has come about, please just go back to the argument. You said before you wanted to talk about facts, but I've been the one linking support for my arguments and you're giving me some "view from my front porch" analysis which doesn't prove anything except that one guy has certain views. I ranted about my frustration with the "white working class" who complains that neither party does anything for them. I think their assessment that they have been abandoned is wrong. It's like you didn't even bother to read the case I made about how the Democrats have actually tried to help the white working class, in the spirit of trying to help all low-income people. But due to well-honed Republican appeals to racial resentment (please don't deny it exists in these communities), the people who would be helped most by Democratic policies are the ones who vote against them. Do you think it's a coincidence that the states with lowest standard of living, lowest educational attainment, and lowest social mobility are the most Republican states? Maybe if the "white working class" actually voted for some Democrats and got some Democratic policies, shit might start to turn around. You might get health care, and environmental regulations to keep companies from poisoning you, and maybe some job training like Hillary Clinton promised. It's amazing to me to see you complaining about how no one pays attention to the white working class. Literally the entire election was about trying to see which way the "white working class" would vote. There have been a million think pieces and soul-searching editorials from dipshit pundits trying to figure out why the "white working class" does what it does. I already talked about how much campaign energy gets devoted to coal, an industry that represents such a tiny fragment of the economy. To hear the candidates talk, you'd think coal was the linchpin of the economy. There are writers getting whole careers and speaking gigs out of their insight into the mind of the resentful white working class. The white working class gets plenty of fucking attention from where I'm looking. You're more or less saying you don't pay attention to the very things that would maybe have informed your opinions about social justice and the track records of the two parties. Why should I be interested in a "different perspective" when it's a perspective that doesn't seem to be well-informed? So please go back and ignore the imagined slights and insults, and just tell me if you think I'm wrong that the Democrats have tried to help working-class people,and the Republicans have consistently fucked them over. Please start there. And no, I'm not going to debate privilege with you, because I can see from what you've written that it's no use. But I'd at least like for you to take a long hard look at the policies of the two parties and really assess whether or not they are both ignoring you.
  10. I wonder if the NFL is going to open a Pandora's Box of labor litigation because Kaepernick's girlfriend sent a mean tweet about Ray Lewis and Steve Bisciotti.
  11. For any Jets fans watching the game today, that was a strangely weird and cruel call from replay HQ that robbed Sefarian-Jenkins of a touchdown against the Pats. I would not blame you for feeling jobbed. I sincerely hope Luck comes back healthy and stays that way. Would rather have him playing healthy for years and years, than enjoy whatever competitive ability his absence would prove.
  12. Any week now, right?
  13. @Michael Seswatha Jordan, you were so thirsty for honest engagement on why the white working class feels forgotten... I'm your huckleberry. I wouldn't want you to lose the opportunity because the previous thread closed.
  14. Lol. It's too hard to just say "I am not able to respond."
  15. I've said over and over again that Reagan's chief political achievement was uniting the greedheads, warmongers, racists, and evangelicals (big overlap with the racists). The politicization of the racist-ass Southern Baptist convention helped that. It's the money-monger wing of the party that wants "limited government" and they used racism and social wedge issues like abortion and gay marriage to push the other groups into their camp. The party that working class whites reflexively support is cutting their social services and the regulations that protect them, but it's okay because the Republican Party doesn't ask them to share space at the table with non-whites. The taxes paid in by metropolitan liberals get funneled to rural states because both parties try to kiss their asses and because the antiquated Electoral College system values rural states' votes more than populous states. The Shirley Sherrods of the world get scorn and get run out of the good work they were doing, so Breitbart can monetize clicks making credulous white people angry and advance an agenda that serves the Trumps and Mnuchins of the world. Crack was a drug epidemic that destroyed lives and whole communities in the 1980s, and the response was to police them harder, kill them more, lock them up, build prisons -- because the victims were black. Now the opioid epidemic hits white people, so all of a sudden addicts need treatment and rehabilitation. Drug deaths in poor communities weren't tragic to America until white people started dying. If you're a working class or rural white person who feels neglected, it's not because no one is paying attention -- it's because you've been suckered into voting against the only party willing to actually try to help you. And I'm sick of my vote counting less and my taxes leaving my community because of the nation is held hostage by your poorly focused resentment.