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  1. The invitation hasn't been issued precisely because Trump knows they'll turn it down. Imagine the rage he'd have from an official snub!
  2. Nice move, Chris Long. And I am very grateful for players like Malcolm Jenkins and Michael Bennett who are continuing the anthem protest. http://deadspin.com/chris-long-has-malcolm-jenkinss-back-in-anthem-protest-1797970194
  3. Jesus, the Red Sox are making too much a habit of these sphincter-clenching walkoff wins.
  4. I think it's too much to say worst pick ever, but it was worse than those other guys. The Bucs gave up a couple of picks to move up to get him, he hadn't been particularly accurate in college, and he actually lost them games.
  5. This was... Very satisfying. http://deadspin.com/rafael-deverss-home-run-broke-this-yankees-fan-1797816331
  6. And if he'd been a late pick or undrafted, they wouldn't have waited so long to cut him, and might have saved themselves some money, drama, and maybe a game or two. ETA: Apparently Hard Knocks was in the room when they decided to cut him.
  7. Are there any indications that Jerruh plans to fight the Elliott suspension? Oh I fucking hope he does. Just to see him turn on Goodell. And I hope Robert Kraft takes the opportunity to suggest he sit down and shut the fuck up and take his punishment.
  8. So what would be an effective form of protest? Some "thoughts and prayers" tweets when another black person gets killed for no good reason? People are still talking about it and sensitive mediocre white people are still whining about it, so he certainly got attention and got the issue talked about by people who have led soft and squishy enough lives to think "politics" is just a thing that happens every four years. And he clearly has been reasonably good at explaining himself, because you're such an expert on what he thinks.
  9. If Kaepernick has somehow failed to explain the logic of his protest, I think it may have something to do with the cognitive abilities of his audience. Somewhat relatedly, how should Kaepernick have protested? It was a pretty quiet way to use his platform to draw attention to an issue. I keep hearing about how Black Lives Matter protesters are damaging the cause by being loud and disruptive. Comfortable white people will be sympathetic to you if you're not so loud and scary, protesters are told. He literally just sat while other people stood. Then he explained himself in pretty thoughtful, reasoned interviews and donated some money to causes. That's all he did. What a bunch of fragile motherfucking babies to be offended by that. Oh wait, he wore mean socks and a Castro shirt. That's the reason America's most easily triggered snowflakes treat him like a goddamn mass murderer.
  10. I'd honestly just to make it through the next year or three without President Gaslight getting us all killed, poisoned, or sold to a Russian cartel to settle his debts. Hey, how about that Tannehill injury though. This was totally the year he was going to put it all together, too.
  11. Harsh. But out of respect for the memory of your team's relevance, I will let it pass.
  12. While I have not changed my feelings on your team or its owner, I do feel sad about Andrew Luck. The league (and the AFC) are worse off without him.
  13. It's been a spectacular flameout from the shitbag Ravens, especially with Ray Lewis injecting his pompous and hypocritical stupidity into it. Did anyone watch his argument with Shannon Sharpe? Sharpe was kind of a mess himself, but Lewis was only intelligible enough to reveal what a fatuous moron he is. It seemed like he was making a respectability politics argument, but had only a limited grasp of it. I wish Sharpe had gone nuclear and thrown the 2000 murder case that Lewis shucked and jived his way out of. I guess that's why Ray Lewis doesn't have any sympathy for Kaepernick -- the cop corruption worked for him. May this team and their scumbag owner spend the next fifty years looking up at the Browns.
  14. Oh my. Belichick is tired of being asked how players look before padded practices. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/07/29/bill-belichick-scoffs-at-evaluating-players-before-the-pads-are-on/
  15. Beat me to it. There are certainly more opportunities since the Jets just have Enunwa and a bunch of #4 receivers, but who's going to get him the ball, behind what line? A bigger piece of the pie sounds nice until you find out what's in the pie.