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  1. US Politics: Redefining National Security

    It's less about qualifications and more about how he has publically stated his goal is to destroy the federal government.
  2. US Politics: Redefining National Security

    Not only are they out, but Bannon is in. This is extremely disturbing.
  3. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    This, more than anything else, scares me. I'm not American, so whilst I can lament American domestic policy, it doesn't affect me directly very much. But Bannon having direct influence over American military and security policy? Holy. Fucking. Shit. That has potentially very serious consequences for the world as a whole. This is extremely troubling.
  4. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    Fair enough, I won't argue the point. In any case, Russia still doesn't have the resources available that western Europe does, nor does it change that their military is significantly more limited than often presented.
  5. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    Wikipedia has Italy at about 1.8 trillion USD and Russia at about 1.3 trillion. It's not the Russia's logistics are especially bad. It's just the US is pretty much the only modern state capable of sustaining a long-term campaign at distance against other advanced countries.
  6. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    Exactly. Russia's ability to project sustained force beyond it's immediate borders is pretty limited. Sure, the scandinavian countries might struggle if they were totally on their own but they wouldn't be on their own against a direct military attack. The concern is that direct military attack is not Russia's MO. They're very good shit-stirrers who can cause a lot of trouble through unconventional and indirect means (see Ukraine). This is not to be dismissed, but it's not an existential threat to western Europe. Edit: I mean, Russia's economy is significantly smaller than Italy's, let alone the EU's as a whole. They have a lot of immediate warfighting skill and short-term capability, but very little depth or sustainability. Conventional state-on-state wars are usually won by logistics.
  7. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    I pointed this out in the POTUS and the World thread before it was locked, but Russia is not going to conquer Europe as a whole. Even if Putin wanted to, Russia doesn't have the capability. That's not the major concern here. The former soviet satellite states have reason for concern of direct military action, but western Europe doesn't. The threat Russia represents is it's capacity for disruption and unconventional conflict.
  8. POTUS Trump and the World

    Again, Russia's conventional military forces are not a direct threat to western Europe. They don't have the ability to project the required level of force for a sustained campaign. The concern is whether or not NATO is willing to step up to the defence of Ukraine or the Baltic states.
  9. POTUS Trump and the World

    Even taking nuclear weapons off the table, Russia's conventional power projection capabilities are extremely limited. Western Europe is not under direct military threat from Russia. Some of the former soviet satellites though? That's a different story.
  10. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    I thought that was one of the choices wasn't it? You could save the council, choose to focus on Sovereign (old council dies but is replaced by same races), or actively let the council die (replaced by new all human council). It's been a while since I played the first game so I could be way off.
  11. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    Leapfrog them, no. But they can maybe pull themselves back to the point of at least having thirty-to-forty-odd seats.
  12. I think I've asked this question before but fuck it, I'm asking again? Where do you actually meet people? I'm not a hermit. I'm not a shut-in. I have friends and social hobbies and regularly leave the flat to go outside. But I never seem to meet single people I might want to date. Everyone's taken or outside my age range. The very few single, age-appropriate people I do meet are almost invariably not people I'm interested in. I've already ranted enough in the old thread about my distaste for online dating. So yeah, what venues do you guys have the most luck meeting people?
  13. The Great Arse/Ass Divide

    Arse is much more fun to say out loud. Try it. Give it a real west country drawl.
  14. Careerchat II

    Thanks, that quiz was interesting. Apparently I should definitely be some sort of engineer, followed closely by military or technician. Military, been there done that. But the engineer thing looks interesting. I don't have the money or the patience to properly go back to uni for that sort of thing, but I can do some research into what sort of non-academic qualifications are available.