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  1. Leaving the other points aside for now, we literally just went over this.
  2. For some, maybe. But for a huge number of suicides this isn't true at all. Suicide is often an extremely impulsive decision, and in the absence of a quick, painless, foolproof method then the impulse often passes. See for example the reduction of suicides in the UK when ovens switched over from coal to natural gas, or when limiting the total number of painkillers that can be bought in one go.
  3. George Carlin also put it in characteristically blunt terms, "Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers."
  4. It's not about how much you care, it's about the loss of executive function and fine motor skills when placed in an extremely stressful situation. TrueMetis has the right of it, do you have any idea how many people forget how to even walk when placed in situations significantly less stressful than armed combat. You won't be able to make an assessment of how much you care about different people's welfare because your adrenaline-addled brain will be incapable of forming higher thoughts. The only thing going through your head will FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKWHATDOIDOWHATDOIDOWHATDOIDOWHATHTEFUCKISHAPPENINGFFFFUCCCCK, assuming that it isn't just pure white noise mental static.
  5. Here's something I've always found odd about the protection from tyranny angle. Whilst guns seem quite widespread across the states, it seems like the people who maintain large arsenals and actively shoot on a regular basis tend to fall into the right-wing camp, and often pretty far to the right. I reckon (and I could be totally wrong here) that if you were to draw a venn diagram of american gun enthusiasts and those with sympathies towards white supremacy and/or christian theocracy, well, there'd likely be a large overlap. If tyranny ever does come knocking in america, my hunch is that a large proportion of private gun owners would play a significant role in supporting it rather than resisting.
  6. I used to think chokers (as in the things you wear on your neck) were called stranglers.
  7. Technically it would still be possible to do helo operations off an aircraft carrier, and the RFA Bay class ships can operate smaller amphibious craft. But yeah, practically speaking without Bulwark and Albion or equivalent replacements then amphibious operations will become incredibly difficult. Considering the corps is set to lose over a thousand personnel anyway, it does make me very concerned for their future. UK defense is being hollowed out. The MOD is far too concerned with big prestige projects like supercarriers at the expense of far more unglamorous but essential capabilities.
  8. I like the look of those, might definitely have to try them. They look long in the leg which is one of the main things I llook for, short leg compression shorts have a habit of riding up on me and it gets very uncomfortable very quickly.
  9. Can guys jump in on this? Because my life has been measurably improved by Under Armor 9" boxerjocks. Unfortunately, the new design kind of sucks compared to how they used to be, so I'm looking for new athletic compression shorts because there's no way in hell I will ever go back to standard boxers ever again.
  10. C'mon mate, you're really buying into that? Even if that was entirely true of the population, is it true of the North Korean leadership. Is it true of Kim himself? Serious question, why is it bad for North Korea to have nuclear weapons? Because they might kill millions of people and that would be bad? It would be bad, and therefore the solution is not to kill millions of different people instead.
  11. Gotta admit, I haven't really enjoyed this season all that much, though I think that's more to do with me than the show per se. I don't think the show has actually declined in quality, my tastes have just changed and I'm starting to find the nihilism a bit much.
  12. I'm really loving the latest album from Rise Against. The Violence Miracles
  13. Yeah, same. I do not cope well. Things that do help: - Keep going to my normal activities, to maintain my social life if nothing else. - Set a physical goal that I'm still able to do with the injury. Like, if it's a lower body injury then set myself a pull-up target to hit by the time I've recovered. - Find some sort of non-physical activity to engage my brain in the meantime. Maybe find a short course to sign up for?
  14. If only we could find a large group of countries that we could team up with to collectively increase our bargaining power.