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  1. Last stand at Kings landing

    This is not something i'm predicting, just something I want to see just because of how bad ass it would be, for example if it is true that the show and the books are going to have very different endings, this is part of what I would like to see on the show.
  2. The first appearance of grown Lyanna Stark

    Was it just me, or did it look like she had a long cut on her body too? Cesarian or baby killing stab or killing the mother after the baby is born? Could this be where the third kings guard is?
  3. Last stand at Kings landing

    I'm imagining a scene in my head that I desperately want to happen. When, or if, the wall is destroyed and the army of the dead and the Others march down through the Seven Kingdoms, they will need to probably still besiege the castles. When they get all the way down to kings landing, the people there will be well equipped. First, they will have the large supply of wildfire to burn away any dead attacking the city, but what about the Others? Well, my theory is that Dragon bone is the missing component needed to make Valyrian steel, and where is there an abundance of Dragon bone? The Red Keep. They use the skulls of the Targaryen Dragons to forge new Valyrian swords, they will probably need regular iron to help too, so they melt down the Iron Throne itself. And who could smith such weapons? Well why not a son of Kings landing itself, taught to forge on the street of steel and even has a bit of kings blood to boot. Gendry will fulfill his fathers with to destroy the Targaryen Dragon skulls and forge the weapons that save the day, but no ordinary hammer can shape such weapons. Gendry will have to use his fathers war hammer to smash the steel until it is sharp. So, some hero will be fighting with a sword made out of Balerion the black dread and the iron throne itself against the others. Awesome.
  4. Death at Birth

    I just realized that jon snow (if R+L=J), dany and tyrion all killed their mothers when they where born...connection? three heads? is this a thing already?
  5. Who will sit the iron throne?

    First of all we have to consider Jon. Jon is a Pov character so most likely he will never be a king (no King(not queen) has had a POV chapter). Second is he died at the end of Dance, now people beleive that he may be resurected somehow but how would the people like to have some undead king? I dont think so since they can barely tolerate greyscale. Second, GRRM has told us that several people will sit the throne befor it ends and I think the best candidates for that at this point are Stannis, Aegon, Euron and Daenerys.
  6. Coolest names in the ASOIAF universe?

    Stannis "the Mannis" Baratheon. Tywin Lannister Victorian Greyjoy RHAEGAR
  7. Myrcella Baratheon, more!

    She might be the eventual heir and lord of castly rock.