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  1. Death at Birth

    I just realized that jon snow (if R+L=J), dany and tyrion all killed their mothers when they where born...connection? three heads? is this a thing already?
  2. Who are your top four characters?

    1.Stannis 2+3. Arya and Tywin tied for second and third 4.Jaime
  3. Who will sit the iron throne?

    First of all we have to consider Jon. Jon is a Pov character so most likely he will never be a king (no King(not queen) has had a POV chapter). Second is he died at the end of Dance, now people beleive that he may be resurected somehow but how would the people like to have some undead king? I dont think so since they can barely tolerate greyscale. Second, GRRM has told us that several people will sit the throne befor it ends and I think the best candidates for that at this point are Stannis, Aegon, Euron and Daenerys.
  4. Coolest names in the ASOIAF universe?

    Stannis "the Mannis" Baratheon. Tywin Lannister Victorian Greyjoy RHAEGAR
  5. Myrcella Baratheon, more!

    She might be the eventual heir and lord of castly rock.