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  1. Why the Mallister worship ?

    Same, but I have to say I like the characters more after reading this thread.
  2. Oberyn could have cuckolded the husband of the female Dayne he slept with, and then if Darkstar was the heir of Starfall until Ned Dayne was born he could have taken the name as heir before Ned's birth.
  3. If L+R does = J, who will drop the bomb?

    Even if Bran tree-sees it, he'd have an issue telling Jon, unless they dream speak again. Even Mormont's raven cawwing, "Jon Snow....Targaryan....Jon Snow....Targaryan" probably wouldn't get the job done. Given the setup, i'll be pretty shocked if it's not Howland Reed.
  4. Because Ser Willem Darry seems to have had their best interests at heart. Varys/Ilyrio.......not so much.
  5. Dragons in Asshai?

    Ashaii trades with other cities, including some in Westeros. Odds are dragons would be noticed. Perhaps dragons originated in Ashaii and Bran was just doing his traveler of all time and space thing and saw the first dragons.
  6. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    Lanna could very well be his daughter, but I doubt he finds out from Penny. Penny isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer to put two and two together and we have no reason to suspect she has started in that brothel in Bravvos, as the brothel they hid in was certainly in Kings Landing since there would be no reason to hide from Cersei advises the narrow sea before she even knows they existed.
  7. A). If Aegon is a Blackfyre, perhaps they wanted to reunite them since they are all descended from Aegon the Unworthy. My guess is an "accident" or "assassination" would have happened to Viserys after he wedded Arianne Martel and added Dorne's strength to their own and then wed Aegon and Dany. B) They don't really care who sits the iron throne, they want to be in a position of power in the new Westeros and would back whomever got the job done. C).Viserys and Dany were pawns until the dragons hatched D) They want Westeros to destroy itself in constant civil war and for Westeros to become another group of free cities Just spitballing ideas
  8. Is Tommen "The Valonqar"?

    Tommen isn't going to kill his own mom. Jaime's left hand is more than strong enough to strangle Cersei. He has been implicitly devout to her, and it is shown he gets really pissed off when he finds out about Lancel and possibly Kettleback. It eats at him. I'll be shocked if Jaime isn't the valonqar.
  9. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    By the end of the series I think the LC has to be Jorah Mormont. At the moment, I think Jon will not be too happy with the watch after the whole "trying to kill me" thing. Through one way or another Jon will go south for some reason, and I think that the interim LC will be Tormund Giantsbane. I see the Blackfish as more a tool to move the plot forward by brining the southern information of the story to the northern information in Jon.
  10. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    I would say it's easier to assume that they haven't heard anything from the Wall with the only possible exception being Jon's paper shield. No one has a clue about the Others, we haven't even heard anyone doubting or brining it up. I doubt they get much news from the Wall other than an official report from the Lord Commander.
  11. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    The Blackfish was Robb's right hand man. Robb has the Greatjon for protection and intimidation (he didn't take his direwolf evrywhere with him), but the Blackfish was his most trusted agent, his primary councilor in strategy, and not to mention his own blood. That he would never talk of Jon or possibly naming him his heir with his right hand and Uncle seems far fetched to me.
  12. The secret meaning of "Hodor"

    Except Dunk died years before Hodor was born. IIRC, Hodor is in his late teens, Dunk died in his 60's, and Dunk and Egg is about 100 years before ASOIAF. Grandson maybe.
  13. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    Good conversation. A lot of good arguments on both sides. I'm of a mind that Blackfish is misleading Jaime on his opinion of Jon, and that after he escaped from Riverrun he is in fact heading for the wall. I have to imagine that a guy as prodigious as the Blackfish, he would have found out about Robb naming Jon his heir. Robb may have even discussed it with him previously. I think he is heading towards the wall because odds are no one is heading that way to tell Jon that he even is the heir. Also, no one expects him to do it. If you're trying to evade your enemies, doing the unexpected is the best course of action. Him contacting the Brotherhood without Banners is the popular theory, but other than proximity, there isn't too much of anything to point to that definitively. He definitely won't go to the Vale with Littlefinger there.