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  1. Introductions

    And whatever you do, please do not feed the panda. The last time that happened, we got Cthundas.
  2. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    This, pretty much. If he does turn into a psycho or whatever predictions people are making, I'd have a hard time blaming him for it. :(
  3. I had tried to make a separate thread on this earlier, but wasn't able to because of the forums acting up. Thanks for pointing that out about the weirwood. But in the absence of their own gods, they swear to someone else's?
  4. Ros is either a secret Targaryen (GRRM did say he would use her in future books...) or a catch-all solution for when there's a loose plot end or people need someone to talk at.
  5. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    Agreed about the House of the Undying. I did pick up on the man with a wolf's head and crown foreshadowing Robb's death somehow, but it's vague enough not to be obvious. I'm curious to see how they handle the House of the Undying on the TV series. Grey Wind was the big ruh-roh for me. And by the end, you definitely know something's up.