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  1. Dragon of Winterfell?

    soooooo direwolves are capable of seeing metaphors now? i think what you mean is that it is symbolic, which is different from a metaphor. so it is likely something mundane, like fire, and not something grand and amazing, like a dragon. for hundreds of years, and no one has seen it? no one has had any mysteriously missing sheep or small children or scorched fields? no sir, i don't buy it.
  2. Dragon of Winterfell?

    or it's just fire. notice that it pretty much vanished into thin air, as fire is wont to do. if it is a dragon, exactly how do you explain its presence? how has no one in the history of ever not mentioned it?
  3. Dragon of Winterfell?

    It was the smoke and fire of Winterfell burning, symbolizing {insert pet prophecy here}.
  4. References and Homages

    In case no one has mentioned it (I'm not trawling through 38 pages to see if someone did), the line "useless as nipples on a breastplate" was pretty glaringly obvious. I believe that was a Tyrion line. Sure sounds like a Tyrion line.
  5. References and Homages

    What about when Bran and his group cross that lake on the winding secret pathway to the tower in SoS? I thought that seemed a bit twee for GRRM's universe. Surely that is an allusion to something.