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  1. 1. Intrepid Winter Storm Prevails. 2. Invoking Winter's Sacred Power 3. Intrepidly, We Sew Prayerfully 4. In Winter She Prospers
  2. We can open a black market for answers
  3. what would be a collective noun for shadows?
  4. is it about me demanding three black camels for staying for the second round? it is really the same as free, host has too many of them
  5. 4. Look over me, verily, for tis dragons only understand valor's virtue. 5. Love Our Many Versatile Faces – Taste Dominates Our Unparalleled Valentine Venture (don't like 'Valentine') 3. Light of my Vibrant Flames thrillingly Dance over Undying Virile Vistas (hate 'virile', but the rest is good! ) 9. Love others. Most victors forge their destruction on unimportant vain vengeance. (I choose to think that 'love others' is a misdirection to root out undecided competition )
  6. That I am the most kind and the most reliable
  7. fine, it is not true
  8. Julia said she does not like it, because raisins were a false advertisement, and Bran asked if I could switch with him, because he has had enough of Julia, and Castellan said it might be excellent if not for Ser, and Ser said Castellan snores, and Fragile Bird said she has no words how bad the pairs were selected, and SWMBO said she has too many words for how bad it was done. It is all completely true I am only mentioning it to be helpful, so everyone can solve their problems and be stronger I am very kind
  9. are pairs better or not really?
  10. We should all just confess then, what are our answers and be done with it
  11. No
  12. no, I don't want it Oh
  13. Was it decided that there is preliminary guess for the big theme or there is not?
  14. There is half a barrel of rum buried by the pink oak at my Castellan's castle Too late. I already fed everyone to spiders over it