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  1. I might not be correct, but it is my understanding that the characters are limited to the ones that appear in the books? I also did not read anything outside and a lot of inside of the five books, I am sorry if it looked like I did. Down with the pretender! Now that I accidentally gave a nearly acceptable imitation of a stand, I feel like my job as a defending player is done and I can half-retire on purpose during the next rounds Thank to to the host for continuing to do sooooo much work.
  2. I did get everything right, but quite without knowing why.
  3. But you already run the Others' House And we are winning at the moment: 66+57=123
  4. Onwards, for House Other!
  5. House Other is now represented by its Castellan. On purpose
  6. That is a good clue!
  7. I gott three right. I am not somebody to compare to, ever, but three. I am not upset about it, but maybe it might make you less
  8. Could somebody explain the language of the clue? (This is not a complaint and I think I could wait to ask this question, but i do not want to)
  9. Yes, could we have a 48 hour extension, please?
  10. Never happened I thought is was a brilliant way to say that Sansa avoided being caught in a lie by Sandor helping her. I understood by the reaction I got that this is not really the case, but I decided to keep it as long as possible as a brilliant clue on my list. It was good to pretend it exists My preliminaries came back 5/7, but as they were all truly random guesses, I could not start to imagine which ones might be correct. For clue 6, I did not even understood the logic of the sentence, I was entirely an accident that I wrote Davos.
  11. When I want to say something bad, I sometimes pretend the author is Ser, it makes it easier to say it
  12. Now that I said it, I must also point out that it does not matter The others do not want your correct clues, all incorrect clues are much better
  13. I got two clues wrong, and while I do not deserve any points at all for other reasons, they are both bad clues (because other answers fit better for them). I am sure about what I am saying, because at some point I had them both right, and then found better answers Especially bad is Robert clue, which I can critique, because I have not an idea at all who the author is My guess was Tyrion, who is a 'royal screwup', for being from the royal family and for being screwed up so very much and for screwing up so very much, and who had to get into rum (pickled) to make it onto the pig (oinked) for the first (early) mock-joust (melee) and then fell on his nose to get injured and laughed at (oinked), every word is accounted for with this guess, even 'whoopsie', while with Robert, not so much, including the word 'early', how does 'early' work for him? Even the best wonderful host can miss it, but not the author, who, again, I do not know who it is
  14. I think I will pass on this round