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  1. Small change was made to clue one, as I missed the author's request before. I do not fully understand why it has to be changed, but I am very tired...
  2. DEAD END Ten clues washed up by the Nile, and three million unused blueberries Anybody can loose! 1. Given honor over wives - repercussions unavoidable. 2. Boy burying idyllic age, developing form. 3. Backhand belittles infatuation: adolescent duelling fail. ... 4. ‘Big-headed bubba is adorable diddums’ – female. 5. Bared breast in a daring fashion. 6. Blatantly beggared incautiously accepting darling's flamboyance. 7. Began boldly. Insulted ally. Dramatically fatal. ... 8. Boreal baron's icy attention damns forswearers. 9. Bored brat, ironed and divinely frocked. 10. “Girls happily offload wool, rehydrate undressed.” The entire decade of the clues fits the same theme, and each smaller group fits a different ridge of it. I think the weakest small group is the third, so you might want to focus on it first start with the others In looking for one or more answers this round you might have to slightly swim into the theory/presumption, but only so little that it is not even interesting. And I can tell you for ten boar feathers only that the answer to clue 5 is not Nissa Nissa It will end in seven bakery mornings, April 25th There will be no part three
  3. Late
  4. I have the best politeness in the world
  5. How does it not have more votes? It is not mine!
  6. All favorite votes are cast aside, because it is only my vote that matters. It went in favor of Julia's clue for Sam, although Jason Mallister clue was a runner up in getting a couple more votes, and Irri clue was also near another vote If you are yet (not) working on your new clues, go ahead and make the best clue And stop insisting on being vague The waters of Nile are running till Tuesday, and then it'll decide what to do. Good luck
  7. 2. Unexpected collusion: Redemption upheld, Wedding Two. 1. Barring lady's lenience, denouement blatantly imminent. 4. Brotherhood lynches Lannister despite Brienne's imploring. 6. Battling lefty, loses duel. Brienne intervenes.
  8. It might be useful to have two hosts as well if one host is not really all there, not really... New acronyms: BBIADF GHOWRU The first versions of the clues can be sent in with favorite votes, by Sunnight. To leave time to re-consider and avoid vague clues! But the real deadline will likely be on Tuesday
  9. The marriage was arranged after they got close, on the night Robb heard Bran and Rickon were dead. In case of Val, it is supposed to refer to this:
  10. Time needed to transplant one and a half liver, restock twelve sheds of firewood and bake one loaf of wrong bread was spent on not finding the theme. I liked the theme, but it was not good for anybody People who had done/seen/heard something not done/seen/heard by anybody in hundreds or thousands of years In some cases, it was easy -- when Sam and Chett heard three horn blasts, the books said "first time in thousands of years". In others, it would have to be found... Nobody got the theme, but one pair nearly found the principle done/seen/heard and gets one point You can tell me what you think about it, all of it! 1. Healthy ambition serves famous brother's ocular deficiency. /Euron (won the first kingsmoot in thousands of years) 2. Her abilities sparked following beloved's obstinate demise./Daenerys (hatched first dragons in hundreds of years) 3. Heroics amid storm forgotten. Building occupancy denied./ Stannis (was the first king to stay at the King's tower in a hundred years) ... 4. Hails augury. Speculates 'foundlings born of death?'/ Jory (first to see direwolves, not seen South of the Wall for hundreds of years) 5. Hasty and sadly founded betrothal occasioned deaths./ Robb (first to see direwolves, not seen South of the Wall for hundreds of years) 6. Handmaid’s adamant: swinging flail beats oversized doofus!/ Irri (saw the dragons being born) 7. Hating austral security, babe offered dagger./ Val (saw Stannis staying in the King's tower -- this one was the toughest, and might have been different) ... 8. Robustly denies instructing nunciative, winged cousin./ Sam (uuuuhooooooooo, uuuuuhooooooo, uuuuuuuhhhhoooo) 9. Helm alar sits flightless, bonds of dwelling./ Jason Mallister (the bell of Seagard rang for the first time in three hundred years when ironborn attacked and Jason Mallister threw them back) 10. Horny admirer selects flowers. Outcome? Death./ Chett (uuuuhooooooooo, uuuuuhooooooo, uuuuuuuhhhhoooo) PLEASE YOU'D BETTER VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE CLUE BY SUNDAY EVENING by the NILE. If you do not vote, you will lose a secret amount of points. Otherwise, the results are: 1. Julia H. and redriver 16+1=17 2. Castellan and Jez Bell 16 5. rocksniffer and Dolorous Gabe 14 3. Raisin Bran and Ser Not Appearing 12 4. She Who Must Be Obeyed and Fragile Bird 12 There will be the second (and last) round, so anybody can win! @Raisin' Bran and @Ser Not Appearing had the best preliminaries for a looong time
  11. It is still April 11th in Hawaii I should be back to April 11th in 13/15 hours
  12. The deadline is dying Send me your last will and testament, just in case it goes Or I'll guess! There will be no appeals.
  13. .
  15. I am very weary, and I do not know if I am using my best judgement, but there are some comments that might be useful (or not) Regarding the theme, I have to remind that all ten clues fit it. The principle is not the same as in the previous game. After having given it more human thought, I might have to acknowledge that nearly all characters in the books fit it in some remote/diluted/presumptory way, but before you try to eat one of me, please consider that I still like it and think it is there to find The last few minutes I have been thinking who does not fit it in any remote sense, and while my memory is patchy, I would say that some examples might be Hot Pie and Tywin Lannister. It would not be smart to include them in your theme considerations, it is simply a not useful fact.