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  1. My titles are not known And I bestow no titles, when there is a Stark in Winterfell they will do it. Except for Ser, Ser is put to cleaning duties, for cowardice I did not think I had the theme or the Arya clue, and it shows how hard it was to think anything And I only got the theme, because when I really could not put two thoughts together, there was an echo of a mafia game in my head (a game where some people are liars and you have to figure out who), which reminded me that 'that post from Dolorous Gabe that was absolutely false, there must have been a reason for it'. For Arya I had a vague thought that it fits in a small way if it is about moirai, and just could not access my mind to think anything much. It is good that this game is played Julia H. and everyone else saved it and everything, not me.
  2. Fine, I will try to solve this, I will.
  3. I am not there yet, the others who are traveling with me are slow!
  4. No record
  5. Me, too! I did not have time for days, and now it is just blank everywhere, a desert of blankness. I have some answers, but they do not seem like anything. I would really like to know if the first clue makes any sense at all (but DO NOT tell me, please). I had a very good explanation for it (although the answer would have been a minor character and I did not really feel it will), and now it is just nothing/everything.
  6. Triple meaning of 'fishy' was shipshape!
  7. i believe it
  8. Maybe To me, it waves. and... when his eyes burn blue...
  9. I have not solved the clues, I do not think I will.
  10. I will look at the clues and I will try to solve them and try to get the theme.
  11. October 6 is Friday!
  12. I will look at the clues and I will try to solve them and try to get the theme. I will.
  13. It was me, I placed a reward for my head
  14. It was not me I tried to think about the theme and kept forgetting what characters are in the group. Forgot even that my own character is in the group. And asked for the answer two days in advance. Or two days, I do not remember. Quite a few times I thought, 'Oh, Pyke like Pyke, Hornowood like Hornwood, Rosby like Rosby', but I never decided to get it, just thought that it might be dull for them. The theme was good!