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  1. I did not do anything important to Ser's clue, but it is true that it is very good
  2. Update: Nobody has guessed the theme of the third round yet! I know, it is my fault. It did not feel like a fully right clue, but I ended up taking it. But that is why I made a clarification that it refers to the -ee, not the-er. Was it not helpful? Cheapskate You should get them real ice cream!
  3. Here is the last test 1. Conversationally wanting orphan pursues detective. 2. Larger and neatly revealed form crowns. 3. Loved alternate northerner, really! Fiercely committed. 4. Churlish wench overcomes prisoner's disdain. 5. Loathsome a necklace, renal fluid consumed. 6. Clandestine webbing of portly deceptions. 7. Liability, as naturally resembles father. Chased. Some of the clues I like very much! Except those that I have written parts of I did it, because I do not think it would have been fair to others, to give them as they were. But I tried very much to keep to the idea of the clue, like it was given Bad luck to your competitors! The wars will end on the 28th
  4. In Old Orleans Rewards are placed For finding seven answers these The theme was "Rewards were placed on their heads". 1. “Guilt innate, kinsmen!” prisoner replied, misanthropic. Tyrion Lannister, reward on his head placed by Cersei Lannister (Julia H.) 2. Foolish oaf. Dedicated drunk. Crossed. Dontos Hollard, by Cersei Lannister (rocksniffer) 3. Girl invents kiss perhaps? Rewrites memory? Sansa Stark, by Cersei Lannister (Raisin Bran) 4. Finished off decidedly donning crown. Viserys Targaryen, by Robert Baratheon (Ser Not Appearing) 5. Grievously incited, killed pyromaniacal royal. Monster? Jaime Lannister, by Edmure Tully (Castellan) 6. Fatal off-page delivery. Decomposing colt. Rhaego, by Robert Baratheon (Dolorous Gabe) 7. Flunked obligation: dallying dick cuckolded. Robert Bartaheon, at least by Jon Connington (Fragile Bird) 1 point was given for submitting an entry, 2 points for guessing a clue correctly, 4 points for guessing the theme, 1 point for voting for a favorite clue, 1 point for each favorite vote received and 1 point for being on time. Find math mistakes, if you dare! The theme seems to might have been though, and there was only one who found it, and it was Julia H.! Together with rocksniffer, she is also one of the only two players who guessed every clue. And she is now taking the (narrow!) lead The favorite clue votes were split, with Julia H. and Dolorous Gabe getting two each, and Raisin Bran with Ser Not Appearing getting one each. 1. Julia H. 18 + 21 = 39 2. Castellan 22 + 13 = 35 3. Rocksniffer 16 + 15 = 31 4. Dolorous Gabe 14 + 15 = 29 5. Fragile Bird 16 + 12 = 28 6. Ser not Appearing 8 + 14 = 22 7. Raisin Bran 7 + 8 = 15 The fourth place and the obligation to buy everyone else ice cream currently seems to fall to Dolorous Gabe. Next (and the last!) round will be up soon
  5. I will count up. And try to fill all the clues for the next round.
  6. As-many-as-there-are-steps-in-the-Citadel hells :ninja:
  7. Seven hundred twelve hells.
  8. *Leaves a bowl of milk for Raisin Bran* *A bowl of water for Fragile Bird* Nothing wrong in it, for sure :ninja:
  9. In Old Orleans There are two silences From darkness And from lack of light From scary shadows And from those who did not come to fight :pirate: Not in good time, they didn't :pirate: I... will give some more time with a point penalty. Edit: If you have done everything in time, but want to edit something, you can, without the point penalty, but send a new message, do not edit the old ones :ninja:
  10. The person who will land in the 4th place will be buying ice cream for all the rest. My decree :smug:
  11. The last midnight of the 17th will strike in the world in 12 hours. :ninja:
  12. Soooo much silence! :ninja: