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  1. I thought I could stand the appearances for the necessary cause of acknowledging a good job, but I cannot. I never say well done. I only say well done Same as I do not mean to say bear with me, even if might be
  2. Happy victory, Julia! Well done.
  3. I thought the last one was Benfred Tallhart (although I did not think much and I do not remember his father), because he was drowned, and because "overrun" make me think of water. I also thought it would have fitted very well for Bran "The sea came to Winterfell", again for the water, but he did not fit the theme. But if there would be a favorite clue vote, I would vote for this clue. I understand that my clue was not very good. I had an easy and guessable one, but I thought Wynafryd needed an interesting one... Not that it was interesting in the end... The one thing I liked is how "fishtails" sound the same as "fish tales", and nearly liked how "fish tails" fit with "cook", but "fishtails" is neither this or that, even if Wynafryd had a braid. So, I understand that it should have been better.
  4. I do not allow it
  5. Bunches of bobbing pears appear in the seas across the worlds
  6. I took all of them, and buckets, too In exchange I left other buckets and apples that look just like the old ones, but are luckier If you rub them, new apple trees spring up across around the oceans!
  7. I cannot think of anything, I need sleep, I am accepting apples from everyone.
  8. It is a good round first 8. Shadows dance. Shadows rend. No lemmings fly yet. #word second 9. Scamming daddy? #StarkRedemption Needle lashes for you, weasel! third 1. Sad day, SRSLY. Realm needs loyal followers, you'll witness. (I do not think Varys would deign to reply to Littlefinger, but he would have something to say...) fourth 4. Sweetie, drop silly, ridiculous nicknames! #LysaForYourWife Handle: #5 (sixth is very good, too) Interesting character: #8
  9. Yes, that is what I meant. A tailor made system for me. Not the general quality of the game. If there really are any imaginary players like that, who will enjoy it, good for them.
  10. If I were deliberately thinking of the worst rules to apply, these would be it! Eating up all the imagination you can find.
  11. Congratulations, Castellan! Thank you, rocksniffer
  12. first 7 second 9 third/fourth 3/8
  13. first 9 second 8 third/fourth 2/6