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  1. Really like this theory... lots of hints, subtle clues and forshadowing that suggest it could happen. I def agree that Stannis will defeat the Boltons, then the news of Aegon in the South and the Rickon being brought back to the North may drive him mad enough to in fact, side with the Others and become their leader. With regard to sacrificing to the Others, we know that Craster had sons to give them, Stannis has no sons, but should he be driven to the point, I can see him sacrificing whatever army he has to the Others; pretty much adding to the number of Wights that already exist thus cementing his status as one of them and becoming their leader. (Someone mentioned a potential scene with him and his "fire sword" commanding them to kneel and they do; I think this would be badass) Though I think this is where our boy Jon Snow comes into the picture. I think that Jon is AA and when he comes to, he in fact will have the power to command or destroy the Others via the real "Lightbringer." I do have one problem though and I only read through page 3 of the thread so I am not sure if this has been addressed; Stannis' Hand, Lord Davos Seaworth. Davos has been instrumental in tempering Stannis throughout and giving him truth and logic about things that he needs to do. Should Stannis be on the brink of madness, couldn't Davos talk him out possibly leading the Others? Or perhaps Stannis will see him as a traitor for bringing back Rickon and thus rallying the North behind a Stark and him? Perhaps if this is the case, Stannis' execution of Davos is the final act that pushes him over the edge? Just my thoughts, really interesting theory, awesome thread, cheers!