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  1. Well, that might work, depending. In fact, Barbery Dustin seems to think Brandon Stark gave her all but such a promise just to get in her pants, and has not yet forgiven him. But keep in mind that we also haven't been shown any marriage vows, "animal and mutual" or otherwise, taking place between R and L, either. We do have a lot of assumptions.
  2. Well. . . Ned does hold her responsible. He points out that she was Also So I think Ned associates Lyanna's decisions with the events that led to her death. I don't think he absolves her of it at all, given that he's been left holding the pieces all these years. And as I've said before, I don't hear him sitting around feeling angry at Rhaegar, which he'd definitely do if Rhaegar's to blame. I mean, he helped lead a rebellion against the Targs. So it's doubtful Rhaegar had much at all to do with Lyanna's disappearance. This I agree with. In fact Brandon would have see it this way regardless of who Lyanna absconded with. I don't think it's what happened, but it's even possible someone might easily have started a war by kidnapping Lyanna themselves and letting Brandon draw his conclusions. Because the one certain thing is that he did.
  3. Could be. But for that to be the case, Jon would have to be the real son of Rhaegar. And I'm in deep, deep doubt of that. Maybe if he adopted Lyanna's baby or something
  4. Yet I think things are more complex than this, even. I'm pretty sure Lyanna broke her betrothal to Robert, and I'm not clear about a few things, given that there's no available data (and Lyanna left her cell phone at home when she went, so there's no GPS tracking). What I'm sure about is that Rhaegar got blamed for her disappearance. And frankly, I don't think he had a thing to do with it. Later, there may have been some contact,but I don't think Rhaegar is who she left Robert for. it had a veryunfortunate fallout, however, and had it not been for Rhaegar's actions at the Tourney, Brandon might never have misunderstood things there and jumped to the conclusion of kidnapping.
  5. In the same place we see Rhaegar and Lyanna getting married, I'm afraid.
  6. This is yet another suggestion to me that
  7. Oh, ok. I haven't seen that yet. I stopped watching the initial show after a while and should've gone back to it but didn't. . . Since regardless of whether I had or not, the friend I walked home from school with had the hugest crush on Kyle M, and he filled me in in great detail about every single episode on the way (and also mentioned at least once every time that Kyle M was from our town. . . ) As for the event, I speak of course, of that big reveal that I suspect will not be the outcome of R+L much debated and predicted in this thread. I just think Jon has a different parent. There are a few cases for it that I've enjoyed hearing about, and I still can't account well for some of the details of the R+L theory, such as the fact that Lyanna had the common sense not to want to marry Randy Robert, but was willing to run off with a married (or annulled) man. Practical Lyanna might have figured despite her wildness that if he'd do it to Elia, he'd do the same to her. Plus, I still kinda think Rhaegar might really have been rather in love with Dayne.
  8. I found this statement confusing as well, as it's pretty clear from Lyanna's statements to Ned about Robert that she doesn't actually want to marry him, but that despite these concerns, she was betrothed to him anyway. In a political match, I'm not sure Rickard was feeling so concerned about Lyanna's feelings on the matter, which led to her (most likely) hightailing it when the opportunity presented itself.
  9. Oh, with Kyle M or a remake? (Kyle's from my hometown). No, when this event that happened somewhere (we aren't supposed to talk about in this board), I started giggling, because it was so completely fantasy of the stripe GRRM doesn't do. Wrap it up with a lace ribbon, why don't they. By the time of the auntie shagging, I was laughing Torumund-style. I used to think RLJ was the the obvious answer. But now I think there are others, and at least one I like better than the two I've come up with.
  10. It's always possible Jon doesn't need to be a Targaryen to ride a dragon. Particularly since after an event that happened Sunday evening, I'm more sure than ever that he doesn't have a Targ parent. It's doubtful to me that a non-Targ would want to ride a dragon at all (no-one not named Tyrion, anyway), but I suppose this also depends on the method of controlling one, which may depend a lot less on Targ heritage and a lot more on methods only vaguely hinted at so far.
  11. If I follow you and you follow me does that mean I can use the lint roller? Since we're running in the same circle, it stands to reason, I'll be needing the lint roller too.


  12. If I'm following you, but you're also following me, doesn't that mean we're walking in a very small circle?

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      Solved!: another of life's great mysteries.

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  13. Hey Eira, what happens if I do this?

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  14. I suppose this sums up a few things on my mind: II I was of three minds, Like a tree In which there are three blackbirds. V I do not know which to prefer, The beauty of inflections Or the beauty of innuendoes, The blackbird whistling Or just after. -Wallace Stevens, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” In the second, especially, the play between sound and silence- the note and the rest, following it- reminds me that what isn't there may also be important. Absence can be notable. If I want to find out about Jon's father, I first start with the fact that I highly suspect it isn't Ned... In fact, I start with absence. I think Rhaegar's absence from the text or any references in Jon's chapters -whereas we have references to Arya, who looks like Lyanna- might be quite important. Rhaegar himself- whose story and rubies haunt the very landscape in places (the ruby ford), whose presence haunts Jaime's dream, and Dany's vision- turns out to be Ser-not-appearing-in-this-POV. He doesn't haunt Jon. I'll have to search again to be certain, but I don't see any single reference-even in passing- to Rhaegar in Jon's chapters. And that, to me, could be a big red flag. If we don't rely so heavily on symbolism, but instead look carefully for concrete foreshadowing, and don't find any, it could be that were actually finding a lack of foreshadowing for RLJ in these chapters (!) And I'm at the point now where I'm very cautious about relying on anything symbolic until I have gathered the concrete pieces I can first. Hearsay and speculations must also be very carefully measured and must wait their turn. I just won't settle for less.
  15. Not me! I read it... On a forum wiki