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  1. Kill, F***, Marry

    nice edition :lol: i would marry sansa fuck ygritte and kill mel Val Dany Cersei
  2. Kill, F***, Marry

    Hmmmmm this is a hard one I guess I have to fuck Mel and risk creating an evil shadow baby So that I can kill Aeron for annoying the fuck out of me all the time And of course Marry baelor so I can be Queen Targaryen Stannis Sansa Syrio
  3. Kill, F***, Marry

    :rofl: Marry Quaithe Fuck Xaro Kill Pyat of course! Strong Belwas Robert Baratheon Wyman Manderly
  4. Kill, F***, Marry

    Kill Lysa she a stupid ho Hit that Cat :leer: Marry Brienne, she's a sweetie ~Your turn~ Khal Drogo Oberyn Sandor
  5. Kill, F***, Marry

    ;) Fuck Jorah (meh) Marry Barristan (meh) Kill Daario (DIE STUPID) Jon Snow Robb Stark Bran Stark
  6. Kill, F***, Marry

    You get three people, and three choices. Don't forget to leave three new characters for the next poster! GO! Daenerys Arya Cersei
  7. Vote : Who will rule westeros?

    My top choices: 1. Daenerys Targaryen 2. And Jon Snow 3. The smallfolk in democracy I dont think seven kingdoms will remain separate, dont you guys see how much war that has caused?
  8. Oh fun I hope I get points! 1. Daenerys Targaryen 2. Tyrion Lannister 3. Arya Stark 4. Jon Snow, though I think he will be reborn somehow, but not as an Other. He will still be himself. 5. Gendry 6. Margaery Tyrell 7. Myrcella Baratheon-Lannister 8. Arianne Martell 9. Rickon Stark 10. Bran Stark, though he may not be quite himself as we know him.
  9. "ASoIaF" and "Harry Potter" similarities

    It's really good and even though the books are long, you can probably finish one in less than a week. Though coming off of ASOIAF it feels more cheesy and far less dramatic; remember it's for 11-17 age group. One interesting thing about it is Harry Potter's personality development as he ages (he's a royal brat at 15, IMO.) The characters behave more true to their age than the Stark kids. There are some great twists but it doesn't challenge your brain as much as ASOIAF. But it's very creative and one of the fun things about it is asking yourself which house you'd be in and stuff like that (I'm Slytherin :smug:) I mean, it is the most read book in the world not counting the Bible and China's required reading Little Red Book. Something must be good about it.
  10. "ASoIaF" and "Harry Potter" similarities

    Well HP is definitely for kids or "young adult" ASOIAF is for grown ups (but i wouldnt pull it out of a kid's hands.) I think the main difference is that HP has this traditional hero structure where the books are always about Harry Potter, but in ASOIAF there are many different characters and the story is all told in different viewpoints so we really cannot tell who the "main" character is. I think by the end of the books we will know whose story ASOIAF is, and which were more subplots and antagonists, but until then not sure. I love Harry Potter too and these are the similarities I came up with: -talking giants -wolves are not evil -birds carrying letters -most handsomest/misunderstood/redeemable character has a nickname/special connection with Dogs -the meanest dragons are black You know, it's not a very long list, actually.
  11. You are evilllllllllllllllll

  12. It's statistically proven that I am 27% of all the love Dany gets on this board.Pg9

  13. It's statistically proven that I am 27% of all the love Dany gets on this board. Pg9

  14. It's statistically proven that I am 27% of all the love Dany gets on this board.

    1. Steelers7127


      What the heck, we have status updates?

  15. Favorite POV Character

    Yes. And please don't post any information in this topic about anything that is not in the first book.