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  1. Fylimar added a post in a topic Well done Stephen Dillane   

    He is a really great actor. To shine in a show with such a big cast (and many talented actors) is a great feat and although I so do not agree with show Stannis on his decisions (I don't agree with book Stannis too, most of the time), Stephen DIllane did a brillant job in portraying him. After Michelle Farley and of course the great Charles Dance, Dillane will probably be the actor, I will miss most on the show. I'Ll have to watch out for his future work

    And totally off topic: It's really great, that this board gives every actor a proper goodbye after character death - they all did amazing jobs
  2. Fylimar added a post in a topic 11 Reasons to Read the Books   

    Although I really still like the show, I like the points 7,8 and 9 on the list. Especially the tons of missing characters (among them favorites of mine like Rodrick Harlaw, Lord Manderly and Arianne). The Dorne and the North storylines could be handeled better, but maybe we will see some more in the next season. A book is nearly always better than a movie or a show and that list gave an explanation for that: the authors and the readers imagination has no budget limits. So I enjoy both stories as their own. In most cases, I like the casting very much, some characters look different from what I have imagined them in the show, but they do work for me nontheless - Hotah and Cersei are such characters
  3. Fylimar added a post in a topic Is Myrcella really out of danger? (Spoilers all)   

    I couldsee Bronn becoming a substitute for Darkstar. He isn't the loyal type anyway and he could be persuaded by that Sandsnake, he liked (Tyene? Since they look so different from their book counterparts, I can't remember who is who in the show) to help her, I guess. Maybe they will try some last attempt to get to the princess, although, I don't know, why they should do that.
    Or they could still introduce Darkstar - as I remember, he was mentioned in the show before? I could confuse book and show again though. But D&D need some setups for next season, so maybe introducing him would be neat.
  4. Fylimar added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Lady Stoneheart in Episode 10?   

    First: Weilcome to the forums Locust.
    And I would love to see LS - she would provide a very good and creepy ending to season 5.
    And I don't think, people have forgotten Lady Stark yet. My unsullied friends talk a lot about her, because she was such a well loved character. They ask about Yara, Osha, RIckon and other long gone characters too - so maybe we should give the non-book-readers some more credit.
    I don't think, that Brienne and Pod will encounter her this season - they probably will save Sansa as substitutes for Mance and the spearwifes. Plus they are too far from the riverlands. But there could be a Frey scene at the end...
    Imo they could have left Thoros, Berric and the brotherhood out of the show, if they wouldn't planing on bringing LS in. The whole purpose of that setup in the books was to show readers, that the dead could be brought back again. Since it is not sure, if Jon will have a magical revival or if he simply will be injured and saved, LS is for me the only explanation for bringing TBWB into the show in the first place.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge TBWB fan, but so are the Reader, Arianne, Lord Manderly..., who will probably never show up.
    SO I still hoping for LS - and of course played by Michelle Farley.
  5. Fylimar added a post in a topic How did your unsullied friends, family react to this episode? (Book Spoilers)   

    That was hilarious. Poor lad - maybe he can change Stannis to someone more likeable - like Ramsay

    Since most of my unsullied friends already predicted Shireens death, they would probably not be too surprised about it - sad for sure, but not surprised.
  6. Fylimar added a post in a topic Theory: Melisandre burned Stannis' camp   

    It was my first impression too. I have to watch the episode again, but it really looked like Mel was setting up the fires with her magic. She was so upset the last time, Stannis refused to give her Shireen, that it would fit. Burn down any menas of escape, food, shelter so that he has to do something...
  7. Fylimar added a post in a topic The other controversial scene (spoilers)   

    Good post ShadowKitteh.

    What disturbed me the most, wasn't the scene per se, it was the fact, that you read few complains about it (or Shireen burning for that matter) in the internet. I remember when people go mad about that Cersei/jaime scene, but there is not much about those two scenes anywhere.

  8. Fylimar added a post in a topic What will be done with Davos now?   

    I don't think, that Davos knew, when he left, that Stannis would burn Shireen. As others pointed out: there is no way, Davos would have allowed that. In his scene with her, he could simply have told her, that he has orders from her dad, to take her back to Castle Black and she would probably had gone with him.
    I think, he feared, that Melisandre could do something to the girl, but I guess, he trusted in Stannis to stop her. His main concern seemed to be cold, hunger and the upcoming battle. And all those are very good reasons to fear for Shireens life without adding her psychopathic father to the mix.

    About what Davos is doing after this and the possibility of him supporting the Starks: I think, it is possible that he would help the Starks. They are mainly children too and after what had happened to Shireen, I think, he would rather help other children to stay alive and well than participating in any form in the game of thrones. Besides Davos might not be a northerner, but he surely shares the values of most people (with obvious exceptions like the Boltons) there. I always thought, that he would have liked Eddard Stark a lot. He surely likes Jon Snow (in both book and show).
    So if he happened to get the information about Bran and Rickon being alive, he would probably try to help them - and keep them out of Melisandres claws .
    The search for Bran and Rickon might also give him a little time to think about what to do with Stannis - bringing some distance between him and his former king seems like a sensible thing to do. I don't think, that he would rush like a madman into Stannis camp and get killed while trying to confront Stannis. I think, he will make sure, something like Shireen isn't happen again and therefore, he needs a plan. I can't see him loosing it, become a drunk or something like that, he seems too down to earth for that.
    All other possibilities are tied to the timing: If he gets teh information about the WW army before FTW is happening, he could decide to stay, maybe take the black so that Stannis could not intervene and fight with the watch. If not, he might still try to send provisions back to Stannis' camp, because he knows, that the lifes of thousands of people are depending on that and that not all of them are guilty for Shireens death.
    The only thing, I can't see for Davos is returning into Stannis' services. After Shireen, tehre is no going back for Davos.

    About how he gets the information of Shireens death: I could imagine Stannis himself sending a letter to the wall. He is many things - mad murderer among them, but he has always be honest. I can't see Stannis trying to lie or sugarcoating. So the letter might already waiting for him at the wall.
  9. Fylimar added a post in a topic Melisandre, the fire and AAR (book & possibly show spoilers)   

    Jbob: thank you for answering my question. It would be nice to see, how Thoros would react to Mels burning sessions. I don't think he would be amused. In the books those two never met , if I remember correctly.
    And I agree, that Thoros is much more easygoing about his religion, than Mel and Moquorro. But he seems to have his own honour code, so I would think, that he would not start burning people, even if he would be more pious.
  10. Fylimar added a post in a topic Farewell Kerry Ingram   

    She is a great actress and I hope, we will see more of her in other productions in the future
  11. Fylimar added a post in a topic Melisandre, the fire and AAR (book & possibly show spoilers)   

    This may be a little out of topic, but I don't understand why Melisandre needs so much bloodshed for reaching her goals/doing her magic, while her colleague Thoros of Myr seems to be doing fine without it. Are we to believe that Mel isn't that good as a red priest or she uses those burnings to get rid of people, she doesn't like (she clearly do not like Shireen - neither in the books nor in the show). That's something, that was bothering me while reading the books and it just came back after watching this episode. I mean, bringing someone back from the dead is pretty advanced magic and Thoros needs only a prayer for it. Mel seems to need to burn something living (even if it's only leeches) for everything she does.
  12. Fylimar added a post in a topic And Now His Watch Is Ended - Farefell To Maester Aemon/Peter Vaughan   

    I cried, when Maester Aemon died in the books and I again cried, while watching that scene in the show. Peter Vaughan is a great actor and he played one of the most interesting characters very well.
  13. Fylimar added a post in a topic No way Ser Bronn was actually given a real antidote.   

    At first, I found that scene incedible stupid, but after thinking about it, I changed my mind. She is trying to get Bronn on her side, so she can get informations or even his service as a sellsword from him. At least I hope, that is, what the writers have in mind - or I would have to change my mind again