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  1. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Vengeance-driven?   

    Jofrey is the first in my list, I simply HATE the guy....
    Littlefinger is the second for being such a slimmy creature, I wish him endless agony till the day he dies (which I hope is coming soon).
    Cersei for Lady as mentioned above,

    Spoiler for anyone who has'nt finished ACOK yet

  2. King Beyond The Wall added a topic in E02: The Night Lands   

    [BOOK SPOILERS] Why did they kill Rakharo ?
    Why on earth did they have to go and kill Rakharo?
    I don't remember him dying anywhere in ACOK.
    It's ok when they don't mention at all a character or replace him with someone else (like the Ironhand guy, or the Black fish and so many others...) but killing someone who wasn't supposed to...
    I don't know, it upsets me!!!
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  3. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Black Magic and the Honor of Stannis (Spoilers)   

    After reading the whole post I have some things in my mind I would like to share...

    Firstly, in my eyes (as a reader who knows most than anyone living in Westeros ofcourse) Stannis is the lawfull heir after Robert, since Cersei's children are Jaime's and not Robert's, and Renly HAD to back his brother. Renly is an opportunist who saw an opening and rushed in to take the throne, despite the fact that he did not deserve it. He was an usurper, and he judged Stannis without giving him the chance to rule first. Thiw had nothing to do with Robert's rebelion (which in fact wasn't Robert's alone) which began after Aerys the MAD did what he did for so many years...

    Secondly, Stannis was presented to us as a dutifull, strict, and honorable person. One who once proposed to close all brothells in King's Landing, one who never opposed his older brother, even when he did him wrong by exiling him to Dragonstone. What was done to Renly... I can only believe that he didn't know about it beforehand, and what he said about sleeping in his tent when the murder was done and that he saw it in a nightmare...I only hope it is true. But what he did at the castellan of Storm's End, there is no doubt he knew what was about to be done, since he asked Davos secretely to smuggle Mel under the walls... So Stannis has changed, it is a fact, and in my eyes to the worst....

    Finally, as to the war ethics...I think we should not judge an other era's opinions and ethics according to our time's ones... Yes you would think that assasinating one person is better than going to war and let thousands get killed... but we are talking about a time when dying in battle "on your feet" was an honoirable death, a good death, a death many wanted. Yes there were people like Tyrion even then, and like Jaime or Cersei. They always existed and always will... Even Dany is more ethical than every Lannister I know of, and she is a Targaryen (and the rightest of all claims to the throne)!!!!

    I personally am a fan of honor and virtue, yes I may live in a dream, I may live in a utopia, but this is who I am...and I like it!!!!
  4. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Seige of Storms End + confusion   

  5. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Seige of Storms End + confusion   

  6. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Jaime -- "a kindness I never did" ?   

    Firstly I should point that I am still reading ASOS and I haven't read any of the "spoilered" comments in this post.
    I had to go back and re-read that paragraph because I remembered it made sense whan I read it for the first time.
    But now that I read it again it doesn't make sense anymore...maybe because I had overlooked at the word "loved".
    What I am about to write is a minor spoiler for someone who is still reading ACOK so...

  7. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Jon's Hidden treasure...   

    In my book there are many reasons (if it is trully Mormont's idea)
    a. Jon came willingly to the wall, unlike so many others who could become turncloaks for real in no time.
    b. Jon was still a little green and this could be used in order to persuade the wildlings of him going to the other side.
    c. Mance Raider would propably see a part of himself in a Stark-bastard-crow who turned over to the other side....or so I think.
    d. I believe it was also the big test for Jon. Let's not forget that the old bear was looking for someone to replace him sooner or later, and he obviously had considered Jon as a candidate.
  8. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Would You Be An Atheist in Westeros?   

    I am also an atheist IRL , although my family raised me in a christian environment, when I was about 15 I changed my mind
    But in Westeros... I beelieve if I was raised in the North, the old gods would be my religion.
    If I was raised in the South, no way I would fall for the Seven... I detest the Septons with their fancy temples and all ... I guess I would end up an atheist after all!!!
  9. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Jon's Hidden treasure...   

  10. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Another Dragon?   

    I never gave it a second thought, since it was clear to me that it was an interpretation of some leaping flame mixed with smoke or something...

    Remember the night that Theon infiltrated Winterfell, Bran was having an other warg dream, and when Summer was trying to open th Iron door of the Godswood he saw "a metal snake" holding it, which was obviously a chain.
    So yes, while warging Bran can see, smell, taste, feel, anything Summer does, but he can also hear his thoughts, much like "Being John Malkovic" at the beginning, Bran can't fully control Summer (yet?).
  11. King Beyond The Wall added a topic in A Clash of Kings   

    Jon's Hidden treasure...
    I finished reading ACoK , and was expecting some explanation about the buried bundle he and Ghost found at the outskirts of the "Fist of the First Men".

    It also confused me a lot and no other character in the book seemed to pay any attention to it, as if it was something ordinary for a black brother to bury his cloak with a bundle full of dragonglass so far beyond the wall.... :-\

    I hope it will be explained later on the series, as I also hope that Benjen is still alive (maybe he will meet him at the wildlings' camp?) [crossing my fingers]
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  12. King Beyond The Wall added a post in a topic Finished favorite moments.   

    Just finished reading ACoK and I can't wait to start reading ASoS now...

    I must have been a great fool hoping till the very end that Theon was not doin' all these terrible thingson his own, but he had somehow (the old gods know how!!!!) arranged it with Robb... Alas!!!!!

    Arya's and Jon's chapters were my favorites tho! Loved both their journeys, hard and tuff as they may have been.

    Tyrrion had a major role to play in this book, and I still can't decide if I like him or if I want him dead....cunny little creature!!!!!

    Overall I liked this second book a lot, even if the plot didn't go the way I had hoped for