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  1. Pellaeon added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion   

    How do they want to make a trailer for the next season without ruining their cliffhanger?

    Stupid ending

    However Sansa and Theon are alive, at least considering Theon makes it too the wall in TWOW.
    Maybe the result of the fall is that Sansa is maimed and loses her famed beauty (in the sense as Tyrion lost a nose, insinuated), Maybe they meet with Asha (I forgot how tey named her in the show) maybe seeing Pod reminds her of Tyrion and they all go to Meereen to find him.
  2. Pellaeon added a post in a topic [Spoilers All] What do you think Season 5 has spoiled for book readers?   

    Much and nothing
    GRRM confirmed the endgame would be the same as in the books but the show takes shortcuts to position the characters where they are supose to be (using cheap shock moments on the way).
    The level of simplification in the show nearly forces them to do so, a level that causes and will cause enormous plotholes with the established characters.
    -We know Sansa didn't marry Ramsey
    -we know Barristan is alive
    -we know Jaime is not in Dorne
    -we know Shireen didn't bur (yet)
    -we have no idea if Benjen might be alive
    The show can take the freedom (it is basicly fanfiction at this point) to kill off characters that won't play a major role in the end, or change the storylines to fit their timetable.
    In the end we know the books will be different, more complex, (I might be in denial but) we will find oureself (hopefully soon) in front of a very different book.
  3. Pellaeon added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Chekov's Chain   

  4. Pellaeon added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Anybody else surprised...   

    They have to fill season 4 as well with Theon torture so there is plenty of time left
  5. Pellaeon added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Chekov's Chain   

    I think Tyrion will kill Shae but only after they turned her into a villian. Most likely the one who delivered Sansa to LF (they pretty clear showed what he is by now), after she made sure Sansa wore the poison for Joffrey so Tyrion could be blamed.
    I doubt they cut the murder of Shae out but it will still be a big change. D&D not simply cutting out the impacts of the characters from the books they simply twist them until they fit in their vision of how the characters should be for their show.
    Tyrion will look like the hero who kills the monster, Shae, in righteous wrath. Because she sold his wife, he just long to protect, to the evil show villian No 1 after Joffrey is dead. Prepare yourself, it will be whitewashing on a whole new level