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  1. [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    How do they want to make a trailer for the next season without ruining their cliffhanger? Stupid ending However Sansa and Theon are alive, at least considering Theon makes it too the wall in TWOW. Maybe the result of the fall is that Sansa is maimed and loses her famed beauty (in the sense as Tyrion lost a nose, insinuated), Maybe they meet with Asha (I forgot how tey named her in the show) maybe seeing Pod reminds her of Tyrion and they all go to Meereen to find him.
  2. Shipping is like religion, you believe this, I believe something else, we battle in the forum and won't change what we believe, but in the end we have no influence at all how it will be

  3. Timetraveling is for Science Fiction not Fantasy books

  4. Yes, I have a dirty mind

  5. Winter is nearly here

  6. Why does somebody go to a Hogwarts sorting topic when he hates Harry Potter, or better, who hates Harry Potter?

  7. Why does anybody go to a Hogwarts sorting topic when he hates Harry Potter, or better, who hates Harry Potter?

  8. If R'hllor and the old gods are allies, seams possible because both hold back the others, the old gods with the wall and R'hllor with AA, Mel has some serious problems as a result of her lets burn the weirwoods actions
  9. How does Tommen die?

    He will surprise us all and survive, at the end this would be a great twist
  10. Vote : Who will rule westeros?

    I like it
  11. -Arya -Tyrion -Sansa -Bran -Rickon -Tommen -Davos -Sam -Shireen -Edd Toled
  12. Vote : Who will rule westeros?

    Danerys or Sansa and Tyrion :drool:
  13. Who are your top four characters?

    Tyrion Jaime Sansa Davos
  14. How would you rate episode 210?

    Only a 4, I'm afraid I will compete all episodes with Blackwater from now on
  15. [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Maybe it's just because Blackwater was so awsome, but I was really disapointed wit this episode HOTU- not even a damed blue rose, nothing, is this so hart to make one vision right Jon-he deserted as long as I get it he just get furious and kill the Halfhand Robb-he married her because he was so horny, come on where is his Stark hhonor, why should his men follow him now? Theon-where is Ramsey??? LF-WTF do he want to help her for real now, or is she just an asset for him? Varys-is he a EUNUCH now for sure, does GRRM know about this scence, would be funny if he isn't in the book Ros-first LF and now Varys, come on Tyrion-It seems they buid up a alliance between Varys and him, but he and Shae I thought: You are a fool dwarf, you pay her Bran- a barrow, where is the basket But there was good things too: -Theon and Luwin -the vault at the end -Tywins horse shit in the throneroom But after all I now want to make a little bit dracary with the writers of the show