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  1. It was me
  2. He's pointing out the extent of the mental gymnastics required to support a but mah guns position.
  3. I'm white. Not sure that's the sticking point.
  4. Which Ramsay? There are like 30 of them that have been recognizable genchat posters over the last few years.
  5. Say your kid was relocated to a new country at the age of five. They grew up there, had a childhood, became an adult, had a job, a significant other; in short a life. What law did they break? Are they supposed to save up as children to return to their 'homeland' upon their majority? Are they supposed to abandon their life here [because] you sought a better life for them? What the fuck exactly are they supposed to do? Go somewhere they don't even remember?
  6. While true, headline is kind of gimmicky. With today's tech you'd expect a faster track than freaking Iran-Contra era shit. Also, this investigation is directly tied to the election of a historically unpopular president who didn't win the popular vote. Not to mention that what they're working with (special prosecutor investigations in the last 50 years) is a very small sample size. Anyway, hopeful that something will come of this that is politically actionable against some of the bigger douches in the administration or the GOP, but not going to hold my breath. I feel like even a smoking gun won't be enough to get Repubs to do shit.
  7. Make that 15,002. My neighbor just threw a condom filled with orange juice at me and I retaliated by hucking a lime at his head a la the poolside 'fruiting' in Mrs. Doubtfire. Things are getting violently citradelic around here!
  8. Probably waiting for my mail-order packages to show up from the Amazon, creating a bunch of fake name accounts for Columbia House and BMG to score a bunch of CDs for free (well a penny for one of them, think it was CH), and spamming the local newspaper with a bunch of shittily written op-eds. Oh and maybe using one of those video dating services.
  9. *Cue Kenny Loggin's "I'm alright"*
  10. Ha was about to say the same thing. Unfortunately, my life circumstances are such that many of my friends and aquaintances and coworkers self-identity as libertarian. Of maybe two dozen I can think of only three that support open borders. It's usually one of the first questions I ask in libertarian bingo.
  11. Happy holiday to you and your country folk.
  12. It's also completely ok for someone to question technology dude, no need to play the martyr
  13. Thread OP Thesis: Smart Speaker? More like Fart Squeaker Antithesis: I like Smart Speaker Synthesis: Smart Speaker for some is Fart Squeaker for others
  14. Lol best review yet Honestly the lack of accuracy re: gibberellins in sci-fi / space opera has been a tragedy of the genre and we should all be collectively ashamed that it's gone on for so long unchecked.
  15. I hear ya. My example was certainly hyperbolic.