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  1. I'm right there with you but working on it
  2. Pence and Moore gunning for the title of Mr Hands
  3. More dead references?
  4. The gap definitely had issues, it was especially awkward when people barely remembered who Holden was (although this may have just been Singh). I thought the Drummer pov was just a poor choice, she's a super boring character with pretty much zero distinguishing features beyond 'has a tough job and wants to do it but is also kind of tired'. There have already been a bunch of other possible POVs mentioned that surely would have had a more unique and interesting voice or perspective. I mean, Drummer is literally if Michio Pa was a hall monitor on valium. Beyond that, I really liked the book but it was probably the weakes in the series yet. That's not as much of a dig as it sounds like, i enjoyed it and look forward to the next installments eagerly. Despite the gap issues and the weak Drummer Pov, it had an awesome death scene in Clarissa, I thought Duarte was handled well and that the entire Laconia plot advanced nicely. Looking forward to the remainder of the Holden/Duarte dialogue. Glad Avasarala is still ticking, it's a less interesting place once she's gone.
  5. A guy I work with who owns a large collection of domestic turtles asked me if it would be a good investment "to buy some of that bite (sic) coin".
  6. Just keeping up with the Jones's
  7. Damn I've been hoarding that one for like three weeks
  8. *Slow clap*
  9. There was that ibex or goat or something that went extinct and then they cloned one and then it died. That's all I got. Here it is!
  10. I love that they just handed you a bunch of cash, too, for the per diem or whatever.
  11. I do it all the time
  12. Scot did you even read the link? Your making a false equivalence here. It's not like the Clinton's are the equivalent of factions Zorral listed. They've been influential but it's not like the Democratic Party gets all its funding from them. It's not like they dictate what policies congressional dems will get behind. The Clinton's should have been dropped a long time ago, yes, but their relationship to the DNC is quite different from the relationship between Zorrals list and the RNC.
  13. Mostly waiting for the second page to open because I'm too lazy for spoiler tags...
  14. There's some kind of sweet justice in a cryptocurrency network being bogged down by adorable virtual-cats. Prepare to welcome our new feline overlords.
  15. Your rigorous citizenship is admirable, and I concur with ThedaB on the t-shirt idea.