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  1. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Yeah, the frustrating part, as a citizen and a human being, is that we've suspected (I won't say 'known' although it's probably the more accurate word) that the GOP had no better option than the ACA, and that any repeal or replacement or combination thereof was simply a half-hearted guise for a money grab for super elites. This is a party that has abandoned anything more than the barest pretense of representative healthcare policy in favor condemning the middle and lower classes to punitive medical costs that eliminate the possibility of social mobility. But hey at least being unable to afford care is a choice. Freedom! Liberty of security any day, amirite!!! ***pukes***
  2. I don't think the non-immediate mention of the SO is that unusual. Like Xray said, there are many reasons this may not have come up. As to whether or not it was a casual date or platonic thing, just ask.
  3. I suppose so. Just out of curiosity I hope TUC sheds some light on this. I think Kellhus is going to sacrifice lil Kel to the sarcophagus of the NG 2.0
  4. Agreed. I love how every link on their FB site was flooded with #justiceforbradswife comments. There was one where cracker barrell shared an Allison Krauss video and there were 20k comments re: how much Brad and his wife love Allison Krauss. ...and why did they do this on his birthday?
  5. Bakker pretty specifically denied that the gods are blind to Ajokli in regard to Kel and the WLW in the feedback thread, although I'd take that with a grain of salt.
  6. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    Yeah I also really enjoyed Helm's; it was funny, revelatory, and heartbreaking. His voice really comes through. And I concur with your comment about the Last Waltz. Ronnie Hawkins was very entertaining. Haven't read Miles Davis', though I'd like to. In other music related autobiographies, Clapton's was unremarkable, Anthony Keidis' was great, and Richard Cole's (Zeppelin's tour manager) was revolting, horrifying, and of questionable veracity but quite gripping nevertheless. Dennis McNally's Grateful Dead bio was awesome and I'd highly recommend it to any deadheads out there
  7. We still haven't found out tho was her dress black and blue or white and gold we must know
  8. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I think lokisnow is right. The GOP and Trump can do nothing for the next year and come 2018 elections, still do fine. Trump can talk about Democrats refusing cooperate and blame Washington bureaucrats, maybe toss Ryan under the bus. There are plenty of scapegoats to feed to his blood-hungry base. Best case scenario maybe a few of the crazies stay home in Nov. 2018. But they'll be able to circle the wagons again. People almost expect a do-nothing Congress, and in the meantime Trump can make some flashy moves on the Executive side to appease the drooling, snot-faced base.
  9. Whisk(e)y

    And rightly so! I drank 7/8 the Templeton, shoveled my place and the neighbors with some friends, while observing hourly safety meetings, then dug a bunch of food out of the freezer. From the darkest depths of winter, I met a day so fair!
  10. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    Do autobiographies count? Mingus's Beneath the Underdog is my favorite autobiography. I'd highly recommend it.
  11. The Ethics of Halloween Costumes

    Let's not jump to conclusions. Rumor has it that Trump and Ryan are cooperating on some legislation that will reorganize the calendar year. Looks like Halloween will likely fall on the last Greatday of Freedomtober, or the first Libertyday of Glorygust depending on which model prevails.
  12. Thank you Board hive mind. - Pyjamas work.

    Darth Elvis: Attack of the Cats
  13. Hang in there, man. Good to see that hammer and sickle spinning 'round these parts again.
  14. Whisk(e)y

    Stuck home during the storm. Can barely see the river 70 yards out the window. Well over a foot of snow here and the storm is only half over. Have some Templeton Rye to keep me warm.
  15. It's a spoiler because it's in the voice of the NG: WHAT IS THE TITLE? YOU MUST TELL ME WHAT YOU READ