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  1. A highschool buddy of mine stopped by a few years ago with some MLM life insurance pyramid scheme. Made it sound like he just wanted to catch up. I listened to him politely until the beer was gone, then told him I didnt want to hear anymore about it but would be happy to talk about something else. He left. Haven't seen or heard from him since. Just another shitty predatory business practice.
  2. Didn't check out the links. Sorry, I've got a fan in each room of the house and I wouldn't call any of that droning a 'song' by any means.
  3. Edit : nevermind I read that incorrectly
  4. Technically schmechnically Brian
  5. Huh? How is calling a woman 'bitch' not 'too' vulgar? What the fuck is the 'pun' in this situation? It's blatant misogyny. And that's just taking it at face value and not in the context of the most bigot-friendly presidential candidacy in my lifetime.
  6. I guess if the Ark is the 'idol' then the Inchies are 'its God' (or fear of damnation is the God? Goad?) Seems like the verse is basically saying that the threat if damnation is a rumor, but the death that awaits at the Ark is the real danger?
  7. Massachusetts recently did this with the Mass Pike (runs the entire state east to west, and only interstate that does so). Except they do send you a bill based on your plate (don't have to proactively pay online), but in-state plates pay less than out-of-state, and ez pass users pay less than pay-by-platers.
  8. Views, subscription, newsletter pleeze
  9. Yeah I'm confused. I regularly use the 'avoid toll roads' function on Google maps, and while I can't remember if another color is used, the toll roads are clearly marked on both the directions (which I screenshot in case the GPS makes my phone overheat) but also on the graphic on the main screen. If you want to profess your love for an atlas or gazeteer over a nav app more power to you, but I feel like this is actually one issue where at least Google (the nav app I use) seems to be on point.
  10. I dunno, I always imagine Ixodes slaying deerticks with a katana while tearing through Alpine meadows and slides on a mountain bike.
  11. Well that's a more nuanced take than I had, but I do 'find new things/realize I missed things' every time I read this series, so I will look forward to keeping an eye out for this subject on a a reread.
  12. I feel pretty good saying that from what I've read of this series, there is so much textual evidence that love has nothing to do with Kellhus and Esmener's life on the second trilogy. She may have loved him due to his Dunyain manipulations but the idea that Kellhus loves her... Where the fuck does this come from in the books that have been released? Also... Is the Heron Spear revealed to be a poor translation of Stork Spear, and if so does it actually refer to Sorwheel's 'little brother'?
  13. Beer: it's what's for breakfast lunch and dinner
  14. Hahahahahah lol