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  1. Dude, everyone else already is taking advantage of violence as a tool. If you want to be the guy that's telling your oppressed allies "keep suffering a little longer, remain holier than thou, take the high road, etc" so be it. I don't think anyone is calling for the execution of white supremacists or anyone bass on political ideology. But there are a lot of us saying 'fuck you' to the notion that these people need to be defended. There are a lot of us wondering why this is the hill you're choosing to die on. And yes, I believe that anyone that voted to repeal the ACA is a violent person and I can see no reason to think otherwise. They have literally threatened friends and family of mine with pain, suffering, and likely an earlier death than need be. And then when this same administration calling for this coddles these fucking white supremacists that would love to see my family dead or gone I have absolutely zero fucks given for anyone trying to defend them or call for moderation or anyone ringing the 'both sides' bell. One of these sides has already conducted genocide. Go fuck yourself.
  2. Alright it's not apples to oranges, it's just Nazis to nazis.
  3. Yeah, the Holocaust was just a couple of picket signs away from not happening. If only there had been another peaceful protest, crisis averted.
  4. We've had factions in this government and in this country advocating violence every day. Allowing a Nazi parade is violence. Most times a cop pulls the trigger it's violence. Voting to eliminate the ACA is violence. Violence is already a viable solution for millions of people, especially white people, and it disproportionately affects women and people of color. If you're of the opinion that violence is leading to societal collapse, violence against Nazis and white supremacists should be the least of your concerns. Because the fuel to this fire is already thousands of times bigger than the teaspoon of gasoline you're arguing against.
  5. Completely unsurprising to hear this equivocal bullshit. Only one side is using their free speech to argue for inequality. This equivocation is tacit support of the white supremacists.
  6. It's because the campaign contributions were limited, the argument was that limitations on contributions restricted free speech, with money being considered speech.
  7. I suppose this is as good a place as any to look for some human sacrifice volunteers? Pretty sure the 1st Amendment gives me a solid legal shield here.
  8. Wait so the Moon is still the back of the sun, right? Pretty sure I remember all this from Pink Floyd class
  9. I would fart in Reagan's face
  10. Well, must be nice to live a life where politics don't really affect you or your friends. That's not a luxury some of us can enjoy.
  11. This is a sad way to go through life. There are people out there who make it clear from the things they say that they think my brother and sisters are less than them because they are non-white. Who think that women are inferior to me or even worse actively hate women. And even more people, who out of apathy, disinterest, laziness or ignorance support candidates and policies that do these things. The last group I can try to talk to, but the first two don't get to be friends.
  12. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Slow down! The debate over the wonky seasons of asoiaf is clearly an allegory for climate change in our own world. I'm pretty sure this was a central plank of the 2016 republican party platform in the US.
  13. You mean those in-stall drinking fountains?
  14. If your culture makes you feel threatened by people with different skin colors your culture sucks and deserves to die and those concerns may be genuinely felt but they are also genuinely shitty.
  15. Wasn't digging at you just riffing, and venting about everytime someone still tries to tell me Jared and Ivanka are keeping Trump in check. Which is the typical babyboomer moderate/liberal response to any concerns I raise with my family and friends...