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  1. Congrats and booyah!
  2. Well played And so we played the first thing that came to our heads, Which just so happened to be
  3. Don't beat yourself up. It wouldn't have made a difference; this is a hearts and minds issue. They need to be changed. But it's hard to change a blackened heart and a selfish, violent, frightened mind. And murdering a guy in an elevator (although cathartic) probably wouldn't overcome that.
  4. The real strawman here is that no one is arguing that the majority of gun owners use their guns in violent offenses. And yet you are jumping through hoops to act is if that were the case.
  5. Stop pretending like you don't understand the point. If your position is that a proliferation of guns doesn't contribute to more deaths than otherwise, say so. And if you actually believe that, then the natural extension of that is that a gun in every home wouldn't increase violence or suicides or the murder rate. And if you believe that, you are a complete fucking idiot or a lying asshole that likes guns more than people.
  6. On grasping the Absolute: So apparently next series installment is going to feature Crabicus as a bard-type character traveling the wastes of Kuniuri teaching himself magic through music; honing his voice and meaning, and by building progressively better lutes to accompany himself on and strengthen his song, he will explore beyond the boundaries of arcane song. In an Arthurian twist, he will discover an ancient Cunuroi artifact, the ultimate lute. In the bowels of a wrecked mansion, he will find the instrument, and will wrest it, The Absolute, from the stone and use it to destroy the No-God (who would be his great uncle?).
  7. Huh I always thought the lyric was "Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire". Damn war on christmas, probably.
  8. Probably that's better than an agressive phone, broken insides, and a rolling headache. Mezcal is a delight that keeps on delighting.
  9. I love lamp.
  10. It's a book written by a boardie, and was released here for free in serial format. In a kind of Dickensian model, initial readers were able to provide public feedback to the author before the release of the next installment. While the text is clearly original and unique (the author obviously held the true course of her concept), it also reveals an intimate dialogue between the author and audience. Do yourself a favor and purchase a copy for yourself and also several others as gifts for friends and family. Ebooks make great stocking stuffers.
  11. @DanteGabriel well said, thanks for taking the time to do the heavy lifting.
  12. What the fuck was all that shit about 'nam, Walter?
  13. Some would argue best of the millennium, even.
  14. Right, white privilege couldn't have anything to do with why white men stay and get promoted. Because it's fading. It's probably about today's youths' collective work ethic and ethics in gaming journalism.
  15. Cannibalism is no joke. I hope your friend escaped (and the main course as well).