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  1. Never read the one from the OP, but I'll take that as an open door to mention other Aristophanes works. I remember Lysistrata was pretty good, the professor I had for it was awesome and handily destroyed claims that the text was feminist or anti-war. We also watched a video that summarized different interpretations and reenactments since. It was definitely a good launch pad for discussing sex and gender in society going way back.
  2. Wow, was wondering when this thread would emerge from the trash heap / mass grave it deserves. Hey, since you're so keen to keep flogging this carcass, @GAROVORKIN, how about you answer the question you've constantly avoided the multitude of times I've asked you upthread: pick a GOP policy position and defend it.
  3. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  4. Still waiting for Glue magazine's inevitbale rebuttal list.
  5. Wait the gods weren't blind to Nau Cayuti too, were they? I thought it was just Kelmomas - it's him being the end times that makes them blind, they can't see their own end. So they wouldn't have been blind to Nau-Cayuti, because the Heron spear has always come in and saved the day.
  6. Video of what it's like to file a police complaint in Florida Not sure when this is from, but the Police clearly treat the general public with hostility. Some of the guys in this video are pushing the line between intimidating and threatening. Sorry to hear to policemen were killed, but honestly, the way they treat the public as their enemy I'm surprised this stuff doesn't happen more often. You can only push people so far. Obviously violence against the police isn't the way to go but we have a police problem in this country. The entire criminal justice system is basically a way to perpetuate white supremacy.
  7. Why can't we abandon alcohol the way we abandoned cociane? Why can't I abandon eating a half-pound log of mozarella in one go the way I abandon responsibilities, personal hygiene, and commitments of all kinds?
  8. I don't think this is even remotely close to the problems most people here have had with the ending, but ymmv. ETA:. I'd also argue your premise is completely incorrect and unfounded in the text
  9. I heard a thing on NPR last week about the pork and soybeans. No one is happy about Drumpfs alleged tarriffs
  10. I was born on a pirate ship (hold your tongue whilst ya say it)
  11. Why can't we abandon curmudgeons like we abandoned single mothers?
  12. Who remembers the Who's Classic "pooping bout my generation" really turned some heads at the time
  13. Just remember:. Get your rabies shot so you can hug decrepit wildlife #antiantivaxx #raccoonhug #opossumcuddle
  14. Re: bolded Well said. Noticed you avoided the almost certainly contentious description of those born in the 80s. Maybe they had a computer or cellphone, but likely lived without for sometime of adolescence and early adulthood.