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  1. Okay... How about inciting violence?
  2. Gamergaters Please attempt to claim this isn't objectification

    ..and then the poster whose name rhymes with VlueGreyJaygeese answered an questioned asked by the poster whose name rhymes with BarnyardBloor'sBrawnBlow and the also a question by the poster whose name rhymes with Crime and Peel. Erstwhile, the poster whose name rhymes with JamCreoleMunichSpain answered the same aforementioned question by the poster whose name rhymes with CrennelGoresGoneDough. Barry the Gimp, through the grimy meatgrinder!
  3. Gamergaters Please attempt to claim this isn't objectification

    Ftfy Hey, thanks for an actual answer!
  4. Gamergaters Please attempt to claim this isn't objectification

    That doesn't tell me how anime is an example of cultural appropriation.
  5. Gamergaters Please attempt to claim this isn't objectification

    How is that cultural appropriation?
  6. I've started singing the chorus from Iggy Pop's "Brick by brick" to relieve the same symptom, with mixed results.
  7. Any Car Advice?

    They can easily go 250k plus, but after 150 stuff starts to break. If you're buying a used one with over 100k see if it's had the water pump/head gasket/timing belt fix yet. Some of them never have an issue with it, but on others the head gasket goes without much warning around 150k. It's about $1800 for all three, but once it's done it's about all the under the hood maintenance a Subaru needs. After 150k you can also expect some suspension/ steering repairs- the CV boots, the rear wheel bearings and struts are all common replacements on high mileage Subarus. If you're looking at late 90s ones, the ones actually made and assembled in Japan seem to be better built, and look for the 2.2 l motor over the 2.5.
  8. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    There's a difference though, between telling a racist to shut the fuck up, and calling for government restrictions on speech. I'm not about to advocate violence against hate speech, but I'm also not going to lose any sleep over what's his face Nazi 'alt-right' Spencer dude getting punched in the face.
  9. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    Yup. Debate is pointless. We've had some shitheads come out of hiding at work since the Domald Trunk election and the only thing that works is telling them to leave that shit at home, and get with the present day. I'm not about to try to educate someone as to why it's not okay to drop N bombs. I'm just going to say "shut the fuck up".
  10. Any Car Advice?

    My parents have a newer Forester, it's great. I test drove it, the Honda CRV, and the RAV4 when they were getting it and liked the Subaru the best. I have a 1998 Impreza hatchback and as far as a vehicle that's safe in the snow, it's tough to find one better than a Subaru awd. I liked the crv the next best but it felt a little flimsier. Scoobydoos are kind of the perfect car for the Northeast. I drive mine from the Hudson up 1,100 ft over 20 miles 6 days a week in the winter and with new snow tires the commute is fun no matter how bad the roads are. Only vehicle i felt safer in the snow was my 1994 f450 dually because but that was because it was freaking huge.
  11. The Drunk Thread: Just Drunk Enough to Theorize

    Rotting sea cow is the best handle I've seen in awhile now
  12. Personally, I think spiral horizon's art is really awesome. Probably best to finish the series and then check it out though. Only one or two I'd consider spoilers at all but I'd hate to be that guy. The IF is mentioned in the books (pretty sure) buts it's definitely mentioned in the short story The False Sun. It's the Inchoroi's proof of damnation, that convinces Earwans to join the Consult. What that actually means is much speculated. The False Sun is a must read and probably the most accessible Atrocity Tale.
  13. So if a cop orders me to allow a cavity search during a roadside sobriety test, and I refuse, I'm escalating the situation?
  14. The final installment is the textual equivalent of a chorae:. They all read it and were salted.
  15. Same reason they don't make the whole thing out of the black box I guess