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  1. 'Lauro Kociuba added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Syrio / Jaqen theory
    It has been a while since I last touched my game of thrones, but was wondering yesterday. Is a insane idea or there's a small chance that Jaqen H'ghar and Syrio Forel are the same person? I mean... GRRM didn't made clear that Syrio died anyway... =/

    Don't know if this was already talked in some point, sory if I missed.
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  2. 'Lauro Kociuba added a post in a topic Interlinking with Wiki's in other languages?   

    Hi! Glad I've found this.

    I'm the creator of the Brazilian one, isn't going so fast as the chinese (I'm impressed too!), started some days ago and we are still in the beginning. But we use mediawiki in our own server, is there a way to interlink also?

  3. 'Lauro Kociuba added a post in a topic lady stoneheart   

    Actually she's revealed in the end of book 3, the last pages... but she's just called by Stoneheart in book 4.
  4. 'Lauro Kociuba added a post in a topic Brazilian version and doubt about the Starks...   

    Thank you! Glad to be part of this incredible project! I've made some articles and will start recruiting in facebook and twitter, if you know any brazillian, please let him know about the translation!

    Thank you with the css, saved me, now I'm more satisfied with the layout!

    About the copyrights, I comply and agree ... just some doubts about the images, I couldn't, for exemple, use the ones you guys use, or create the coat-of-arms with free heraldry images, would that be a problem? I just don't want to have problems, lol.

    And thanks about the king! Going now to update mine.
  5. 'Lauro Kociuba added a topic in Wiki of Ice and Fire   

    Brazilian version and doubt about the Starks...
    Hi, hail to you! Hope you like a bit of my work.

    Inspired with awoiaf, I asked some friends here in Brazil about it and they were kinda begging for a portuguese one, because they had to use google translator for the pages, and you can imagine how innacurate that is, so I started building a translation/adaptation to BR-Portuguese of the wiki:

    But I'm still alone! lol... I'd like to know if anyone could help me to create permanent link in each posts thanking to you guys, so far I'm really translating, just the houses coat-of-arms that I'm creating some new.

    And I started with the House Stark article (I had to start somewhere, lol) and kept going, but I simply cannot put a border in any inifobox, how can I do that?!?!

    Ah, and I'd like to know if there's any problem in spreading your info, I always post about the source and all, hope you like it!

    Ah, and in House Stark and in King of the North there are 2 Jonnel listed as King and as Lord, but both direct to the same page. =/

    Ps.: My english is not perfect, learned 70% by myself with TV and a lotta video game and now books, hope is understandable.
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