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  1. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    Me and my boyfriend (AllMenMustRhyme) will be there. We want to stay close to other BwBers, so wether we book a hotel room or find people to share an Airbnb place with is up to all of you, I guess can't wait!!!! It will be great to see you all again (after Worldcon London 2014) or, in some cases, meet you for the first time!
  2. What Is The Avatar Above You Thinking v11.

    This is so cosy I could fall asleep right here right now...
  3. Yessssssss we can't wait to see you again
  4. What Is The Avatar Above You Thinking ? V. 10

    Did I leave the lights on? Should I go back and check?
  5. What Is The Avatar Above You Thinking ? V. 10

    It's all so quiet... ssssh...shhh...
  6. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child being Published as a Book

    It's a good thing that they're doing, since almost all fans can't afford to go to London to watch a play. I wish it was a proper story instead of just a script, but I'll count my blessings
  7. Good YA series recs?

    I would recommend the Unwind Dystology by Neil Shusterman. It was one of the best YA I've ever read, and it raised many pertinent questions about lack of responsibility and boundaries.
  8. What Is The Avatar Above You Thinking ? V. 10

    I'm the ghost of Spring past!
  9. That's right, we're going to Helsinki
  10. Which word in Westeros bothers you?

    Nuncle does annoy the hell out of me. I don't mind "coz", my cousin keeps calling me that :P
  11. How would you rate episode 209?

    This was brilliant. Simply brilliant. This is HOW you adapt book scenes to TV! And Lena Heady stole the show. They were all brilliant, but she... no words, absolutely no words.
  12. [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Davos is the man, ser. It is so f**** known -_-
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL AN EPISODE!!! That wildfire explosion was something! My jaw just dropped and fell and rolled on the floor and I took my time to pick it up... Beautiful!!! Money very well spent :thumbsup: Stannis grin, all the (few) Davos moments, every Tyrion scene, Cersei's story to Tommen (fucking amazing, I got the chills and teary eyes when she was speaking)... I'm totally speechless! And I loved the last scene when Loras was using Renly's armour (of course they wouldn't waste an actor for Garlan when they could to this)... and Bronn and the men singing the Reynes of Castamere was really nice, I say! Excellent episode all the way! :D :D :D
  14. Stannis humor

    Today I was having lunch on a cafeteria while re-reading ASOS, and I come across Stannis' line to Selyse, after she starts fervently praising R'hllor: "Quiet now, woman! You're not in a nightfire!" I swear I really had to bite my lips not to start laughing out loud :P
  15. [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Good points: - Catelyn's exchange with Karstark. Also her scene with Jaime near the end - and people had doubts about Michelle Fairley!!! That is some great acting right there, she is Catelyn. - Theon presenting the corpses - even if it's a bit derailed from the books, it just instigated a huge wave of hate inside me (which is precisely what the scene is about). The soundtrack complimented it very well. Also, props to Donald Sumpter in his portrayal of Maester Luwin :) - Sansa's scenes - very well handled :) Bad points: -Bran&co merrily walking around - why oh gods why??? They'd be caught in a split second. Also, unless there's an unexpected turn of events, I really think they're setting up Dagmer and Ramsey to be one and the same person....