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  1. Battlekitten added a post in a topic The Ukraine   

    Not sure
    The idea is polish so that's CET (Central European time) same as in Paris, Berlin and Lisbon (GMT -1)
  2. Battlekitten added a post in a topic The Ukraine   

    Tonight at 20:00 light a candle in the window to show solidarity with Ukraine
    May college heads and softer hearts prevail
  3. Battlekitten added a post in a topic Is Martin's bare bones Winterfell at all realistic as the capital of a million square mile land?   

    Clerks are boring

    A lot of early medieval admin was v decentralized.

    But it's a fascinating question for me - how would it work.
    Especially in multi year unpredictable winter context.
  4. Battlekitten added a post in a topic Season 4 Roundup   

    Who is it in the first shot?
    All the swords on the wall?
  5. Battlekitten added a post in a topic (Heavy Book Spoilers) Possible Character Merge   

    Adding to arya=yara

    Similar haircut

    Ominous looking scar faced man on her fastest ship, ready to sell her out to the Boltons
  6. Battlekitten added a post in a topic What is Your Most Crackpot Theory v5   

    There was a dragon egg in winterfell. Perhaps linked to Lyanna. And it hatched after the Boltons burnt down the castle
    That's what summer saw
  7. Battlekitten added a post in a topic Hanging Threads   

    Weasel. I have a daughter the same age


    Tyrions wife



  8. Battlekitten added a post in a topic Fertility   

    First of all 30 is not old

    I started at 32 and will pop no 2 out in July

    I would start with seeing a doctor and getting a check up if you can

    They normally say a couple of cycles post the pill is fine. I would get an ultrasound check for fibroids but at 30 you probably don't have any

    Start taking vitamins and folic acid now. You want a good level in your system. Give up smoking / reduce drinking if needed
    If you eat/ drink huge amounts of cinnamon or liquorice flavored foods reduce them. They are among many natural abortificants but I suspect only in huge amounts

    The normal advice is not to worry until you have been trying for a year

    I would say if neither of you have any problems go for six months and see what happens. If nothing think about your lifestyles - does either one of you travel a lot? Are your cycles regular? You don't want to worry if you are not in the same place at the tight time

    After six months I would start monitoring your cycle - there's excellent apps for this eg women's calendar. If you are like me and have irregular cycles I would also try and find out when you ovulate

    The daily Tests are not perfect. They may pick up your hormone surge late in the process and by the time it's the evening the egg could be too old.
    They will tell you that you are doing it around the right time

    Alternatively get the clear blue fertility monitor - its expensive and fiddly but gives you forewarning

    My doctor's view was that making love every 2-3 days is best. This way you are always prepared and without the pressure of making love on a signal which is not the most romantic way

    But if you do spend time apart monitor

    Each time have a 20-25% chance it will work. Even if it does there is a 20-30% chance it won't have worked just right so you may need time

    Try not to worry

    However, based on my friends experience do mention to the doctors if there is any history of thyroid problems, celiac disease etc in your family

    Also if you never got checked for chlamydia do. It gives no symptoms and is easily treated but it can cause infertility if left alone. The nasty thing is going through a real resurgence now as people choose chemical over barrier contraception

    Finally, old wives tale: Spend time around pregnant women and young babies. I really believe there is something to the 'baby dust' concept. At our Playgroup 5 mothers got pregnant over 8 months

    Good luck and enjoy the process and the time you have before the baby arrives. Things will be different after. Great but different

  9. Battlekitten added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion   

    Poor Ros

    I was hoping she would stick around. And we didn't need to see that.

    I hope they use it at least

    Perhaps Olenna agreed to the marriage but will now find out through Varys and want Loras on the kings guard to protect Margery while PW plans are put in place ?
  10. Battlekitten added a post in a topic The Roose Bolton thread (book spoilers)   

    Roose is evil

    And he kills people I cheered for. And takes over Winterfell. And is generally the villain par excellence.

    He should not be hounding my dreams.

    Pink leather and latex will give me nightmares. Shudder.
  11. Battlekitten added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] No Patchface?   

    I think Patchreen means that both characters are important

    They couldn't cast both so they amalgamated them
    We get both kings blood with greyscale - remember Val "dead girl"
    And creepy prophecies

    Btw did anyone think that the greyscale makeup looked like a patch of whitewalker make up but grey not blue?
  12. Battlekitten added a post in a topic The Roose Bolton thread (book spoilers)   

    Oh dear

    You know how pregnant women are supposed to have strange dreams? Giving birth to fish that type of thing

    After watching Kissed By Fire I dreamt of Roose Bloody Bolton

    I just hope I will pop out this baby as fast as fat walda pops in tarts. :/
  13. Battlekitten added a post in a topic [Book spoilers] Dracarys!   

  14. Battlekitten added a post in a topic [NO SPOILERS] "Positive nitpicking" - what you loved about this episode.   

    We do not sew. We crochet !
    Couldn't resist
  15. Battlekitten added a post in a topic If Edmure gets restored, how do you feel the Riverlords will look upon his "Frey" bride and child/heir?   

    For all the legitimate Frey hate, have you considered how much Frey blood there must be in the Riverlands' families?

    They had a lot of daughters to marry around over the years. And noone says well so and so isn't really a "fill in the blank name" - his mother / grandmother was a Frey
    For all you know some of Edmures ancestors were Freys too