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  1. It seems like Catelyn is having visions in the sept when she goes to pray the night before Renly and Stannis (are supposed to) do battle: She thinks its because she hasn't eaten but... It could just be her mind playing tricks on her. Since R'hllor's followers worship him through fire, this could all just be foreshadowing of her future resurrection.
  2. I got the feeling he was like Jojen except he saw his death and the fall of his family.
  3. Trusting Mirri Maz Duur.
  4. I agree with this. We should also consider that Martin is lampshading fantasy tropes: in a different book, the Hound might have stormed into the Twins and saved Catelyn before it was too late. It just occurred to me that Arya was being a bit like Sansa in her hopes and dreams. Life isn't like a song. The reality of Westeros doesn't work that way.
  5. The Dance 2.0 doesn't have to be strictly between Dany and Aegon. Aegon doesn't necessarily have to have dragons considering he's supposed to be one (Targaryen, Blackfyre or simply a pretender with no real royal blood). During the original civil war, there were traitors on Rhaenyra's side that had dragons that also contributed to the conflict. Let's not forget her brother Aegon was not in the fight for the duration. He was wounded and hid on dragonstone while his forces and other rebels continued to fight. All Aegon and his council has to do is secure the Iron Throne before Dany while other forces that aren't loyal to Aegon take the field to impede her advances. I think another faction - probably Euron or another pretender - will claim a dragon and provide a challenge that Dany has to fight. She might have a considerable army to deal with (and dragons) but if she's up against Aegon's forces (elephants, Golden Company, some Westerosi) and another group of rebels (who may or may not have a dragon), that will be a difficult fight indeed. Let's not forget winter has fallen and Westeros won't be easy to settle in, especially for newcomers. TL;DR: I predict it will be Dany versus Aegon versus a few wildcards (heh heh) who oppose both claimants. The dragons will be relevant as they appeared in one Melisandre's visions.
  6. Yes. I don't think the flames spoke, however.
  7. None of these are good deeds? I thought this thread would have examples like Jaime giving Brienne Oathkeeper or Roose Bolton making Arya his cupbearer.
  8. At this point Robb had married Jeyne Westerling. So it would have been possible for him to give Karstark a lighter sentence considering his own transgressions. Robb was hanging on to the last of his strength when he killed Karstark. He wasn't in the same position as he was when Greywind attacked the Greatjon.
  9. Return to the north after Ned was beheaded. Perhaps he should have never left at all.
  10. I get the feeling the north will be the new capital. Perhaps lands north of the Wall are meant to be fertile ground. So if/when the Others are gone, the land will thaw and give us a dream of spring.
  11. It's not needlessly complicated at all. It's exactly like Cersei sending Robert into the woods with strong wine or her plan to trick him into joining the melee. By putting Drogo's care into his own hands she gives herself plausible deniability. I warned him not to join the melee! is not much different I warned him not to drink alcohol! She's not all that worried about being caught because her life means nothing now that all that she's cared for has been stripped away from her. She doesn't expect to survive her time with the Dothraki. So when she sees a moment to secure her vengeance, she seizes it. Just look at the venom she spits when finally confronted by Dany: This doesn't sound like the ravings of someone who meant well then suddenly changed her mind. She's been seething since Dany took her into her care. Her behavior reminds me a lot of Varys. Insert yourself in the inner circle and work your damage from there.
  12. He won't sit the Iron Throne. His cause is not just. He is not Azor Ahai. He is not the rightful king. He will do his duty and defend the realm from rebel lords, treacherous wildlings and maybe even the Others but his place is not on the Iron Throne.
  13. If Drogo lives then she gains Dany and Drogo's trust so she insert herself into their inner circle to harm them later. She hedges a bet that he will ignore her orders and die. If she healed him with fire as the eunuchs would have, he would be have lived without question. If Drogo dies, she succeeds but because she didn't outright poison him she escapes suspicion. Her reaction after Drogo and Rhaego die pretty much confirms the idea she meant ill from the beginning. I mean she practically throws her head back and laughs diabolically. It's like a parlor scene at the end of a horror movie.
  14. Mirri's speech to Dany towards the end of the book proves otherwise. She hated them from the start. Drogo led the attack on her village and his men raped her. It had nothing to do with invading Westeros.
  15. Who is arguing against that? My point is that MMD hoped he would disobey and he did exactly what she expected. Robert got drunk and killed by a boar. Does that change anything about Cersei as a character? No.