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  1. Just got a tect message. "You still up for coffee after work today?" I'm terribly terribly nervous right now
  2. The Tales of Drunk and Egg

    No, Lil, don't think that. You're winning! (Or at least, your posts these days are excitingly random? A bit like Bertie Bott's Beans... you never know what you'll get!)
  3. I'll have a drinks date on Wednesday. I'll be just as excited as you are now, kara. Best of luck!
  4. Theda, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being friendly. Quite the opposite, really. Don't let them drag you down. And I'm saying that as some kind of natural grump. I wish I could be friendly all the time, it makes things so much easier for everybody involved. 
  5. Heh, thanks. I have my doubts, too. I know I still got some barely resolved issues. But noone is perfect. I just want to enjoy the bliss of things going smoothly so far. I'll see were all of this goes. If things don't work out, well, that's fine too. But so far, the road has been surprisingly devoid of bumps.
  6. Oh man, you people are spoilsports. I have a first date cut short but going so well that I'm asked out by the person for another coffee and you talk about misunderstandings. Way to make me second-guess myself
  7. The best part that it wasn't me who proposed that second date
  8. Second date agreed on. Also, Friday evening at last. My new work is killing me. Otoh, it's far more interesting than what I did before, so there's that. Can I say I'm happier than I've been in months, if not years? I guess I can...
  9. US Election Thread - Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa

    Sure, we only have one data point so far. But that one data point indicates that Trump does have problems mobilizing his support. More data points would of course help, but for the time being, it's all we can go on, really.
  10. US Election Thread - Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa

    Luckily, Trump's grassroots support is not as solid as it once seemed to be. Not that Cruz or Rubio are great alternatives to me, but Trump's underwhelming result in Iowa is certainly a good sign overall.
  11. I guess fortune really favors the bold. Had some e-mail sent back and forth with her today about some things that still need to be done by me retroactively (which wasn't unexpected). She seemed quite exasperated, so at some point I just wrote a PS: "You sure you don't want to come for drinks at 6pm?" To which the response was "Guess it'll do me some good. Only got half an hour though." (paraphrasing here). Still it was a nice enough chat, and I will try to invite her again for next week. We'll see where all of that goes.
  12. Darn. She texted me today, saying she doesn't have time tomorrow as she's dealing with some personal matters. What those matters are I can only guess. I told her to contact me once those problems are dealt with, but that I'd also be happy to offer her a drink and a talk anyway in case she wanted some distraction. I guess I left the ball in her court; we'll see where that goes. If I don't hear from her for two weeks, I may give her another call and ask if she's still up for it; if she isn't, I guess I'll just let it rest.  Still, I've had some hopes for this to work out, and so today's message stung a fair bit.
  13. I can guarantee you this has absolutely no chance of passing, sadly. You have to realize the bar for what people can vote on in Switzerland is far lower than in most other places. I see that as a good thing, mostly. My main concern is that there's a strain in Swiss politics that openly disdains international agreements and human rights, and those too often win incredibly close votes. But that's not really an issue for this referendum (which, again, has a snowball's chance in hell of passing)
  14. Boring foods

    I wake up, read this thread, and am reminded that there are still some tasty pears around in the kitchen. I think I'll have a fruit breakfast today
  15. Heh, true. Probably more accurate to say I'm currently a bit too nervous though The good news, I guess, is that we already know each other, so it's not like a blind date situation where you meet for the first time only to find out there's just no chemistry at all. I know we click at least on an interest and friendship level, and I'm certain we'll find stuff to talk about. I guess the starting point could be worse in that regard.