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  1. Even then, it's a crime. But still he went scot free (no pun intended).
  2. You assume they didn't actively try.
  3. ...He's a West Virginia Democrat. Which is a pretty red state. Having a conservative Democrat from WV instead of a Tea Party Wingnut may well be the best the Dems can hope for, and I think it'd be foolish to try to get somebody further left from there. 538 estimates that a senator from WV would vote with Trump around 95 % of the time. Manchin voting that way only 50% of the time is a good thing.
  4. @Ser Scot A Ellison You fell for the German-speaking version of the Onion.
  5. The UK formerly agreed to participating in the EU's budget, which lasts until 2020, if I recall correctly. The "divorce settlement" (not my favorite term...) is the question how to deal with that contribution, seeing how the UK will most probably not be a EU member in 2020. Many of these funds have already been allocated, so the UK reneging on their promises would mean a critical funding shortage for various EU programmes. ETA: so, yes, it's more about not wanting to pay your contract fees because you cancelled your contract in question early.
  6. It's precisely not about importing DUP loopiness to the rest of the UK. Please read the entire twitter feed. The problem is that there is currently no devolved NI government, and that the Tories governing at the mercy of the DUP is a de facto breach of the Good Friday agreement.
  7. I was wondering what was up with the more moderate parties in NI totally collapsing this time around. I guess I got my answer. And it's pretty much what I feared. Please fasten your seatbelts. We expect to experience some Troubles soon. Chin up! It only took us 30 years to sort things out last time around.
  8. I worry about the NI results quite a bit. Since the UUP and the SDLP were basically wiped out, it seems to me that the question of Unionism is once again on the forefront there. Not a good sign.
  9. Or maybe people took responsibility for their votes and as a result refused to lie back and think of Brexit.
  10. Sure. I'm just baffled by the bold assertion that only the Tories can negotiate Brexit well when... they've shown to be terrible negotiators amongst themselves and keep pulling stunts to increase their power at the expense of the British people.
  11. Well, but why do the Tories, of all people, deserve the benefit of the doubt on any of this after pulling two idiotic stunts in a row? Like, why would anybody think they'd make for good negotiators when it should have become clear by now that they0re not interested in the best for the country but only their own internal squabbles, which they try to solve by asking the public for a mandate? This would have never worked, and May's apparent naiveté on Brexit negotiations was just the cherry on top of all that.
  12. Well, blame the Tories and May for that. Their greed and hybris made them think they could increase their majority, instead of negotiating Brexit and calling for an election after. Instead, they were hoist by their own petard. I'd call that an ironic development. And entirely deserved, given how they campaigned on nothing but the personal favorability of a prime minister who had not proven to be any good at her job, anyway.
  13. Nah. The Jon Arryn, in this case, would be Comey.
  14. The problem of successive turtles. Short answer: They kinda do. We understand the case of two turtles, and the case of two turtles and a third, much smaller turtle. We also have some insight on a number of turtles moving in a plane (because we were most interested in that case, duh) But ever other problem becomes unsolvable (although simulations are possible and do give approximate solutions)
  15. The best candidate would be the apparently honest man who came back from retirement to inestigate the current political scandal... so, Mueller would be executed.
  16. Eh... for a net positive, you need at least some positive to begin with, which... wasn't the case. Basically, Trump was seen as not caring about NATO except as a protection racket, blowing up the G7 talks by being unwilling to even the most basic commitments, and generally pissing off everybody with his rudeness. Merkel's comments on beibg unable to rely on the US any longer didn't come from a vacuum, and considering her usual style, they were remarkably direct.
  17. Scot, I agree with you. We just apparently disagree how likely violence against e.g. the LGBT community is in the coming months and years, and what the appropriate response of minorities to people in power threatening them should be. Because those threats are actions, too, enabling the violence to come.
  18. @OldGimletEye I don't think we disagree on this. I believe initiating violence is almost always the wrong action to take, and indeed I think e.g. punching Spencer was the wrong thing to do, in spite of just how vile a being he is. It's just that I can see where WF and other minority members are coming from when they are preparing for the worst, considering just how widespread neofascist thought has become in the last few years.
  19. Well, at least then Trump won't be that isolated at international meetings like the one in Sicily last week any longer. Although it's debatable if that might possibly constitute a positive development...
  20. Since WF is trans, I think her advocacy for violence is precisely a form of self defense in this case. Consider the political climate, Scot, and compare it to what various LGBT, black, latino or jewish posters have said about considering leaving the US.
  21. Oh, fuck. Thank you, Bonesy, for being the rudely kind bunch of awesome that you were. I'll miss you.
  22. I hope you'll be ok, Bonesy. Best Wishes.
  23. Perhaps the argument itself is unhelpful. Are there issues with immigration? Almost always, yes. But the actual question that should be asked isn't if there are issues with immigration but whether there would be worse issues with or without immigration. If immigrants make up a significantly larger percentage of NHS employees than of NHS patients, for example, stopping immigration will hurt the NHS more than it helps - even if immigrants are more likely to be NHS patients than native Brits. More to the point, the Tories have shown again and again that they will cut public services and privatise the leftovers. If you're rightfully worried about the NHS or public schools, electing the Tories will only exacerbate the problems. As for a strong negotiating position, even if that could be achieved by this election (it can't), that is no use if your chief negotiator doesn't understand what those negotiations are about, and May has shown precisely that kind of obtuseness in talks with the EU so far. Lastly, the current mess is almost entirely the fault of the Tories. Rewarding them for their short-sightedness and cynicism with regards to Brexit is precisely the wrong message to send.
  24. From an outsider's point of view, life under Mike Pence at least wouldn't entail fear of the US president launching nuclear war or blatantly sharing our intel with Russia on a whim. So, yes, I'd rather live with Mike Pence's dominionism than risk nuclear apocalypse or an increase of terrorism in these parts of the world, thank you very much. Oh, and since we're discussing the possible end of the world, I'd like to end on a lighter note: What do you call four male dropbears sitting on a horse? ... I'll see myself out.
  25. Because the Senate could impeach him if thw Republican hawks ever decide to put country before party - or at least reelection chances before intraparty loyalty.