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  1. Night King of Pop bookmark from Nocturnal Reader's box subscription.
  2. A few more POPs added: SDCC Translucent Night King & Battle of the Bastards 2 pack - Jon Snow & Ramsay Bolton
  3. Is it the Subterranean Press edition or the red UK Harper edition?
  4. I've added you to the Sale list:
  5. Yep, what they said... Camelot.
  6. I've added your set to the list.
  7. Just email Bill and ask him about that number. He will tell you whether or not you can purchase the next book.
  8. Yep, referring to the Camelot set.
  9. The lettered sets haven't been anywhere near 12K in a long time. Not sure that's going to happen. The last fine lettered set that I know of sold for $20K without all those extra books.
  10. I can't seem to edit my list UK Red leather slipcased ACOK UK Red leather slipcased ASOS Funko POPs - Bran Stark, John Snow, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Tormund, Wun Wun, The Mountain (convention exclusive). Ommegang Beer - Bend the Knee (Stark & Targaryen)
  11. Hi Pat!! I got those red leather editions too! And some new POPs
  12. Are you still selling #441?
  13. Wow - quite a few full sets available right now!