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  1. As of today, still not able to update the first post.
  2. Not sure but I tried a different web browser also, with no luck. It's been like this for quite a few days now.
  3. I'm having trouble updating the list. Not sure what's wrong.
  4. Hi, need to know if they are Meisha Merlin or Subterranean Press. Thanks.
  5. List is updated. Honestly Gypsy, I have no idea. Maybe someone can start a thread?
  6. Hey, I didn't see it, sorry... I've just added it to the list!
  7. Do you want me to add this to the main list? And is it a full set or just ACOK?
  8. In case any collectors missed this S/L: Collection signed by most contributors including GRRM.
  9. Yes but most people with the GRRM box would have an issue with breaking up the collection. It will affect the value of the box if an item is missing. Not saying it's impossible but it will be tough.
  10. It might be hard to find someone willing to break up the collection due to value decrease. Have you tried Ebay?
  11. Some do and some require a rider. It's worth a call to your company.
  12. I'm going to say $10-12K.
  13. Yes, probably won't be worth insuring just that set alone. If you have a large collection, it's worth it. But definitely check homeowner's to see what you need to do in order for them to be covered. My homeowner's (Liberty Mutual) covers the market value of my books as long as I have photos/descriptions of what I own.
  14. I think the price is still good at 20K. As far as lower numbers or letters on anything - they don't really affect the value unless it was owned by someone connected to the book in some way - the author's or artist copies, a special industry connection, etc. Other than that, if the limitation increased on a series and you can only obtain a full set under a certain number like the Dark Tower series - anything under #500 is worth more. There are several companies that specialize in collectible insurance such as American Collectors or Collect Insure. They might be cheaper than a rider on your homeowner's. You can get quotes online pretty quickly. They will look at market value. Just take the highest listings or sales you can find and they usually accept that if you have a claim - you decide what you want to insure for. Use different sources like Camelot, Ebay, Abebooks, etc.