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  1. Colonialism: ah, ye olde glorie!

    Oh, and since we're having a discussion about the Duke of Wellington - if the man had had his way, no-one on this thread would be able to vote. He was a rabid opponent of the 1832 Reform Act, to the point that the Iron Duke thing refers to the iron shutters on his windows, which he needed to avoid the displeasure of the mob,
  2. Colonialism: ah, ye olde glorie!

    I would love to see a "defence" of colonial Australia's genocide of the Aboriginal people. (The Maori avoided a similar fate because (1) they shot back, and (2) had agriculture. The British at the time thought that if you didn't have agriculture, you weren't really people - so they cheerfully massacred the Aborigines, who didn't). 
  3. Some Central Banks in Europe charging negative interest rates

    From a purely academic angle, this is actually fascinating: a voyage into uncharted waters. It's not insane either - this is simply a desperate attempt to try and reach market equilibrium in a situation where zero percent interest means surplus savings. The reason you're not seeing mattress stuffing at the moment is that even mattress stuffing carries with it its share of costs (protect your cash from wear and tear, burglars, and rodents). Plus it's inconvenient in a world where electronic transactions dominate. There is obviously a point at which mattress stuffing would take off, but clearly we aren't there yet.
  4. U.S. Election - Because we know better than you do

    Obama won comfortably because of the Global Financial Crisis and a toxic Republican incumbent. Swap around Indiana and Arkansas, and you have a pretty similar results with Clinton. 2012 assumes four years of alternate history. 
  5. U.S. Election - Because we know better than you do

    It would be a ****ing terrifying election. A Bloomberg run is the most realistic way of ensuring President Donald J. Trump, because all he would do is take votes off Sanders.
  6. U.S. Election - Because we know better than you do

    I think the Sanders/Clinton electability argument is seriously overblown. Whoever wins, the Democratic coalition will coalesce around the nominee - the electorate is so incredibly polarised these days that there will be minuscule cross-over.  Recall that we were having exactly the same argument back in 2008 about Obama/Clinton, and in hindsight either would have won the general election comfortably. 
  7. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    The Democrats can't have a brokered convention, since there's only two candidates left - the nomination will be determined on the first ballot. The most they can have is a contested convention a la the 1976 Republicans, where the margin is so narrow that it actually goes to a floor vote. A brokered Republican convention has the potential to be the most "interesting" (in a Chinese sense) since 1968.  
  8. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    To be honest, if Clinton (with her universal name recognition, money, and connections) can't beat a 74 year old bloke who calls himself a socialist, she really doesn't deserve to be President - Sanders is doing her a favour by making her work for the nomination.
  9. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    If Sanders does wind up getting the nomination (my money's still on Clinton), there's also the question of VP. Does Sanders seek to burnish (or Bernish?) his populist credentials by going with someone like Warren, or does he go for someone to the Right, for balance purposes (not Clinton herself, presumably, since she'd never accept, but there's no shortage of alternatives there)?
  10. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    The shadowy prospect of a Republican brokered convention gets less shadowy:
  11. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    I think Sanders really needs to crack 60% in New Hampshire - not because of the delegates, but because he needs all the momentum he can get, and it'll be harder for Clinton to spin if she can't even crack 40%.
  12. Chinese hard Fantasy series like a Song of Fire and Ice

    1. There is a designated forum and a designated thread for writing discussion. Go there, rather than sticking your every half-baked idea into a separate thread. 2. Let's see. You've previously told us you want to write 16th Century fantasy, then 18th Century Pirate fantasy, and now Chinese fantasy. You have a grand total of 12 posts, and (notwithstanding your apparent desire to write) can't be arsed to write correct grammar. Troll detector gives strong reading...
  13. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    The best thing about this for Trump is that there is no clear alternative emerging. Rubio and Cruz have done badly in New Hampshire, and Bush and Kasich have done badly in Iowa.
  14. What if the north had fleets for both coasts

    If the North had a fleet, you no longer have the War of the Five Kings as we know it. No Walder Frey to worry about. Which in turn is why the Starks don't do sea-travel, despite their massive coastline - Martin as an author prefers drama over logic, and the idea of Moat Cailin is so much cooler. Anyway, what you'd be after wouldn't be expensive specialised warships. You'd be after small, fast things, and ships that can be used for fishing and transport during peacetime (you know, ships that can earn their keep). Note also that the North has the largest forest in Westeros - with an ounce of commercial sense, the Starks could be making and selling ships to everyone else. 
  15. February 2016 Reads

    Mother Abigail is a raving bigot, with a hatred of Catholics, New Yorkers, and Democrats. She gets treated like a saint, and the one guy who argues that we shouldn't give absolute power to this nut is spitefully killed off. Never mind the ending, The Stand is choc-full of rabid anti-intellectualism too. Anyway, have finished The Winter of the Lions, and am now onto another Wagner book, Light in a Dark House. After that, it's the Jacqueline Carey's first Kushiel trilogy (I've previously read the second/Imriel trilogy).