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  1. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I disagree. Fevre Dream is one of the greatest vampire novels of the twentieth century.
  2. January Reading 2017

    I read A Song for Arbonne over Christmas, and hated it.
  3. January Reading 2017

    Finally got around to finishing The Queen of the Damned. Rice gets points for ambition, but the disjointed structure of this one was annoying, and her internal vampire mythology isn't as interesting as she thinks it is. Interview remains the best of the series so far, though given that all the reviews indicate that the first three are the best, I won't be in a rush to read any more volumes. Next up is The Lions of Al-Rassan, by Guy Gavriel Kay. After A Song for Arbonne, this is a chance for Kay to redeem himself...
  4. Tolkien 2.0

    And instalment number fourteen:
  5. Tolkien 2.0

    Touche. I now wonder whether Book Theoden may have been dark haired in his youth (he's white haired by the time of LOTR), given his mother. Not that Tolkien seems to hold to real-world genetics very closely. Edit - Unfinished Tales explicitly suggests that Eomer inherited his height from his grandmother Morwen, and that some of the descendents of Thengel had darker hair. Whether Theoden is a candidate, I don't know - though given that Eowyn and Eomer have fair hair, we don't have too many other options. Not least because both Eomer and Eowyn end up marrying dark-haired Gondorians too, so it becomes harder to test the influence purely derived from Morwen.
  6. The concentration of the publishing industry

    The title is misleading - this isn't just US publishing, but rather the English-speaking world. There are certainly many small presses out there, but the industry at the international level is dominated by the Big Five. (In New Zealand, we only have a branch office of one of the Big Five - Penguin/Random House. The other publishers consist of the university presses, and small speciality presses catering to Maori language, etc).
  7. The concentration of the publishing industry

    I recently ran across quite an interesting graphic: It basically depicts which imprints are owned by which of the Big Five, and thus how insanely concentrated the modern publishing industry has become.
  8. IIRC, the Catholic population in Northern Ireland is due to overtake the Protestant population either this year or next - eventual reunification is inevitable on demographic grounds - so it's not impossible there might be a temporary blip in violence at some point in the next twenty years, as the hardliners make their last stand.
  9. Tolkien 2.0

    Instalment thirteen of discussing TrackerNeil's piece:
  10. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Historically, Martin is a very poor judge of how long his writing will take. As such, it's really a case of the book being out when it's out.
  11. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    Good on ya, Mr Tingle.
  12. Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Here's some editing for the first few paragraphs. You have a tendency to overwrite. A fair bit of this comes across as trying too hard to impress the reader - which is a shame, since there are some nice pieces of imagery here (I love "crinkle-crankled" as a verb). Related to the above, delete unnecessary words. Especially adverbs and adjectives. The concealing "He" feels like you're playing a trick. Give the character a name. More seriously, after these paragraphs you seem to be blending an omniscient narrator with the character's own POV. Which is it? The former won't have access to the character's internal monologue and the latter won't be thinking about what he looks like to an external observer.
  13. U.S. Politics: Confirming The Trumpocalypse

    Obama, like Lincoln before him, has the historical good fortune to serve between two utterly awful Presidents. He will look brilliant in hindsight, even as Trump trashes his legacy.
  14. Charity

    I thought Lenin's line was that German revolutionaries would always keep to the pavement when confronted with a Do Not Walk On The Grass sign.
  15. Charity

    New Zealand introduced fully socialised pensions paid for out of general taxation in 1898. That wasn't conservatives trying to stave off revolution though, this was just an extremely radical bunch of reformers playing with the colony as a "laboratory experiment" - an opportunity to build a better Britain in the South Pacific. That Government also gave women the vote, introduced compulsory arbitration for industrial disputes (which would last in some form or other until the late twentieth century), and (most spectacularly of all) forcibly broke up vast landed estates into small farms, which the Government leased out to farmers. You were dealing with at least one Cabinet Minister who had grown up a poor crofter in Scotland, and regarded concentrated land ownership as the root of all evil.