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  1. Fictional Books that can or have happened

    It's public domain (1898):
  2. Fictional Books that can or have happened

    The classic one:,_or_the_Wreck_of_the_Titan
  3. U.S. Politics 2016: The Mayans Were Only Off By 1418 Days

    Including Obama, only fourteen Presidents have served two full terms.
  4. To Hell With you 2016!!!

    Problem is that the neoliberal consensus is coming undone via the Right, not the Left. The same thing that happened the last time economic liberalism went into meltdown, and that didn't end well. In fact, if anything this time is worse for the Left, seeing as we don't have revolutionary socialism to plug the gap of weak social democracy. But yeah, apart from Trump, some unfortunate deaths, and the All Blacks losing to Ireland, 2016 has actually been an excellent year for me. Got a book published, and a new (de facto) girlfriend. I'm actually moderately pro-Brexit, so that wasn't a big disappointment, even though it was a surprise.
  5. Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Word is fine. With my current (sequel) project, I am writing the first draft out by pen in an exercise book. Hopefully that will minimise temptations to go back and edit. The only advice I can give is the importance of actually sitting down and writing. Don't worry about a bad first draft (everyone has bad first drafts), just keep going and finish the thing.
  6. U.S. Politics 2016: The Mayans Were Only Off By 1418 Days

    Elections where the tipping point is less than 2%: 2016, 2000, 1976, 1960, 1948 Elections where the tipping point is greater than 2%: 2012, 2008, 2004, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, 1972, 1968, 1964, 1956, 1952 Looks to me like comfortable margins are more likely, on balance. What makes Trump in 2016 so uniquely flukey is the discrepancy between EV and PV. Gore won the PV in 2000 by a mere half a million - and the tipping point (Florida) was unsurprisingly a complete toss-up. Here we've got a pretty substantial PV margin for Hillary (some five times what Gore's was), yet Trump managed victories in just the right places. Hell, move the Texas swing to Florida, and the Georgia swing to North Carolina, and Hillary wins.
  7. Hooded Man of WF is 10000% Theon

    My immediate thought on seeing the thread title was "the Hooded Man is a hundred Theons?"
  8. December Reading 2016

    I am really enjoying M.R. James' ghost stories. It's turning into one of those rare books that you wish was a bit longer.
  9. Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft

    There are some rare occasions where a traditional publisher will pick up a self-published book (Paolini), but as a rule of thumb, they won't look at it. Pre-emptive self-publishing introduces a host of of copyright issues, and publishers find it easier to just steer clear. Agents know that too, so they steer clear as well. Budding authors take note - don't stick your work online or self-publish if you want it traditionally published.
  10. November Reading 2016

    Finished off Wilderness. A bit of inoffensive YA adventure fluff - though I think the story could have benefited from cutting the Dublin storyline with the stepsister, and beefing up the Lapland storyline. Next up is back to horror - Collected Ghost Stories, by M.R. James.
  11. U.S. Politics 2016: "You Suck!!!" "No, you Suck!!!"

    I think their rationale is that forced deflation and austerity are the One True Way of dealing with an economic crisis. It's this insane notion they have of governments being like households, and that if something is painful it must be worthwhile. Part of me actually hopes that Trump does try to bring back the gold standard at this point, if only to destroy the credibility of the goldbugs forever for the next eighty years.
  12. Wise Man's Fear XI

    And seeing as it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven... Does this mean Rothfuss and Paolini are going to Hell?
  13. 2016 Reading Self-Challenge

    Completed reads for November: The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice Let the Old Dreams Die, by John Ajvide Lindqvist Waking Nightmares, by Ramsey Campbell Dark Companions, by Ramsey Campbell The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson Rosemary's Baby, by Ira Levin Wilderness, by Roddy Doyle Nine in November means ninety-three completed for 2016. I now just need seven out of December to finish the challenge. Breaking down genre: Fantasy (including Historical Fantasy): 32 Crime Fiction: 7 Historical Fiction: 9 Science-fiction (including Alternate History): 16 Mainstream: 7 Horror: 20 Other (including non-fiction): 2 Breaking down author gender: Male: 64 Female: 28 Male/Female collaboration: 1
  14. November Reading 2016

    Finished off Rosemary's Baby. Another that deserves its classic status. Seems the film was broadly faithful too. Next up is Wilderness, by Roddy Doyle. After two months of straight horror, it's time for something lighter.
  15. November Reading 2016

    Finished The Haunting of Hill House. Probably the best horror novel I have read: Jackson evokes an amazing atmosphere that is both oppressive and unsettling ("...and whatever walked there, walked alone"). Oh, and Mrs Dudley is a truly awesome character. The only weakness was the highly annoying Mrs Montague, but she's only there towards the end. Next up is Rosemary's Baby, by Ira Levin.