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  1. Thank you very much for doing this. <3 You'll know me by my e-mail address.
  2. Got to book my hotel room soon. I intend to fly directly to Belfast this year. Going to Dublin is somewhat cheaper and there's a direct flight but I can't stand the 2-hour-busride anymore. Not getting younger, I am.
  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this.
  4. Yes, yes, yes!!!
  5. I'm looking for someone to pick up my shirt and mail it to me. It's already paid. Of course I'll pay for the shipping. I can't contact Jo directly, else I would ask her to bring it to TitanCon.
  6. Got one! Hope I get on Coach 1. I put that request where I was asked who I want to travel with...
  7. Awesome design! Love the colour! I'll take a men's 4XL, please. I'll pay in advance via PayPal. I'll ask Jo if she can collect it for me.
  8. I had that problem, too, during my move. It had my landline phone number, which wasn't connected at that moment. Changed it to my mobile number after that experience.
  9. Thanks William!
  10. Couldn't wait, so I just booked my flights. Is anyone looking for a roommate? I could use one this year, financially. Will wait for about a week and then book a room at the Wellington. Hope it's not too late.
  11. And I filled out the volunteer form, too.
  12. I bought my membership a few minutes ago.
  13. I'm for Helsinki in 2017 and Dublin in 2019. Because they're both closer to home than any US city. Bought friends membership things for both at Loncon. Got a chara ribbon from the Dublin bid and a t-shirt from the Helsinki people. :)
  14. is waiting for London...