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  1. If I'd seen this before now, I'd have reminded you. Although I had no way to tell you where you are supporting wise. Could have asked Colin, though. Oh well, as Pebble said you can always upgrade later at the current rate.
  2. I have no idea who you are either. There was a pinned post on the Brotherhood without Banners FB page that had that info. Don't know if people who joined have added their names to it recently, though.
  3. I have memberships to both events and fully intend to be there! Well, I hope the Dublin folks bring my friends thing for the bid and my site selection vote together (I voted early in Dortmund and I hope my ballot made it to Helsinki to be counted). Then I have my membership.
  4. There definitely wasn't one in Düsseldorf. Which surprised me a little. But it's probably a Schengen thing. Oh yeah. I read about that. We had nowhere near this kind of heat up here. I'm waiting for boarding. Which is 1h 45min away. :eyeroll:
  5. Thanks for this info! ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Aly beat me to it.
  7. As far as I know Uber is not available in Helsinki. IIRC it's actually illegal.
  8. I think we wanted to brave public transport as we're staying at the same place. I wouldn't mind sharing a taxi, though. If we can get one with all the luggage. And at that time of the night.
  9. I found this on the website of the Helsinki airport. It's about busy times at the airport.
  10. At lot of people seem to arrive late on Tuesday evening. What about meeting at the airport and going into town together? My flight arrives at 22:00 and as I said I'm waiting for Targh, who arrives at 23:30. Maybe some of you from the UK/London are on the same flight. I'd wait for you too, @Peadar
  11. Arriving Tuesday late in the evening. Leaving Monday sometime during the day. I'm staying with Pod, Targh, Sam, Wert (if he can make it) and someone whose name eludes me atm, at a hotel about half an hour's walk from the convention centre. I'll wait for Targh at the airport as he's arriving 90 min after me and I don't want to brave public transport on my own.
  12. No, nothing yet. :/
  13. I haven't booked it either. Not sure about my volunteer schedule yet.
  14. I can vouch for Lada. Even if she has only six posts here. I put the quiz on my schedule, Lada.
  15. Had an error in my prior post. Of course I am arriving on Tuesday. It was Thursday before I changed my flight.