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  1. I had that problem too at first. I was only arriving Tuesday evening. Changed my flight because I wanted to be there for it all. Looking forward to seeing you again!
  2. Oh, I completely forgot about that. Have you booked it yet, @Alytha?
  3. Looking forward to seeing you again, @lady narcissa!
  4. And now I'm wondering who you are, @Little Miss Sunshine
  5. I'm flying from Düsseldorf to Helsinki with Finn-Air. Norwegian Air International and others have flights from Athens to Helsinki for more or less reasonable prices. But, as you've said. A lot of these flights take ages. Or they cost a lot of money. :/
  6. Got my reply. I'm in! Also. If you send them an email best include your member number. It makes it much easier for the guys organizing things.
  7. I, too, sent an email to join the tour. Because I want to be with you guys, I asked to join the English language tour.
  8. Sorry for not seeing this sooner. So glad we managed to sort it out elsewhere.
  9. It's been way too long.
  10. Oh... Will there be t-shirts this year?
  11. Yay! Luzi!!! Looking forward to seeing you! And everyone else, of course! Because I'm stupid I only arrive on Thursday afternoon. I'll check if I can change my incoming flight. Edit: Changed my flight! Incoming Tuesday evening now!
  12. Thank you very much for doing this. <3 You'll know me by my e-mail address.
  13. Got to book my hotel room soon. I intend to fly directly to Belfast this year. Going to Dublin is somewhat cheaper and there's a direct flight but I can't stand the 2-hour-busride anymore. Not getting younger, I am.
  14. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this.