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  1. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    I haven't gone back and looked but your recollection is the same as mine. I don't remember if Bran observed her crying or if she just seemed "sad."
  2. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    I don't see Bran as "sacrificing himself." Bran is a kid who wanted a life of adventure. He wanted to be a warrior. In some respects he has a romanticized world-view, not unlike Sansa but different inasmuch as they are fitting into Westerosi gender roles (boys are fighter and girls become ladies who bear children). Bran's injuries prevented him from reaching his goal but Blood Raven is offering him a way to "not walk but fly." Becoming the voice of the "Old Gods" and warging into other people and into animals is Bran's way of siezing power for himself and becoming the important person he always wanted to become.
  3. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    I'm going to have to re-read some, but I recall Bran's observation that Meera had become increasingly upset over time. It also seems to me that he would note her absence. Remember that Bran is in love with Meera (or at least has a crush on her) as much as any 10 year old kid can be in love or have a crush.
  4. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    I've been converted to the "Jojen paste" theory. I do think he seems himself as destined to sacrafice himself to something larger and is resigned to and accepting of his fate. What's curious is Meera's reaction. One can explain that Bran doesn't know about Jojen because it is his POV and he hasn't been told. However, Bran LOVES Meera and Meera would know of her brother's fate. Meera also doesn't seem the type to keep quiet about something that would be such an emotional experience.
  5. Patchface Prophesies

    I agree it would be rather pointless as a literary device if the Others could simply go around the Wall. However, the Others have not attacked since the Wall was built thousands of years ago so who knows? We know that Cold Hands couldn't go passed the wall and we know that Cotter Pyke referred to "dead things in the water."
  6. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    I'm not sure Tyrion's actual plan is 100% known, even to Tyrion. At the start of ADWD he was despondent and lost, a kinslayer and falsely accused kingslayer. He was foresaken, hunted and had zero chance of getting credit for his deeds or claiming Castlery Rock as his own. After he sobers up he is ostensbily placed in league with Jon Connington and "Aegon Targaryn" who may or may not be a fake, because "Aegon" was seeking Dany and Tryion could be an advisor as to the inner dealings of Westeros, in addition to having read quite a bit about dragons (to the point of obsession). From his own motiviations, Tyrion sees a chance to return to Westeros and seek vengance against his sister, his brother and anyone else he percieves to have wronged him and take what is his by rights. In this regard, he convinces Aegon to conquer Westeros and then seek Dany's approval. This is, simply stated, the "Tyrion plot" of ADWD. What is Tyrion's actual plan? We don't know. He never shares is specifically with the reader. He clearly intended to hook on with Aegon and return to Westeros until he has the misfortune of running into Jorah Mormont. Then, he hatches a plan to enlist the aid of sellswords to help Dany and eventually, in some way, get back to Westeros. How? We don't know except that when Tyrion signs up with the Second Sons he agrees to pay them upon him coming into his rightful inheritence at Castlery Rock - which he plans to either take or die in the attempt.
  7. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    I agree with this. Varys and Illyio and crafty to the extreme. They had a plan to put Viserys on the throne because of his claim and viewed Dany as a pawn. "Aegon" was a back-up plan that they had to put into place because Viserys is dead due to his own hubris and Dany is off trying to save Slavers Bay with her Dragons. Viserys is a chess master playing the game of thrones. I would speculate that Dany's eventual arrival in Westeros after Aegon makes a move on the Iron Throne will wind up spoiling Dany's plan. However, Dany does have a soft spot in her heart for the two schemers for the kindness they showed her and Viserys. He's got the angles covered.
  8. Patchface Prophesies

    In Patchface speak sea = death. We know that the Others can ride undead horses so seahorse = undead horse.
  9. Patchface Prophesies

    Just a thought but we know that the Night's Watch blows the horn three times when the Others attack. Of course, they are not "mermaids" as they are men. Except that one of the castles is occupied entirely by wildling women/spear wives, right? So this could be focus of the attack.