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  1. NEED BOOK SIX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It would not make any sense if Brienne didn't take Jaime to tbwb because to get him to leave his host and come alone she said she found Sansa and if he did not come with her by himself the hound would kill her that right there hints a trap
  3. I believe what Brienne last word in affc was Ice to stop the brotherhood from hanging her and Pod . I think that Cat stopped when she heared for an explanation and Brienne told her about oath keeper and what Jaime had told her when the sword was given to her . So now Cat what to see if Brienne can be trusted by bringing Jaime to her and see if what his involvement really was and what he meant for Sansa . I have two theories with what will happen with Jaime either Cat will blame him for Roose Bolton's man killing Robb and kill Jaime straight or somehow Jaime will end up leading the brotherhood