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  1. Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    You're surprised? Do you mind if I ask a personal question? Did you live in the US during the Iraq/WMD search? Americans always circle the wagons and support authority after an initial embarrassment, especially when that embarrassment becomes global and Americans feel mocked/criticized by other nations/peoples. The rights or wrongs don't matter; Dubya's approval ratings soared while international support for the invasion plummeted. Freedom Fries, etc. Same happened after the immediate wave of shock re: Abu Ghraib...support actually rose. This is what Americans do. It's a kind of 'we can criticize 'Merica, but if anyone else does, rally round, man!' Eventually it sinks after the Fuck Yeah! period wears off, and support declines, but honestly this is not surprising. Especially when, according to what I've read, most or at least many Americans still somehow believe that criticism of police violence also impugns the troops.
  2. A Single Country in the World

    And we're back to Athens. I do actually like the Athenian 'tax' system, btw.
  3. A Single Country in the World

    But a single world state, unlike the others you cited, has been discussed by rational people for a long time, and pursued by real life power players, at least within the limitations of their understanding. Alexander, Ghengis, Marx et al aren't exactly blowing-bubble-world types. Moreover, the dreaded factor of efficiency might suggest that it's where reason would have us headed. And there are reasons now to believe that nation states are realistic/effective. Isn't that distinction dangerously close to hindsight bias? Would a Muskovite Prince or Mayan ahau have seen the one as obviously doable and the other pie in the sky?
  4. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    Fez, no pressure or anything, but you are becoming my personal canary in the coal mine. If/when you freak out, I'm going full Mosquito Coast.
  5. A Single Country in the World

    And yet nation states have existed for a fraction of a fraction of human existence, and yet are 'normal'. Before which...inconceivable?
  6. A Single Country in the World

    The most disturbing pattern about this IMO isn't so much that it happens, but rather that it continuously becomes unknown. Twain, Shaw and Wilde all observed this more wittily and concisely than any of us are...to be followed in relatively short order by Mussolini, Hitler, Fulles, Stalin, etc.
  7. A Single Country in the World

    Yes. Much much more harm/'evil' has been done in the name of good than was ever conceived to be done in the name of it's opposition. I'd probably vary on your illustrated examples some, but conceptually agree wholeheartedly. Once wrote a course outline on the idea of Utopianism as a near-untiversally destructive agent, citing among other sources, Mein Kampf.
  8. A Single Country in the World

    Oh, absolutely I'd challenge the givens. But the responses have also been wanting, spoken as though tautological when not, really. FNM: that's certainly a viable pattern. History also includes major/sudden forces towards unification, a la Hellenism or Islam or whatnot that are butterflies away from potential reality. Another thing I've considered...and I'm sure this has been done to death by sci-fi, but as someone who until embarrassingly recently thought the constant references to Checkov's guns was some late 19th C Russian play I'd missed, I'm ignorant...is that as virtual lives transcend in significance geo-political ones, online communities may become the possessors of real sovereignty. Or, options.
  9. Veterans being required to pay back bonuses: What am I missing?

    Jon Stewart is missed. He would have gone to town on this.
  10. A Single Country in the World

    The leverage of Thoreau's dilemma doesn't change with volume, as far as I can see. A % of the population will serve to police majority opinion. And you can add to that all those currently occupied in protecting sovereignty. Again, I'm not talking about what's ideal, but rather what's feasible vs. ridiculous and I'm really objecting to the idea that X is ludicrous but w/e we're at is somehow inherently guided by some kind of rational gravity. We make no more sense than Rome, nor less than Siena.
  11. A Single Country in the World

    Cajuns come from Canada. Fact!
  12. A Single Country in the World

    I'm saying that we all already live in societies that have addressed internal fault lines and still kept on keeping on. To answer your question, no I am not cool with that. But then I imagine many people in countries where that is the law aren't cool with it, and yet those countries are. Getting all condescending about an arbitrary designation somewhere between anarchy and OWG seems, well, silly. We're the government Goldilocks would run?
  13. Mathematicians vs. Philosophers: Cage Match

    A lot of philosophers believed that math was just the language of thought. Can't they just hug it out?
  14. Massive cyber attack takes down popular websites and social media

    It's totally fucked with Facebook. Now all I can see are pet videos and pictures people take of w/e they're eating.