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  1. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    I've often been confused by a lot of heat he gets. Racism doesn't even explain all of it, because he gets shit for things other black players don't get shit for. Maybe not quarterbacks, though. Don't want to lump it all on racism or racism by proxy (ie non-racists' views unwittingly shaped by racially motivated chatter) but it's a better answer than anything else I can think of.   On the fumble play I rewatched it and tbh it still looks like I thought it looked. Let's settle this like gentlemen: we'll ask Jaime for his take and agree to disagree with w/e that is.
  2. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    We actually had the sound off at that point, so if it was a broadcast influence, it was at least partially visual. It looked that way to me from every angle, but a lot was going on here, do I'll defer to you on this.
  3. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    Congrats Broncos and fans.   i've liked/defended Cam for a while, but he's going to be living with that non-dive on the fumble for a long time, and I don't know any way to deflect it. He just plain pulled up. Head scratcher.   edit: nothing hidden...can't get it off.
  4. Paper book or Ebook? - Part II

    I own more books than anyone I know, but extensive travel has pretty much converted me. I do agree that e-books ought to be cheaper, though. Particularly non-fiction e-books are often very un-cheap.
  5. NFL 2016: Super Bowl in Memory of John Fox

    T.O.'s statistical argument is apparently underwhelming in relation to his...persona?
  6. Falling like a rock, chalk, etc.
  7. The Fusion Reactor Is (kinda) Born - new baby steps

    You still walking around on 2 feet like the Babylonians?
  8. January Reads: Setting the Tone for 2016!

    General question: do most here read mainly fantasy-ish stuff? 
  9. NFL 2016: Super Bowl in Memory of John Fox

    Apparently Mike Nolan pushed hard for consideration as Niners DC. Not sure what to make of this, but if true he seems a far better option than they went with, but obviously comes with complications.
  10. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    I've thought Rubio'd be the next Republican poster boy for a while now, without regard to his actual positions. The 'have a beer with Hitler' thing. ( ie, not saying he's Hitler, just that apparently if Hitler was beer-worthy, he'd be electable). 
  11. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    I think a closer parallel would be opposing U.S. foreign policy or whatnot. Every state, including Israel, has it's own internal partisan divides which matter a lot on the inside but from the outside often seem to have little real long term effect on how the state acts towards others.  I strongly concur with the idea that the '/' is a dangerously suggestive symbol to separate 2 concepts often lumped together by those who defend one of the distinct arguments. I believe that the poster didn't mean it that way, but I get why it was problematic for other posters.  I have a problem with Israeli policy, but Israelis might be the coolest people on earth, person to person, in my experience. I was soooooo close to going there last fall, from Croatia. Found a cheap flight over, had friends offering me beds, etc. and was so excited, but for some reason all the return flights were like 3X more, so I gave up. All this to affirm the idea that opposing Israeli actions/policy and being prejudiced against Israelis even, let alone Jews, is silly, but I think everyone knows that. All that said, some opposition to Israel is motivated by racism, surely. Just like with Obama or potentially Hillary or w/e, prejudices do coincide with genuine arguments. People on either side tend to err on the side of conflating or negating those aspects, and if forced to choose I'd go with negating. The fact that racists oppose Obama because of his skin is a truth, but can't effectively be addressed in political debate of Obama criticism except as an ad-hom. The racist critic won't move their needle, and the non-racist critic will feel dismissed.
  12. Guns and 2nd Amendment continued: open carry backlash?

    Scott,  This is a fallacious argument you're making here. The contention was not 'it's in the Constitution and therefore must be wrong' because of slavery et al, but rather is refuting the contention that it being in the Constitution does not make it right, as per slavery etc. No one is arguing that everything in the constitution is wrong. No one is arguing that slavery makes freedom of speech wrong. All anyone is arguing is that slavery shows that something being in the Constitution doesn't make it right. Not sure if that was just professional habit or an accident, but you falsely inverted the argument to disprove a straw man. 
  13. Underrated Actors and Actresses

    Paul Bettany.
  14. Colonialism: ah, ye olde glorie!

    More people were killed in wars during the 20th century than in any prior 6 or 7 centuries combined. 
  15. NFL 2016 Championship Week Three Rebels and the Empire

    Yeah, I don't get it at all. Let's hope this is all down to Kelly's being ahead of th curve or w/e and secretly the Browns were performing miracles last year. Maybe they just think 'if Darth Hoodie can happen once, it can damn well happen twice!', except with class, of course.