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  1. Awesome. And then if Mueller is fried, anyone with any overlap with him then has conflict. And the if/when those people are removed for conflict...etc. The gift that keeps on giving.
  2. I can’t decide how to feel about Handsome Jimmy.
  3. Yeah, I think I get you. Maybe where we differ is how we view McCain. I tend to think that tanking the health bill was very much a one-off, out of character moment where he walked his talk. I don’t think Rubio is ultimately that much less prone to actually going maverick than they thought McCain was. It could happen, and I concede mccain’s moment may make Mcconnell have to hedge more than he would otherwise, but I expect he’ll win the staring contest barring some cosmetic concessions. I think being heard/remembered was Rubio’s point here rather than actually bucking the system, and i’d Imagine Mitch thinks likewise. Give him his moment with his name back on a top bill, then back to business as usual. But I do agree McConnell probably thought the same of McCain and lost, so maybe he’ll have unquiet moments in w/e he calls his soul. Wallet?
  4. Your first line seems to indicate we’re disagreeing, but nothing you said afterwards does. I think we’re expecting the same thing, iow. He’s probably trying to leverage what he can short term but will ultimately get in line like everyone else does. Even McCain, past that one moment of drama, has been much more critical with his comments than with his actions.
  5. Current GOP policy appears to be ‘make tsk tsk noises each time he does something particularly vile, wait a bit for other issues to take center stage then fall in line and support him on w/e’. Have you seen the Rosenstein testimony? They are fully on board the Trumpmobile. Rubio might try to leverage some cred out of this for a bit, like McCain did, but will ultimately get on board so long as the GOP’s fate is tied to Trump. Which it is for the next few years. Don’t expect any Jimmy Stewart movies is my advice.
  6. True, and down in the dumps as I am, it’s an undisputed fact that however depressing this is, it’d have been a lot more so watching Moore win.
  7. I hear you. I’m sure this might mean new possibilities from a tactical sense. But what i’m feeling is that the GOP ran a guy widely accused of sexual abuse to minors, a truther who is borderline pro-slavery, whose wife on-record refuted allegations of racism because “one of our lawyers is a Jew”, whose campaign decided to 1) basically pull him from public appearances in the final weeks of the campaign 2) decided to have a 12 year old girl do his last major interview (!) and who had experienced a very public period of exile from his own party, including the state’s other R guy saying he couldn’t vote for him. And it was very, very close, requiring extreme AA turnout and very low white turnout to even make that so. That depresses the fuck outta me. Edit: the GOP is a terrible party that increasingly stands for horrible things, but I don’t think we can count on their running out too many Judge Roy Moore’s to nip at the post.
  8. Honestly, that’s a great answer. It’s certainly easier than, like, getting the fucking Electoral College out on it’s ass where it ought to be.
  9. Maybe I’m just coming down, or in a mood or w/e, but my increasing takeaway from yesterday is depression that this even needed celebrating. Moore should never be anywhere near elected office with his track record. What a fucking shitshow. I know...baby steps. But we’re crossing the fucking Gobi.
  10. ‘Watch your he...oh, too late. That’s gonna leave a bump, biggun. Now, who gave you permission to enter the royal residence?’
  11. True, but also the eternal curse of the bigger tent. One of the reasons Republicans have disproportionate power is that, with fewer groups under the tent, they can boil it down to just a few chore issues...taxes, guns, sexism/racism/ homophobia/religious bigotry say...and be pretty confident they’re not alienating anyone. And why they stay pretty lockstep. Whereas the Dems have a much wider range of interests to address, which means more people in general, but a lower likelihood of overall enthusiasm for any particular platform and/or candidate. Maybe Trump being this special brand of horrifying will push people into a little more gestalt altruism.
  12. They already are trying. It was buried under all the other news yesterday, but someone forged a sexual assault settlement against Schumer and passed it off to a news org. When they went to Schumer's office for comment, the office notified capital police, who are now looking into it. Screwed up the quotes, dunno how to fix, but cheers. The more I think on this the more I think there’s no way they don’t adopt this as a primary tactic. Basically they get a veto on any Dem candidate they want to tank. And if in response some Dems push back a bit on the whole guilt by accusation wave, that becomes divisive right quick. The Dems are sitting ducks for this...fuck. It’s free money.
  13. A thought occurred to me today, in the wake of last night’s election, Franken et al. 1) Dems are very concerned with their politicians accused of sexual misconduct. 2) Reps are not. 3) Rep strategists are seeing 1 and 2. So...how long before the GOP weaponizes sexual misconduct accusations?
  14. This thread is my newsfeed atm, could people be a little more specific? edt: nm, just needed to wait a bit.
  15. I thought for a second I saw someone who wasn’t an old white guy, but it turns out i’d Been fooled by a hat.