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  1. The Jays are on pace to set a MLB record for % of runs scored off dingers. Basically, if they don't go long they somehow manage to surrender runs while at bat.
  2. Met a girl from Hull who swore it was a nice place. Tastes vary.
  3. More like 2017 years old?
  4. You didn't get shot? Count it a win and move on, Scot.
  5. Until this bizarro season, he was just as irritating but in a different way. He could get around on almost anyone's heater, but any kind of off-speed pitch had him corkscrewing mightily in the batter's box to no avail. We honestly put any hopes he'd do anything down to his being so bad no one would bother to read the one-line advanced scouting report and show him a fastball or two before discovering his Achilles corpse. It did still happen more often than you'd think early in a series, but never for long and then we're back to auto-k. I have no idea what happened to him...corrective eye surgery is my best guess.
  6. I like the whole 'no use for tables' angle. Maybe he/she just needs a booster chair in their life?
  7. You can have something being clearly wrong while still having doubt about what's clearly right. I don't know how to cure headaches, but I can be pretty sure decapitation ain't the way to go.
  8. At what point does discussing the actual movie constitute a derail?
  9. So, Smoak is still our best hitter, but it doesn't mean what I meant it to mean when I meant it before. The world has gone nuts.
  10. You can dispute Durant is second best. Anyways, still lay heavy money on the Dubs here, but why does it feel like Dray always looks for excuses to lose? Someone needs to watch The Hustler.
  11. Kind of OT, but I've never been part of a forum where the 'liberal' or 'left-wing' view wasn't the clear majority opinion, and I don't think the board themes are clearly left-leaning. Do you have to go to boards specific to conservative politics/issues (say guns or the like) to find that view the majority?
  12. Welcome aboard. Don't touch anything in the fridge with my name on it.
  13. Suffer the little children. JamieL being an awesome jerk in real life has to be the least surprising revelation of all time. How does Many express himself in person, I wonder, absent the ability to meme everything? Does he do a series of phantomimes while making short guttural noises aimed at passing Dodgers fans? Do any of you smell like freshly baked bread? Also, Theda, don't get mad but in my mind's eye you look like Rutger Hauer.
  14. XRay, Lily thanks for the update. Glad he's well.
  15. Mya, you're good people.