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  1. Saw it yesterday here in Oxford, my gf went back in Toronto. My take before reading others; Loved it. Brilliant sequel. Best decision was K's belief in being The Child being not only untrue, but common. Going the other way was dissapointing, but I'd resolved myself to it in that 'movie's gonna movie' way, and so was pleasantly surprised when it was turned around. Although it also occurred to me that...one eyed woman?...might be a plant or charlatan or simply selling a story to fuel the rebellion. Another interesting dynamic was the 'who do you root for'question when it was Deckard vs. K, not just in the fighting sense, but in the conversation afterwards. We think we know something Deckard doesn't, and so our sympathies play alongside K and we're wondering why Deckard isn't making the connection and continues to be suspicious and hostile; in retrospect we realize that he knew something we didn't, and that being true of course he's wondering wtf K wants/is. Really nice bit of psychodrama there. Gosling's single best moment was the face he pulls at the end when Deckard asks 'why? What am I to you?' In a flicker we get pain, broken hope, wry self-mockery, and a kind of defeated but not dead admission in the unspoken answer of 'father' that he knows is untrue, but as with Joi we know he's willing to roll with that at least some way. The sex scene...the sex itself got kinda pedestrian, but the beginnng, the kissing, the constant blurring of one to the other, Gosling's conflicted emotions, Joi's desperation...that was very moving and very visually remarkable. It felt like something new. An interesting choice was to have Leto's character use movie-logic to fuel the plot; the reason Young and Ford were thrust together so much in the first was loosely explained as Tyrel's playful experimentation with her believability, but obviously was more due to the narrative need. Taking that and twisting it, even if only as a hypothetical, was a nice touch. Her reappearance was brilliant, but I'm unsure how I felt about it's resolution. We're we supposed to know he lied about the eye colour? Was it him rejecting the product for the experiential onnection? This question is reraised with the giant advertisement Joi later, especially when she calls him Joe. I assume we're not supposed to think this is K's first experience with that ad...presumably he was originally induced to buy via similar means...and so that offers bittersweet hindsight on their relationship. As with the Deckard/Rachel question, I wonder if the idea is that w/e the origins, common experience forms individual relationships, but there is also the question of wilfully turning a blind eye to questions/answers that leave you loveless, or without even the illusion of love. I think Luv will get a ton of fans, but I wasn't particularly among them. She was interesting at times, and in the beginnng I thought I'd really enjoy her...the murder of the forensic guy scene was really well done...but later she increasingly became a bit of a Bond villain to me. I really liked Wright in their confrontation scene; we know, as Luv doesn't, that she's doing it all, even willing to die not for some subordinate or some macho cop toughness, but because she thinks she is stopping a war, maybe The War. True heroism, even if based on a misapprehension. I liked Olmos' recap of his working relationship with Deckard. Ford himself was solid, convincing, unspectacular...pretty much Harrison Ford. The early scene, the farm confrontation, the landscape were pretty excellent establishments. For a flicker I wondered at an Oedipus tragedy, but it was thankfully less artful. The general tone was right, the environment careening even more off kilter felt right, the noir ambience was sustained and imo added to by the bleaching cold daylight noir that Scandinavian noir has made more of a thing. The real Child was very compelling in an undefinable wa. At first I thought it was sheer pathos because of her situation, then I thought she was almost pure but sincere empath (thus her profession) but in the end another answer was provided. It worked. Finally the death of K. I can see people hating this; it's a bit of an obvious dovetail with RH's finale, and in some respects breaks noir norms (the antihero doesn't get to put down hus burdens in the end, he just adds them to his knapsack and moves on) but to me it was really moving and felt real, especially following as it did Gosling's best moment as mentioned earlier. Slight ambiguity, definite sense of waste while at the same time a sense of fulfilment and acceptance. All in all, as I feel whenever a favourite is successfully resurrected, my first feeling is relief that they didn't fuck it up and taint the orgibal. But this brought me more than that, this was very much worth seeing in it's own right and successfully balanced that 'old or new audience' question that cuts down so many directors/writers.
  2. *salivates*
  3. Leafs already looking like the offensive freight train many said their young talent would eventually make them. They just come at you in waves.
  4. Saw a study a while back that said that the most common image (by far) found on American movie posters is someone holding a gun. I can't remember where or I'd link it.
  5. Noles have the worst class they've had since I've been a fan.
  6. Kaepernick almost single-handedly carried them to that Super Bowl...the defense was really beat up and missing guys down the stretch, and there and in the playoffs Kaepernick was easily our MVP. He was very much there. Then next year he got us a fingertip away from going back to the SB. People are forgetting how really good he was. Outdueled Brady, Godgers twice, among other things. Sky seemed the limit. After that the organization decided to sabotage their own team/coach, turmoil took over and it was a season of distraction and disillusionment and Kaepernick regressed along with pretty much everyone else. Without the sabotage, I think Harbaugh continues Kaepernick's ascent. But I love Smith, and was against him losing his job to an injury, so while I'm not sure he could have put the team on his back down the stretch the way Kaep did, I think the team with him and w/o the sabotage would have been just fine for a long haul.
  7. I think he had an eye for qb talent (he was very high on Grapes and I think Carr...maybe that was just me, though, as well as Kaep) but other than that I don't even remember him getting much credit as a talent evaluator. He was a brilliant talent developer, as you say.
  8. He's still pretty solid, but he's been a shadow of his former self since the knee, and really his sunset years deserve better. I hope he goes to a contender and plays great. Kinda the last official death of that lb corps that seemed destined to rewrite the history books. What might have been.
  9. I actually think it was satire, but I'd never in a million years believe it of anyone else.
  10. http://www.burrardstreetjournal.com/trump-mocks-trudeau-celebrating-thanksgiving-6-weeks-early/ He's just awesome.
  11. I doubt I'd have wanted to say yes, generally say no to one night stands/club or bar hook-ups. Working in bars and all, your get pretty reflexive. But if they're polite you're polite back, just not stupid Iike that. I'd noticed her before that, though, would probably have flirted a bit if she'd phrased it differently. But...maybe I'm not conveying how stupid it sounded. Normally I sound pretty confident, never been shy, actor and all that, but the word just caused my brain to freeze and I like stammered out that answer like a 12 year old. Her face looked pretty stunned at the answer and my buddy was on the floor of the bathroom laughing right away so...maybe you had to be there. Maybe the contrast with how I dance/walk, etc. Just very not me. If my buddy hadn't been there it wouldn't have been as big of a deal/memorable, but I knew it was really stupid the second I said it, was maybe even blushing as I walked past.
  12. One time at a club, I was heading to the washroom and this girl stopped me, told me she liked the way I danced and suggested we go to her place and, I swear to god, 'fornicate'. Or, wait...intercourse? Fuck, I forget...how could I forget this? Anyway, it was so technical it threw me and I literally answered 'uh, I would but I'm with people' and cut past. Just so happened one of my friends from dorm was walking by, heard the exchange, and it became legendary. "I would but I'm with people!' they'd shout as I entered the caf. When a girl would approach me at a bar they'd wave her off 'Sorry, he's with people!' Much hilarity. Literally took more than a year to live that down.
  13. Didn't follow it up, but saw a headline recently saying the NBA had surpassed the NFL. Dunno if this was just because of the Trump bump or what, or even if it was credible.
  14. This would be a perfectly timed lockout.