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  1. For non-Americans, what is the difference between a 'weapons cache' and an 'enthusiast's garage'?
  2. In a purely pragmatic sense, it's not bad news at all. Terrorists aren't in it for the money.
  3. Jesus Christ, he's pushing the Pershing myth again. It's literally like we've gone back in time. 'Just show them bastards American toughness, they'll get in line."
  4. The facts all came in on Barcelona with amazing clarity and immediacy. Honest question: is he even trying at this point?
  5. Best part: that was from 3 months ago.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/evilsharkey/status/864548377660317696?lang=en[/img]
  7. Partially true, partially myth. The war actually opened in very dynamic fashion, and the Germans basically overextended and one French general made his career by catching them in a flank, sending them reeling back to what more or less became the battleground for the next several years, after the race to the sea. By the time the war was bogged down in the horror of what we think of WWI being about, everyone had an understanding of the technology. The problem was that knowing it didn't change the facts; defensive advantage was almost unbeatably significant. And until new technology arrived to account for that, there wasn't much more to do, except sitting there, but that's not the military's job, and besides you were at extreme risk through disease, etc. So they experimented with rolling fire, with night attacks, with scattershot attacks, etc. Then technology brought chlorine gas, etc. Now, Big Picture, was it insane to keep sending men into the maws of machines? Absolutely. But it's honestly hard to figure out where and how much the blame should be attributed, because there's no real way, absent other technology they didn't have yet to overcome the advantage of depth deployed entrenched hmg and artillery fire. Tanks and aircraft later came on...to a degree flamethrower and similar, but once they got bogged down, with the tools they had, it's hard to know what a Hannibal or Napoleon would do all that differently.
  8. Honestly, I've been snapping at everyone today, my gf even said she's never seen me like this. Problem with being a very chill happy guy is that when you actually get super-pissed you have no muscle memory for dealing with it. But Trump's pushed my buttons.
  9. Good decision.
  10. America has some weird homeopathic checklists. I like you, so allow me to gesture vaguely towards any of the available data on what that purchase does to your actuarial odds.
  11. My first reaction is relief that years several Trump from now 'fallout' is still metaphorical.
  12. Really? We've got a President actively engaged in nuclear escalation and you're dragging 'appeasement' out of the Completely Discredited Political Concepts closet alongside? The one that even fucking Kissinger admitted had significantly turned up the volume during the CMC, and was briefly resurfaced in the WMD lead-up to Iraq, to outstanding reviews?
  13. The fact that we're at a point where you can write WS&N and everyone knows what that means...and nukes, again. I mean, if nothing else, Trump must be killing it in the nostalgia industry.
  14. Yeah, but do you remember that time Obama used Dijon mustard?