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  1. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Just read about this. Just so sad. https://mobile.twitter.com/LokayFOX5/status/780036043072471040/photo/1
  2. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    I just wish Scorcese'd had the moral courage to stick with the original title, the Depahded.
  3. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Jays look like they might be getting their act together, but unfortunately the Red Sox seem to have forgotten that losing is a thing.
  4. Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    A lot of them, certainly. I think many get in because they want to effect positive change, others because it pays ok right out of high school (but levels quickly, leading to discontent), others because it's in the family, others because of tv shows, others because of a combination of all/some of these...but there are enough of the first to poison enough of the barrell, especially given the U vs. T thing. I really don't have real solutions to offer. I think you're asking an important question the right way, I just don't know what to do...ideally cops should be paid more but require higher qualifications, but society isn't built to accommodate that. IMO teachers should be paid more too, but like cops they perform crucial but not profit-building jobs, so that's not happening. If you come up with any solutions, count me on board.
  5. Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    From what I understand, though, the blue wall is kind of a natural offshoot of the bigger issue, re: the police survival philosophy. There is an ingrained Us v. Them mentality, both overtly and covertly, that teaches them that their survival is first and foremost mutual, that they exist to varying degrees in a state of war, and that breaches in their mutuality literally threaten all of them. The repercussions exacted on those who break ranks are more reinforcement than cause...there is a sincere belief that a united front is a necessary means of staying alive while doing their job. So in that respect the money/ticket incentive, while I'm sure corrosive to their relationship with their role as upholders of peace, isn't really partial to the 'code', excepting perhaps putting them in harm's way for lesser causes. iow, they already don't identify with civilians...the tickets don't really raise the barriers, they are just a more petty aspect of a pre-existing breakdown in common welfare. This is IMO also why this version (and that of soldiers) is more extreme than that mentioned the in fields like medicine and teaching. All of them are in pursuit of cadre self-interest, but the stakes are higher for the blue wall, and they are very conscious of it. It's a literal Us v. Them, not metaphorical. It plays out along ugly lines, too...racial being the most obvious. It's so endemic that I have personally met black coos who themselves held negative stereotypes about black people, and I've personally known guys who became cops and thereafter demonstrated previously non-existent or at least unspoken racial prejudices. I honestly don't know how to change it...it's roots go very deep. I think there are aspects (for example the prevalence of guns) that turn the temperature up on it, but this pattern so far as I can tell is common throughout police forces at least in western culture. It might be worse in the States...or due to gun violence/prison culture/racism it might just play itself out more often and at with heightened tension, but I think it's just a worse version of an almost universal problem when you designate humans to police other humans...the kinds of people that job appeals to, for instance. And the workplace risks/adversaries they face.
  6. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    For various reasons I've been told to watch Suits by several people over time...finally did. It's ok, but my god the sophomoric glorification of testosterone is something to behold.
  7. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    Altherion- My point was not that bigotry has been around a long time/longer than political correctness, but that bigotry as political currency has been around longer. In other words, there's no need (beyond artifice) to justify bigotry gaining political force as a reaction to inverted bigotry/apolitical correctness when it sells just fine as it is. Now, no one is the bad guy in their own movie, so few people regard themselves as bigots. Which is why bigotry has always been accompanied by some rhetorical prop, whether it's the Bible or pseudo-science or w/e, there's always something more to say than just 'they are inferior, full stop'. With th regards to that old 'intolerance of intolerance is intolerance' schtick, I'm a bit surprised you went there. I'd rather not run down the well worn paths of sui generis rebuttal, and I'd just point to Umberto Eco's thoughts on the subject as a more patient address of that rhetoric. Speaking of whom, you might find Eco's commentary on Ur-fascism to be very interesting, as long before Trump was a thing he listed the criteria for fascist movements; http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1995/06/22/ur-fascism/ You will note that his list ticks pretty much every box, including the belief in existential external and internal threats/appeal to nativism, the belief in the conspiracy of an empowered elite which has co-opted the political process, a frustrated middle class feeling economic crisis and political humiliation, a belief that society has become depraved/corrupted by modernism/liberal extremism (often but not only illustrated specific to an acceptance of sexual abnormality), a distrust of intellectualism and a belief that essential truths about traditional values are no longer being allowed to be spoken because they run contrary to modern/liberal thinking.
  8. Knight's Templar vrs Samurai

    Wow. You're mean. Here we all are, minding our own business/making fun of you and you come along and make us feel bad about it...well, not sologdin, obviously...probably not Dante either (Pats fan), but most of us. Why are you so insensitive? Think about other people's feelings before you post, jeez.
  9. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    What are the specific distinctions between bigotry and not being politically correct in Trump's actions? Are you actually saying it's only the latter? If there's bigotry, you'd suggest not shouting about it because it'll have blowback? And that aside, you do realize that bigotry has been a big political seller for like ever, long before the concept of political correctness even existed, right? In fact, what you're calling political correctness came about as a means of trying to correct that big seller. Take it out and we're right back here anyways, excepting more bigoted but without that back door excuse for bigots, so everyone's less happy. Like anything, reactions to bigotry can get out of hand, and people can see it where it's not. But do you really want to hang your hat on that being true in this case?
  10. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Way too derivative to deserve that title. Maybe if Giotto hadn't done the originals Brady would be in the conversation, but all you can really say at this point is he's an excellent draftsman.
  11. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    I hate to invoke Godwin, but go back to Germany in the late 20's...how should the significant % of that country well on their way to becoming Nazis have been accounted for? I get what you're struggling with, and I appreciate that you aren't pulling punches in calling bigotry what it is, but the arbitration approach to any conflict automatically imbues each side with some legitimacy. Do you want bigotry to be given legitimacy? I know you don't, and you're trying to find another path. I hope you come up with something. But the U.S. has a long and troubling track record wrt bigotry, been a-ok with taking extreme positions on race, etc. And those periods have often been arrived at through compromise and then sustained through pseudo 'freedom/patriotism' and that weird American resolve that becomes stronger the more it becomes globally isolated, and I think we might be heading towards another of these dark times. So until you come up with a third path, I have to choose to yell 'bigotry' at bigotry even if, as we agree, that pisses off and probably shuts off a big chunk of the populace.
  12. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Don't do it Jaime...but if you do, please let us know the minute you're arrested.
  13. Knight's Templar vrs Samurai

    Jets vs. Sharks is where it's at.
  14. Yeah, I'm not the world's biggest Hillary fan, but saying anything Bill fucked up is on her is bullshit. How she handled herself then, yeah...but beyond that, let Bill carry his own water.
  15. When he's telling Americans that the Mexicans in America are rapists, the fact that he's leaving the ones Americans don't have to encounter out of it is kind of beside the point (and his). And either way, it's still racist.