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  1. I think if you removed the word ‘elites’ from the language, right-wing authoritarian apologists would just walk around bumping into walls and looking at each other with inarticulated angst.
  2. Richard Sherman sign with the 9ers. Between this and Trump, the end is nigh.
  3. The “100%” clarification was the clincher. Re: concussions, etc. I am scared. I not only played football for years (running back, too) but boxed, martial arts, etc. And actually my worst head injury was in baseball, field with no warning track and those stupid mid-leg high fences, wind in ears blocked out teammates warnings going back for a fly ball, woke up in ambulance, had hit fence full speed, pitched over head 1st into metal light tower, completely unconscious...missed ball, too. Anyways, point is my head’s taken a pounding and i’m truly scared what it might mean.
  4. I find Americans think of themselves as much more culturally diverse than they are, and cite that un-fact as the basis for various things. I mean, definitions vary, obviously, but by most standards the US is middling to low in cultural diversity: by almost every one Canada is much more multi-cultural. Here are the first two links found by searching ‘countries ranked by cultural diversity’:
  5. Come on, you aren’t really making this point. Okay, to summarize what you must be intentionally overlooking, the ‘entire wealth’ of ‘liberal anti-gunners’ is not devoted to all political disputes, let alone taking one side on one single dispute. Unlike the NRA.
  6. Oh, in which case he probably didn’t mean it but was obviously saying untruths because they somehow get to the heart of the deep anger of unrepresented white males in the face of oppressive minorities and their elite puppet masters. There are basically no wrong answers from that perspective.
  7. I have known many teachers, and I have yet to meet one who went into it for the money. I’ve met plenty of burnouts who have stuck it out for the security a la civil servant treadmill, but that’s a different thing, and often the burnout itself is actually the result of having such a stressful job for so long, teachers ranking at the top along with police, prison service and social work, even ahead of fields recognized for stress/burnout like nursing/emergency response, etc. And, speaking from personal knowledge, the big factor non-teachers fail to account for is how fucking long a teacher’s day is. There’s all the stuff you see and then the hours at home on marking or preparation. Summer vacation isn’t so much a boondoggle as a basic sanity check.
  8. So, it’s the ordinary gun owners who don’t want any government studies on gun violence? That’s like a big worry among Joe Six-Shooters? Because, honestly, that’d be worse. Corporations pursuing official ignorance a la Big Tobacco at least makes corporate sense. Citizens not wanting to know is just insanely selfish.
  9. So, with the NFL draft coming up, and therefore the peak weirdness of hybridizing sports and warfare that the US so loves to do, I thought I would own up to the fact that in recent years Canadian NHL broadcasts seem to increasingly going the American way. I get it in the veternan’s day or equivalent, but it’s starting to become more the norm than the exception to take a chunk of time to ‘support the troops’ before/during/after a sporting contest which has nothing to do with nationalities or politics. If it’s fucking weird and jingoistic when you guys do it it’s just the same for us and we seem to be following your lead. I find it both confusing and depressing, but fair’s fair, it’s not just you guys anymore.
  10. Yeah, on the one hand he could be joking, and we could be generous and assume he is. On the other hand, he does this a lot, being serious. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/donald-trump-s-history-praising-dictators-n604801
  11. It’s a refreshing approach to keeping power out of the hands of the elites for even longer. edit: sorry, forgot to add something about the unrecognized anger of working class white men.
  12. Right? It’s like they have his pee tape.
  13. Yeah, either way obviously another ‘thank god for ready access to people-hunting devices’ day.
  14. This guy was going to go on a murderous rampage and then remembered Trump had a gun and would totally stop him and so he gave up. Another lesson to be learned about what a good thing it is to have guns in the populace.