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  1. 1. Still not getting it. In case of confusion, the two movements I was discussing were not AQ andISIL, but AQ/ISIl/MBH/etc. and IRA/FB/IRB/etc. Both stated 'expulsion of foreign invaders' as their objective, though possibly the the first will reconsider when they hear you are non-plussed. 2/3. Well, we're making progress. One or two (or three) is above your original statement. And there are more, and again not that many were ever identified so hard to say what the real number is. Probably they hated their leftness, though, at least when they ran out of other people's money. (Anachronizing!) But in any event, let's agree it was a significant minority. More, I'll even say that attacks outside Ireland itself were a minority of the actions of the paramilitary movement. Mostly it was Irish people attacking people in Ireland in order to get them to leave Ireland, so by it's nature was much more likely to transpire in Ireland. But, then, this is even more true for the present situation. Do you know how many people in Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan have been killed by these people? Estimates vary, but even the most conservative numbers dwarf the 'outside' victims by a proportion much higher than Irish/non-Irish attacks. Why is the old dispute cohesive but the new one clearly divided? Or is it because the other victims in this case are 'over there' and elephant-coloured? 4. I'll avoid obvious dog-whistle zingers, partly because I don't think that's all this is and partly bcause I've already mea-culpa'd to at least some deliberate obtusity.
  2. I could argue distinction without difference, and/or state apologism (collateral damage vs. civilian bystanders) but in that I was addressing another deliberate obtusity (what colour is the elephant in the room?) I'll just say ok on that. But, aside from racial/religious elements, I'll point out that people seem to be guilty of contrasting reasoned retrospectives on A with heat-of-the-moment takes on B, and deciding that A was more reasonable. Even a shallow dive into contemporary reactions to IRA attacks in their own time would depict a very very different take on the nature/reason ability/agenda of those attacks within the British populace.
  3. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Why didn't they use the first reconciliation for trickle-down? Is it considered to be a steeper climb?
  4. Honestly don't understand what point you're making with first line. Your second point I can at least identify, but fail to see it's significance. First, it's incorrect in fact. Judith Ward, Jan Taylor, Patrick Hayes, etc. And it's important to remember that the vast majority of IRA attacks were bombings, and the vast majority of the bombers were never identified, so... But even if the above weren't true, there are practical considerations which would make 'home grown' types much more likely now than at the time of the Troubles; internet recruiting/self-identifying, significantly increased security w/regards to importing attackers/weapons post 9-11 and individuals now can educate themselves on making/using bombs and weapons on their computer rather than requiring experts to teach them in person. And then, overlooking all that, what difference does it make in terms of being less rational?
  5. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I can see your point, but don't entirely agree. On a serious note, I would be very surprised if Trump's spin on this isn't something along the lines of 'this is what I get for trying to compromise with the Democrats. Not going to make that mistake again.'
  6. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    The thing about the Harbaugh scenario that IMO makes it the worst is that it wasn't just a 'let's fire this uber-successful coach who turned the franchise around' kind of fuck-up. I mean, that's nuts, sure...but at least it can be argued as a football decision if you feel the coach is getting stale or w/e. But when the Niners wasted an entire season sabotaging the coach and torpedoing the team's success, even that frail ghost of an argument goes away, and all that's left is ego and/or optics.
  7. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    ...unless he can later claim he predicted it.
  8. You are being a tad selective in your interpretation. 'Expulsion of foreign invaders' has been the most commonly voiced objective for both movements. That there are other/additional motivations ascribed to militant Islamic groups is neither surprising nor distinct, given that the IRA during their time were also ascribed with other/additional objectives, for example communism and anarchism.
  9. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I've often seen it where the GOP folk seem to be a clear minority, but then I don't watch all that much and might be confused about who is what on paper.
  10. Wow. Can you think of any other reasons why one group blowing things up, killing civilians and celebrating their dead as martyrs feels scarier than the other in spite of killing far fewer people in the UK, outside of your subjective take on the sanity of their agenda?
  11. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Cautionary note: pussygate, giant wall, khans, etc. Trump's approval amongst Republicans hasn't moved much if at all during his term so far; Gallup has it exactly where it was at the end of January. I know that doesn't account for this latest gaffe, but my point is that Republicans don't seem to be reacting to Trump's administration with any real concern. Once you get people to ignore anything negative about you because the bad media/courts/system is out to get you, normal rules cease to apply. So don't be surprised if many Republican supporters buy that this is the Democrats fault or Bama's fault or Islamic Mexicans fault.
  12. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Clearly you've spent little time in Irish pubs.
  13. Terror attack in London

  14. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    One thing health care in particular does to the IGMFY/conservative block is stress the divide between younger conservatives (why should I pay for others when I'm healthy and they aren't) and older conservatives (don't touch my Medicare). At least it seems to me it should, though I haven't x So, Reaganomics/taxes are now front burner? Or are we going to see an expanded effort on the immigration/travel ban angle?
  15. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    And one of those GB games was the season opener after the other, where the Packers literally spent weeks working specifically on stopping his style/system.