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    perhaps if Jon dug deeper he would have found Benjen....
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    the only thing that does make me wonder is what Blackfish said....is that VS blades are famous, and you are right in that Jon would have known about the Mormonts having one....but there has been a handful of times where the families and their blades are mentioned and I dont recall the Mormonts and Longclaw being mentioned. (though Tyrion says there are likely 200 blades in Westros and never are more than 20 mentioned, included in the short stories.

    You are right, Jon would know, but it seams troubling that no one else, including Jorah mentions its. Not selling the blade and leaving it is perhaps one last shred of decency his family and the North would see in him.
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    again, just a thought, but Bloodraven was quite literally no dummy...and not stupid enough, it seems to have allowed Blackfyre (the sword that spawned so many problems...problems he put an end to in Westeros) Why would he have allowed it to have gotten away? It is said Bittersteel absconded with it and went to flee across the narrow and founded the Golden Company with it?

    The last confirmed sighting of it was on the Redgrass Field while the Black Dragon used it to Duel (and quite a famous duel) the Corbray wielding Lady Forlorn...then Bloodraven put an end to the Black Dragon very soon after if I am not mistake....BloodRaven knowing the reason for the rebellion and the sword that gave it teeth, after killing the one causing the problem, the one with the sword, I have a hard time beliving he just left it for it to be taken by someone else....to start this all over again?

    Whether you believe it was left at the Wall, or put in a crypt of where ever...it seems to be beyond a doube Bloodraven was at least in possession of both swords at one point...and Blackfyre never being heard of again....would suggest it was put safely and securely away for safe keeping.
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    there is talk that Longclaw is Blackfyre (and some say Darksister???) I am trying to find out, tinfoil hat aside, is there anywhere that says Jorah gave up the sword (in his own words?) For the life of me, the only mention I can remember it coming up is when Jeor tells Jon about it, saying his son had the sense to leave it behind, which is something I can see Jorah doing.....I could never see him selling it for the life of me, but does Jorah himself ever actually talk about it?

    The theory is Bloodraven through the LCs till Mormont,has been holding it for Jon (the scene where Jeor eyes Jon while his pet crow says "King" and lands on the pommel of the sword and Jon mentions something about Jeor neeeding a crwo n according to the bird....but Jeor's response and action in that scene is peculiar it seems to me....if the theory is true that Longclaw is Blackfyre then Jeor has either been waiting for Jon (and is signaled or confirmed by the bird who Jon really is and he should get he sword...or he has known all along who he would be waiting for...hence making him his steward... but I digress....

    My question is do we just get told by Jeor what Jorah did with the sword or does Jorah mention it? Is it possible Jorah doesnt actually know about Longclaw?

    While its not beyond reason that the last un-tainted male Mormont would have the sword, and Jeor actually keeps it put up and never uses it because the pain associated with his son and all and it would just remind him. Wouldnt it make more sense to keep the sword a the seat of their house till the bear who is worthy comes along (Like Dawn

    On the other end, if Jorah does know about it....and if Jon lives....or is reborn....would that make Longclaw reborn with him and be the right proper burning sword of a reborn Jon (StarGaryen, AA? or just plain Stark?)

    I dont see a happy ending for Jon, at least not one with him sitting the IR with Longclaw and Ghost at his side, If Jorah and Dany make it to Westeros and Jorah lives, and knows about the sword (that is the story Jeor tells it true) it might be a nice thing for Jorah to return home, having payed for his crime(s) in spades and 'earning' Longclaw.
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