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  1. Seastone Chair?

    ive re read the World of Ice and Fire a couple of times now and there is this mention of the black oily stone that makes up the sea stone chair...the same rock that makes up the first fortress at the base of the Hightower and the same stone that same stone that seams to make up much of Asshai by the Sea....and the whole Dany must go East to go West...and in the book there is loads of talk about Essos and mention of sailing/flying east with it eventually becoming west, which would mean one of the first places Dany would reach Westeros on would be the side of the Iron Islands, which also happens to be the side that the Iron Born have been wreaking havoc on. At any rate, it seems the south and eastern most point of the known world is Asshai which is full of this black oily stone....which is deposited on the Iron Islands and Old Towne (two of the close points of Westeros to Asshai?)
  2. Did Jon "steal" Val?

    at this point assuming Jon becomes free of his vows or the NW is indeed undone...but assuming for whatever reason Jon is free to marry...at this point I don't Jon would or could marry some southron lady....I would think that should he be able to marry, he would want to marry a strong woman of the free folk, not some meek prim and proper lady.
  3. Long Claw and the Prophecy

    How old was ICE? Now how old is Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail? As we have seen, swords can be reforged....and couldnt it be possible that Lightbringer was reforged? Thats assuming that Lightbringer is refering to the same sword though.....I always thought that an AA reborn would need a Lightbringer reforged, not the same one as before. That said, I like the thought of Longclaw being pulled forth from the fire....but i am more afraid of who Nissa Nissa would have to be then. So then lets say Lightbringer is not Longclaw, shall we?
  4. Jon and Val an item in WoW?

    I find it funny that Jon will be able to a) warg into ghost as a second skin/life b] the NW now burns bodies that are dead c) there is a Fire Priestess at the wall I think that should they burn Jons 'dead' body, there will be no doubt whether his watch is over or 'technically' over....I think if they burn his body no one can still hold Jon as bound to his vows...the NW already rejected him. though not all of them, enough of them. I think that the its not coincidence that the NW/wildlings now burn all dead bodies, and there is a Fire Priestess at the wall (whos powers the reader knows have been growing substantially) I think there will be something with Jons body 'burning' + Ghost + Mel creating life anew from fire. I dont see a reason that Jon and Val can't be the next Lord and Lady of Winterfell....if that is where Jon ends up.
  5. I think Barb Dustin is the least loyal to Bolton...she is one of the only ones to defy them openly referring to the newly made Bolton as the Bastard and other comments she makes to Theon-Reek. Also, why in the hell spend and hour, in a snow storm digging out the entrance to the crypts if she doesn't have a good reason(s) to be there? ...and I don't think making sure Ned's bones is really a reason....she has always wanted to be a Stark..... I think she is a} confirming the story about the Stark boys hiding in the crypts meaning I have a feeling she is in with Manderly and b} I think she is prodding Theon for any info he might let slip...which makes sense because Theon had spent half+ his life in Winterfell and of all those there has the best knowledge of the place c} possibly looking for another entrance into Winterfell, possibly from the crypts. She has been involved with the Starks and grown/lived in the shadow of Winterfell her whole life. I think that her 'alliance' with Roose gives her room other anti-Bolton Northman don't have giving her the ability to get info, confirm stories and move about the grounds without suspicion. Roose tells Ramsey that they have a weak/tenative alliance with Barbs based on a (I think feigned) dislike of the Starks. This mean Bolton will go more out of his way to give her what she wants and will be looking less at her to be a conspirator.
  6. Crackpot Alert: Might Lem Be Richard Lonmouth?

    I clocked this comment about Lem talking about Stolen Armor the first time I read it....it seemed so random and out of place to me that it stood out-I like that I have a reasonable explanation for why he said it now.
  7. Crackpot Alert: Might Lem Be Richard Lonmouth?

    I think this is much less of an issue, especially when it has been brought up how "educated" people know that there is a difference in how people talk and how difference between my lady and m'lady is something that people pay attention too. Someone that is smart enough to hide all these years, my guess would be smart enough to know to say m'lord to prevent people from looking twice at him. I'll have to pay attention now but are there any cases where Lem "drops" his 'm'lord' peasant talk when he is mad? i.e. he might be more apt to revert to his normal speech pattern when he is not thinking about it.
  8. Who is going to kill Sansa and Arya? Why? If they cam even find them even anyway?
  9. What Role Will Edric Dayne Play?

    as Author Dayne carried Dawn and was hence called "The Sword of the Morning" and the fact carried it as a Kingsguard, I do not think someone being a mere Lord of Starfall gets to wield it...Since Ned brought Dawn back to Starfall, and we have not heard of it being wielded yet, not since the Tower of Joy... I was of the opinion that only a Dayne that proves himself "worthy" would wield Dawn, and be the next Sword of the Morning. It seems common knowledge that Darkstar is kind of a douche (the whole lopping off little girl's ears and all) he was never "worthy" of it, had he been, he might be carrying it now...hence his attitude and the whole Darkstar name, because he knew he would never carry it. Whether he wanted to and was rebuffed, we don't know enough at this point, but I while I think Dawn stays with the Dayne family and I think a Dayne.... (maybe lil Ned's time with Berric and the BWB and the whole helping the small folk and being squire to an actual knight that had a sense of honor and duty will have proved him worthy) that proves worthy will eventually wield it again, it doesn't seem like it is like the other traditional House Blades which pass down from one lord to the next, you aren't merely born into carrying Heartsbane, or Ice (RIP).... you have to prove yourself first. Otherwise I think Dawn would have stayed with the Lord of Starfall.....just like how the Old Bear DIDN'T bring Longclaw with him into the Night's Watch....it was his Family's sword.....and just like how he never used it while in the Night's Watch after his son dishonored his house. As to Lightbringer? IDK, Dawn sounds unique because it was forged from the heart of a fallen star...I would imagine that "metal" is fairly unique....I kinda have my doubts as to whether it is the Fiery Sword of AA..... Dawn being Lightbringer I always thought belonged in the crackpot theory parts of this website, along with Ice Dragons....and all the other many metaphors Martin uses when describing things that people try to take as literal and make "gospel"....Since there are so many POV's much of the text can't be taken literally....like almost anytime things are described through Summer's eyes....and the whole "smoke dragon" rising from Winterfell, or through the eyes of people that obviously know less than the reader....Mel was right, "stone" dragons did/would awake...Dany has them, yet Mel keeps trying to raise her own "stone dragons"
  10. I have always thought the fact that Cersei always thought Tyrion would be the death of her and how horrible she treated him meant that it would actually end up being Jaimie that ends up being the death of her.
  11. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I don't think BBP being liked by Dany's dragons just as he was liked by Dany will have any significance later... Ben at that time wasn't planning on betraying Dany so there was no reason for her dragons to dislike him or sense his upcoming betrayal...I just think it the dragons liking him, like Dany liking him shows that she can be fooled and betrayed as she has learned. I don't think the dragons have the same connection/purpose that the dire wolves have with the Stark children. I just don't see BBP having any interaction with a dragon in the future...there are still TONS of people out there with at least "a drop" or more of Targ blood. Ben said he is from nearly every part of the known world....I think it was just him being a braggart, not some kind of foreshadowing.
  12. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I agree about the discrepancy regarding the missing 3k pointy hats possibly (hopefully) means they are being kept inside (but hidden) to whup some Harpy ass when they "try" to take advantage of the seemingly vulnerable situation ...hopefully that is part of the plan and both threats inside and out can be dealt with. But unless I am missing something, Dany still appears to not be around so this is all being done without her, right? I'm done trying to defend Victarion in this thread, but I do like the comments Tam Tam made at the top of page 16 (nicely put Ser..I would have liked to have "liked" it but it seems that option sadly is now missing. (can we ever bring this back?) There are very interesting issues brought up that I cam dying to be able to get my grubby little hands on tWOW in its entirety that have my brain spinning: 1) Will Selmy survive this battle? It would be very satisfying and a nice eff you to Cersei and the Lannisters to see Selmy as the Commander of the Queensguard marching into Kingslanding 2) Is smashing both the enemies inside (the Harpy's sons) AND at the gate both being handled and accounted for? (I really, really, really hope so) 3) The whole Pale Mare issue with the sickness and the flying corpses reaching everywhere but the North part of Mereen and the fact that he is riding his Khalessi's horse into battle (a no-no BTW, right?) a) is this considered a betrayal? 4) Will Dany arrive during or after this battle? ....and with a huge freaking hoard of new Dothraki screamers at her back? We have to assume she still hasn't arrived yet, right? 5) I can't wait to see what role the two dragons will play, if any? Anyone think they enter into Selmy's plan? 6) From the comment is shows Tyrion is unhappy, (I am assuming because he has probably laid a plan that will be successful but will not get the credit (again) 7) Can't wait to see what Victarion will end up actually doing at the end of the day. (as I have said, I think he is smarter than many give him credit for) ---please Mr. George, please write like the wind Ser, write like the wind!.
  13. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    That was my original point...his perception of being "dumb" is rooted in his being loyal and dutiful to his brother and following the "old way" which is his religion. I'm just saying that people see him as being dumb because he is a dutiful younger brother and follows the way of his religion. By that rational, (which I was actually trying to avoid) is everyone that follows what they believe their religion or family tells them to do, dumb? Its a difficult argument to make.....I might think that people in a certain religion are "dumb" for doing certain things, but they do it because of what they believe in that religion. Its not for me IMO to comment about a person's religion. There are many things that I do not agree with or understand with regards to what certain religious people do...but if looking at it from the outside I might (without understanding the religion) think people of whatever religion as being "dumb". The same goes for being a dutiful younger brother and doing that your older brother or family tells you to do. It just seems that Victarion being dumb in people's eyes is due to him following his religion and doing what his brother told him to do....you can't equate duty with being dumb. I think if he was his own man and free from following the "old ways" of his religion and free from the yoke of his brother and able to act 100% on his own... Like I said, this is not the place for a debate on the merits of religion (any religion), but needless to say, there are things I do not agree with that people I know do believe because of their religion. From my perspective these things are just ludicrous....and make zero sense to me and when ignoring the fact that these people believe this stuff because of their religion, I could definitely understand wanting to think these people are just "dumb" because they believe this stuff. Maybe I am not doing a very good job of explaining what I am trying to say...but I do not think its fair to judge Victarion as being dumb because he follows his religion (the only religion he knows) unless you are willing to say ALL religious people are dumb. (which is not something I can say personally) ...and yes, he was most likely given the job of admiral because he was a Greyjoy, but he has been able to keep it after all these years, so he must be doing something right. The Iron Born took on the entirety of Westeros...as it was stated by someone they did decent for being out numbered..They were all defeated. I don't think mentioning Stannis defeated Vic means anything when talking about Vic being dumb or not....he was told to go to war so being a dutiful younger brother, he did, regardless of the fact that he was outnumbered.
  14. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I think his being "unimaginative" is more a result of being a dutiful younger brother and him "fearing" the drowned god. If he is free to truly be on his own, which I hope we will/are seeing in these chapter, I think he will prove to be much more than a thuggish unimaginative brute. Being an admiral (a successful one) requires being a strategist and a tactician as well as a leader of men...on top of being a skilled and more than adequate warrior.
  15. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    its something called a sea (none of us would know it wasn't water had we not been told first what it really was).....having being ignorant of a people/place is far from being dumb. I'm just saying Victarion does not seem to be the eff-tard everyone is saying he is, not by a long shot. You don't get to be the leader of the Iron fleet by being a dolt....you especially don't survive long as such anyway. Vic is an accomplished leader and is the admiral of a fleet... Having one on one combat skills is one thing, being able to fight, control a fleet (which is an army on water) is quite another. Tywin only gave the Mountain a handful of mean to ride the country side and do nothing but inflict violence...comparing the two seems just stupid IMO...does anyone think Tywin would trust the Mountain with ANY actual "Army" or a significant portion of one? come on I agree, like many modern day athletes they can have exceptional skill at their chosen sport/warriors can have skill and experience fighting...but how many of them could actually be a decent coach/leader? I just think comparing the Mountain and Victarion is folly...