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  1. A Question about Arya + Harrenhal (SPOILERS)

    if i hadn't read all of the books i wouldn't be hanging out in these forums....and if i did, (and did not want to be spoiled) I wouldn't read threads on books I haven't finished yet. Plus to be fair, the title of the thread includes the word spoilers in it (Harrenhal, Bolton, Starks.....) on the other hand, these threads are great for re-reads.
  2. perhaps if Jon dug deeper he would have found Benjen....
  3. Seastone Chair?

    ive re read the World of Ice and Fire a couple of times now and there is this mention of the black oily stone that makes up the sea stone chair...the same rock that makes up the first fortress at the base of the Hightower and the same stone that same stone that seams to make up much of Asshai by the Sea....and the whole Dany must go East to go West...and in the book there is loads of talk about Essos and mention of sailing/flying east with it eventually becoming west, which would mean one of the first places Dany would reach Westeros on would be the side of the Iron Islands, which also happens to be the side that the Iron Born have been wreaking havoc on. At any rate, it seems the south and eastern most point of the known world is Asshai which is full of this black oily stone....which is deposited on the Iron Islands and Old Towne (two of the close points of Westeros to Asshai?)
  4. Old Nan is Shiera Seastar

    she seems to have given him a baseline for the history and stories he would need to know to survive and get where he is now...how many times did Bran reference Old Nan? Maybe Nan was there to school all the Stark children but it seems Bran of the 3 children we have POVs for, was influenced the most by her. I like it....I've seen crazier shit argued about other people that make no sense or have zero basis in (fiction)Fact... sure, what the hell. Maybe she was told to teach him....as we are told prophecy is not such a simple thing....one couldn't simply firmly grasp and force someone from a prophecy, but maybe they can teach them, and provide them with information they would need, knowing where they were eventually going. or maybe not...*shrugs*
  5. Did Jon "steal" Val?

    at this point assuming Jon becomes free of his vows or the NW is indeed undone...but assuming for whatever reason Jon is free to marry...at this point I don't Jon would or could marry some southron lady....I would think that should he be able to marry, he would want to marry a strong woman of the free folk, not some meek prim and proper lady.
  6. What will Khal Jhaqo do with Daenerys?

    isn't it said somewhere that the Dothraki follow strength over everything else? (only a strong Khal can remain a Khal for long) I think Dany with Drogo is some pretty serious 'strength' I don't think he will be able to capture or do anything to Dany...I am still up in the air about whether I want Dany to reunite with a vast hoard of Dothraki though....her riding up to the gates of Meereen and then on to KL with a swarm of savages while riding a dragon seems sorta cliche at this point..vs marching up with a random assortment (many of them slaves) 'soldiers'
  7. Long Claw and the Prophecy

    How old was ICE? Now how old is Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail? As we have seen, swords can be reforged....and couldnt it be possible that Lightbringer was reforged? Thats assuming that Lightbringer is refering to the same sword though.....I always thought that an AA reborn would need a Lightbringer reforged, not the same one as before. That said, I like the thought of Longclaw being pulled forth from the fire....but i am more afraid of who Nissa Nissa would have to be then. So then lets say Lightbringer is not Longclaw, shall we?
  8. Jon and Val an item in WoW?

    I find it funny that Jon will be able to a) warg into ghost as a second skin/life b] the NW now burns bodies that are dead c) there is a Fire Priestess at the wall I think that should they burn Jons 'dead' body, there will be no doubt whether his watch is over or 'technically' over....I think if they burn his body no one can still hold Jon as bound to his vows...the NW already rejected him. though not all of them, enough of them. I think that the its not coincidence that the NW/wildlings now burn all dead bodies, and there is a Fire Priestess at the wall (whos powers the reader knows have been growing substantially) I think there will be something with Jons body 'burning' + Ghost + Mel creating life anew from fire. I dont see a reason that Jon and Val can't be the next Lord and Lady of Winterfell....if that is where Jon ends up.
  9. I think Barb Dustin is the least loyal to Bolton...she is one of the only ones to defy them openly referring to the newly made Bolton as the Bastard and other comments she makes to Theon-Reek. Also, why in the hell spend and hour, in a snow storm digging out the entrance to the crypts if she doesn't have a good reason(s) to be there? ...and I don't think making sure Ned's bones is really a reason....she has always wanted to be a Stark..... I think she is a} confirming the story about the Stark boys hiding in the crypts meaning I have a feeling she is in with Manderly and b} I think she is prodding Theon for any info he might let slip...which makes sense because Theon had spent half+ his life in Winterfell and of all those there has the best knowledge of the place c} possibly looking for another entrance into Winterfell, possibly from the crypts. She has been involved with the Starks and grown/lived in the shadow of Winterfell her whole life. I think that her 'alliance' with Roose gives her room other anti-Bolton Northman don't have giving her the ability to get info, confirm stories and move about the grounds without suspicion. Roose tells Ramsey that they have a weak/tenative alliance with Barbs based on a (I think feigned) dislike of the Starks. This mean Bolton will go more out of his way to give her what she wants and will be looking less at her to be a conspirator.
  10. Will Bravos be pro or anti Dany?

    I think plan A is to teach the Iron Throne (dumb Cersei and the Lannisters) a lesson AND get paid.... but I also think another priority is to say, ok, well they didn't pay US (the Iron Bank) back....but they also got the royal shit knocked out of them....BTW if anyone else thinks about not paying them back, think again. I think the Iron Bank getting their due is about the money, yes, but its also about teaching a lesson to anyone that dares not pay (i.e. Tywin and the Reins and Tarbecks) Ya, try it, remember these guys? Or remember when the Lannisters ruled? thats why I think that the Iron Bank and Bravos will be much more pro Dany....because they aren't stupid enough to put all their hope (or eggs) in one Stannis/basket.
  11. Will Bravos be pro or anti Dany?

    another thought about Bravos not only, not opposing her, but actually being for her is the comment Tycho (the Banker sent to the Wall, then to meet Stannis) is when Jon asks him about him have 3 ships, a cog, a galley and a galleas ---3 rather not so small ships.... The Bank confirms it and says yes, and mentions the passing might be treacherous but where one ship might fail, 3 can sail together and help each other and the the Iron Bank is ALWAYS prudent in such matters. Before I though that the Iron Bank might be more hands off or leave Dany alone, but this comment makes me think that once they decided the Iron Throne isn't paying them, they might actually seem to be gathering enemies of the Iron Throne together in a rather loose sort of alliance... where one might falter ( Stannis for example) the support of Dany, and maybe other enemies might actually be their plan. It would be hard to say that the Iron Bank is helping the Wall/ Jon Snow (a Stark bastard) as a way to oppose the Iron Throne and the Lannisters....this I think would be much more of a stretch and actually just a simple transaction for them. But still, that is two enemies of the Iron Throne so far the Iron Bank has helped. (yes, I know the NW is suppose to be neutral, but its not like the Iron Throne and the Wall/NW have been the best of friends either...plus the whole plot that Cersei thinks she is so clever for concocting about sending a Kettleblack to the Wall to kill Jon) ...back on topic though...The Iron Bank sends 3 large ships to the wall just as a precaution instead of one (which isn't a bad notion), and if this is the M.O. I can actually see them possibly supporting Dany, meaning possibly Bravos supporting Dany. It is strange also that the KM in the house OF BaW knows that Ayra of house Stark is there...and seemingly who she is...and the fact that they go to great lengths to know what they can about as much as they can....
  12. Will Bravos be pro or anti Dany?

    but that whole, the first FM was a slave (could have even been a Valeryian noble dude) that set about to free the slaves/tortured from their miserable lives..... That story kinda doesn't apply to Dany, even with dragons, does it? I mean, yes she has dragons x3....but she is also campaigning on an anti slavery platform...If Dany was trying to rule and enslave the world that would be one thing. I don't think the FM or House of WHITE and BLACK would have the same opposition the first FM had (assuming that is a true story...it was told as only being one of many possible origins of the FM) What would Dany have to do in Bravos in the first place anyway? I'm not sure the two will ever have a reason to come into contact with each other.
  13. Will Bravos be pro or anti Dany?

    Right...and if Stannis wins they get their money, which at this point a win win for them. But with regards to Dany....I think they have more of a reason to support her or stay neutral, then they have to oppose her. I am curious what will happen when a Red Priest/or Mel comes into contact with fire incarnate (a dragon) The dragon her dumb ass has been trying to conjur from Kings blood since the 2nd book.
  14. Will Bravos be pro or anti Dany?

    I'm not implying Dany would repay his debts, but it would make one hell of a lesson to anyone else that might think of defaulting on their loans. The saying is "The Iron Bank will get its due" does that have to mean money? I took this as meaning that people should know better, because either you repay your debt (which is the Iron Throne's debt at this point) or your ass is gone....dead, disgraced, whatever.... wouldn't that still be them getting their due? Not to mention it is one hell of a cautionary tale for anyone else thinking of defaulting or blowing them off. Stannis is still a long shot at this point, granted he assumed ALL of the debt... but if Stannis isn't in a position to pay them back, I would think that Bravoos (the Iron Bank) might be more in favor of supporting Dany vs. opposing her.
  15. Will Bravos be pro or anti Dany?

    Assuming the Iron Bank isn't paid their money back...wouldn't supporting Dany taking Westeros sorta help them with the whole The Iron Bank getting their due? meaning that Dany would be ridding Westeros of the Lannister Bitch Queen?