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  1. Mace would never go with a Robb/Margaery betrothal. Not only is Mace trying to see his daughter a Queen, but we've also heard what he thinks of the North, and it isn't much. He'd never allow it. That said, Robb and Sansa are the most valuable pieces. If Robb married a Vale girl, such as Ysilla Royce, it could definitely help when the war inevitably breaks out, by bringing the most powerful Vale bannerman to your side. Maybe Myrcella as well. If Sansa isn't to marry Joffrey, I can see Mace going for a Willas/Sansa betrothal. The Starks are still a great house, and in this case he wouldn't have to send a Tyrell to live in the dreary North. Renly would also be a good option. Arya isn't particularly valuable I don't think from a marriage perspective. I can see her being betrothed to a second son, like Trystane Martell, or maybe Loras or Tommen. Bran/Shireen would be a good match, I think. I don't know if Stannis would really go for it, but at this rate it doesn't look like he's having any more kids, and Shireen does stand to inherit a sizable lordship, while Bran is second in line for Winterfell behind Robb. Rickon at this point should probably be married off in the North. Being a third son he doesn't stand to inherit much, so his best chance is for a minor lord somewhere in Westeros. I don't think Ned could get away with marrying him to an heiress, or even a firstborn daughter of a Lord Paramount.
  2. Here and there. But I just cant quit this place. Essentially accurate. Having some rum ham by the shore.
  3. I've been enjoying this season so far. I'd have to say the water park episode was my favorite in terms of laughs, and feels the most "classic Sunny." The other episodes are going in the direction of "themed" episodes so to speak, like the Gang turns Black or Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer, and while funny, it's not why I think Sunny is so great.
  4. I don't think Robert giving Stannis Dragonstone was meant as a slight. Robert just didn't take Stannis' feelings or desires into account when he made the decision. There was a sense of practicality that I think went in to the decision. Giving Renly SE was more of a slight to Stannis than Stannis receiving Dragonstone was, but again I don't think it was intentional on Robert's part. Or if it was, it was more in the sense that Robert might have felt disappointed in Stannis for failing to capture the remaining Targaryens (while he was still heartbroken and bloodthirsty, mind you), and Renly hadn't angered Robert in any way, not that he really could at that age.
  5. While I wouldn't argue she's the most qualified ever, since the President's main role is foreign policy so to speak, one could argue Secretary of State is the best training you can have. I would say foreign policy experience is more vital than executive experience (such as being governor, because governors don't deal with foreign leaders and dignitaries).
  6. Stannis knighted Davos after the Siege of Storms End. He would have been around ~18. Way before he was King, and a little while before he was lord. So he was a Knight.
  7. He knighted Davos, so yes.
  8. The Greatjon was about to abandon the Starks because Robb wasn't going to give him the position he wanted. This immediately should disqualify the Umbers. Admittedly he was very loyal after.
  9. While Tim Kaine would be the safest pick, it would make the Democratic ticket one of the most boring in awhile (I say this as a big Clinton supporter). Not that I think politics needs to be exciting, and Trump is surely showing the dangers of "celebrity" politics, but I think Clinton would be well off picking a VP that has some personality. Which is why my preferred choice is Tom Perez. The man is a good speaker, articulates well, and is overall charming. His lack of executive experience is certainly not favorable, but if it is a choice between him or someone like Castro (who heads an even lower valued Cabinet department), then I don't think it's a tough choice.
  10. I feel a common mistake people make in these types of threads is assume that the characters we see in certain houses are all the members those houses have. For instance, Tyrell. There are dozens of Tyrell cousins we have not been exposed to, because they have no relevance. But if Mace and his line were to die out, the Tyrells would not wont for heirs. The Lannisters and Freys are in the same position. The Arryns and Greyjoys have cadet branches. While these branches may not be first necessarily in the line of succession should Robert or the Greyjoys die out, it means the name will survive, as will the house (at least in a sense). The Baratheons have members unaccounted for, as well as a plethora of bastards (thanks Bob!). Lyonel Baratheon's daughter married and presumably had children. Are they alive? Are they Baratheons? We don't know for sure, but should Stannis, Shireen, Tommen and Myrcella die, there's no doubt they'd be sought out to carry on the Baratheon name. As for what houses I truly think are endangered, its the Boltons (no evidence of any Boltons besides Roose and Ramsay), the Cleganes (who may technically be extinct already, they officially are) and House Baelish (of which there is one member). Other houses that are dwindling in numbers (the Arryns, Tullys and Baratheons), would likely all have cousins that could carry on the line if need be.
  11. Appeasement is a word that can accurately describe Robert Baratheon. Robert did not like Lannisters and Starks fighting around him. While he may not have been the smartest man, he sure as well knew that executing Jaime Lannister would provoke a serious response from Tywin. And with many Lannister men already in the capital, it would have been even worse. Also, Ned was not Hand when this happened.
  12. Definitely. I can't think of a more "fun" genre than adventure. Even if movies like the Mummy, National Treasure or even Sahara aren't "great" movies, they are a blast to watch. I'd love to see more movies in that vein.
  13. I just finished The Mummy, since it was put on Netflix recently. As a kid I loved it, and I still think its a great adventure film. The CGI is shit, but that's to be expected. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and I wish there were more adventure movies like it.
  14. Top 10 Hip Hop 1. Below the Heavens- Blu & Exile 2. Late Registration- Kanye West 3. Reasonable Doubt- Jay Z 4. Paul's Boutique- Beastie Boys 5. Grandeur- Apollo Brown 6. When Life Gives You Lemons...- Atmosphere 7. Yeezus- Kanye West 8. Long.Live.ASAP- ASAP Rocky 9. Faces- Mac Miller 10. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- Kanye West Top 10 Rock (mainly 90's-present) 1. Automatic for the People- R.E.M. 2. In Utero- Nirvana 3. Hot Fuss- The Killers 4. Sublime- Sublime 5. Is This It- The Strokes 6. All at Once- The Airborne Toxic Event 7. Sixteen Stone- Bush 8. As Good as Dead- Local H 9. Vs.- Pearl Jam 10. Wasting Light- Foo Fighters
  15. 1. Apocalypse Now 2. The Lord of the Rings 3. Zodiac 4. The Grand Budapest Hotel 5. The Big Lebowski 6. Submarine 7. Hot Fuzz 8. Arsenic and Old Lace 9. The Princess Bride 10. Stand by Me