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  1. The Saint was the one character who could have been brought to the screen without any tweaking, this Saint Lite is frustrating. The soul business is also really dumb.
  2. When Jesse beat on his friend, he clearly hit him because he wanted to hit Tulip but had just enough restraint not hit his girlfriend, right? He was in a fight with her and directed that anger at a third party, if that guy wasn't there things would have been even worse.
  3. That same actor actually played a young Hitler in the movie Max, with John Cusak. A bit of stunt casting, I think.
  4. I agree, the Eugene story is a dog that should have been left behind with the rest of season 1. Not to mention, their version of hell looks to be inspired by Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. My eyes sprained from rolling when Hitler showed up, of all the hackneyed shit they could have pulled with a Hell storyline... They should have left Arseface out all together instead of forcing him into some sort of Jimimy Cricket-like representation of Jesse's conscience. I thought this episode was more uneven than the first two. A bit too much of Jesse kicking around bars and Tulip acting like an idiot.
  5. If you like the lack of restrictions in the original finale and FWWM, the. you will probably like the new series. It features the most creative freedom ever given to any show, you'll notice the divisive opinions about whether it is visionary or self indulgent wank. Bobby killing a guy was never referenced on the show. I don't think it was concieved until the movie.
  6. I don't think the goblin is smart enough to run deliberate distractions, but the people around him may use his predictable responses to their advantage. Maybe they even egg him on when they need a diversion, "did you hear what X said about you?" It is fairly obvious that Donny is out of his element with regards to policy and the finer points of any given issue, I don't think he is capable of thinking even one move ahead. Shithead gonna shithead, leave it to others to try and corral the whirlwind and make some use of the human disaster.
  7. Iron Fist sure has ushered in a new era of Marvel TV......
  8. Decided to watch these last night, a major improvement over season one. I was considering waiting until the season ended, the first season left me with no faith in the show runners. I think their instincts about needing a whole season to establish Jesse as a preacher were proven woefully wrong. My immediate impression is that both of these episodes were better than any individual episode from season one, my feeling there being that there were good scenes scattered throughout, but there was never an episode that left me fully satisfied. Still not too psyched about the direction they went with SoK, demoting him from angel of death to hellish bounty hunter is lame. I still belive that the direction they take the show will ultimately be tame compared to the source, I don't see them making God a villain, which he undoubtedly was in the comic. Since they changed Jesse to a conflicted man of faith rather than someone forced into the ministry, I don't see the answer to all his questions being "because God is an asshole."
  9. "James is cool. He's always been cool." Forget the Lodge and everything with Dougie, that is the most outrageous line in TP history
  10. One of the big complaints I read was that Frost attributes a lot of the mysterious goings on to aliens. I think that would be a disappointing direction.
  11. Some reviews kept me away from Secret History. Is it canon, from what I read about it, there is some stuff there I can't imagine Frost and Lynch would necessarily agree about?
  12. It is shaky for 7 or 8 episodes, however it picks up steam late and the ending is vital to the new series. Have your cell or other device handy to occupy youself through the most boring stuff, through the James and the Josy of it all. I think a weird problem starting with episode 10 is that the darkness leaves the series with BOB and Leland for a while. It all becomes overbearingly soapy or slapsticky, even the frame job surrounding Cooper plays like a a standard procedural. A big part of Twin Peaks at its best is how effectively it changes moods at the drop of a hat from melodramatic to funny to horrifying to just plain weird over consecutive scenes.
  13. I am loving The Return, I am however a big Lynch fan, so I can see why some people who were specifically TP fans might be disappointed. This is really Lynch doing whatever he wants using the show as his sandbox. In a real way it acts as a retrospective of his whole career, there a bits of Eraserhead in there, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, etc. They are consciously frustrating folks who want a simple nostalgia trip. Someone asked about Fire Walk With Me up thread, and It is definitely essential viewing for the new show. Tonally they are similar and a least one movie only character plays some unknown role in the series. Most of those questions above are still way up in the air