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  1. The Walking Dead S6 (no comic spoilers)

    This season has been all about the blue balls, lots of set up but they haven't pulled the trigger
  2. I'm sure episode 9 will be big because this felt more like a build up episode and a shitty way to go into a break.
  3. "Prologue" shittly embedded in the first commercial break for Into the Badlands has the first mention of Negan. Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl are stopped on the road by a gang of guys on motorcycles, the one who speaks tells them to lay down their weapons because everything they own is now property of Negan.
  4. Jessica Jones [AKA This Thread Has Spoilers]

    Simpson wanted to kill one super powered criminal (putting aside the arbitrary murder of a cop) and before the drugs made him crazy, you could understand his reasoning. Aside from the personal violation, how do you contain someone like Kilgrave? The Punisher, on the other hand, wants to kill all criminals, at least murderers, at what crimes exactly he draws the line for punishment varies amongst interpretations. The Punisher is not the type to arbitrarily beat on innocent people like the roided out Simpson, also Castle can be very methodical in carrying out his murders, nothing like the uncontrollable rage of the pills.
  5. I think Negan has to kill a core cast member to really make a splash. Morgan is too predictable, if you disagree with Rick you die, according to the rules of the show, so no one is really expecting him to survive the season.
  6. Jessica Jones (Netflix) (non-spoiler thread)

    I thought JJ had a lot more wheel spinning than DD, it felt stretched thin at parts and probably could have done better with a tight 10 episodes, 13 can feel just as arbitrary as the traditional network 22. The show was pretty exlusively about the conflict between Jones and Kilgrave and kept subplots to a minimum, except as a setup for next season with the Simpson, IGH thing. Focusing so intently on one story over that much time lead to them over relying on dumb luck and contrivance to keep the story from resolving, one or two less near misses would have been better. 
  7. Jessica Jones (Netflix) (non-spoiler thread)

    The incident is the giant alien invasion battle in NYC in the avengers movie. It was also referenced more heavily in Daredevil. It is not necessary to know specifics other than the public witnessed aliens and super powered Earthlings engage in a battle with lots of collateral damage. The idea of "gifted" individuals is very much on people's minds, that is why that crazy couple tried to assassinate Jessica, people are grappling with the notions of insanely powerful being amongst them, some with fear, others with denial. The references also serve to reinforce the idea that the Netflix shows and Marvel movies occur in the same world, though I don't think there will be more significant linkage than that, even if they could get one of their big stars to cameo in a show, the Netflix series are already so much darker tonally that it would be jarring.
  8. So much zombie chow of the week this season, annoying red shorts who die in one episode.
  9. Into the Badlands (AMC)

    Hard to gauge how harshly it should be judged, I suppose it is all about the fight choreography, as a genre Kung Fu films are not always shinging examples of great storytelling. The script was not too good and some of the acting was awkward. They have a lot of work as far as world building is concerned. I didn' t know it was Smallville guys, I may have given it a pass, for now I am not on board for another epsidoe yet, I may give it a few weeks and see what people are saying.  The choreography was nice though and surprisingly brutal and bloody, I was expecting it to be more of a Crouching Tiger, bloodless dance thing.
  10. Daredevil [Spoilers for all S1 episodes]

    I was disappointed in the look of the costume last season, but from the photos that looks even worse. I have to admit, I kinda think the Affleck costume was better than what the show has shown us so far. I like DD's costume for it's elegant simplicity, the busy designs and odd sharp angles kill it for me, it doesn't help that it reminds me of the armored costume.
  11. Fox's Fantastic Four reboot

    The Director's Cut is the only version I have seen and I thought it was crap.
  12. Fox's Fantastic Four reboot

    If I remember correctly, Marvel attempted to get Fox to share Galactus amd SS in exchange for extending Fox's hold on the rights to Daredevil. Fox basically said "Fuck you, we don't even want DD!" And of course Marvel turned that franchise around with a successful and critically acclaimed series (another instance of Fox not realizing the potential of what they had) so I don't think FF is forever tainted. If they got the property in time to introduce them in Avengers 3 or something, they could probably revitalize them easily enough. And as everyone has said, Doom, Galactus, etc. could really help Marvel out, the Skrulls may be tied up with FF too.
  13. Fox's Fantastic Four reboot

    An official clip showing off Doom
  14. Fox's Fantastic Four reboot

    Marvel does want characters tied up with the FF rights like Silver Surfer and Galactus, they apparently made an offer to Fox for permission to use those character prior tothe filming of GotG.
  15. X-Men: Apocalypse coming in 2016

    Apocalypse looks terrible, everything else looks okay though.