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  1. Being a veritable shit fountain is a bare minimum requirement to be part of Trumpland.
  2. I don't know that any new stories about Moore will have an effect in Alabama now that the Pro-Nazi, dictator loving, pedophile embracing, Trump has given his seal of approval.
  3. Love how Trump stressed that Jones is soft on crime. Yep, the guy who prosecuted the KKK bombers is a goddamn scofflaw next to the shamed judge pedo nut
  4. Mike pence's dining policy is absolutely moronic and insane and deserving of the ridicule it received, no matter how many conservative nitwits tout it as sound advice in light of recent scandals. The implication is either that men cannot control themselves around women or that women might lie about men assaulting them so it is best not to give them the chance. It is perfectly possible for men to have dinners with coworkers or female friends. Never forget, Mike Pence is a legitimate lunatic, American Taliban all the way through. If you find youself looking to him for wisdom of any kind, sort your life out or next thing you know, you may think child molesters make fine senators as long as they value fetuses above preteens.
  5. The Republican narrative has always been that Hillary is evil and responisble not only for her own deeds, but the deeds of anyone in proximity to her whether it be Bill or Weinstein. Donald Trump, however, is never responisble for anything, a modern Christ, victimized and saddled with the sins of others.
  6. She said that after the kissing incident, they had a full two weeks together where Franken continued to belittle her in chidish ways, including defacing her headshots used for autographs.
  7. Despite being afraid to offer any definitive comment on Roy Moore, Trump actually had the nerve to address Franken's scandal on twitter.
  8. Trump just blew himself on live TV. He gave one of the most self-aggrandizing speeches I have ever seen, trumpeting how great his first year has been and how amazing his Asia trip was, he even referred to himself in the third person. It was all about Trump, Trump, Trump and how Great he is for America. No mention of Roy Moore.
  9. Of course. A page or two back, Altherion was going on about the conspiracy and propaganda against Moore coming from Dems, establishment Rs, and the liberal media. For these people, McConnell fully abandoning him is just proof that it is all a fix.
  10. Though I doubt it will change his overall strategy of finding the most batshit candidate to back in any given race. The parade of extremists, ex cons, and legitimate idiots will march on apace.
  11. Meanwhile, Shepard Smith aired a segment debunking the uranium controversy and FOX viewers are calling for his head. These people do not want to be told the truth.
  12. Altherion went full "better a child molester than a Democrat or establishment Republican"
  13. I imagine everything from Trumps's desk reads like a ransom note
  14. The Bill Which Erases Everything That Happened From 2009-2017 (Except The 2016 Election) and Retroactively Revokes Obama's Citizenship And Strikes His Presidency From Public Record, And Abortion is Illegal, There Will Be A Wall Too, Plus a Net To Catch Muslims. Also No Gay Stuff.
  15. Don't forget the wall. MAGA with one bill to rule them all.