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  1. I feel like original programming is all Netflix has going for it right now. There movie selection is pretty poor and Amazon absolutely kills them in that regard.
  2. I wasn't interested in this but after finding out it is written by comic writer Warren Ellis, I may give it a try.
  3. A general rule of thumb for season 2 after episode 9, fast forward any time James is on screen. He is the worst and his story after it is disconnected from any larger plot is painfully boring.
  4. Network interference was part of the problem. In the original concept Lynch and Frost had no intention of ever resolving Laura Palmer's murder, it was just a backdoor into TP and the characters. But, the show became a huge hit largely centered around "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" marketing. When they ended the short first season without solving the case, some people were upset and the network told them that they had to give a resolution shortly into season 2. Lynch was pretty disillusioned and went off to film Wild at Heart without contributing creatively to the middle section of the season. Frost didn't seem to know quite how to hit the Lynchian vibe on his own, the supernatural stuff became a lot more on the nose and less surreal and the soapy stuff became even soapier. Lynch came back at the end of the season and directed the final episode which remains the wildest thing ever aired on American network television. He has always maintained that he hoped there would be a third season and the last episode was meant to give the show new direction rather than act as a series finale. I don't know if the original idea of not solving the murder would have ever been accepted by audiences. People likely would have been abandoned the show anywayif season 2 ended with the murder unsolved.
  5. There are pictures of cosplayers is shitty convention hall lighting that look infinitely better than this crap. That photo just screams "canceled after four episodes". This photo along with the fact that the showrunner is the same guy behind Iron Fist are pretty much all I need to know. To be fair, I had little interest anyway. I don't like AoS and don't care for how they have approched inhumans. I like the inhumans because of how weird and insular they are, I don't like them as Marvel's bargain bin mutants.
  6. Here is Roiland himself giving a noncommittal answer when asked about Rick
  7. This was awesome, i stopped on Adult Swim thinking I would watch a Bob's Burgers episode. No new episode next week, or for many weeks after, unless they are dragging the April Fools gag out. There was a teaser during the episode with Pickle Rick which said season 3 was coming this summer.
  8. I was hoping the twist would be that the broken David we were introduced to was the best SK could make of an even more severely damaged psyche. The merely seemingly ill David Haller was held together with gum and scotch tape disguising someone more in line with the comics. Without mental illness, this becomes a fairly standard power fantasy- "none of your problems are real, you are the most powerful being in the world. Hooray!" I do worry about what they will do in season 2 without the mindtrip elements.
  9. They played pretty loose with Syd's power at the end there. But The Shadow King is an extremely powerful mutant so he was not really using David's powers in new hosts, he was just using his own in addition to the host's power.
  10. There was a post credits sequence in case anyone is unaware. Those sneaks, being all Marvelly and whatnot.
  11. That was probably the weakest episode of the season. It felt really sloppy and not in a trippy way. The burned guy was a distraction and could have just been brought back next season. The conflict between Carey and Kerry felt completely forced and unnecessary. And that final action sequence was not one of their best. Last week was so strong, this felt like an afterthought.
  12. I think the song reference is trustworthy in that it definitely takes place after that song came out. Unless the Shadow King can see into the future and decided the best use of that ability was to place a false memory about a future song in someone's head.
  13. The choreography and the Dexter connection were separate issues, I should have mentioned the producer first. I was just saying that given his track record, you wouldn't expect much from him in the overall quality. The decision making for late period Dexter was the worst i've seen since post season 1 Heroes
  14. I didn't think mich of Finn Jones from his smallish role on GoT, so getting the sense from reviews that he is not a good enough actor, or charismatic enough, to carry a show is hardly a surprise. I am however not sure how they screwed up the martial arts so badly that every review mentions it, you think that even if everything else sucked they would have memorable fight scenes. I believe the show runner was previously in charge of Dexter and the absolute shitpile that was the final 5 or so seasons of that show, IF may have been hobbled right out of the gate. I really did not like the second half of Luke Cage either, I thought DD season 2 struggled when the focus shifted to the Hand, but that looks like a masterpiece compared to LC after Cottonmouth was killed. It took me weeks to get through the final 6 or 7 episodes after binging about 5 episodes the first day.
  15. I think the teleportation at the end counts, even if he doesn't know quite how he did it, he went from where he was to where he wanted to be using his powers. I also assumed the scene in the interrogation was partly intentional, the pen to the face was reflex more than anything but he seemed pleased when he threw everyone in the room.