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  1. I'm okay with this. I like The Inhumans, but not as the surrogate mutants Marvel has turned them into. I prefer them as this weird insulated culture that is alien and unknown. I would rather see an adaptation of the Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee series than the consolation X-Men we surely would havegotten.
  2. *SPOILERS* Netflix's Love: Lets go too far... lito's way.

    I got around to watching this, I have mixed feelings about the show overall but I generally feel kinda bad for Mickey, at leastcompared to Gus,as she is clearly an deeply unwell person whereas Gus is merely an entitled prick. Notthat her bad behavior is excused, she definitely treats people like garbage.I think the worst thing Gus did was that kiss at the end, that was cringeworthy, after she admitted all the problems she had the best thing would have been to wish her well and hope she actually gets her life in order not essentially prey on her addictions (of course there would be no show if that were the case, but we aren't actually supposed to be rooting for these two to get together, are we?). About that Magic Castle date, I don't see any way to read it otherthan Gus being totally in the wrong. Yeah, if you are in a relationship, you try to share interests and hope for a modicum of respect from your partner, but it is incredibly selfish to make you first date all about your interests and get upset when your date isn't interested. And any place that puts a dress code over basic human comfort should burn to the ground anyway.
  3. I think the villain problem is down tosome of the formulaic elements of Marvel movie making. Infinity War could have a real problem if they don't pull off Thanos, they have been building him up but he hasn't made a real impression yet, and thosemovies will be a failureif he is just your usual Marvel cinematic villain but on a cosmic scale.
  4. Warner Bros. is considering releasing the R rated version,originally intended for home release only, to theaters in the hopes of upping their take. "You guys liked Deadpool because it was R rated, right?" WB is apparently shocked by both the critical reception and the plummeting box office, they thought they had a good movie. I think they have staked too much on this to make any massive improvements in the near future.
  5. The Walking Dead Season 6 [Comic Spoilers]

    The whole situation is weird. The cast members oft quoted comments would appear to indicate that if a death was not filmed, perhaps it was in the original script? Andrew Lincoln was late to work because he was so disturbed by the scene, Lauren Cohan was nauseated, the guy who plays Eugene threw his script across the room, Norman Reedus claims that members of the crew were crying when they arrived on set....none of this holds with what we saw. Even if you say the actors were approaching it in character and putting themselves in the headspace of their characters, or they were upset about a friends departure, even though they didn't know who, it still doesn't add up to the brutal endwe were warned about.
  6. I wouldn't put much stock in the slowed audio, the one name that soundslike it is spoken, I'm pretty sure is something distorted by the process. And the name that is supposedly screamed is just the guy hearing what he wants to hear really. It may be the same person, but it would be a new height of stupidity if they left the victim in the audio. Even less reason for the POV. If the victim is the same as in the comic, the cliffhanger is dumber still.
  7. The cat will be out of the bag before October. In a couple of months there will probably unconfirmed spoilers.By late summer there will probably be stills/footage which AMC will do their bestto take down, but it will be a losing battle.
  8. You remember how Empire ended with Vader lookinginto the camera and saying "I amyour father" followed by a hard cut to the credits?The promotion for Return was all like "Who is the child?"
  9. All that stuff about people reacting to the script was in reference to the finale and originates from months ago as part of hypingthe episode. Some people have spun it into a conspiracy theory that they did film a different ending that upset everyone so much and that the cliffhanger was a later decision. Itis safe to say that what we saw was in no way the brutal gut punch they promised.
  10. They can tell the story their way, and as a viewer you can criticize them as bad, hack storytellers. The thing is, there is no possible storytelling justification for this cliffhanger, it is a stunt, as with the Glenn fake out, story and character are thrown out the window to generate interest and buzz. It is silly to suggest that role of a viewer is to quietlyconsume and nothing can be said againt the creators because- "Vision". There is also a matter of trust, TWD has broken the audience trust already this season with Glenn, and to a lesser degree with Daryl, there is no cause to believe they know what they are doing.
  11. I have been amused withthe passive aggressive pose to the audience regarding the WD cliffhanger, not just from Hardwick, producers and cast members are cicling the wagons with similar arguments."If you are upset, you are entitled to that opinion, but it is wrong." They dismiss criticism as a purely emotional response, and then claim that that emotional response displays the value of the ending because art and entertainment are meant to evoke strongfeelings. You couldn't possibly criticize the storytelling because the story is still being told and you have to trust themto deliver come season 7. Gimple's oftrepeated defense of the cliffhanger makes no sense. Season 6 was all about Rick, he says,about his fall from a state of certainty and hubris. The finale was all about Rick's world collapsing. The story of who died is next season's story. Putting aside the ridiculous hard line dividing Rick's story from thelarger context, how does that fit with what we saw? If that were what season 6 was "all about" shouldn't the final shot have been Rick's horrified reaction to the murder and not a comicalPOV scene straight out of a video game complete with cheesy blood effects?
  12. ChrisHardwick isblaming the complaints on binge obsessed, low attention span, spoiled modern audiences. Andrew Lincoln has complained thatpeople just don't "get it". Clearly, Gimple must be agenius ushering in a new age of television storytelling.
  13. I saw that.I'd say firing himwould bethe best first step toward acknowledginghow badly they fucked up (it isn't just the finale, the Glenn debacle last year and theDarly shot one episode before show how much he loves gimmicks) but really everyone from Kirkmanand the other producers are also to blame. I imagine the average writing session consists of themsitting in a room smelling each others farts and complimenting each other on how brilliant they are, bold and daring indeed.
  14. It boggles the mind how this looked like a good idea to everyone from the writers and producers, to AMC, and the cast. Their response has been rather condescending, theyseem to genuinely believe the reactions are purely emotional and thus a result of effective storytelling. Unfortunately, they are probably correct in their assumption that October is far enough away that most people will put aside their disappointment and line up for the next bit of hack storytelling with no negative consequences for the show.
  15. The Walking Dead Season 6 [Comic Spoilers]

    The actors don't know who died, or at least they didn't at the time, not sure about now. I would not be surprised if the producers had not decided at that point. I am sure that scene was much more intimidating for the actors than it was for the audience, not knowing who was out of a job.