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  1. "King Leopold is someone who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more"
  2. Jimmy Kimmel tore into Sen. Cassidy and his cruel health bill last night after the senator had promised months ago on Kimmel's show that he was designing a compassionate health plan. Now Republicans and their propaganda outlets have spent the day bashing Kimmel rather than in any way refuting the criticism of the bill.
  3. I think it is very optimistic to think Republicans will act on the Mueller probe if he finds wrongdoing. Just on the face of it, obstruction of justice looks very plausible, but after the Comey testimony, Ryan basically said "he is new to all of this, he didn't mean it like it sounded," the R talking points have also shifted from No Collusion to what does collusion mean, really?
  4. The guy is a repulsive propagandist and unrepentantly complicit in a lot of garbage, he should not be let in on the jokes.
  5. This is the one McCain is already on board for, yes? Have to be utterly arbitrary in deciding which harmful bill you support, lest anyone mistake you for a person of integrity and principle.
  6. No being in one place is not in itself bad. Being in one place with bad writing, pacing, and character development is bad, as is the case with Preacher. And TWD season 2
  7. I haven't watched the last three episodes, I am not sure I want to honestly. The argument that the comic has not aged well is not wrong. Certain things are pretty cringey by today's standards. What was trangressive as a 90s teen, looks douchey today. That being said, what they gave us was a lot of crap peppered with promising moments of excellence, but not nearly enough. And what worked best across the board was when they approached the anarchic tone of the Preacher comic, the attempts at maturity come off poorly written and are an utter slog. The Walking Dead is the closest comparison, both overall, as they are both shows which fail miserably when they attempt sober drama, and more specifically this is the fucking farm season of TWD all over again. There were so many scenes in that goddamn appartment. They didn't have enough story for all of the characters, so we get forced arcs, I.e. PTSD for Tulip. Things looked most promising when they were on the road, and I assume doing a road trip television drama is difficult, I don't know, they really should have made the NOLA stay much shorter.
  8. I think Red Letter Media was dead on in their review of this one. It had a nice coming of age, kids hanging out story, a la Stranger Things. Well acted, even if some kids were short changed. It was, however, mingled with one of the most generic, jump scare reliant, dull modern horror movies in recent memory. The guy playing Pennywise was pretty good, but I still hate the look, somewhere between ICP and deviantart "crazy clown" memes. I don't have high hopes for part 2. I think most would agree that the kid's story is more interesting on it's own. The adult story mostly acts as a frame narrative in the book, mostly setting up the characters to have flashbacks to their youth as they recover memories.
  9. This Ramsay/Reek thing they have going is hard to watch
  10. Amazing to watch the progression from lies to truth: -This is a moral and legal issue -Well, these people are a drain on the economy, they take jobs, they are a threat to Americans. -President Trump feels that Dreamers are part of the larger issue of immigration reform and he probably won't sign off on any DACA only fix. -GIVE US TEH MONEYS FOR TEH BORDER WALL OR THE DREAMERS SUFFER!!!
  11. Sarah Huckabee Sanders just Indicated that Trump is not interested in a DACA fix unless it is part of comprehensive immigration reform including the border wall. That idea has also been floated by some R congressmen, they are willing to hold these people hostage to fund their monstrosity.
  12. The line now is that Trump is a stalwart defender of the Constitution, pulling back Obama's overreaching of executive power because congress must create immigration law. What will they say the next time Trump attacks judges for stopping the Muslim Ban which he clearly thinks falls under the President's wide ranging privilege to dictate immigration law?
  13. Racist Keebler just announced the DACA decision, 6 months wind down as reported. In addition to stroking Trump, he actually said of people under DACA protection, "they took er jerbs!"
  14. Trump wants a politician/climate change denier to run NASA. The trend of undermining institutions continues. It is a nesting doll of incompetence.
  15. Eh, we know he likes to pander to the lowest common denominator of his base, there was no need for the trans ban, or pardoning Arpaio, getting rid of DACA would please the same people. Maybe he won't and will try to act like he Actually did something, we will hear him invoke saving DACA as one of his accomplishments.