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  1. Was there any doubt that this was always how he felt about #metoo and the whole cultural moment? Written comments about what the great strides for women always rang hollow. Trump is a bot installed with the personality of 4chan. I have no doubt that he goes on endlessly about “bitches” ruining good men’s lives as he watches TV all day. He doesn’t care about guilt or innocence, there is good (people who support Trump or have something to give him) and bad (people who criticize or oppose him, with special vitriol reserved for women and people of color). If you are good you deserve a pass, loyalty to Trump overcomes all other sins.
  2. There is speculation that she may be aware of things she wants no part of, like say certain upcoming firings that would have promoted her.
  3. This torrent of leaks, and the steady drip drip drip of lies must stop. If you believe these fabrications by the yellow press, you’re in trouble.
  4. It’s never too late for now
  5. Why can’t every country be like Saudi Arabia, not a protest in sight of his Trumpness? Mandatory fanfare and orbs added to the presidential rider.
  6. That is Miller’s whole deal, stopping brown people of all nationalities from coming here. As long as he is palying a key role, legal immigration will always be included in their comprehensive overhaul.
  7. The reason they didn’t put CHIP to vote months ago was precisely so it could be used as an bargaining chip. Paul Ryan wants poor kids to die for sure, but There are plenty of other Republicans who recognize the bad optics. CHIP was on the table last week, so it wasn’t some last minute sweetner. CHIP is not a bitter pill for Republicans to swallow, especially compared to DACA. From what I saw, the media was hammering Republicans and Trump hard all weekend or at least lamenting disfunction on both sides. I saw very little acceptance of Republican messaging outside of FOX.
  8. I think the Dems were ahead in messaging. No one was buying that the Republicans and Trump, more importantly, were not to blame. just this morning all i saw was Trump getting slammed for waffling and a lack of leadership. CHIP was always going to get funded, they played right into Republican hands. They demoralized an energized base, they handed McConnell, Ryan, and Trump a win. There is no reason to think they will be more resilient in a few weeks, Republicans act in bad faith and Schumer has not proven himself to be shrewd enough to actually get anything from them. Threating a second shutdown in a few weeks will play much worse for Democrats, “Mitch McConnell is a liar” won’t be enough. Already the narrative is changing from Republican disarry, to Democrats making a stink for nothing.
  9. It sure looks like they rolled over. Democrats gonna Democrat, leave it to them to squander momentum.
  10. An agreement has been reached in the senate to end the shut down.
  11. Edit- Just saw it was posted a page back. “Conscience and religious freedom”. America continues to elage science behind.
  12. He ain’t heavy, he’s mein fuhrer
  13. Trump is the Republican id let loose, that is why whatever meager resistance they intially showed has faded away. The more they think he isn’t suffering any consequences, the more emboldened they will become. Charlottlesville elicited some minor chiding, some even mentioned the president by name rather than abstactly musing on how “one” should not treat neo Nazis; weak sauce though it was, it was the most Republicans went against Trump. If something similar to Cville happened today and Trump responded the same, we would not even see the finger wagging we saw then.
  14. The mooch said the same thing about Trump last week, “the least racist”. We are dealing with 7 year olds who genuinely think adding superlatives automatically strengthens an argument. The Trump administration is the internet made flesh, fuck the facts they are the most bestest bigly, MAGA. He is a bot uploaded with the personality of 4chan.
  15. Exactly. The Republican party has been going crazy for decades. Trump is the tertiary stage of syphillis, the crotch rot has eaten the brain, but they have been sick for a long time. Racism, misogyny, homophobia, these have long been the subject of Republican dog whistles. Most of the Republican criticism of Trump is that he makes these things explicit in vulgar terms, rather than quietly letting policy screw over minorities.