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  1. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Just to be on the safe side

    I'm a great businessman and I did a business, everyone said it was great. But God, yeah y'know... ::wild gesticulation::

    Why would Trump need to be drunk, he is a loud-mouthed, belligerent, annoying, sub-human asshole without the aid of alcohol.
  4. US Elections - There is 'Ahead in the Polls' behind you

    No definitive articles but i hear Donald Trump supports NAMBLA. People are saying this. That's what I hear. Yuge if true, yuuuge. Sad.
  5. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    Are they even running a campaign anymore? Seems like they spent the past week churning out alt history fanfic.
  6. Suicide Squad: Real Life or Just a Fantasy?

    The one constant in reviews I have seen, good or bad, is that the Joker leaves no impression. All that hype and the method shenanigans were for naught it would seem.
  7. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    I didn't watch it, but I've read that on the after show they confirmed that everyone is dead. Though I suppose if anyone did survive they wouldn't say so at this moment since the news report clearly wants us to think everyone is dead.
  8. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    A rather limp finale but in keeping with the arc of the season. As nice as it is to see Annville in the rearview, it is basically an admission that we wasted a full season with what were mostly terrible supporting characters. Most of what happened just doesn't matter, Odin's murders, Emily's turn, it looks like Arseface will be the only throughline, and I still don't think making him central to the plot was a good idea. The actual explosion was pretty lame, so was the meeting with "God", would have prefered it if Jesse picked up on the obvious bullshit immediately rather than dragging out the scene. It is nice that there will be what amounts to a pretty hard reboot next year, but I don't think this season was successful. I think it proved that, no, we really didn't need to see Jesse actually working as a preacher to ground the series.
  9. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    I am not yet eager for a second season, a lot of it has been very boring punctuated occasionally by some cool scenes. The "Jesse abuses his power" angle was the most cliche heavy and annoying decision which ate up a large chunk of the show. I suppose they did it to give Jesse an excuse to not use his power because otherwise, why isn't he using his power? He could have made the sheriff let him go rather than jumping from a car, and he Definitely SHOULD have made the angels rescue Eugene and tell him every bit of information about Genesis. I don't think they justified an entire season in Annville. Fiore and Deblanc are definitely not the parents, they are clearly both angels.
  10. Harmonquest!

    The pilot is fun, if Seeso has a free trial I may check out the rest. For anyone interested, HQ has its roots in the Harmontown podcast where Spencer was plucked from the audience at random to DM for Dan, who hadn't played D&D since the 80s, and Jeff who had never played. Someone edited and collected all the relevant parts of the podcast, you can hear Spencer developing a style of play that fits the improv comedy stylings of the members and makes allowances for the inebriated state of the players since the game was usually played late in the episode. Not as polished as the Seeso series and obviously lacking the animation. They stopped playing rather abruptly and attempted to switch things up with a Shadowrun campaign which proved less suited to the loose and comedic style of play.
  11. Orange is the New Black

    I don't think Doughnuts had a redemptive arc, I think he just highlighted how cartoonishly evil the new crop of guards were. He belived that you shouldn't let a prisoner bleed out in front of you and that it was sad someone was killed, hardly heroic principles. Piscatell and Humps and the lot are straight up all around psychopaths, but Doughnuts is still a creepy obsessive rapist. He thinks he deserves a cookie for resisting the urge to further abuse Dogget.
  12. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    I thought this was simply a bad episode. It isn't working as an adaptation, but even as it's own thing I am finding it to not be a very good show. They set up a lot of mysteries without anything to hold interest. Sometimes introducing or setting up a character and then implying there is more than meets the eye can be more effective then throwing up a bunch of scenes of strangers that merely elicit a "who is that?" response. I liked the changes to Tulip intially, now she is just getting annoying and I am beginning to think Cooper was a bad choice for this, I just don't buy his "Southernness" or badassness I believe the Starr and SoK scenes are attempts to assure people that they aren't abandoning the source completely, there is no reason for those scenes to be where they are, in fact they probably only hurt the show among the geral audience because almost every scene lacks any larger context at the moment. Did we really need to see all those scenes of Quincannon being weird? Wouldn't they have maybe had more weight if they established at all who OQ is and then showed that he is a creep who enjoys the sound of slaughter. I see a lot of viewers seem to think they guy in the theater was Quincannon, probably a miscalculation to have two bald weirdos at this point.
  13. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    I am still on the fence, some entertaining bits but a lot still doesn't sit right. Anneville and everyone in it outside of the three main characters looks really boring. I also think they may have gone too disjointed with the story. Everyone I know who hasn't read the comics is already getting frustrated because it looks like a bunch of random shit with no throughline. They don't need to make EVERYTHING a mystery, they need to start establishing something or I think they may lose viewers. I read an interview with Rogen and the other producers where they said the comic just throws you into the story amd that would be hard to do on TV, but it looks like they may have gone too far with slowing things down. Personally, I would have preferred to meet the SoK and get his back story later, just because that is one instance where being enigmatic would have worked in their favor, but at least he is in the show.
  14. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    The story is inherently sacrilegious as God is portrayed in a very negative light. There isn't any way to remove that element and be remotely true to the source. That is about all I can say without spoilers. Offense doesn't have to be the goal but if they make drastic changes in the hopes of NOT offending, then one would have to wonder why they even bothered.