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  1. U.S. Politics 2016: "You Suck!!!" "No, you Suck!!!"

    I'm not looking to turn this into a thing, but if that's the case, why did you introduce the topic with this Which implies some degree of disdain for and mockery of regulation arguments. Again Im not looking to make a thing of this, only that I thought your intro was unneccasarily loaded and misleading if being disdainful of gun regulation wasn't your point. Eta: nvm I see your point was to question the sincerity of threads following incidents of gun violence by pointing to hypocrisy over the absence of such here
  2. U.S. Politics 2016: "You Suck!!!" "No, you Suck!!!"

    Vehicles are regulated. Are you arguing that because other items are used in murders/ murder sprees that guns should not be regulated (beyond no Uzis I mean)
  3. U.S. Politics 2016: "You Suck!!!" "No, you Suck!!!"

    i'm starting to wonder if This is the nature of it and how to kill it
  4. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    I think that's all possible, but I'm not so sure the male trump fans will be persuaded over to her. She doesn't really offer the male alt righters much of anything they seem to want. My concern about this scenario is much more whether the left would fall for the branding fallacy you bring up, the characterization of which I agree with. I think as a related issue, it should become better understood that hollow missives about "empowerment" isn't feminism; it's cheerleading. i think she could be popular with white women, but I'm not so sure how much her appeal can grow outside that demographic. I get the sense kushner is looking for something more though. Would t surprise me if he's got a whole house of cards fantasy going on.
  5. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    I definitely agree this is a frightening possibility, and something we should be vigilant about. I don't mean to dismiss this idea. My thought was more that the demographics that had been favorable to her are no longer very impressed with her generally, and becoming more critical. I think her base is largely comprised of woman trump voters now (or at least increasingly so as her formerly tolerant parties seem to be losing patience, and are not the ones typically reading white nationalist agitprop) While she may remain popular with women trump voters, I can't see her going into the white nationalism that propelled her father. Nor does she project the toxic masculinity that so many of his fans were attracted to.
  6. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    That might be a goal, but It looks like she'll be pretty equally mired in scandal too. She's a big part of these Conflicts of interest and nepotism allegations. And I'm not sure how much longer the branding narrative of her being the "smart, rational, good one" will last with her increasing presence in this shit show.
  7. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    OK I think that CNN poll is this http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2016/images/11/22/rel20a.-.trump.expectations.pdf it doesn't exactly paint a rosy picture of American hope for his presidency.
  8. US politics: Heil to the Chief :(

    Was that CNN poll an internet one? This WaPo rundown with polls suggests the public is significantly less favorable.
  9. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    Do you genuinely believe that that is the only and inevitable outcome I could be suggesting? (Or were you just kind of teasing?) I think the food industry is a wasteful, destructive, corrupt, health-crisis-inducing mess in this country. That farmers and ranchers are paid to produce food far beyond what's necessary (and the excess gets bought and inserted into all sorts of shit that barely qualifies as food, if not just outright wasted) tells me that maybe a lot of these farmers are redundant, and perhaps already a bit too overrepresented. Especially when they get to interfere with things like public health when they lobby USDA to advocate for more of their products of questionable nutritional value to go into health guidelines and the like. Not for nothing, but Your focus on rural food producers comes a little close to those highly romanticized narratives of the homesteading American farmer, the "true American", for my comfort.
  10. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    A lot of that corn has no business being produced. And arguably we should be moving away from the excessive meat consumption.
  11. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    Maybe a rural Californian food producer is also super pissed off that he's 1/3 of the worth of a guy from Wyoming too. I'm really skeptical of your claims about food production interests being a crucial reason to keep the EC.
  12. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    No one who is questioning the use of the EC in choosing a president for all Americans is saying that rural votes do not matter or that rural interests should be ignored for urban ones. The issue is that right now, people in less populated areas are being given special privileges by the system. Their votes are worth more than someone in a state with a higher population. They are already far ahead of the game vote-wise. The call isn't to penalize the rural votes, but to make everyone's count equally. Besides the EC won't be changed until the GOP loses the EC but wins the popular vote or Texas gets more purple and they realize they cant win with this system any longer. Right now it serves them too well for anything to change.
  13. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    Broadly, I think those categories concern urban and suburban voters too, though the specific priorities undoubtedly differ by region. Would going to a popular vote necessarily hurt the uniquely rural aspects of those concern categories? And are they incompatible with urban concerns? I guess I'm just wondering what is so overwhelmingly unique and isolated about rural concerns that justifies urban votes to count for less than their rural counterparts'.
  14. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    What rural issues are so unique and so divorced from urban issues that they'd risk being ignored entirely by going to a popular vote?
  15. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    I know we are both in agreement that the outrage cycle regarding Hamilton is distracting from much more alarming things going on in the Trump administration, but would you mind articulating what part of the address you believe is unprofessional, self-serving and counterproductive? Which variables do you find problematic? That they addressed it to his face? That they addressed it to his face at their show? Would you have the same reaction if they delivered the same address to an audience that did not include Pence present? Or if they addressed it to an empty audience outside of a showtime, recording it for viral dissemination? Was there an issue with the address itself? I'm wondering if I misunderstood some of your previous posts discussing Brietbart/ Alt Right thinkers, and perhaps I asked the "wrong" question about breaking through to them, "wrong" in the sense that you might not have been going in that direction. What was your original point regarding pointing out the efficacy of Brietbart in transmitting to its audience, and how they aren't seeking to convince center-to-liberals as members of their audience? 1. About Bouie's Trump voter piece, are you in disagreement with the message (which is far more nuanced), or the title (or both)? IIRC, the message wasn't uniformly condemnatory toward Trump Voters. That is, the conclusion isn't that Trump voters are irredeemable, or wholly bad people. Rather, it holds Trump voters accountable for having -- at minimum-- enabled/ endorsed bigotry. Which, he argues, is a really bad thing. The piece is a reaction to the glut of "Trump voters deserve empathy!" pieces that invaded even the most left-wing publications (including ones like Mother Jones), and especially toward the post-election commentary that has been getting dangerously close to letting Trump voters off the hook by overlooking the bigotry-toleration aspect of their vote. Point being, articles and columns (and even people of influence like Sanders and Warren) advocating for Trump voter empathy, and sweeping the bigotry under the rug, were the rule, rather the exception. That is what Bouie is speaking to here, reminding us that wait, no, they were, in fact totally willing to vote bigotry into office, and they are accountable for this. 2. Why do you believe it's wrong (or less effective) to advocate for more privileges (or more accurately, more "rights") for groups as opposed to a more general appeal to "civil rights."? If you go to a doctor to treat a broken wrist, should the doctor refuse to give your wrist the special attention it needs because "all bones matter"?