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  1. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    Who in this small group flourished? How did they flourish? What is the cost that's been borne? What countries have we made rich? The wealth hasn't been redistributed across the world. If you want to know where the wealth of this country has gone, look no further than the 1% in this country. The same people the other candidate wanted to redistribute wealth from. And sending jobs abroad hasn't really resulted in the loss of jobs; that's automation. Unemployment is at the lowest level since the recession.
  2. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    What parts of the speech do you believe are absolutely correct? And how do his opening moves-- not letting people get mortgages, reducing taxes for the rich-- play to alleviating these inequalities? I guess there's always a chance that starting trade wars will send the job-eliminating robots away....
  3. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    I finally read it. What do you think was good about it? Good without qualification, good from the perspective of his base, or good for Trump, because anything slightly coherent exceeds expectations for him?
  4. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    I find him impossible to watch, so I don't know how it went. What was the general message of the speech? Was he his normal insulting, self aggrandizing, divisive self?
  5. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    Conservative plot? I didn't suggest it was a conservative plot. It just says something about its efficacy/ consequences/ counterproductivity when conservative trolls laud its implementation. Why not forgo all gerrymandering and come up with an alternative method of promoting minority leadership?
  6. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    Forgive my ignorance but if gerrymandering were to be struck down, would packing districts to make minority elected officials more likely still be as necessary? And is that truly the only effective strategy to produce that result (I am skeptical that it is). It kind of says something that Gingrich and other conservative trolls are vociferous proponents of this variety of districting. Why not eliminate gerrymandering entirely and promote minority leadership through other channels?
  7. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    I'm unclear what you're Saying about this. We shouldn't want gerrymandering to be declared unconstitutional because it's difficult to end it practically since gerrymandering to increase minority representation is benevolent but also causes unintended wins for republicans? Apologies for misunderstanding, I'm just not following.
  8. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    There are currently 4 liberal justices, 3 conservative, and Kennedy, the swing guy, who in this case looks like he'll vote with the liberals. With the appointment of a conservative judge to replace Scalia, this gerrymandering case looks like it would be decided 5-4 in favor of gerrymandering being unconstitutional.
  9. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    That would make it 5-4 in favor of deciding gerrymandering unconstitutional. RBG, kagan, Sotomeyer, and breyer are liberal, and Kennedy was the deciding vote; he's on board contingent on whether a system could be articulated. Honestly, I think Thomas is the only justice who'd definitely vote against, as aLito and Roberts could probably go either way, based on whether they accept the system presented (probably unlikely, but less decidedly than Thomas)
  10. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    But a majority of justices believe gerrymandering is unconstitutional, and have been merely waiting for someone to come forward with a system to measure and regulate it uniformly. It looks like such a system will be presented before them soon.
  11. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    Are you saying "no" to the suggestion that this case might yield a different outcome from kal's point about dems being gerrymandered to oblivion? The proposed solution is a kind of algorithm that CLC is working on to reduce "wasted votes" in districts. Eta: or do you mean that the two guys working with the CLC on this have ties to Russia or something?
  12. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    Might this play out differently once that SCOTUS case in Wisconsin is decided? Am I wrong to have hope that we're close to articulating "principles of fairness in districting" that Kennedy will accept?
  13. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    I'm curious-- are they having a change of heart in the aftermath? I'm interested to see how Trump voters react to him as he goes from candidate to president. I'm sure Trump voters already feeling regret is by no means widespread (I know the Tumblr site, though I don't think it's significant in number yet), but this Vox piece on it was kind of interesting, especially in terms of putting into perspective for me just how unseriously they took him. I don't think I truly appreciated just how much a lot of these people believed Furious Orange was just an act and that he would be a competent, reasonable person once elected.
  14. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    Undoubtedly, some Dems/ liberals are bigots. I don't think anyone would suggest that libs/ Dems are free from bigotry. Just looking at the discourse surrounding the women's march and the hostility toward intersectionality tells you that we have a long way to go. But, uh, importantly, those who didn't vote for Trump are not guilty of having voted in favor of bigotry. It's pretty simple. Bigotry is part of the Trump package. By voting for him, one voted for bigotry, even if it was not the explicit selling point for a particular voter. A vote for Hillary, by contrast, was not, and it's absurd to argue otherwise.
  15. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    So then surely those who held their noses and voted anyway are making generous donations of their time/ money to organizations devoted to thwarting bigotries, right? You might be wrestling a greased pig with this. That poster spent a lot of time in the pre-election threads arguing vigorously that there's no appreciable difference in levels of bigotry between the Clinton and Trump campaigns. If you vote for Hillary, then you cannot call Trump voters "bigots," because her Wall Street policies are harmful to minorities, and you'd be a hypocrite, it was repeatedly argued. So, yea, I think that poster keeps trying to say we're in glass houses regarding pointing out Trump and his voter's bigotries.