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  1. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    This is the main problem I have with how he's handling his business. He's got clear priorities, and it ain't us. OK, so what he's doing is legal. Fantastic. How much time and resources did he divert to covering his ass to do exactly what he wanted to do rather than preparing himself for the challenges of the office he is about to take? We've got at least 4 years to look forward to Trump finding the loopholes and hidey holes in the rules and regs concerning the Executive Branch. He's gonna use them for his benefit, and not ours.
  2. U.S. Politics: Confirming The Trumpocalypse

    This press conference is a shit show. He's really showcasing his ability to completely divorce himself from fact, reason, grace or anything resembling personal qualities you want in a president. Go America!
  3. Crisis in Chicago

    But banning guns is the whole issue, isn't it? It's enshrined in the constitution. But let's say that somewhere down the line, there is the political will to re-interpret the constitution and we do ban guns. How long does it take to drain the existing guns out of circulation? A very, very long time. And I didn't know that about El Chapo. interesting.
  4. Crisis in Chicago

    I live in eastern Iowa and the gangs have been spilling into cities surrounding Chicago. There has been a small up-tick of gang related shootings, which - to be honest - any serious gang activity in Iowa is kind of disconcerting. To be clear, it's not something I notice in my daily life, but the news sources talk about the Chicago connection to gangs here (so it must be true!) I have zero idea why Chicago is such an outlier when compared to other large cities. I think decriminalizing drugs is a good place to start. Not a solution, but with drugs not being as big a factor in gang activity, we might be able to more clearly see other areas to focus on. Something else I've thought about regarding guns: gun control is a losing battle. There will always be ways to get guns if you want them. What happens when you don't focus on the guns themselves, but what you do with them? Any crime committed with a gun automatically carries a much harsher sentence. Carrying a concealed gun without a permit carries a harsh penalty, etc. I have reservations about automatic penalties, but would harsh enough consequences dissuade people at all? I know the concealed carry would just give cops an incentive to stop and frisk, but in general, tell me why this is the wrong way to go about it. It's just something I've been thinking about.
  5. U.S. Politics: Confirming The Trumpocalypse

    The Golden Shower show was performed specifically to defile the room Pres Obama liked to stay in Russia, so that's a net positive for his supporters and may even win him some fans. I have no doubt he will give us something to sink our teeth into once he has to start taking responsibility for his position, but this feels like distraction.
  6. Crackpot theories you like?

    Told ya I wasn't well versed in crackpot I don't really go for the truly crackpot ones. But I will sign on to one mentioned up-thread. That the ice dragon, or remains of, cools the pool in the Godswood (that's the one that's cold, right?) I just like the thought of it.
  7. Crackpot theories you like?

    I am not really familiar with all the crackpot theories out there. The ones I do tend to like are ones that aren't about large events or main characters. So forget about Howland being the High Septon, or Jon and Dany being twins, etc. I do like the Lem Lemoncloak theory. I also like Oberyn poisoning Tywin. I'd love for the Sailor's Wife to be Tysha. Lot's of little things that I can still work into my head canon because I doubt all of the little details will be addressed by the end.
  8. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Protagoras, I don't think we really disagree. You're speaking to the realist side of things, and I'm speaking to the ideal side of how society works, but we both agree they don't match up. Maybe it's the question that's unclear. When we ask 'how does Westeros value society', do we mean what people give lip service to and agree is the best course of action, or do we look at what people actually do? I'd argue that you're right, people do break the rules and settle and look the other way if the prize is high enough. But doesn't the fact that they have to look the other way mean that chastity is actually valued? I know you're saying that it is, but that it's low on the list of things to look for in a bride. I'd say it's higher than you are making it out to be. Essentially, the one in the position of power gets to make that call. If you're the father of a marriageable girl, you don't want to give a more powerful lord a reason to pass her by, thus the value of chastity. Only very, very few families could pass off a promiscuous girl as a highly sought after bride, And the thing is, the father doesn't even have to be ambitious to want his daughter to marry well - it's all about her well being and her station in life. He's showing his love for his daughter by making sure she is cared for as she deserves to be. It's twisted, but it's all tangled up in the 'women as property' thing. (ugh - and I just feel dirty talking about women as chattel, but that's how this thing works here, so I'm going with it)
  9. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    OK, but how does that relate to how chastity is valued in Westeros? I agree that the ideal and reality don't often overlap much - not just chastity, but everything. No matter what societies' ideals are, many many people often fall short. I agree that chastity is one of those things that is more harmful to enforce than not, but I'm a modern woman so of course I'd say that. Wanting your children to love and respect you is also a rather modern ideal (and again, not really the topic of this discussion)
  10. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Of course, but I am talking about the ideal here, not the reality.
  11. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    It seems that the norm for Houses that follow the Seven (most of them), chastity is important as you would expect. The Faith is similar enough to the Christian tradition that feel fairly comfortable roughly equating the two. So there is a religious aspect to it - the charges against Marge show that. And obviously paternity plays into it. The outliers seem to be the Mormont women, Asha and the Dornish. We don't really have any good information about the North and those who follow the old gods. We mainly see the Starks and Cat has a lot of influence here with her Southern views. Rickard Stark perhaps also had Southron ambitions, so what we see here isn't necessarily typical of the Northern houses. I'd imagine they roughly follow the Southern view, but I also kind of expect there to be more outliers as well - the Mormont women being the prime example. The wildlings follow the old gods and put no religious value on it, so if the Northern houses value it, it must be influence from the South, or to protect their inheritance. Asha is kind of her own animal - she has been treated as the heir, and thus above the usual rules. We don't know what the Drowned God has to say about it. If she expects to inherit, then she doesn't have the worry about paternity that a male ruler would have. Same goes with Arianne. She and Asha are in privileged positions and can afford to flaunt tradition to a degree. With Dorne, however, it does seem to be a more accepting culture. We haven't really seen it coming into conflict with the rest of Westeros, so either they are not quite so different than the rest of Westeros after all, or the other families that have married Dornish women just accept it. But, as others have said, daughters are bargaining chips. Sure, you can overlook a few things is the house is connected enough. If you have your pick of the litter, however, why go with a used model when you can buy new? (bleah!) Ambitious fathers would want their daughters to present their best selves, and that is a pretty face who can dance and sew and run a household and be devoted to her new husband and their children without the ghost of a past lover looming. Have we seen examples of women having sex/children out of wedlock in the lower classes? With a fairly reliable abortifacient and nothing important to inherit, I'd expect that the common folk would have much less of a problem with promiscuity, unless it really is just ingrained as a sin against the Faith. (and of course this is all referring to chastity being valued as a societal ideal. In reality, sex is gonna happen all over the place. That's another reason women were married young - gives them less time to fight against human nature)
  12. Checking in to say me too. I was expecting to be annoyed at people ringing my doorbell as they have the last few elections, but nada. Iowa here, specifically eastern Iowa which leans more democratic.
  13. Trump had timing on his side. His strength was picking the right message at the right time against the right candidate. It doesn't show that his campaign was therefore good, it just shows that a well run campaign isn't the end-all-be-all. I think that messaging is part of a campaign strategy, but it's only the most visible and superficial part. It seemed like the day-to-day nuts and bolts were nothing special, and at various times seemed to be a hot-mess.
  14. Looking for information on Sv Mikulas day

    It went well - thank you for thinking of it I appreciate all the input you guys gave me. It gave me a lot more confidence in speaking about it. It's one thing to read about it for research, but it was good to hear from people who actually live it. Our meetings are mostly language review and lessons, but we try to add a theme or flavor to them to keep up interest. I was able to pull out several new vocabulary words for us from the presentation, so that's a bonus. It's not a very critical audience, but it's fun. Again, the help was much appreciated. Hope you all had happy holidays.
  15. Why Not Kill Jamie!!!

    Going back to the point that Robb killing Jaime would make Tywin so angry that he would not treat with Bolton and Frey I think is wrong. Killing Jaime would have been against custom and have been seen as lacking honor. It would give Bolton and Frey an even better excuse to treat with Tywin. They did not make the decision to kill him and if they could tell Tywin they did not agree and now regret backing Robb - who doesn't know or respect the rules of war - then Tywin is not going to turn that down. (not that they needed an excuse to back Tywin, but this is an entirely believable excuse to be a tipping point to turn against Robb)