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  1. So you're basing your expectations of this scene off a snippet of conversation in a trailer? Why not wait and see what they decide to talk about. I'm sure Gilly's origin is part of that, but that kind of gives an easy transition to, hey and speaking of beyond the wall ... icy doom coming at ya.
  2. Can Bran influence the future when he enters the past?

    The future is (sort of) unwritten. I know it gets complicated, but this is my simplistic way of looking at it. There is a critical piece of information Jon needs to know to beat the White Walkers. He can talk to him through the greendreams/wierwood at a point in the past where he will be receptive to it. That will change the future events. He could also send him a letter with the same information right now and that would change future events. Of course, going the mystical route might actually be quicker or more reliable, but it has the same effect as Jon getting that letter at the right moment. Basically I think Bran can change the future as much as any person can change the future. I tell you there's a traffic jam on the highway, so you take a different route to work - I changed a possible future outcome (you being late). We do that everyday, but we never think of it in terms of changing the future. It's just cause and effect. Yeah, it gets muddied, but basically all Bran is doing is transmitting information and people are acting on that information. When and how he does so isn't as important as the fact that he does.
  3. Let's not complicate it people - I thought it was shown clearly that Leaf's spear didn't penetrate because of the armor. Meera hit exposed flesh.
  4. Everyone's complaining about Llittlefinger's teleporter, but we're missing the fact that he sold a copy to the High Priestess. Tyrion sends for her in Volantis and she appears in the next scene. The local priests must suck at their job.
  5. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    I keep coming back to this because I think this explains so well the problem I have with this season. Even Aegon - someone rooting for Michele and convinced that she was the winner, was thrown by Aubrey losing at final tribal. If Aubrey had gone out where Cyd did - I absolutely see how Michele wins that final. I'm kind of back to being mad at the editors, kinda, maybe. The ultimate story just wasn't that good and it sucks because this season had so much good, but the end deflated me like a balloon. Poor Michele. It's absolutely not her fault. She did what she needed to do, but even so, she's never going to get the respect that she deserves for making it. Oh well - she's got the mil, right?
  6. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    How can they show what the jury didn't give them? None of the people who were never voting Aubrey gave any obvious confession to that effect. Actually, while watching the Ponderosa videos, I quite liked Nick. Yeah, he's full of himself, but he knows it and laughs about it. I can get behind that.
  7. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    I watched the videos of the jury members talking about how they were going to vote (must have been before the final). I now get why Aubry lost. The swing votes seemed to be Nick and Cydney, maybe Debbie. No way in hell were Scot, Jason or Julia voting for Aubrey. Also watching Cyd's Ponderosa, you can see how immature Jason and Scot were being, so it's not surprising. Well, at least I know now why Aubrey lost. I'm not sure how you show that, so I'm a little less pissed at the editors now. It's a combination of being sore losers that was probably mostly fostered at Ponderosa, and Michele not being very dynamic. This is the closest I've ever been to bitching about a bitter jury, but I know that's how the game is played. Ironically, I think Michele won because she was a follower rather than a leader. Seriously though, watch those videos. The amount of delusion and bullshit oozing off those three is amusing. Scot might have been ok on his own, and maybe Jason would have been ok on his own, but those two together bring out some ugliness.
  8. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    I disagree with your assessment of Aubrey getting lucky. Yes, the Neal medevac was for sure a lucky break for her, but the game is littered with lucky winners. You need a little luck in your game at some point and it's what you do with that opportunity that matters. That she was in the fire-making challenge at all was because of her relationship with Tai. And who was truly expecting a final 2? It's possible, of course, but why was that lucky for Aubrey and not Michelle? Sure, she was coming on strong in the challenges lately, but it still would have been another challenge she had to survive and it wasn't a given. Like I said, I'm not dissing Michelle, I'm dissing the editors and how they told the story. I agree that Michelle had a good technical edit, but I think there's more to a story than just that. I don't see why Michelle pouring it on strong at the very end is more admirable than Aubrey slowly evolving throughout the game. Hell, I don't see why Tai doing well at the beginning and coasting through the end is bad either. He did the work after the switch to survive and made it. If he hadn't he wouldn't be at the end for people to complain that he fizzled out. Sure, Aubrey didn't play it perfectly, but her mistakes weren't fatal and she course corrected. That shows why she could have won it. Michelle only came on strong at the end by winning two back to back challenges when she needed them. That's very good, but that's all the show demonstrated her doing. We didn't see her making relationships other than her original beauty tribe. Others reached out to her and she was shown being the passive one. I'm not saying that's how it absolutely went down, but it was what we were shown and that makes for an unsatisfying winner for me. This season was different in that unlike other under the radar winners, Michelle didn't win because the other person was disliked. If Aubrey was that disliked, then they decided not to show it. That's why I think the editors made a decision to not glorify the nice, normal, girl-next door, don't rock the boat winner and it pisses me off. Another thing that confused me - did Tai really flip-flop that much? Everyone kept saying it but I don't think it's really true. He turned on Anna after the switch, but that was self-defense and he and Anna weren't really allies to begin with and in the process he bonded with Scot. Then he flipped on Scot and Jason. After that he stuck with Aubrey. Even when he was voting Michelle, it wasn't against her - he just disagreed and made a bad play. His loyalty didn't waver.
  9. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    Point taken, but I have no idea why Michelle won over more jurors. I just added a second round to my reaction post above while you were posting that might explain how I feel better than I originally stated.
  10. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    Wow, I was completely wrong. How underwhelming. I am going to be very interested in why people voted the way they did because I think Aubry played a much better game from what we were shown. I'm really not happy about that outcome at all and I think the editors told a horrible story with it. eta: second round of reactions. I'm still completely underwhelmed. I am not dissing Michelle's strategy because it worked for her. I am upset with the editing of this season because Michelle had no story that I could see. Aubrey and Tai and Cyd had stories and aside from the blood on their hands, their stories weren't really 'how they lost'. Yes, Aegon was pointing out red flags for each, but they were not flagrant. Russell Hantz's story is all about why he lost, and that was not the story they told about Aubrey and Tai. I'm guessing that the producers don't respect the type of game Michelle played (under the radar, going with the flow) that they edited her way down so that most people wouldn't be rooting for her and discourage that in future players. They want Tais, they want Aubrey's - they don't respect Michelles and that pisses me off too. One because that is bullshit and two, because it just pisses off viewers who don't get the chance to get invested in the winner if they dare to be normal, well-adjusted people. Sandra is kind of an exception because she's sassy and fun. She has the same type of strategy, but she gives good tv so we get to see the story of how she won by outlasting everyone else and making friends and making the right enemies.Seriously, Jeff has ignored Michelle as much as he can get away with. I was really interested in why people voted for Michelle over Aubrey, but they won't even give us that much because it would put too much attention on Michelle. I get that the edgic was on point, I just disagree that they did a good job overall. Michelle had an edit, not a story. That sucks. I honestly don't think I've been this underwhelmed since the Jenna win in Amazon.
  11. Best lines of 604

    The best lines were the unspoken ones said at the Wall during supper.
  12. I did love the hug - OMG finally, a reunion! But ... anyone kind of put off by Sansa's immediate turn from shell shocked damsel in distress to RAWR WE MUST FIGHT!. After the letter, yeah, it totally makes sense. Before that though, when here and Jon were having a private moment it seemed like an abrupt turn about for her. Just give her a little time to mentally adjust to her new situation before pulling out the claws, that's all I'm asking.
  13. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    It's amazing to me that Michelle has had that many confessionals because they just don't stick. Like I said, I might be eating my words here, but I'm not feeling it. I'm still thinking Aubrey wins it. She has been shown to be competitive in different challenges and if she or Tai wins it, I wouldn't be surprised to see them willing to go to rocks. (perhaps, perhaps not, but I can see Cyd and Aubrey going to loggerheads over this, Tai siding with Aubrey having an idol around his neck and Michelle saving herself). Tai and Cyd have more red flags, yes, but I also don't see them as completely out of it. Probably Tai more out of it than Cyd.
  14. if stark = ice then martells= fire?

    Yeah, I think we will find out something about the Stark bloodline that embodies ice. Could be actual intermingling of bloodlines between Stark and Others, or something like a blood magic bond to seal an ancient treaty. I think the same of Targaryens - something in the blood is an embodiment of fire, again, most likely a blood magic ritual to bond them with dragons.
  15. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    Out of all four left, only Michelle would feel like an unsatisfying win for me. I agree with Kyoshi - Michelle is perfectly generic and following where she needs to be. I get that, and I don't disrespect that strategy, but we don't see her talking about it really. In the episode that Julia got voted out, I don't think she even really talked about it in her confessionals (if I remember correctly). That would have been something that could have showcased her actual gameplay rather than just giving generic comments. My parents can't even remember her name at this point. She's 'that girl in the yellow bikini'. I have no idea what her personality is like. Cydney, Aubrey and Tai are well drawn and distinctive. Michelle looks good in a bikini and doesn't need to be carried, bro. I know this because she told me, not because I am seeing it in the edit. Aegon, I am surprised that you are all in on Michelle. You're the one who is always talking about the character and stories the seasons are telling, and as far as I can tell, Michelle has no story. She has a weird edit that people can't dismiss and so they are reading it as a winning edit. Maybe I will eat my words, but I will never agree that Michelle has had a compelling, or even mildly interesting story. Maybe I need to watch Marquesas again, but I think even V had seeds of how she won sprinkled into her narrative in a more convincing manner.