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  1. Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    That money is still sitting there for them, waiting to be claimed. It's over a billion now. But as Metis said, it's absolutely not about that. They truly, deeply believe in what they are fighting for.
  2. Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    I agree, that will never fly as it's too broad. If only there was a historical understanding of boundaries or a document of some sort that could somehow help define specific borders. Maybe like a treaty or something.
  3. As has been said, I think they were on the cusp too. Clem is an exception, but Abernathy was the one spouting the 'violent delights' line and he saw past his programming to recognize the picture was unusual. The milk guy was hearing voices in his head just as we saw Dolores hearing Arnold (who was actually herself). Dolores has a few scenes where she was looking quite bewildered and mad too. I don't expect each host to come to consciousness in the same way. Ford (I think) did say there were a handful of hosts on that path. The main issue with keeping those that appear to be on the cusp in cold storage is that they are lobotomized, which would seemingly negate the practice of cold storage to keep them 'safe'. I liked the ending, but am left unsatisfied on a lot of levels. Some of it is by design, but some of it it is by the storytelling. I was on the MiB/William train, but was ultimately let down by it. It didn't seem like a natural evolution. I get that he was supposed to have snapped a little through his adventures (or maybe been unleashed is a better term?), but it seemed abrupt and the story about killing Maeve's daughter didn't fit well with that narrative since he looked well on his way to awfulness by the end of his first trip. I guess I was projecting what I wanted his story to be onto what was actually happening. I was hoping there was a purpose for his actions rather than just, yep, I'm a bastard. And his quest for the maze was really, really anticlimactic. And Teddy's backstory seemed like it mirrored William's in a lot of ways, but I guess it wasn't by design? Here's hoping more seasons will tie this all up together more and be more satisfying.
  4. Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    The thing that has upset me the most about this whole situation is that this is happening on Sioux lands according to original US treaty. The US broke that treaty, duh. The Sioux have been trying to bring this up in court for nearly a hundred years and finally the Supreme Court agreed that, yes, the US fucked up and offered them payment for the land. They decided not to accept that because it was never for sale, they never ceded it and it is still theirs by treaty. So fuck the legality of DAPLs actions, it's built on a series of actions that would look clearly illegal in any other situation, except that it's the US government and they don't wanna give up the rights to the land they took, so they won't.
  5. The plant in question is in Indiana. Hmmm, who's the current governor in Indiana? It's on the tip of my tongue ...
  6. Ugh - no, those covers are not ok enough. Those are horrible. The swords aren't the part that bothers me, it's the typography and the way it's just plopped over it with a glow behind it. Really, really horrible, actually. The Heart of What was lost is ok. It may be a bit dull, but it was put together well. Compare that to the covers for the older books and they look like they are self-published with a cover by a friend who knows how to do a few things in Photoshop.
  7. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    I love it when you can find little (not so little, actually) things like that. It's actually kind of hard to get unbroken lines you can verify so I love it when people do find the connections.
  8. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    This is what the MiB has been doing all along, I think. He drags Dolores into the barn and tells her "I don't want it to be easy, I want you to fight.' That's pretty stretchy, but it does fit when we get more puzzle pieces. He wants to know about the maze and shoots Lawrence's wife which triggers a message from the daughter. I think it was the MiB who said at one point that the hosts are most real when they are in pain. Someone said it if not him. So yeah, it's been there all along, we're just seeing it really being spelled out for us now towards the end. Actually, this episode set me back on my heels a little. With the trauma=awareness thing going on, I was being pretty forgiving with the MiB and his actions. Now we learn that he does have a monster inside him and I don't like that. I thought Will (MiB) would get more grey, but never 'shoot a child to feel something' dark. His wife committed suicide because the monster was lurking just under the surface. That's pretty damn dark. No, Maeve was never seen with William or Logan. And I wasn't a huge fan of this episode much. The Maeve thing just needs to move along. I also felt the MiB was too much of an exposition dump in this one. I know, we need a bridge to get to the end, but they've been flowing really well up til now. It just feels like filler like none of the other episodes did. And I couldn't care less who Wyatt is, I just hope it's worth it.
  9. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    We found a will with a named slave to be passed on to a daughter. The slave's name was Belly. You know these things in your head, but sometimes unexpected things hit you hard in the gut. We knew the family owned slaves, but seeing the name on the document slammed it home for me.
  10. US Politics: The Transition Continues

    While I am in favor of rethinking the EC, I can tell you that in general, the fellow Iowans I talk to are against it. Not because we are food producers (I don't quite get that argument), but because the midwest is so very far away from either coast and people feel like we don't matter in the national discussion except when it comes primary time (and don't even get me started on that. Take it away from us, please). They will fight to retain whatever relevance they still feel they have. And my small slice of anecdotal evidence is from eastern Iowa, which tends to lean more democratic.
  11. See, I was kinda thinking along those lines too, but I'm not sure. Is 'the incident' and Arnold's death one and the same? They refer to both as if they are, but nothing really rules out them being different events, right?
  12. The scenes are edited very strangely sometimes. When Dolores is talking with Lawrence's daughter or when she is on the train with Lawrence and William, there are short scenes of her without those people in the background where you'd expect them. It could be that Dolores is reawakening and retracing her steps from the last time this happened to her. But yeah, it's tricky. The biggest stumbling block to the William = MiB theory seems to be the scene in which the deputy tries to apprehend her to get her back on her loop. Stubbs is the one who sent him out and William is the one who stops him. If it is present Stubbs sending out a deputy, and a past deputy that we see, then we never saw a present day attempt at apprehending her. If that were the case, I'd think we'd be hearing more about Dolores going rogue. On balance, however, I'm still on board. I think there are going to be people on each side of the fence that are going to feel a little tricked when it all plays out, but I think mainly that I'm cool as long as it's a good story. eta: and the Gunslinger coming back to life would be super cheesy
  13. That's actually a good point. I'm guessing it has to do with Felix being scared about Maeve seeing him with the bird. In for a penny, in for a pound. Even if he shuts her down to zero, he'd have to explain why, and the higher ups would examine her so she'd be able to tell on him. The first step didn't seem so bad and before he knew it he was in too deep. I've been rewatching and I'm more convinced than ever that MiB is William. I wasn't really seeing the purpose of Teddy beyond a vague idea that he tethered Dolores to her loop, but Ford flat out says that, so issue solved for me. Much like Elsie explaining that the hosts' backstories ground them, and why Bernard has a deceased son.
  14. Looking for information on Sv Mikulas day

    Sweet - this has been my go-to list for carols. Especially since it clearly scrolls the words as it goes. Suuuper helpful!
  15. Looking for information on Sv Mikulas day

    Thank you guys so much for sharing your stories. I do appreciate it This has helped to round out the info I've been able to find. It's interesting to me that the Czechs adopted the angel in addition to the devil/krampus/black pete figure.