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  1. Gertrude added a post in a topic US Politics -- Where Candidates Fall like Leaves   

    Personally, I would love to see the primaries change schedule for each cycle. Midwest states within one window, west coast in the next window of time, etc. then just switch up which block of states gets to go first next. I'm begging, please - take it away from Iowa. Then again, I am not directly making money off the influx of advertising and campaign expenditures, so Í'm not the one you need to convince.
  2. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    NOOOOOOOOOO! Jeremy pulling out the save only for Spencer to mess it up makes me so sad.
    But really good episodes. I honestly think this has been a really top notch season. Jeremy still looks good as a winner to me. Stephen was the target, Tasha the backup - Jeremy didn't come into it. He must be making really good relationships. We know Spencer and he have history and now I'm wondering exactly who Spencer thinks he can make it to the end with. Abi is too unreliable and I was half expecting her to go tonight once she began her 'I have to make a decision' schtick. Wentworth he could work with, but not trust. Joe - no one would win against him. Keith, who knows. Might be able to trust and work with, but I think Wentworth might have more pull. It's interesting because I think now we're back to voting blocs rather than alliances. Yes, a few pairs, but mostly I just see more chaos.
    I don't get the Joe love. Sure, he's a well-rounded, likable guy, but what they are showing us of him is boring. It revolves around his immunity prowess and threat level, but personality wise, who is this guy?
  3. Gertrude added a post in a topic Big Bang Theory: It's so sad now   

    I can't get the idea out of my head that Howard continues hie relationship with Elon Musk and eventually he and Bernie decide to go to Mars. Bernie gets pregnant and backs out, but Howie still goes forward. The twist is not Howie becoming his mother, but becoming his father.
  4. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    I think she pissed someone off too. Don't know how or why, because she doesn't seem that type of person, but why else? I don't think she's a super interesting person (didn't in Borneo either) but she's fine. She's just her. I did have a bad feeling for her boot at the beginning because she got to say a few words. I don't think it was a confessional, but she was noticable. Sad to say that qualifies for a boot episode, but there you are.
    I'm not sure I buy into the voting blocks either. There have always been sub-alliances within alliances. Calling Joe/Keith or Tasha/Kimmie a block feels wrong. They are the subs in the sub-alliances. Even I am getting bored with the Stephen storyline because ... we get it ... evolution, big moves, yada yada. Sure, it's important to let us know how Stephen is seeing things, but this has been set up for so many episodes and I just want to watch it, not have it explained to me 20 times. Maybe the repetition of 'evolution' is not a conscious plug, just an unconscious phrasing because it's a thing he's close to and it's seeping into word choices.
    Kyoshi - I don't think Stephen is playing particularly paranoid. He seems to feel very safe. I was surprised that he went to Jeremy with his plan, but I guess they are tighter than I thought. I might describe it as hyper-aware, but not paranoid.
    Man, that weather just looks rough and is getting worse. That just sucks and I feel for them.
    In every shot Ciera looks like she is getting away with stealing cookies from the cookie jar. I think she thinks her strategy is working. In a way I guess it is, but it's not really a winning strategy because she had to annoy a lot of people to get where she is. Wentworth is the threat, Ciera and Abi are the goats.
    So Savage in the Ponderosa video - kinda back to being that ass. Talking about how he and Wiggles are tight and Kass is on the outside trying to fit in and calling it school-yard stuff. Yeah, it's horrible that someone would want to interact with the only other two people she knows there. You expect her to make friends with the staff just so she can leave you two alone because you're sooooo tight? Not that the staff isn't an option, it's just the 'why won't she leave us cool kids alone' feel I got from it.
  5. Gertrude added a post in a topic You're Eddard, what do you do with Lyanna's Bastard   

    Here's the thing - If Rheagar and Lyanna had lived, they would have built a family with Jon - maybe that includes Elia, maybe it doesn't. However, Jon only shares blood with those listed and not Elia, so without knowing how Rhaegar would have integrated Jon into his existing life, I don't think it's an insult or a stretch to exclude Elia from the list of Jon's family.
    I think Ned did the right thing and the option I would have chosen. Aside from whatever he promised Lyanna, this was her son, and he loved her. He had already lost so much family and didn't know his wife or seen his own son at that point, I can't see Ned abandoning the child, the last bit of Lyanna and family to hold onto.
    Now about telling Cat, well, that does depend a little more on the nature of Ned's promise. Assuming he was free to tell her, however, I can see why he might not. And by not telling her, this became a point of contention. When he did know her better, I can still see why he might not tell her because by letting it go so long, he couldn't predict entirely how she would react, especially since Ned let it become a 'thing'. It would probably have been just fine, but if even a 1% chance of an irrational or careless word in anger would reveal the secret to even a servant, then I can see him choosing not to, And since Cat already had a 'thing' about Jon ... well, it was a problem of his own making, but it wasn't something he could be entirely sure of fixing. Imagine the scene where Cat is out of her mind with grief and lashes out at Jon. If she knew the truth of him, what would she have said that could have been overheard by anyone? She wasn't rational or careful at this point in time and didn't care about anything but Bran.
  6. Gertrude added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    I've been following this with a sick feeling in my stomach. Someone knew I was following and asked for an update and when I went to tell him, my throat closed and tears welled up. I don't have ties in France, but I don't know how anyone could hear of this and not just have their heart break. My thoughts are with the people effected by this. directly or indirectly or only empathetically.
  7. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    My guess on the split not happening is that the main alliance was pretty split on who they wanted to see go. I'm betting they were pretty wary of someone (Stephen, Joe, maybe Savage) using the split to their advantage and making a move outside the three women. I haven't seen or listened to Savage's exit interviews, but I'm guessing this will come up at some point because ... yeah. Everyone splits the vote all the time. It's just standard operating procedure at this point.
    The more I think back on it, the more I think Jeremy is looking like a winner.
  8. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    So the Ponderosa video sums up what I dislike about Savage. He is a likable guy and has a lot of good qualities, but he's got this veneer of entitled baby when things are going badly that is very off-putting. I know we only see the tiniest sliver of what productions wants us to see of Savage's personality, but I wasn't overly fond of what they showed us. I want to see more of Ponderosa Savage after a few days of mellowing. That guys looks like fun.
    Regarding Joe - my mom likes him. I asked her to describe his personality and she drew a blank.
  9. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    Yeah, it was Abi. Some people go out with grace ... some don't. I think the best moment was Savage's facepalm and muttering 'unbelievable'. That kind of sums it up right there. He just can't believe his honesty and goodness isn't blindingly obvious to people and deserving of reward. It wasn't his fault Abi and Ciera had it out for him ... except it probably was. Ciera for the obvious reason, Abi because he didn't manage her, or realizing that she couldn't be managed, get rid of her. Sure, on Angkor it was too risky, but I feel Tasha did the heavy lifting there so that was the relationship, not he and Abi. He didn't feel out his alliance on Angkor and realize that Abi was dead set on Woo, and even if he did, I can't see him changing his plans to suit others. I think that was his biggest downfall - too inflexible.
    I don't disagree about Ciera. She is upset that people don't want to play with her, essentially.
    I also agree that Kelley isn't a big player here. She had a big moment playing the idol, kicking Terry under the bus by implying that he found the idol, and playing the idol. Aside from that, they haven't shown her much. Just basically going with the flow and keeping her head down.
  10. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    It does! Savage was tight with Tasha and Joe, so Joe has one less shield and Tasha might be easier to pry away for someone. I was really afraid that the editing was going towards a Fishbach boot, thank god it wasn't. The episode was a culmination of the Savage v Fishbach deathmatch and I knew it was one of them. Joe was safe, lost immunity or not.
    While I was liking the new side we were seeing of Kass, flipping people off is not a good look. Not a good look on Savage, either. Ponderosa's gonna be fun!
    And huuuuuge kudos to Wentworth! Playing your idol at the right time is not an easy feat, especially when there are three targets. I wonder if there was more happening that made Kelley more confident of that move?
    Keith is tragically underused this season. We need more Keith taxi service. You call, We haul!
  11. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    I think people who were already in the head space of 'Savage is a douche' are going to read that story differently. Like you have to reach a tipping point and once you do, nothing a person does is right, even if it didn't bother you before? Out of curiosity, what was your perception of Savage in Pearl Islands?
  12. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    First off, this new quote system is weird. Anyone else get a red line and had to click 'insert new paragraph'? Why?
    Second, dude, this explains a lot. I thought we were trying to get you to see that he is, in fact, a pompous ass (prior to this last episode). If we're just arguing on a basis of liking/not liking his personality (in the context of the show), then of course that's objective. The way you were wording your arguments I didn't think you even saw what others were seeing.
  13. Gertrude added a post in a topic Survivor: Second Chances   

    In order to fill the Savage void left in all our hearts, I will add a nugget. I was talking to my parents this weekend about who they were rooting for (Spencer) and Savage's name didn't come up. I asked specifically about him and my dad wrinkled his nose and said ..... eh. I thought I liked him at first, but now ... I'm fine with him going out soon. My completely scientific and incontrovertible proof that Savage is a bit pompous and whiny.
  14. Gertrude added a post in a topic isn't shellfish gross?   

    I loooove seafood and shellfish, but I live in the middle of the god-damned country, just about equally far from the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf. Yep, well and truly fucked in terms of fresh seafood. When I travel I like to indulge in it when I can. It's not like I don't eat it at home, it's just not as good, thus I don't partake as much.
  15. Gertrude added a post in a topic Have You Ever Hitchhiked?   

    The only time was when I was in college and my car broke down about 10 miles outside town. (pre cell phone days) It was a family with a child, broad daylight and I was a sad looking girl. My mom freaked on me and told me a story about a family who picked up a girl and kept her in the basement for years. Thanks mom.

    I was traveling with my dad in Alaska. He was in the service there when I was born, so it was a nostalgia trip. He was talking about how it used to be illegal to pass a hitch hiker on the road? Or maybe just a thing you did because it was so desolate and dangerous if you broke down. Anyway, he decided to pick up a hitch hiker. He seemed decent enough until he started stroking my hair. My dad couldn't get him out of the car fast enough. It always cracks me up because we introduced ourselves and he commented on it being easy to remember my name because blah blah. When he got out, he said 'Good-bye, Lisa'. Lisa is not my name.