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  1. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    My parents are republicans and talking with my mother - who tends to be more emotionally swayed than my father - can't stand that about Rubio. She calls him a wind-up doll. I do think it's something that can hurt, but we're Iowans and we've already had our say.
  2. Paper book or Ebook? - Part II

    I don't entirely get the argument that e-books should be cheaper. The reason they don't publish paperbacks at the same time as paperbacks is because they know people will buy it for the value of having it now instead of a year from now. Just because we prefer to read a book digitally rather than physically, I think they should be priced the same - if it's only available in hardcover, the e-book should be priced the same. To be honest, I am not sure how prices overall line up e-book vs paper, as I generally buy digital. But if we're talking specifically how e-books should be cheaper because they are pixels instead of ink, I don't think that is a convincing argument. I know mileage may vary here. What I would like to see is that when you buy a physical book, an e-book copy is part of the bargain.
  3. Paper book or Ebook? - Part II

    I'm not sure I understand this comment. I'm reading it as 'Even if teachers are using physical text books, they can still use their own personal devices to be creative.' Isn't that a problem if teachers are forced to use their own resources for teaching on a regular basis? Yes, I know it happens all the time everywhere, but it doesn't mean it's right. I guess I don't know if you actually think e-readers/tablets are good for teaching or not. Is it just the environment? She teaches elementary music at two schools, one of which is a poor school. Her girls are in elementary and middle school. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure the elementary has the ipads, but the middle schools do. I asked her about distractions on the ipad like games, etc, and she said it's no worse than phones are. (and just to defend my cousin, she is not a lazy teacher nor does she lack creativity.) eta: I know this is kind of getting away from the topic, but I think it's an interesting aspect of how accessible e-readers now are and why schools might be choosing this path.
  4. Paper book or Ebook? - Part II

    I was talking with my cousin who is a teacher and has children in school. The conversation somehow turned to textbooks and I was surprised to learn how much they relied on ipads. One of the girls only had one physical book, the rest were e-books and the students were given ipads for the school year. I wondered what kind of problems they had with cost, maintenance, missing ipads, etc and she said it's really not a problem. I found it very interesting. I don't have kids in school, but I knew there was more reliance on computers and they were more available, but this kind of blew my mind in a good way. She likes it because it gives the teachers the freedom to pick and choose study material and not be tied to a physical book - it's just more flexible and responsive. I have no idea what the payment model looks like for school books, but it's a very interesting thing, I think. It's also going to get kids used to reading digital material over physical books, which they probably were anyway if they like to read.
  5. Hey, I agree that there is a problem with Iowa always being first and having an inflated importance in the process. Ideally I would like to see it on a rotating schedule, group up about 5 or so geologically close states and have primaries on the same night for that grouping. Yes, Iowa is whiter than white, depends largely on an ag ecomony, and all the other things you want to say about us. Each state has their own identity and no one state should be elevated in the process and all should be equally heard. Fuck your meaningless comment, no offense.
  6. Board Issues 4

    Fixed for me, thanks.
  7. Board Issues 4

    Thank goodness it wasn't just me. I was wondering how I was even going to ask about this issue if I couldn't post (this post made from Explorer). I wasn't able to create a new post or use quote feature to get the box ungreyed.
  8. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    It's frustrating when lines hit a dead end. The fun part is that there are so many lines to follow that you'll nearly always find something you can sink your teeth into. My dad (who is not the genealogist of the family) is focused on the paternal line - the family name. But my mom looks at all of it. She'll suddenly talk about a breakthrough on a name I've never heard her speak and then explain that it's the daughter of an uncle of her great-grandfather. She just likes the detective work of it all.
  9. When I see examples like this, I file them away in my bag of tricks to use when my Dad gets all riled up about welfare. The sad thing is, he agrees with me most of the time. When he gets all bent out of shape about the subsidies that wind or solar energy get because 'obviously they are not profitable on their own' he agrees that oil companies shouldn't get any either. And we're in Iowa, but seriously, fuck corn subsidies. It doesn't stop him complaining about wind or solar the next time, however without bringing up oil.
  10. Winds update (not a blog)

    But not bad enough to edit the comment. Gonna have to go with the majority here - real class act.
  11. Is the end of ASOIAF a little too obvious?

    People have touched on the reasons why I think the OP's question is missing the point. Even if you know a couple of plot points, the how is the interesting part. OK, assuming Dany is Azor Ahai - what does that mean? She sweeps in on her dragons, kills the Others and lives happily ever after with Jon? Or does she fight her destiny and reluctantly move from her throne in King's Landing only to sacrifice herself to ensure the Others are beaten back. I've watched Star Wars so many times because I enjoy the story, even though I know that Luke has a secret heritage, he discovers a special power and his mentor Obi Wan dies in the end. I mean, how predictable is that? Personally, I am looking forward to how it all resolves. That and rubbing my friends' faces in it when their theories are proven wrong :p. Yes, dammit, Jaime is the valonqar. (you know who you are)  
  12. What's annoying you today? Part the grievous

    Your name seems oddly apropros, Wise Fool. Foolish in the moment, wise enough to recognize it. So the word 'costed' is actually becoming a real thing that I am seeing written on the internet everywhere. Maybe I need to frequent a higher class of forum, but it's driving me a little crazy. I actually looked it up to see if there was something about the verb I was missing because I see it so much. And yes, while there is a specific case where costed is correct, it didn't apply to anything I've been seeing recently.
  13. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Oddly, my mom was talking about researching Millers the other day and I had never heard her talk about that name before. It's not in my direct line, just a side branch by marriage. So an update on my earlier story (which got eaten by the board restructure). Short version - a completely random encounter with a man from the Czech Republic with our same last name, which is a rare name. He was with an American cousin who translated between us and my mom kept in touch. My parents finally took their trip to the Czech Republic and the cousin was going to be in the CR at the same time. The man, Vladimir, lived in the same region our family was from so the American cousin, Sharon, arranged a local tour for my mom's genealogy research. In the meantime, Vladimir's son is also interested in genealogy and using info from my mom, found our connection - we have a common ancestor who was born in the mid 1600s, so a very distant cousin. The son also had info on a few generations back from there and at that point he has not been able to find anything else. Considering he is a native speaker in the region, we're pretty confidant we've mined that direct line out. Satisfying and disappointing at the same time. As I said, Sharon arranged a tour for my parents and she found someone who was able to research old property records and show them the land where our ancestors lived. In a few cases, there were some old buildings left. One was a barn/house that would have been standing when his grandfather left the country. My dad was pretty excited to see it, knowing that someone he knew in his lifetime would have also known this building. They saw the towns two of my dad's grandparents were born in. They also got to meet the mayor of ... something and she told them they have a reunion every five years for people from the region who have scattered elsewhere. They got an invitation and really want to go back for it :p. They also got a personal tour of a local church that has been standing since the 1300s with some interesting history. They enjoyed themselves immensely and my dad has a deeper appreciation for his heritage. He grew up listening to the old folks still talking Czech and keeping their customs, and now he feels like he gets it. We've been sprinkling a lot more Czech words into our conversations and drinking more beer and Becherovka and it's fun. Na zdravi!
  14. Survivor: Second Chances

    I've been trying to get my parents to watch theCBS videos of extra scenes and Ponderosa for a while now. I installed the youtube ap on their tablets and subscribed them to the channel, all but held their hand to do it. They still haven't. Tonight I sat down and made my mom watch Keith's Ponderosa because it is GOLD. Complete gold. She was laughing and then turned to me and said 'This is what I've been missing all season?' Yes, mom, yes you were.
  15. Survivor: Second Chances

    I think I've seen the same tactic from ... oh, someone in a few games around here