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  1. I don't know about howling, but I do know that Ghost growled at Rast in season 1? When Jon and his posse were trying to intimidate the others into leaving Sam alone. They commented on it once that they tried having Ghost mute, but it didn't play well on screen.
  2. Speculation :TV show vs. what the books will be

    Yeah, I think what they did for TV works well. If there is something more to it than just a glamour, it would be too complicated to get into for the show. The rest of my post about Mel not sleeping/eating was me speculating about book cannon. Hee hee, spec could get confusing mixing book and show freely.
  3. I think we know more than we think we do - there is still quite a bit of book material to cover. That and we have a deeper understanding of the material that the show is just short-handing. We've also had a lot of time to think about the book material and speculate, so I still think this is a relevant thread.
  4. Speculation :TV show vs. what the books will be

    Agreed - wasn't that a threat levied at Dany at one point? One of the Khals that rose after Drogo's death said he would take here there. So I've always seen her returning to the Dosh Kaleen before uniting the khalasars behind her. In the books, I am not sure how they take her without her permission as Drogon stands at her back, but who knows. To go forward, you must go back ... And regarding the horrible mess in Dorne, in very broad strokes, we have a country ready to go to war. Aside from, you know, all the details, that's what's happening in the books too. Very, very broad strokes. How they chose to show Melisandre wasn't a huge shock, and I think it works well for tv. We suspected she was very, very old, but I was imagining it differently. Taking into the account that Mel doesn't need to sleep or eat, and neither does Moqorro stuck in the sea for days, I imagined her as a kind of fire-wight. A parallel to the ice-wights. She doesn't feel the cold, either as she is warmed by the fire that animates her (maybe). I don't think all priests are like this since Thoros didn't seem supernatural, but maybe just high ranking ones. It fits better for me than just being flat-out old and using glamour. I'm holding out hope that the books will tell it differently than the show. I also think they left room for Jon to have warged into Ghost, and since the show hasn't touched on that at all with Jon, I just assume it's to simplify things. And bringing back the wildlings approximates the chaos that covered Jon's book assassination. So yeah - this story is probably the most similar so far. Sansa/Theon makes sense for the show, but I don't see them staying together for long. I can't see Jon welcoming him at the wall. He and Sansa have the shared experience of Ramsey to make them at least a working team. I don't expect any other Starks to tolerate him. I'm looking for Asha to find him soonish, or maybe he hears where she is at? Is she even in the North? I'm looking forward to seeing Jaime's reactions to what Cersei was accused of. They've got to put him back on track at some point, right? Of everything, the thing that breaks my heart the most is how they've ruined his story. I can't imagine a break from Cersei feeling earned at this point.
  5. [spoilers] What You Liked/The Positivity Thread

    Heady does a really good job with Cersei (as the show portrays her). I really liked some of the smaller moments. Her face when she was running across the courtyard was joyful. I don't think I've ever seen Cersei truly happy rather than wry satisfaction. Alfie Allen does such a great job with Theon, I wish he would get an acting nom. The little thing I noticed this time was when he was running with Sansa, he was so stiff and disjointed. The Dothraki pulling off the Spanish Inquisition skit had me laughing. Naked women are the best thing in life! And killing. And slaving. and horses. Yes, yes, naked women are one of the 5 best things in life.
  6. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    You know, the tribal eclipsed most of the rest of the episode, but the reward challenge was fantastic. I love this idea a lot. It still shows where everyone's head is at but doesn't just give a feast to all the wankers who just want to sit it out and eat. It shows that Scot and Jason are completely comfortable and arrogant about their alliance. It shows Michelle knows she is in the middle and not in any danger. Julia and Joe are almost forgivable, but again - they don't have that absolute drive to win this game. Cyd, Aubry and Tai are playing hard to win this thing and it's another solid brick in the story of why they should win when it comes down to final tribal. I want to see more of this type of reward structure. You know, when so many people (not just here) were talking about Michelle's edit, I was actually worried that there was some kind of spoiler out there and people were working backward to get that read on her. I feel pretty confidant now that it's just an honest reading of a wonky edit and people didn't quite know what to make of it. I think Aubry looks good to win. Cyd could win it, but she's really dropped off and she's not getting much story time. Tai could win it if people let him get that far. I want to say Jason can't win, but he would have Scot's vote, probably Nick, maybe Debbie depending on how betrayed she feels. Julia if she's also feeling ostracized. I don't think Jason is a sure fire goat, but the story telling tells me it's probably not him as a winner. I don't feel Michelle or Joe could win. If they do, I don't know what the editing team is doing. Julia is an outside chance, but again, probably not. Aubrey - Tai - Cydney - Julia - Jason - Michelle - Joe. Lord knows what order they go out or who the final three are, but that is my best guess at who has a chance to win this thing. I think Aubrey is the biggest threat right now - bigger than Tai - for reasons Jason spoke about at tribal. Tai made the big move here, but it was because Aubrey provided him the safety net.
  7. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    Honestly, I thought it was pretty obvious it was going to be Scot as well. At some point I thought maybe it was misdirection and I bought into the 'Aubrey is in danger' story, but the guys were laying it on sooooo thick I couldn't really buy it. They went out of their way to make sure we knew the guys were feeling powerful and the girls couldn't do a single thing about it. I'm not saying it wasn't glorious, but it wasn't out of the blue. I don't know if this helps Tai much, but it does help Aubrey and Cyd, so I'm good with it. I admit, I am kinda glad to see Julia be on the losing end of that whole deal. I understand why she wanted to work with the guys, but still - she made a deal with the devil and wasn't subtle about it. I watched Scot's Ponderosa and Neal had a comment that pretty much sums him up. 'I wasn't sure if we were going to get juvenile dick joke Scot, or the guy I actually liked hanging out with and talking to.' (paraphrase) When he is with Jason, either they bring out the worst in each other, or the show is portraying it that way on purpose. He seems like a chill dude otherwise. Also, Scot didn't think he came across as a jerk to anyone, so watching this season might be a bit of a rude awakening for him.
  8. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    So, wow. We can stop talking about Jason and Scott as slightly negative edits. Douche waffles. Not just the tools/fire/water shit, though that's bad enough, it was the showboating at tribal that is gonna taste super sour to people when they look back at it. And ... oh, it breaks my heart to see Tai fall in with a bad crowd. I really hope that his small confessional about feeling bad was a seed to bring him back to the light. Damn, I know gloating at tribal is a thing and it's sometimes hard to rein it in when the feelings are running that high. I give some leeway there, but this was over that line. Is it possible to now count out Michelle from the running? Two back to back episodes that had some major strategy happening and she gets a few lines reacting to it, but not making it happen. I'd at least have expected her to have something about people turning on Julia, her number one ally.
  9. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

  10. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    I usually don't do cast spoilers too far ahead of times, but I already caught wind of this
  11. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    Well, as it stands now, it's Julia/Michelle + Cydney + Aubry/Debbie/Joe. Agreed, that Joe is not a threat and he is working with them, but he is also a number for brains. If I were J, M or C in this alliance, I would be very worried about it. I wouldn't bully them to get my way, but that's the way I would approach it, can't speak for those women. It would definitely be a point of discussion. But yeah, it's probably smarter to go for one of the other men, then Joe, just because of the possible challenge threats. (not to mention idols) There are nine left, so I'd say he could last one more time, but no more than that from the perspective of those 3 women. And I might as well talk about the "women's alliance". Survivor loves to talk about the possibility and it almost never works out. And honestly, I kind of hate how it's usually framed. Most of the time it's a woman's alliance out of necessity and opportunity rather than solidarity yay girl power. Even Debbie telling various people she'd love to see a woman win I see more of as relationship building to get herself ahead rather than grrrrl power. There have been men's alliances too. You see this especially in the early game when the men talk about strength. They may include a strong woman, but it's understood that she's just the last woman standing from their point of view. Women's alliances tend to happen in the late game because they are often overlooked and have less of a target on them. In both cases, it's mainly like-minded people coming together that happen to be of the same gender, and rarely is it even pure men or women. Gender can be a factor in people thinking similarly, but it's not the only thing. So I really kinda hate it when they talk about it. I especially hate it when they frame it as 'will a women's alliance finally work?' They never talk that way about a men's alliance, and also - Parvati won with the help of the Black Widow Brigade, no?
  12. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    I can't explain Tai's actions without a lot a lot a lot of speculation. Maybe he took Debbie up on her offer of an alliance and never got told the target had switched from Jason to Nick. Also, we haven't been shown that Tai knows Jason has the other idol, right? They identified Neil's and Tai's, but I think Jason and Scott kept quiet about Jason's. Cyd knows though. And there's a reasonably good chance that Nick told Michelle about Tai's because he pretty much just couldn't keep quiet about anything. Or be subtle. So much we don't know. I saw a theory that Tai spilled the super idol beans on purpose to create cracks. By saying he was told about it maybe he hopes to shift a target from him (challenge winner) to the other guys. Possibly, but I think there's better odds that he is just a chatter-box.
  13. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    And now we see why Nick got such a big edit last time. It was so that this time they could focus on the circumstances rather than the person going home. It was a satisfying boot, but I like that Nick was completely self-aware of how he was coming off. Now, did Cydney do the right thing? I don't know. Did Michelle and Julia do the right thing? I think so, actually. Three brawns who had close ties to Nick that they could see, and close ties to Tai, which Julia saw, and they both learned at tribalt. The girls might not trust their girls' alliance, but honestly, they couldn't trust the other one either. If they weren't worried about idols, I'd say the women should try and negotiate with Deb/Aubrey to take out Joe as a sacrifice and to create trust. Michelle/Julia sacrificed Nick, and Cyd jeopardized her whole alliance. However, with the paranoia of a super idol out there, I'm betting they split the vote to flush it. Could cause an interesting scenario, because it's 6 (3 & 3) v 3 - lots of room for someone to get sneaky. Looks like the guys are going to get petty about this. And can I say how much I love Tai? I LOVE HIM! The whole immunity challenge was riveting because I wanted his reed in the wind analogy to be true and not a tease. And that he embraced Cyd afterwards and kissed her was beautiful. I love him! That's why he's never going to get near the end You guys still sold on Michelle? I think Aubrey is looking better and better.
  14. I'm not sold on Theon becoming King, but I also think it's a decent possibility. I think it would be on the strength of Asha and her followers rather than just Theon himself. If Theon does not rise up, then I think it is Asha. Euron and Victarion are not destined to last, and I think that will mark a shift in the Ironborn, even if they have to be dragged into it.
  15. I think Theon will emerge stronger than he is right now (as noted by many others). I think people are too focused on how broken and weak he is under Ramsey. He is already in the process of gaining himself back. No, I don't think he will ever be physically strong again, but he will be stronger. I also think him having a penis or not is irrelevant. If he is to be king (well, actually I don't think there will be a King of the Iron Isles, just the leader/Lord Paramount by the end of the story) he can name Asha and her children as heirs. It's not like the moment they declare him King/leader/whatever, they are going to do a quick check under the hood. No one knows, and if there are rumors or suspicions, it will be after he has had time to establish his rule. At the very least, I think Asha will use him to call a new Kingsmoot and one or the other of them will come out on top. I happen to think it will be Theon, with Asha giving him council behind the scenes. I also think something drastic has to happen to the fleet in the Reach that makes the more bloodthirsty of the Iron Islanders rethink their support for Euron. Maybe it's just that those that followed Euron in his raid will be largely killed off and the more thoughtful ones left will favor a less violent philosophy. I don't think Theon will have a particularly happy life, but I also think he survives and carves out a place for himself. I don't see him fading into obscurity.