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  1. Fucking hell. He will be missed.
  2. I loved, loved, loved the How, Why and Wonder book series as a kid. Specifically the dinosaurs and ocean books. The deep sea fish fascinated me and freaked me out in equal measure. Going for a more traditional book, I'd say the Velveteen Rabbit. When I was older, it was the Chronicles of Prydain.
  3. I don't think people are calling him a monster. I'm not, anyway. He hit a guy, and while that is unacceptable, it's the way he reacted after the fact that makes it really outrageous. His written statement was a flat out lie that blamed the reporter knowing all the while that there were several witnesses who could correct the record. He didn't comment on it at all until he was declared the winner and then issued his apology. (which ironically, mentioned taking responsibility for your actions, exactly the thing he didn't do). It was complete cowardice and he was getting cheered on for his actions. Have you watched the video where the crowd is literally cheering him and laughing at the fact that the reporter was assaulted? There are so many things about this situation that are disturbing. The fact that he hit a guy who was in his face is really one of the least troubling aspects of this whole mess. And about the actual assault, think of it this way. If an employee had to listen to dissatisfied customers all day and finally snapped at the end of the day and decked one of them, would anyone be defending that employee? Of course not.
  4. Is it also understandable when a horny guy who's been rejected all night sees a woman in a short skirt and assaults her? It is also understandable when a parent has a horrible day at work with customers yelling at him and hits the two year old because he also begins screaming as soon as he walks in the door? I get that you're not saying Gianforte's action was excusable, but by saying it was understandable is only a hair better than saying it was excusable, IMO. It normalizes it and makes it seem 'not really that bad'. And I had more to say about Northman's rant, but I'm just gonna leave it at wow.
  5. To me, it looks like he is grabbing his arm like he was going to say something to him, but he doesn't and uses it as a distraction to move to the front of the group. It's no less assholeish, especially when you see Trump's self-satisfied face. It's the same as his ridiculous power handshake that makes him feel like he's the alpha in control while others roll their eyes and don't care to engage in his stupid games. He's so embarrassing. One response I got was "He did what everyone else wanted to do." Jesus. ETA: The thing about Gianforte that gets me is the statement that he put out right after the incident. That he assaulted him is bad enough, but then that statement was toxic and a flat out lie. Oh, there were witnesses? Doesn't matter.
  6. Yeah, notice it's always alpha males that value challenge dominance? I'm not saying that physicality isn't important because it is a pillar of the game and is capable of getting you far, but man, it's not everything and I think we've seen that the social aspect pretty much always wins out. Is there a winner whose game was mainly physical over social? And I was unsurprised to see Culpepper's nature come out at the end. And he was so defeated during that final tribal and whiny at the reunion. Trial lawyer experience didn't really help, did it? We TOLD you we didn't want to see Troyzan and Culpepper on the show again, but you didn't believe we knew what we were doing when we didn't vote for them. I can see them maaaaybe wanting Culpepper back again (please no) but I can't imagine Troyzan is coming back again. Sarah was a good winner, just not very dynamic or engaging. I was rooting for her anyway since she's a home-town girl. Her and Denise Stapley. She was driving for a lot of the second half and she made good decision, made good relationships. I mean, my heart was always with Cirie, but I didn't have that much hope on that score. Cirie's boot played out just like I hoped it wouldn't. I can't imagine that Cirie would have made it to the final, so in that case, she might as well have gone out like she did. It's fitting of her legend because god-damned, she's a slippery one. Voted out when not one single vote was against her that tribal. Her and Sandra are undisputed titans of the game to me. ETA: AHA! Just looked at a list of winners and Mike Holloway is a winner that got through on sheer physical dominance. Everyone wanted him out but he kept surviving and it won people over in the end. He was the only one that struck me that way. We've had many physical winners, but they won because of their social and strategic skills.
  7. I get that people disagree on this and it's polarizing. What I especially disliked about this series of video was that they went out of their way to find malicious motives in every single word she uttered and every action she took. Like I said, I didn't think it was honest and it seemed to me they were just looking for views instead of discussing ideas.
  8. My initial take on Sarah's move was that Cirie and Michaela needed to be split up since Cirie's first words to Sarah were 'I was gonna help you, ask Michaela, she knows'. While it does help corroborate Cirie's story, it shows how tight they are. And yes, while Michaela probably isn't going to win any popularity vote, she could immunity streak it. Cirie's no threat there. I see reasons for keeping and kicking either one of them. I don't really see one as better than the other except for the fact that perhaps Sarah is closer to Cirie than Michaela and would help her get farther. That move was a net positive for Sarah over Cirie in a final - Sarah came out on top and used it as a trust exercise that had no downside for Sarah, and really, we have fuck all idea what's really going down out there and the dynamics. Maybe Sarah thinks she has more friends on the jury than Cirie and isn't as scared of her as we think she should be. Next week is what is interesting me so much. It's entirely possible that there is only one player eligible to receive votes. That would suck a lot, even though it might be exciting in the moment. Imagine not getting any votes at tribal but being the default vote out anyway no matter what anyone really wants. I think the probability of that is low, but it's not unbelievably low.
  9. This is the worst part, I think. Objectively, sure, you could say she chose to stay with Alex, but what other choice did she actually have? By the time Alex and his siblings tried to help her, she was so beaten down and terrified by the choices given to her. I can forgive a young Alex, but it's much harder to excuse the adult. I am suspicious of how much he really tried to help her rather than assuage his own guilt. It's not enough to tell her she's 'free', there was a lifetime of conditioning to overcome and you don't do that with a few heart to hearts. I didn't see counseling or any type of support offered to her in that article. He didn't have to ask about her love life, he had to have known that she had no time or opportunity to pursue that. He was willfully blind. And that obituary is just gross. As I was reading it, I was much more understanding of Alex and his siblings, but now I am finding that I don't accept their efforts to help her. It wasn't until she was in her 80s that she was asked if she'd like to visit her home? Yes, I am grateful that they helped her sort her immigration status and tried to give her more independence, but that seems so surface level and easy. I don't condemn them, because it is a very complicated situation, but I'm really not impressed with his part in her story.
  10. Completely impressed with Crystal Ball. She was just a guest on Tucker Carleson (don't judge, I wanted to see what Fox was saying). He was being his normal asshole, gotcha, distracting self and she calmly and firmly expressed her opinion and answered his questions. She was even able to somewhat turn it back on him at a few points. God what a slimy little asshole he is.
  11. Iowa did that too - it rolled back min. wage increases that a few counties had already implemented. I mean seriously, how petty is that?
  12. Is there a reason everyone is spoiling their comments? I thought this thread was started explicitly because we didn't want to have to deal with spoilers?
  13. I'm trying to express that yes, I am concerned, but no, not alarmed ... yet. I can't do anything about it right now, so it doesn't warrant an alarm from me. That's basically all I am trying to say. I'm tired of letting all the ways I think government is out to fuck people get to me - it would take up more time and energy than I have. I'm not saying I'm complacent, I'd just rather pick and chose my focus. Maybe this will become a focus for me in the future, but right now it's just melding into all the other background concerns I have. Sadly, it's business as usual for our government.
  14. Sure, of course you are. *pats Helena on the head gently*