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  1. Agreed that this theme (and most themes) are crap. Let's just hope casting did their job.
  2. We made a small road trip to see totality. It was pretty amazing, although we had a partly cloudy situation. We only saw the sun about half of the available time during the totality, but I feel lucky we got to see what we did. The clouds got worse after the event and we realized it rained in areas around us. Totally worth the trip though, even taking into the consideration the traffic that sucked ass afterward. We avoided any organized events or bigger towns and we still got hit with horrendous traffic jams. Once we got moving on the intersatate road work slowed us to a crawl for another hour to our great frustration. Took us over twice the time it should have to get back home. Like I said, still worth it. I'm in Iowa and we drove down to Missouri. The gas stations we stopped at over the border were filled with Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin plates - we completely outnumbered the native Missouri cars. Even in the more rural areas, we'd see ball fields set up for large viewing events, catering, etc. We ended up at an elementary school (not in session yet) next to their playground and surrounded by other travelers with chairs and blankets and coolers and a convenience store two blocks away for all our emergency needs. All in all a nice spot.
  3. I didn't mind the Missandei Grey Worm story, I just really dislike how it was written just like every other generic love story we've seen on TV. They could have taken just a little time here and there to explore what a physical relationship for an Unsullied would mean. That he's still a man and needs human contact and intimacy, even if it's not traditionally sexual for him. So I know the reason the Vale Knights are still in the North is because Littlefinger needs to be in the North, or more specifically, to be with Sansa, but come on! Royce is saying you can't trust a Targaryen, so is he not worried at all that a Targaryen Queen with full-blown dragons has just landed? Dragonstone is frighteningly close to the Vale so maybe they should, you know, go back home? Even if they believe the threat from beyond the Wall is real and pressing, they aren't far by sea from the North, especially Eastwatch. Have them say, Call us when you've got a plan, but until then, we've got this situation at home. We kind of left our Lord unprotected and we should probably do something about that.
  4. Who actually cares? Show Dorne is dead and gone and good riddance.
  5. I am wondering if Theon needs to do something plot wise as Reek. The show has written him as mostly past it, but in the books he's just taken the first step and is in a different place (geographically and mentally). I agree that Theon's moment of cowardice was the right thing to do. I also think it's mostly Reek, but not entirely Reek. The poster above says Reek would have surrendered, and I think he might have. He is Theon, but seeing the Iron Born desacrating and corpses and soon to be corpses definitely triggered a Reek like relapse in resolve.
  6. Do you know why this is the standard? What issues do you have with that? In the above video the cop wouldn't have gotten caught if he'd have waited 30 more seconds to clear the camera.
  7. I read somewhere that a firework went off that might have startled him. No idea why the gun was out, though. What I've been reading about the body cam policy in Minn. is that the officers have to turn them on prior to use of force. How is that a reasonable standard? Is there a reason they are just not always on, or maybe they get turned off when traveling, but otherwise need to be on? Having to manually turn them on prior to using force seems counter-intuitive. How exactly are you supposed to know ahead of time if something unexpected happens? And body cams are not only good for clarifying order of events in situations like these, it helps protect the police from spurious lawsuits brought against them in all kinds of situations. Unless there's some kind of technical limit, I'd think they should be on anytime an officer could conceivably interact with the public.So not while driving (dash cam covers that) and not in the office ... and that's about it.
  8. I read a story about this on a foxnews page. Anyone want to guess what many of the comments were like? Yeah, we all know how that goes. Funny how when the situation is reversed it's suddenly the people that hired him and didn't follow through with complaints about the officer are suddenly to blame.
  9. I know it makes no sense story-wise, but I'm still glad it was included at all.
  10. Sandor at the farm was far and away the best part of the show for me. It was written and acted well and it felt earned. And while I didn't love the Sheerna cameo I didn't even care because we got to hear Hands of Gold. I also actually liked the Sam montage as a bit of humor (just not how long it went on)
  11. Yeah, the Clegane scene worked because it was actually earned. They did the minimum to get there - an episode of idyllic life with Septon Swearingen - but they did put in the work. We believe that Clegane has reflected and regrets how he treated the farmer and his daughter. For me it wasn't the humor, it was the actual growth and emotion that we get to see written in a logical and consistent arc - something lacking in quite a few other arcs. eta: actually, I think the poster above me said it better.
  12. OMG! I'm so happy that song made it into the show in whenever, however that I didn't even mind the obvious cameo! I really, really want the whole song.
  13. Exactly my point. I thought that was what they were going for showing only one eye glowing, the right one being gone. That's how Wun Wun died. Also, Wun Wun is credited on the IMDB page and I know that's notoriously unreliable, but my gut is telling me that's what the writers wanted to go for. I want to be wrong.
  14. The two things I rolled my eyes hardest at were Sam 'discovering' where dragonglass is and Dany's taking of Dragonstone. Sam even says ' Stannis told me but ...'. But what, dumbass - you didn't believe him? You forgot? You thought he had like one or two pieces? No - That was disclosed to you quite a while ago and you knew it was important information. The plot couldn't make use of that knowledge until right now though, so you get to be the hero who gives that info to Jon. Yay you I iguess. And Cersei and Jaime know she will be heading for Dragonstone, hell, even if they didn't, they should have secured Dragonstone as soon as possible. It only guards King's Landing from the sea, but I guess there's no rush as your Kingdom is totally and completely at peace. Nope, no enemies to the East, South, West or North, nope. I mean, you do have at least a few ships, right? Right? guess not. Euron (sans crown and looking like a hobo) saves the day for you. You could have asked him to secure Dragonstone for you, you know. That's a good present. I mean apparently it's just sitting there with no one occupying it. All of Stannis Men went with him to the North. and his stewards and cooks and cleaning maids and the children and their nursemaids ... And if that giant in the opening shot was supposed to be Wun Wun with only one glowing blue eye, I give up.
  15. Passive doesn't mean boring. In the book he's all internal and I know it has to be hard to transfer that to the screen. I like Shadow more than Wednesday right now. Maybe it's because Wednesday doesn't have any mystery for me. I know what his goal is. By rights the same should hold for Shadow as I know his story, but he's different enough that I'm interested in him. The actor brings more life to Shadow than the book does (for me). I like seeing his reactions play across his face rather than through his mind.