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  1. US Politics: Opening Pandora's Box

    This mirrors the mindset of my own father. He talks a lot about fairness and what feels right/wrong, but it's from his perspective and life-experiences. One discussion specifically stands out to me that explained a lot for me. Economically, the 80s were very strong for him. This era was the ideal and therefore those policies will produce the best results. It was an easy sell as he's been a life-long republican, but we just don't see eye to eye on this at all and any facts and arguments I bring to the table do not sway him. He thinks I'm misguided.
  2. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Oh absolutely. Populations have always been fluid and adaptable. People are defined by culture, not region. If I up and moved to Japan, I'd still be American in my core, but my kids would be Japanese. Like I said, it's just a fun thing to think about. Random Cornish tie in: I have a fondness for that part of the country for the simple reason that my name is Cornish in origin (Jenifer). Even the spelling seems to be more specifically Cornish than the double N.
  3. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    I'm betting you have some Scandanavian DNA mixed up in there. Wouldn't be surprised at some Mediterranean or Iberian there as well. I know DNA results like that don't really mean a whole lot, but I find it interesting none the less. It sparks my imagination.
  4. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    i love the stories that people uncover. Some are fun and make you think, others aren't as nice, but I think it's still good to know. My mom recently helped an elderly friend with some research that uncovered a sister she didn't know she had. Nothing nefarious, just that her father had a previous wife who died before marrying his second. The child went to live with her parents and he didn't really associate with her. I mean, there's still a lot of mystery there and speculation, but still an interesting find. The elderly friend, btw, is not going to tell the rest of her family. Everyone deals with it in different ways I guess, but I think this is kind of a shame. It's a throwback to an older mindset where you didn't talk about certain things, even within the family. My g-grandmother? had stillborn twins that they had a devil of a time even confirming because no one ever talked about it and pretended they never existed. And on topic, my mom always thought she had Cherokee blood, but we can't find any trace of it. My dad also thought he had noble blood via family oral traditions, but again, no trace of it. That one's too bad because the story involved being chased by wolves as they fled.
  5. How is it not going to be two books?!

    Hopefully he has all his pieces on the board and he's just describing how they tumble at this point. He's admitted that part of his problem in the past was due to skipping the planned five year gap, and we all know about the Merenese Knot. Trying to synch up characters felt like some stories were treading water while they waited for others to play out. I'm hoping like hell that the story can just unfold now. The number of POVs doesn't bother me. I'm sure some will be pruned, but mostly I think they are going to overlap much more now as characters come together. More ground can be covered that way.

    Can we just not with the personal insults? I don't see much difference between calling Michelle Obama an ape in heels and calling Melania an android. Aside from that, I agree with the assessment of Melania et all as crass opportunists who don't give a fuck. (yes, I know one is highly racially charged. The point is - can we just stop?)

    You joke, but damn, I've heard some shitty drawls put on to pronounce his name. A Leghorn voice would be better.

    Yeah, I saw the Warren thing. sidetrack - when watching people comment on this, one of the commenters did something I really despise. He pointedly referred to Sessions as 'Jefferson Beauregard Sessions'. What the fuck does that have to do with anything regarding his qualifications? As little as Barack Hussein Obama's name had to do with his qualifications. If you want to call Sessions a racist, do it by citing examples of it, not by calling up the specter of the old south. Minor rant over.
  9. Late to the party....

    Well, if you know the plot and what's to come from sources of the show only, I'd tread lightly. If you also know what is different/missing from the books, then less lightly, I guess. You're still in for some surprises I think.
  10. Does Tywin care what people think of him?

    I also agree that he does care. He cares personally, but more importantly, as has been mentioned, he cares about Lannister legacy. For example, melting down Ice. Yeah, it's a dick move, but now he has two swords, so suck it. In a few generations no one will remember or care where they came from, just that the Lannisters have them. With the Red Wedding, I don't get the impression that he cares if anyone know his involvement, but he's just as happy to have the Freys and Boltons take the brunt of the scorn. Again, in a few generations no one will care about his involvement while they may still hate the Freys and Boltons - houses that have to live amongst the people they wronged. In the short term, he still maintains his reputation for strength and ruthlessness, and in the long term it positions his house to remain strong (by symbols of prestige - swords, or taking down dangerous rivals - Starks) And remember - this is a man who shaved his head rather than go bald naturally. He's all about House Lannister, but he is the head of that House and cares deeply about appearances and insults. It's personal too. I don't know if they can be separated easily.
  11. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    Orange is the new black, obviously.
  12. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    This actually scares me. I don't trust Trump to put rational thought over his self-image as a strong leader. I don't even think his supporters trust him to do that, but they probably want to bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, so they won't give a fuck.
  13. Question about Jamie being made a KG

    Perhaps Jaime himself made it known that he was seeking the spot. I'm fuzzy on it too, but I don't think it would be hard to have this information reach Aerys' ear from either Cersei or Jaime.
  14. Late to the party....

    Welcome Not sure if you've seen the show or not - a couple of comments made me think you had. If so, remember the books are not the show and a lot of characters are portrayed very differently, so give each a fair chance. If not, then enjoy the ride and seriously - spoilers will find you if you venture out of this thread. A question for you, however regarding Ned. Yeah, his crowning moment of DOH was his confrontation with Cersei, no argument. He thought Cersei would react with honor, as he would, and take the escape offered. Why is honor not an acceptable flaw for Ned? You seem to dislike him for it, but praise flaws in others. Personally I find it infuriating, but completely in character. My reaction was/is disappointment that Ned could be so blind.
  15. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    There is a press conference with May and Trump happening now - it's a weird dynamic. I don't know how to describe it. She offers cover for him, takes cues from him and at one point confirmed with him that he was 100% behind NATO per their discussions. Like she wanted to pin him down. It's just ... it's creeping me out.