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  1. References and Homages

    For the references of the serpent eating it's own tail. Has anyone seen this as referenced to time(patterns are time I know. I mean in specific reference)? It seems odd that it is said the way it is. Especially as George makes mention of RJ so often.
  2. Is Satin a spy?

    Satin is actually Stannis in drag.
  3. References and Homages

    The volcano on Dragonstone is called Dragonmont and in tWoT there's a volcano called Dragonmount.
  4. Why is there dislike for Jon Snow?

    I personally like how you are capable of speaking for other people and their thoughts. Yet you don't want thoughts put into your head.
  5. Why is there dislike for Jon Snow?

    Jon is my favorite character obviously. I can see why some people dislike him, but I think some take it to the extreme as seen with Sansa too. A little off topic here but weren't the Starks the only house that helped the NW?( I remember Benjen leaving WF with horses and supplies both were gifts IIRC.) If Jon is dead then they kind of just shot themselves in the foot by killing the last person who seems to realize this and was doing everything he could to make them self sufficient again.
  6. Which word in Westeros bothers you?

    All the names that are spelled weird but sound the same as how we spell them. Jaime, Brienne, Jeyne and so on Nuncle does annoy me.