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  1. Realm of the Elderlings Discussion (spoilers)

    They definitely became less dickish after becoming full dragons but once they are I can see why they have the arrogance they have. I forgot about icefyre's memories. They actually mention that in the epilogue of the last book
  2. I was just doing a re read of Hobb's books while waiting for the final Fitz and Fool book, when something dawned on me. Did the Fool really need to go to out islands to free Icefyre for the Dragons to come back in this world? his torture and death seem to have been needless. The sea serpents had hatched before Icefyre was freed. in the Rain wild Chronicles, they make it to Kelsingra without Icefyre or Titanglia and eventually mature to full dragons thank to the journey and the silver well they find. Assuming Icefyre wasn't found.. wouldn't all that have still happened? Which means the Pale Woman failed long before Fitz and co made it to Asvenjal island.
  3. Archer Season 6: Caress of Krieger

    she didn't lie about the time, she just made sure to emphasize it was almost the stroke of 3 that she was with Archer thus proving she couldn't do it. Archer floating face down in the pool was the opening shot of this season
  4. The Farseer Trilogy

    just continue reading
  5. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    I do have a serious question thought. How is it his popularity dropped so quickly? When the Sword of Truth series ended, as disliked as he is, his books sold. From what i've read and seen, his Richard and Kahlan books after the Sword of truth ended didn't sell nearly as much. Anyone know what the sales are for them to compare or if i'm even right in thinking this?
  6. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    so who fed the yeard?!
  7. Jindal decided to end its medicaid contract with PP. When faced with a lawsuit that ending Planned Parenthood contracts in the state would violate federal law, jindal and his lawyers defends that move by stating there are thousands of health care providers that can provide for woman's reproductive health care needs     HIs list of providers?      http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/09/louisiana-said-women-could-go-dentist-if-planned-parenthood-were-defunded     i mean i really dont understand it. I really don't. Those o'keefe videos are blatantly edited like his acorn video. Multiple investigations have shown PP being innocent. yet these idiots constantly spit out the same regurgitated shit. I honestly just cant
  8. Weight Loss Thread

    I've struggled with being overweight my entire adult life, ballooning to 280 pounds at 6'1 a few years ago. In the last few years I stabilized to my weight i was in college, around 235-245. This past april I decided I was tired of being extremely overweight and since April,  I have lost 32 pounds ( weighing in at 213.4 this morning :)   What really helped me was changing my eating habits. the first few months I would go to the gym daily and run on the elliptical 4 miles, but the last 2 months I haven't had the time to go. However, by changing my eating habits i have continued to lose weight.   The biggest thing was that I used to eat red meat in nearly every single meal. Burgers for lunch, dinner, etc.. I would guess that of the 14 major meals a week I would eat, 10 of them contained red meat. Now i eat red meat maybe 2-4 meals a week max. I also stopped eating anything after 9pm at night and I also stopped drinking all types of soda and just consume water now. Now obviously there are a few cheat days here and there but for the most part that is what i have been doing and it has been working great for me.    My current goal is to be at 199.99 pounds.. and that will make me extremely happy. Once I get under 200 I'm gonna shoot for 185 as my final target. 
  9. Fool's Quest

    So many things that I loved about. I don't know how to do the spoiler tags so if someone can do it for me        spoiler 1     LOVED the fitz reveal. Tears were coming out of my eyes as Starling was singing her song and then having Chade walk up to Fitz. Perfectly done. Something I think every fan of the series wanted to see. It was suprrising that they didn't just do the full reveal of him being Tom as well, but I have a feeling that will eventually happen in the 3rd book as it becomes more widespread with what happened at Withywoods.  I also loved the call backs to the duke of bearns and celeretiy.. and Blades grandson coming up to Fitz and saying how to the end of his days Blade hated what he did.        Spoiler 2   The Family reunion. Fitz reporting to Dutiful and breaking down crying thinking he has failed everyone, but then having ellaria and the rest of them all making him realize that they are all hurting and that they will all deliver retribution. Amazing       Spoiler 3   This scene I didn't even know I wanted, until it happened. When Foxglove brings Fitz to the barracks and all the men stand up and salute.... and then she says "settle down boys, its just the Fitz". Such a small thing, but done perfectly.        Spoiler 4     my god.. Fitz and the Skill. Unbelievable how powerful he has become. When he goes back to Withywoods and just snaps and his anger washes over everythign to the point that even Nettle can feel him all the way in Buck. Crazy.  And then the ending of him in Kelsingra. WOW.                   I honestly cannot wait for next year. I can't believe Robin Hobb was able to tie in literally every series back to Fitz. WOW
  10. Goodkind 53: We Don't Need No Stinking Magic!

    So i guess its safe to say that Tormund didn't make it, and had to use the gun. Poor bastard. When is the memorial being held?