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  1. Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft

    Just bought both books because of your reviews. can't wait to dive in
  2. What to look for in a new bank

    If someone could delete all the spoiler tags at the top of this post that would be great, for whateve reason I can't get rid of it anyways I have banked at credit unions and major banks, but more importantly, I have been a branch manager of a major bank and a major credit union. First off, pretty much every major credit union will have almost all the same products and services of a major bank. Most credit unions also have easier ways of keeping your acounts completely free compared to a bank, but the typical one for both is having a direct deposit go into your account or using your direct deposit a certain amount of times a month for purchases. for credit related products ( auto loans, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages), credit unions tend to be better than major banks, as since they are not for profit, they are able to offer lower rates. for example, with a good credit score at one of the credit unions i managed you could get a rewards credit card at an APR of 8.9%, or you could get an auto loan for as low as 1.49% APR, compared to a bank where the lowest APR for auto loan is 3.5% or so. Another MAJOR benefit with Credit Unions compared to major banks when it comes to credit is there pre approved offers they have. With major banks you will get tons of offers saying you are pre qualified for a credit product with them, however that offer is not guaranteed. they still run your credit and ask for income verification and you can still be declined. With a credit union their pre approved offers are firm offers where they don't run your credit and they don't ask for income verification. this is a huge help to certain people. For ATM's: the way the fee structure for that works is such: there will be 2 fee's associated with going to an out of network atm (regardless of bank or credit union). The bank/credit Union will charge you and the ATM will charge you. So if you bank at Wells Fargo and use your wells fargo atm at a chas bank for example, you will get hit with 2 fee's, (anywhere from 2.50 to 3 for each fee). With Credit Union's it works the same way, however a lot of credit unions have offers where they will will not charge you for using an out of network atm, but the atm may charge you. they may also reimburse a certain amount of atm fees as well depending on the credit union policy. Credit Union atm's are also part of the CO-OP network, so you can actually use any credit union atm and not get charged on either end. i personally highly recommend Credit Union over Bank. Now there is another choice and that is Charles Scwhaab. They will reimburse any and all atm's fees but they have almost no physical presence and are predomintly online.
  3. Realm of the Elderlings Discussion (spoilers)

    They definitely became less dickish after becoming full dragons but once they are I can see why they have the arrogance they have. I forgot about icefyre's memories. They actually mention that in the epilogue of the last book
  4. I was just doing a re read of Hobb's books while waiting for the final Fitz and Fool book, when something dawned on me. Did the Fool really need to go to out islands to free Icefyre for the Dragons to come back in this world? his torture and death seem to have been needless. The sea serpents had hatched before Icefyre was freed. in the Rain wild Chronicles, they make it to Kelsingra without Icefyre or Titanglia and eventually mature to full dragons thank to the journey and the silver well they find. Assuming Icefyre wasn't found.. wouldn't all that have still happened? Which means the Pale Woman failed long before Fitz and co made it to Asvenjal island.
  5. Archer Season 6: Caress of Krieger

    she didn't lie about the time, she just made sure to emphasize it was almost the stroke of 3 that she was with Archer thus proving she couldn't do it. Archer floating face down in the pool was the opening shot of this season
  6. The Farseer Trilogy

    just continue reading
  7. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    I do have a serious question thought. How is it his popularity dropped so quickly? When the Sword of Truth series ended, as disliked as he is, his books sold. From what i've read and seen, his Richard and Kahlan books after the Sword of truth ended didn't sell nearly as much. Anyone know what the sales are for them to compare or if i'm even right in thinking this?
  8. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    so who fed the yeard?!
  9. Fool's Quest

    So many things that I loved about. I don't know how to do the spoiler tags so if someone can do it for me        spoiler 1     LOVED the fitz reveal. Tears were coming out of my eyes as Starling was singing her song and then having Chade walk up to Fitz. Perfectly done. Something I think every fan of the series wanted to see. It was suprrising that they didn't just do the full reveal of him being Tom as well, but I have a feeling that will eventually happen in the 3rd book as it becomes more widespread with what happened at Withywoods.  I also loved the call backs to the duke of bearns and celeretiy.. and Blades grandson coming up to Fitz and saying how to the end of his days Blade hated what he did.        Spoiler 2   The Family reunion. Fitz reporting to Dutiful and breaking down crying thinking he has failed everyone, but then having ellaria and the rest of them all making him realize that they are all hurting and that they will all deliver retribution. Amazing       Spoiler 3   This scene I didn't even know I wanted, until it happened. When Foxglove brings Fitz to the barracks and all the men stand up and salute.... and then she says "settle down boys, its just the Fitz". Such a small thing, but done perfectly.        Spoiler 4     my god.. Fitz and the Skill. Unbelievable how powerful he has become. When he goes back to Withywoods and just snaps and his anger washes over everythign to the point that even Nettle can feel him all the way in Buck. Crazy.  And then the ending of him in Kelsingra. WOW.                   I honestly cannot wait for next year. I can't believe Robin Hobb was able to tie in literally every series back to Fitz. WOW