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  1. Wert, your summary is a more enjoyable read and more informative than the 7 book series itself at least it was for me
  2. odium will be mid boss conclusion of book 5. books 6-10 take place some time in the future and will be about the rest of the shards recombining or something
  3. i paid 16$ on amazon for the hardcover
  4. Blurb for the new book doesn't even get the name of the character right in it
  5. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan Farseer trilogy Robin Hobb Mistborn trilogy Brandon Sanderson Stoemlight archive Brandon sanderson
  6. So in the grand scheme of things his entire plot was pointless besides some nonman world building. That's kinda what I figured What ever happened to kelhus' grandson at the end of TGO? Just running around somewhere to be used in the next series?
  7. Finished the book yesterday and just like how I felt with great ordeal. I like the "story" but have no idea with what is going on because of the way he writes. Only reason I have even an understanding of what happened in this series is werts fantastic recap and these forum threads I think if there is another series I'll just wait for wert to recap it again. I do have a question. What was the purpose of sorweel exactly? From my understanding he is tasked by a god to kill kelhus and is immune to being unmasked by kelhus. He is sent with Sera and serwa and moenghus have sex to make sorweel jealous so he can do something for Sereally after they escape ishterberinth Was his purpose to fall in love with serwa so that serwa has a "darkness" like kelhus (esement)? Then kelmomas slits his throat as kelhus was approaching sorweel (was sorweel actually in the position to kill kelhus at that point because from what I gathered he had truly become a believer king at that point?) And then when sorweel gets his throat cut it does something to serwa that allows her to be the person she needs to be to kill the dragon? Or am I just completely wrong
  8. Bought a house March 2016. Found the place on Zillow took my realtor to it and then made offer same day. Fairly easy process. The nerve racking part for me is the appraisal since I was buying a flipped house. Lucky for me the offer the accepted from me turned out to be 15k less than the appraised value.
  9. because you have chosen to be a death chooser, and have not risen to embrace life
  10. no you're right
  11. Its honestly baffling how incompetent democrats are. They fight tooth and nail to get 60 votes to pass healthcare. And republicans are able to dismantle it with 50 (plus pence). Whenever democrats do get in full power again (if ever) they would be stupid (which they are) to not just nuke legislative filibuster for the 2 years they knoe tjey will have absolute majority, do whatever it is they want and if they lose in the midterms just change it back to 60.
  12. He just cant stop himself from leaking to the world for covfefe's sake
  13. I loved TTM. RWC i liked a lot more on my second read through. I never understood anyones hate on any od the fitz books. They are amazing. And i had tears in my eyes the entire last 10% od the book. Probably earlier as fitz was telling the fool to leave him as he was trapped. The tears dtarted there and didnt stop until i finished. I was so hoping he got to end up with Bee at the end.
  14. I was crying my eyes out the entire last 10% of the book. Such an emotional wreck this book made me. Perfect way to end the book
  15. New thread definitely. I live in California, at 4pm I de registered my kindle from my amazon account, registered my brothers account to my kindle (he lives in the UK), purchased Assassin's Fate, downloaded it to my kindle, and then re registered the kindle back to my account. can't wait to dig in!