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  1. That baby Elephant is going to break the trebuchet!
  2. Yes, I agree with all of this. The bond is the thing. The Hound is very dog like in nature, in a positive way. There's a nice line in the books about petting him (all of these fascinating things are going on, and the midst of all of that, Sansa wants to pet him!) He's very motivated to protect her. In her own way, she's motivated to do the same for him. That they express these things in different ways is something to celebrate.
  3. He's back. But he's still in Outlander, too, no worries there. I like him a lot, he's perfect as Frank.
  4. Rumors, he's supposed to be going there to enlist the help of the Freys with Cersei's conflict with the Faith. How they are going to turn that around to even remotely resemble his book arc, and ever becoming Jaime again...
  5. It's a love story. The story is not an exchange of goods and services. She is not fixing him, and he is not fixing her. They bring out the best in each other. The Beast awakens the beast within Beauty, and Beauty sees what's beautiful in the Beast. But these things are already there. When he helps her navigate the world at KL, that's about love. When she helps him remember the other things that matter, that's about love, too. On a fundamental level, they became friends, they have loving feelings toward each other. And this develops into sexual feelings for each other. It's a love story, that follows all the classic beats. And as GRRM's love stories go, there's empowerment for the women through expressing a choice, they live in a very patriarchal society, but within their hearts and their desires, they make this choice. It's not that we are "shipping" Sansa and the Hound, it's that these two people have formed a beautiful bond, and we like the story. Also since this is one of my favorite book stories (the other is his other BatB, Jaime and Brienne)... Just to note, the show went there with BatB. The seeds of desire for the Beast are there since book 1, it's a gradual awakening to these feelings, but there's a great scene the author wrote for season 1, that the author called "beautiful," where Sansa and the Hound just look at each other. The fear is not of the Hound (the author also had her say "you won't hurt me"), but embracing her sexuality (which was beautiful in the books). These are very different feelings she has for the Hound than she's ever had before. He's the one at the center of her sexual awakening. The show places him prominently into the scenes around her "flowering" just as the author did in the books (although not nearly as well, they did make the attempt). And there's this, which is their big scene, just like Cocteau. The show hinted at her dream at the same story beat, too. Show messed up her story big time. But there are a lot of moments. This helps explain what's going on, too. Robert Ebert, reviewing La Belle et la Bete: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/great-movie-beauty-and-the-beast-1946
  6. The pincushion thing was people mocking the show. What people have been saying is Ramsay shoots Rickon with an arrow as he's walking toward Jon. And one source says he dies. Another says it's not clear. My guess is he dies, but I sure hope not.
  7. I think Roose actor is also talking about characters returning. "People coming back from the past. I'm not saying the obvious one." So is Ian McShane: I think NCW is talking about the show specifically. I think he got the message about the books pretty early.
  8. What I would like to see happen if The Hound Returns

    Show, maybe Sandor will run into Arya, and they will head north, and meet up with Sansa again. Books, a better story, but Sansa and Sandor will meet up again. Either way, I'm hoping he cuts Littlefinger in half.
  9. I thought more in terms of getting revenge for Sansa. Look at this face... he loves her. Maybe, just maybe, for once on this god forsaken show, love > hate.
  10. Here, and I'm bolding the decision he makes in the books:
  11. A maybe encouraging bit with NCW (near the beginning), he's maybe going to decide he doesn't want to fill daddy's shoes: And Roose actor, "people coming back from the past" other than Jon, and revenge. I guess Sandor will jump aboard the revenge train. If only he could chop LF in half.
  12. Yeah, that would be the logical thing. They do the Madonna-Whore thing with women, Marg is the Whore, Carolisthe Madonna. Poor Carol! Margstole Joffrey, then Tommen from her, with her cleavage. The mystery is how Brienne the Brute steals Larry from her. Books, she already has, with love. Gentler than Cersei. Show, am thinking theBig Moment may still happen.
  13. Yeah, they thought that was clever. I suspect they think the "a man" stuff is clever, too. This just sounds way too romantic, and they have done a bunch of Blackwater callbacks with Sansa and Sandor (remember, "You won't hurt me" and he didn't want to leave her, and while he was with Arya, regretted leaving Sansa, books and show): "She was with a man. I don't think he hurt her. She didn't want to leave him, and he didn't want to leave her." Everyone instantly said, that sounds romantic. And there's no way they are going there with Arya/Sandor. But look at who she's telling that to, Sansa. And lots of people have said, why didn't she tell Sansa about the Hound! And there was a lot of setup with Sansa/Sandor. So I'm suspecting this is setup for his return. And I think his return is going to upstage Jon's return. I'm rather looking forward to that.
  14. So in the short span of that interview clip he got in two big themes of the show, he must not have had time for "most girls are idiots"... "Nothing is just nothing": And "weighed down by honor" (honor is stupid and gets you killed): So he was killed and now he has learned his lesson. He's going to play dirty? The Tommen actor also said something similar, that he has to "man up"... and they just had him grovel to Cersei (like his old man). There is another option, a person can be honorable and smart. Honor is not actually stupid. It's the the thing that makes the nothing something.
  15. I know, every other sentence was a contradiction. I think the key is nothing. Which as we know, is just nothing.