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  1. The queen wanted her killed, along with the rest of her family, she was given to LF when she wasn't, then brutalized when she fought back (the whip marks), and everyone noticed she was scared into submission...  
  2. He's so good at subtlety. Breaking that down. Maybe that was why she'd picked the name. --> Arya talking Or maybe it was just because it went so well with blind. --> No One talking. And we are meant to go with ARYA. We want Arya to come back, and to stay. And of course, he keeps going there with ARYA remembering Jon Snow. (Ditto for Sansa remembering Sandor.) Which I guess they will just ignore this season. So many plot points Jon has to check off, it's not like ARYA was supposed to be a big part of that, and they could tell their stories in parallel, or anything. Or the characters can have layers, depth that shows motivation and makes them seem real. Who needs that stuff. Where's the next bit of shock and violence, that's all that matters.
  3. Maybe she's finally Cat, since Catelyn is blinded by her hatred of Jon Snow and all...
  4. I don't get it, what's a dream?
  5. I don't think there's any reality to this world. Maybe that's them still on their way to dad's for the awkward dinner.
  6. Jeans and go go boots.
  7. She looks so empowered, doesn't she? And all the speculation about her being pregnant with demon spawn after sexual slavery, after they destroyed her story. Either they didn't bother to notice the picture was wonky, or they thought, let them speculate. Which is pretty bad, in either case. And Sam and Gilly, they could have held off, and had their first night together on the boat, instead of after attempted rape foreplay, but no...
  8. Not even going to go there with the Jeyne had a choice nonsense. Someone can start a debate thread for that, if they want to lose the debate.
  9. LF, Hero of the North: On what’s next for Lord Baelish: "Maybe we could expect some kind of atonement." http://www.sfgate.com/movies/article/You-re-Ugly-Too-bears-Irish-stamp-6821055.php So that's this guy: Who then gave Ros to Joffrey. And gave Sansa to Ramsay. No one wants to see faux atonement. They just want to see him die, a horrible death. That's one of the most anticipated deaths among readers, just like Joffrey. And of course, they screw it up. So Jaime is in bed with Cersei and fighting Tullys, but LF is atoning. What is wrong with this picture.
  10. I have this idea from that extra who said Larry was helping the Freys fight the Tullys, there's going to be a trebuchet baby. It will be a series of characters telling Larry what a Lunkhead he is. Carol (you had one job), Bronn (honor St. Tyrion), Brienne the Brute (you lying sack of shit). Larry might get in a rejoinder to Brienne the Brute (you're no better, seen any Stark daughters lately?)
  11. Still craughing over the Larry and Carol matching haircuts one. What a dismal exciting and dynamic bunch of pictures. The worst best season, part 2.
  12. I could still do Saffy!
  13. That was incredibly callous, the way she was talking about it. So were they all. And in the other picture, it looks like Sansa is tending to Theon. Because it's never about her. (It won't be about her when he's gone, either. It will never be about her. There is no her for it to be about.)
  14. It's wonderful to have Patsy on the rants thread. I may need to change mine to Eddy!