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  1. Agreed. GRRM keeps saying it's on the show (he did so again recently). Of all the things that I've liked about the show, their story is right up there. But there are so few bright spots on this show.
  2. He goes there a lot about Jaime's gradual awareness of what he's done in the books. Brienne tells him it's wrong, and in a key moment he says this: "I've lost the hand I killed the king with. The hand that flung the Stark boy from that tower. The hand I'd slide between my sister’s thighs to make her wet." And then just before he rejects Cersei, putting her note on the fire, he dreams of the mother who told them it was wrong, too. "He dreamed they would be so strong and brave and beautiful that no one would ever laugh at them."... A tear rolled down her cheek. The woman raised her hood again and turned her back on him.
  3. I think that's more bad writing than anything else. Cersei was taunted by the commoners on the show, too ("brotherfucker!") If the spoilers are true, it's part of a montage. Like chaos is a ladder, they showed LF talking about putting chaos in motion, then look at the resulting chaos. Here they show them together, and others finding out they are related, and the wall falling.
  4. [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Yeah, that is a good sign, in the midst of bad. He should have been long gone.
  5. That is interesting, like he's there for his Lannister part, but not for her. When he leaves, I bet he takes the Lannister armor off. Wouldn't that be something if that shield belonging to Brienne's family came into play. He somehow gets hold of that, when he decks himself out in different armor.
  6. There was a case where half brothers of a father married his children to rob them their inheritance in the Stark tree, and they never included that on the show. Jaime and Cersei, Craster and his victims, and the Targs, there is an emphasis on narcissism and madness, yet more victims, and eventual doom. It's going to be a plot point, the way they structured the story, if it happens.
  7. She seemed pretty precise with those dragon strikes before: And here: And here:
  8. Yeah, much better to try to convince a lying psychopath to do the right thing, then to trust her, and in the process, give a dragon to the enemy. It's always better to engage the enemy with a small force in order to convince another enemy that you need help before you can engage the enemy.
  9. Yeah, not a fan of those costumes. (Also good point about Jaime's costume.) Oh, that would be nice, that's a side of life in Westeros that hasn't been explored much.
  10. [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Oh here's the new picture...
  11. [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Seven seasons later, same old Jaime.
  12. What was Rickon, Osha, and Smalljon doing through S4-5?

    It makes no sense. And I was so disappointed, because I love the actor who plays Osha. GRRM said he'd expand her role in the books, and they seem to have cut what was there.
  13. I think that's a big mistake the show makes often, things are so contrived. Some of the supposed spoilers for next season are coming off that way, too. There are ways to be surprising without contrivances. And the other thing they do is telegraph things, a character will sometimes literally state, this is going to happen next. And you actually hope it doesn't, just to make it interesting, but sure enough, it plays out just that way. In this case, Littlefinger said he was going to invade with the Vale troops in season 5. And so he did. So really, everyone spent all of that time thinking, so this is going to happen, and it did. And then they didn't even play that up. They contrived that Sansa was saving the day. But she just played into his hands. They could have played up that he pulled the strings, that would have at least accounted for the telegraphing/lack of suspense. What would have been unexpected and yet her saving the day would be if she told Jon about it, and they could have sent a raven to Sweetrobin telling him what LF did, he sent the troops for Sansa anyway, he said so ("she's my cousin"). But then there would be no contrived plot for this season. But who needs one? Make up a plot that's not contrived! She's had virtually no character development that was not tossed out, so give her some of that back. Also I think the high production values paper over the flaws in the stories.