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  1. That's no excuse to use Jaime like that. They could have made her story work with other characters. He wants her destroyed in the books. He was casually chatting with Ser Ilyn about ways to off her. Then he refused to respond when she begged him to save her. Had her letter tossed in the fire. That was in book/season 4 timeline. They just wasted him as a character. They did the same thing to Sansa.
  2. All the dark costumes are so dreary.
  3. I don't think EW put the article online yet. There wasn't much more to note. About how they went at a faster pace to set up the final season (well, that was one way to do it): Despite years of meticulous long-term story planning, their concept for season 7 dramatically changed once they sat down to write their scripts early last year. The season was supposed to be a relatively low-key buildup to an action-filled eighth and final run. "We always thought this season would have less action and more conversations," Benioff notes. "And then we started realizing all the conflicts that were about to occur." Instead season 7 turned out to be the fastest-paced collection of episodes Game of Thrones has ever made.
  4. New EW article says Brienne is forced to unsheathe her sword more than once this season. I wonder what the second time will be.
  5. Bran was very young, but he caught on and did well.
  6. Cogman said the show got the jump on the gravedigger = Sandor reveal, but most readers already guessed. He was talking about adapting that. He said Sandor is a main character and they always planned to bring him back. GRRM has talked about the rest of Sandor's story before, he just didn't tell the readers what he had planned. Although when someone asked him about Sansa and Sandor's future, he winked. He hints about that a lot.
  7. This season does seem like a lot of filler, mostly setting up the final season, which does seem like it will be more interesting.
  8. The fug necklace is back. The buckle is replaced with a circle. No doubt there's deep meaning there.
  9. Sandra, the plot destroyer. All good things die in Winterhell. I wish they would give Arya an adventure of her own, preferably with Jon or Gendry.
  10. I love this shot of Jon and Arya!
  11. He truly is, he loves them so much. It's sweet.
  12. Darn, we have to wait until season 8 to see Gendry meet up with Arya again. Saving the best for last.
  13. That's so cute!
  14. He has said repeatedly he's not going for straight parallels with the War of the Roses. Authors take the essence of other stories for inspiration. A little here, a little there, and make them their own. Also as far as LOTR goes, some of us have always thought there were hints of Eowyn and Faramir in Sansa and Sandor. Wormtongue/Littlefinger preyed on Eowyn/Sansa. She thought she wanted a king (Aragon)/prince (Joffrey). But then Eowyn/Sansa realizes what's truly in her heart, and that's Faramir/Sandor. And she no longer wants to be queen. Faramir even tells Eowyn "Look at me" just like Sandor tells Sansa "Look at me" (show, too). And she does.
  15. Well, GRRM is telling a romance for Sansa and Sandor in the books. And he said "there's something there" on the show, too. So Sandor is a possibility for Sansa. Her greatest contribution to English history is her second marriage... she hooked up with a very unlikely character, her Welsh servant, a guy called Owen Tudor... He came into her service... What is certain is the two of them meet, and they produce several children, two of whom... go on to have a very important role in the War of the Roses... So this weird little line... She makes a play on her naivete... So there it is, she takes up with Owen Tudor... They are the last men standing, the Tudors.