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  1. Maybe 7x01 will be, Let's Get This Over With.
  2. They are telegraphing everything...
  3. Agreed, Sansa and Brienne are not supposed to be there, none of this will go down this way in the books, it's filler, and it's bad filler. Just to create faux tension, it's like, hey what if this or that happened, then what would happen? And an experienced showrunner would say, you know, let's not go there, it's going to mess everything up.
  4. Gendry is at Moat Cailin, everyone ends up there eventually.
  5. Yeah, they made her quite the individual. Hardly no one. She hates Arya because she's jealous that Sexy Jesus likes her better, is the best I can piece it together. That's why they keep having lanna fights, because that's just what GoT women do, you know? And who cares about killing Walder Frey or avenging her beloved brother Jon, or meeting her best friend Gendry again, or anyone else... No, I just want her to KILL THE WAIF.
  6. Yeah, there's something off when all I want her to do at this point is kill the waif. Bad waif, I hate you for beating Arya, now you must pay.
  7. I wonder if this is the episode where the UnGregor silences her bell forever... (I bet they don't cut away from that, like they did Brienne killing Stannis...)
  8. She does looks happy! Everyone else is but she is
  9. Oh, my... Dany wants the D...aario: http://www.farfarawaysite.com/section/got/gallery6/gallery6/hires/14.jpg More here: http://www.farfarawaysite.com/section/got/gallery6/gallery6/gallery.htm
  10. Wights don't want to have fun?
  11. That was so nice in the books, Arya takes the Hound off her list and calls him SANDOR as she reflects she didn't really know Mycah very well (but she has come to know Sandor). They messed up that part of it in the show, then had to tell not show to fix it. So now she says she took him off her list, and she didn't really want him dead. She was with a man. I don't think he hurt her. She didn't want to leave him, and he didn't want to leave her. Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo, the Sequel is my guess...
  12. Indeed. What a mess Game of Thrones has made of things. This is so good... this is what many of us wished we could see in on this show, too (it's there in the books)...
  13. Oh, look who is available... (Wake me when it's time for episode 7...)
  14. Game of Thrones in 30 Seconds: Maisie: Death, death, death, revenge. Death, revenge, death, revenge. Kit: Sex, not necessarily loving. Jon Snow gets progressively more upset. Emilia: Blood, death, boobs... dragons! Daenerys wins!
  15. Arya, too. They swapped Olly for Arya, that's part of this mess, too. Once they swapped in Sansa, they had to make adjustments...