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  1. The redhead seems to be suffering from the same problem. They could both use a bit of happiness. I'm calling a sloshed on ale together scene in season 8. Happy drunk.
  2. Yeah, I have to admit that sounds intriguing! I hope they weren't so frozen they couldn't get some good lines in. Oh, and more Stranger! He knew him before he was seeing visions.
  3. Yeah, but remember the show had it said that she didn't want to leave him, and he didn't hurt her, so that's their line now. And they made it clear he didn't want to leave Sansa, and she said you won't hurt me, too. Sandor can play the twin sister rescue card: http://suzuyajuzoo.tumblr.com/post/52086559871/game-of-thrones-02x06-03x09-he-saw-sansa
  4. Oh, that's perfect! You did one for Brother Ray!!!
  5. Well, Sandor will get someone better to pet! We know Stranger would have been jealous anyway.
  6. Well, they had a scene with them together, and he doesn't need CGI: http://twinsand.tumblr.com/post/83383166595/sandor-petting-stranger
  7. It's better this way, the wights don't get him. They would have been tempted to do like Summer with him. Maybe Stranger finds his way to Winterfell and waits there.
  8. Yeah, the "roadtrip" with Sandor and Gendry this time. And this time it's with the brother, who gets to check out his future brothers-in-law. Will they make a good impression?
  9. Would you take Arya and Gendry fighting together again? Only this time he has a war hammer and she is much better with Needle (and has some other tricks up her sleeve).
  10. The Littlefinger killing would be justice, though (and they are stretching his killing out way too long). After what they did with Summer, and not letting Arya or Jon warg, I just can't see them bringing back Nymeria. The whole point was she wargs her, and they aren't going to add that to the story in the last 6 episodes. I'm disappointed, too, but I think we have to cut our losses and take what we get, which is the people reunions.
  11. Yeah, I could be wrong! But when they cut Lady Stoneheart, lots of good things were cut. GRRM said recently he told them not to do it, he knew how important all the little things that tied into that storyline are. Arya, Gendry, Sansa, Sandor, Jaime, Brienne... all of their stories took a hit, there was a web woven with these characters that they just cut through and are now going to try to reconnect. So Nymeria was part of that. Stranger, too. (Although I'm just going to pretend that he'll pop up again, they just spared him a trip to the Wall!)
  12. I know, the show is a tough one in terms of how they do things. Someone was saying they don't do the how from the books, but eventually they do the what. So the what in this case is Arya is Arya again, and the best we can do with the show is take pleasure from seeing some book things we figured out coming to light.
  13. You can talk outside of spoiler tags in this thread. It's Nymeria according to leaks, and she rejects her because she's too wild, something like that. I don't think Summer gets killed off in the books, either. And we know they haven't let Arya and Jon warg. So I sadly think this is their goodbye to Nymeria on the show. They just aren't into direwolves.
  14. I'm sadly thinking that's the last we see of Nymeria. They don't seem to be into direwolves at all. I think the message there is, she's ready to be less wild, and embrace friends and family. Enter, Gendry next season.
  15. Hey, Bookie! Yeah, the sexually frustrated wood chopping, that's a classic in romance. The ultimate phallic symbolism. Right in the middle of it an ale mention. She'll get another this season, too. They are riffing on Disney Beauty and the Beast, and there's more here, I put show stuff near the bottom. Hints he's missing Sansa, that sad no when Arya said didn't you steal something from Joffrey before you left, then the pretty sister happy memory in the end. And before he asked Arya: "Ask her if you ever see her again, ask her who came back for her." And now it's get her a dog, she'll be happier for it time. Yeah, lots of us enjoyed the Sandor mention in Sansa's story. Happy is the word they are using. Happy memory. What would make you happy. I think Pod was boasting again, and it reached Littlefinger's ears. So the gist was, "I heard about the Hound. What don't you have now that would make you happy?" Also, Arya and Gendry, there's more there, too... I think they are saving the best for last in terms of reunions, setting up season 8.