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  1. Stannis' offer to Jon

    I don't think Jon was as privy to Stannis' affairs at the time of the offer as you seem to suggest. It didn't take a genius to know that Stannis was currently in the losing end at the time of his arrival, but remember that when the offer was made Jon was was living in relative obscurity within the NW. He had been mostly training and keeping to himself, the charges of deserter were still hanging over his head and he had even been dismissed from duties on account of the implications of following Qhorin's orders. Is only after he bacame LC that he started gathering more knowledge on which ground Stannis really stood. Also, Jon didn't need to know all this to feel that WF wasn't Stannis to give away. While this is very subjective, I don't think that when Jon considers WF as not Stannis to give he isn't doing it based solely on legal precedents. For Jon it is clear that WF belongs to the Old Gods and the Starks and to accept it under the terms of Stannis' offer was doing WF no favor. About Jon wondering what could have been I see it as the most natural of things. Is human nature. When divided between very different options, even after we make a choice a part of us will always wonder what if. Jon is no different.
  2. Stannis' offer to Jon

    1. Yes, and the Southern King they have nominally bow down to is Tommen, not Stannis. I fail to see how the fact that they have nominally, and I can't stress this word enough, accept the IT makes Stannis right to WF any stronger, especially considering he is not even him the one for whom the Northern Lords have renew their pledges of alliance. 2. You mean to us readers with our privileged omniscient perspecetive, which none of the characters, except perhaps Bloodraven shared? Because as far as the story goes, Tommen is the one sitting in the throne and Stannis has got squat of evidence to prove he's not Robert's. And in any case, the North didn't foreswore their alliance to the IT based on whether Joffrey was not the rightful King by virtue of not being Robert's. 3. As far I gather from the books, they have gathered around him to fight a common enemy, but this doesn't inmediately translates into vows of fealthy. In fact, it is Stannis the one who appears to be bending to their wants. The whole freezing suicide march to WF was only agreed to because otherwise Stannis would have lost the Northern host. Again, you seem to conflatuate readers' knowledge with characters in-world knowledge. They are not one and the same so you can''t expect characters to act upon knowledge they don't even have. Also, hasn't this story taught you that rights mean nothing when it comes to claiming power. Aegon I won and forged the IT by right of conquest, Robert won it from the Targs by the same principle, Robb was fighting for the independenc of his, Dany is going to come to claim it also by right of conquest. So, if Stannis wants the throne he has to fight for it. Until he has fought and claim it for his own he remains very much a pretender, just like the others.
  3. Stannis' offer to Jon

    From what I gather in your in your posts you're assuming that because the North has surrendered to the IT, then WF belongs to the King and he is within his rights to bestow upon any person of his choice. Even if we accept this as true, in your efforts to inflate Stannis to more than he is, you are neglecting to see that even though the North has nominally bowed down to the IT by the time of the offer, they have done so but to Tommen, never to Stannis. By the time of the offer the latter is nothing more than another doomed pretender. eta-by your own logic Tommen had righttfully appointed Bolton as Warden and the North is nominally accepting it as such.
  4. Stannis' offer to Jon

    I disagree completely with you: Jon never would have united the North under the conditions required by Stannis' deal. Is only Stannis and Mel's alienation with Northern culture and reliance on ineffectual floppy ears/displays of power that leads them to believe that Jon accepting the deal=Northern unification under Stannis. The Northerners likely would have seen Jon as an up-jumped deserter bastard who bowed to a Southron pretender and his sorceress in order to steal his family's birthright and, oh yeah, burned down a sacred Heart Tree in the process. And that's exactly what it would have been. Not sure how this is conductive to South/North unification. Also, I donĀ“t necessarily see helping Stannis win the throne equal to preparing for the battle with the Others seeing as Stannis campaign for the throne comes first and foremost to him. The preparations for the long night would have taken a back seat to Stannis struggle for the IT. Given his decimated resources in ASOS that would have been a looong wait. Stannis might see the true threat and he is clearly willing to help the Watch, but in his terms. Looking more closely, besides coming to their aid against Mance's forces (which is a big deal, don't get me wrong) he has done little to nothing to strengthen the Wall besides leaving his wounded and feeble behind at Jon's request.
  5. A King in Hiding: Adding It All Up Part 2

    Interesting. In his first ACOK chapter Jon describes himself as a shadow amongst shadows-
  6. A King in Hiding: Adding It All Up Part 2

    I haven't read the Dunk and Egg novels, so I can't judge the accuracy of most of your post. However, this one is a mistake. Is Sam, not Jon, Maester Aemon mistakes for Egg during their trip to the Oldtown.
  7. How would you rate episode 310?

    :stunned: I haven't seen it but I heard it was incredibly cheesy (my brother did throw out the word racist) but to hear you talk like this given I know how much you like Dany certainly makes me dread how completely horrible it is.
  8. How would you rate episode 310?

    Oh I don't know. I didn't even bother to finish watching last night's episode and don't plan to do so anytime soon :dunno:
  9. How would you rate episode 310?

    I gave it a 5. Nothing that caught my interest save that Arya scene. Luckily I can say I am officially done with this show.
  10. How would you rate episode 308?

    I disagree. Sansa kneeling was the result of three years of poor writing decisions dedicated to make Tyrion into this white and shiny character he simply isn't in the books. Had Tyrion retained his grey and ambivalent nature Sansa could have refused to kneel without running the risk of being labeled a bitch by most of the fandom and the scene would have been more epic because of that. If the audience is petty and judgemental to her position is because they have make Tyrion so perfect in detrimental to the character (Margaery talking about his good looks and sexual prowess was the worst example of this).
  11. How would you rate episode 308?

    Wow! A surprised so many people liked it. I changed the channel more than once out of sheer boredom. Oh, and now I absolutely loath show Tyrion. They have stripped the character of basically everything that makes him interesting in the books. I think this will be the last seaon I'll be watching. I give the episode a 5.
  12. How would you rate episode 306?

    I hope not. They are the weakest of the cast. I cringe to think of them working side by side.
  13. How would you rate episode 306?

    First, read carefully. I was responding in regards to Sansa. I never mentioned Theon. And I mantain my statement. Sansa's "oversexualized small clothes" are basically a dress. They are quite prudish as smallclothes go. Second, from what read in the Ros thread most people sympathize with her and the ones who don't is not on account of misoginysm or anything like that but rather because they are glad to be rid of a non book character so I don't see what are you getting at. Third, like I said earlier I never brought Theon to the argument. That was you. I actually think his story would have had more impact had the show go about it the way is in the books. What valid argument? That you personally (big emphasis on the word personally) find Sansa's scenes oversexualized?
  14. How would you rate episode 306?

    That's what I thought. Her "smallclothes" are basically a full dress. Disney's hannah montana generation in turn have more sexualized clothing than Sansa in that scene ETA- Theon is being flayed while wearing no shirt and I don't see anybody complaining about the oversexualization of Theon's torture
  15. How would you rate episode 306?

    Give it a 1, and only because there's no zero in the scale. What an utter crap of an episode :ack: . This is the kind of episode that makes me rethink if the show is worth watching