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  1. Interesting. In his first ACOK chapter Jon describes himself as a shadow amongst shadows-
  2. I haven't read the Dunk and Egg novels, so I can't judge the accuracy of most of your post. However, this one is a mistake. Is Sam, not Jon, Maester Aemon mistakes for Egg during their trip to the Oldtown.
  3. :stunned: I haven't seen it but I heard it was incredibly cheesy (my brother did throw out the word racist) but to hear you talk like this given I know how much you like Dany certainly makes me dread how completely horrible it is.
  4. Oh I don't know. I didn't even bother to finish watching last night's episode and don't plan to do so anytime soon :dunno:
  5. I gave it a 5. Nothing that caught my interest save that Arya scene. Luckily I can say I am officially done with this show.
  6. I disagree. Sansa kneeling was the result of three years of poor writing decisions dedicated to make Tyrion into this white and shiny character he simply isn't in the books. Had Tyrion retained his grey and ambivalent nature Sansa could have refused to kneel without running the risk of being labeled a bitch by most of the fandom and the scene would have been more epic because of that. If the audience is petty and judgemental to her position is because they have make Tyrion so perfect in detrimental to the character (Margaery talking about his good looks and sexual prowess was the worst example of this).
  7. Wow! A surprised so many people liked it. I changed the channel more than once out of sheer boredom. Oh, and now I absolutely loath show Tyrion. They have stripped the character of basically everything that makes him interesting in the books. I think this will be the last seaon I'll be watching. I give the episode a 5.
  8. I hope not. They are the weakest of the cast. I cringe to think of them working side by side.
  9. First, read carefully. I was responding in regards to Sansa. I never mentioned Theon. And I mantain my statement. Sansa's "oversexualized small clothes" are basically a dress. They are quite prudish as smallclothes go. Second, from what read in the Ros thread most people sympathize with her and the ones who don't is not on account of misoginysm or anything like that but rather because they are glad to be rid of a non book character so I don't see what are you getting at. Third, like I said earlier I never brought Theon to the argument. That was you. I actually think his story would have had more impact had the show go about it the way is in the books. What valid argument? That you personally (big emphasis on the word personally) find Sansa's scenes oversexualized?
  10. That's what I thought. Her "smallclothes" are basically a full dress. Disney's hannah montana generation in turn have more sexualized clothing than Sansa in that scene ETA- Theon is being flayed while wearing no shirt and I don't see anybody complaining about the oversexualization of Theon's torture
  11. Give it a 1, and only because there's no zero in the scale. What an utter crap of an episode :ack: . This is the kind of episode that makes me rethink if the show is worth watching
  12. This is based on a post I made at the Jon Snow reread and Fire Eater has encourage me to add it here: In chapter V, the night before he said his vows Jon went for a ride and eventually reach the Kingsroad. Jon has a choice to make by the end of this chapter. The Wall or the road? I personally feel that this is the first temptation to leave the wall Jon has to confront and it makes sense that Jon’s doubts in this instance are all self created, with no influence from the outer world (no Ned’s execution, no Ygritte and no pink letter). In this instance, Jon has to battle with himself and himself only. There is no other factor pulling him in another direction, like in the cases I mentioned above. Whereas the Wall is described as extending from horizon to horizon, limiting and restricting, the road is full of endless possibilities even if it holds no particular promise. Finally, Jon made his choice: The fact that the Wall becomes “home” at this moment is very significant I feel. When Jon turned his horse and headed for “home”, where he was expected to swear a vow forbidding him to hold lands or wear a crown the next day, we are left with the Kingsroad becoming the road not taken.
  13. Not much to say, except LOVE IT!!! This is the first episode so far that had me wondering where the time went by the time the credits were rolling.
  14. Add to that the fact that the predominant religion in the North is the Old Gods and that there aren't many Septs around. Ned actually had to have one built for his own wife when Cat first came to WF, which proves that there probably isn't one in the winter town. If Ros, who by her own admittance, grew up in Winterfell's shadow, how can she possibly have been a Septa? ETA- :laugh: Nahhh...she's Jon's mother
  15. But the big difference, and is a big difference, is that all those characters you mentioned, unlike Ros, are key characters, important for the story. They are not simply a part of it, they are the ones that pull the plot forward. In other words, they mattered. There's a reason why they are protected by plot armour, at least until the author decides different. And anyway, my criticism of Ros is based mostly in terms of characterization. Unlike plot armoured characters like Sansa, Arya and Brienned Ros is too "modern" (and not in a good way) for this word: - She is a common prostitute that can actually read and write. :shocked: In a world that doesn't exactly have public school districts and where most people are taught by maesters where on earth did she learn do do this? I doubt that LF keeps an education program for his "girls". If anything a man like LF benefits for having illiterate women at his service. - She rose high based on her skils which are....???? No in depth characterization there. Let's assume she does have them. But what could they possibly be that would warrant her being paraded around the city- the capital city of Westeros- by Westeros' own maester of coin and future Lord Paramount of the Vale? :shocked: . Based on her obscure origins I would say that those skills, if they existed, they would be of a nature that works best in the shadows- in a similar way in which Varys' little birds operates. ETA- The characters being compared to Ros are realistic for their setting. Ros is not.