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  1. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Jon TWOW theory Evil Jon   

    You have to remember, one of the main themes GRRM tries to get across is that concepts of "good" and "evil" are completely arbitrary, and different people will perceive right and wrong very different based on their beliefs, background, motives etc. I can't see the ending boiling down to one giant finale of good vs. evil. I do however suspect Jon will be tied to The Others in some way, but that being said, we don't even know the true intentions of The Others!
  2. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Red Wedding: Books or Show?   

    I assume most of us are biased here due to having read the book first.
    That being said, I think the book was much better due to the sheer shock value. I suspected something coming, but at the same time I had to reread almost every sentence after the first bolt was fired more than once to make sure I was reading things correctly.
  3. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Septa Lemore is?   

    Regardless of who she is, I'm pretty sure she is fAegon's mother.
  4. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic from GRRM's blog: Jeyne Westerling and other characters in TWoW   

    This is very good news for me.
    I was quite concerned that events in the show lead to hints of what may or may not happen in the final books, but it seems GRRM is quite firm that they won't affect the books at all.
    I wonder how the show will deal with something like Jeyne having Robb's heir, maybe have some bastard pop up of a random girl he laid with during his campaign...
  5. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Which House has the best words?   

    I actually like We do not Sow quite a bit.
    A buddy of mine was trying to convince me how they are the worst house words, but I don't think he understood that it basically means **** you, we are doing our things the way we want to.
  6. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Possible Jon POV in the Land of Always Winter   

    I want to see Jon become King of the Others so badly...
  7. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Will history see Tywin Lannister as a failure?   

    I don't know if this is the way GRRM intended it, but this is the way I see it:
    Essentially Tywin was a great leader/tactician/politician etc, but a terrible father. He treated his children as pawns in his master scheme, causing them to develop very clear emotional and psychological abnormalities.
    Little did he realize it was these children that would one day have to carry on his legacy.
  8. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic What will happen in Jon's first few POVs?   

    King of the Others
  9. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic [Book Spoiler] Need advice on what to cook for a party for this episode   

    Just saying... you should alert everyone you know to obtain a copy of a Storm of Swords and read from 670 to 711.
  10. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic The Winds of Winter , return of Benjen Stark ?   

    I seriously wouldn't be surprised if we don't see him again. He's one of the ultimate disappearing characters and it would be disappointing to most if he's gone, but if GRRM wants to keep it real, he can't have every non-POV character who disappears come back into the story.
  11. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Danny's traveling in WOW theories   

    Well there are theories that Ashaii is connected to the lands beyond the wall. We don't know how large their world is so maybe it would be even a quicker path to Westeros?
  12. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Vulture interview hints at "controversial" Sansa chapter in TWoW   

    I was drinking with my buddies last night and somehow Sansa came up and someone mentioned the "Unkiss" theory which I have never heard before... But it's basically that the Hound never actually kissed Sansa and she made it up in her POV.
    And apparently GRRM said that Sansa may be an "unreliable storyteller..."
  13. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic Littlefinger vs Varys   

    One thing I found very interesting about the two is they both were absent from KL in aDwD.
    I think this suggests that they both know they don't have much power in the Iron Throne's Court with its massive changes, hence both of them pulling a massive "all-in" before leaving. (LF helping Sansa escape and Varys helping Tyrion)
    They both obviously have a tremendous amount of power in other things they have been working on, but I think their days in KL are over, and we will get to see what the two have been up to all this time (although we already have some insight on Varys)
  14. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic [Book spoilers]Criticism ( the little things )   

    Yeah I completely disagree with the Jaime thing.

    When I was a lil' kid, I can't recall how many times I would fall off my bike or something and get up fine... then seconds later look at my elbow to see it gushing with blood and THEN proceed to bawl my eyes out.

    I've never had my hand cut off, but I assume it would be relatively the same idea in the sense that the scream doesn't have to come right away until he sees it.
  15. Lord Davos Seaworth added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Pod and whores   

    Don't overthink it - I had all kinds of crazy thoughts too when I saw him put the money down, but it was certainly just supposed to be a joke/development for Pod.
    And if you think about it, it actually fits his character perfectly... All we really hear about Pod over and over in the books is how he is such a timid and softspoken boy but a completely badass when in battle... I assume they are trying to make a reference that his hidden talents on the battlefield also translate into bed.
    I had no problem with the scene because I love Pod and as others said we can't see Tyrion's thoughts on TV so there has to be someway to show Pod's badass side.