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  1. As the podcast pointed out, for many of its critics, the show fails on its own "merits," more than just as adaptation. Lapses of logic, continuity, characterisation frustrate the discerning viewer, whether they've read the books or not. It works as bread and circuses, so for the very casual viewer, who watches for tits and dragons, it's AWESOME.
  2. What do we know of the Dornish in the show? They're vengeful, despise weakness, and all they want to do is fight and fuck, fuck and fight. They're the Klingons of Westeros. Only without honor.
  3. This is awesome. I'm stealing it.
  4. I keep wondering WHY in-show Cersei would keep her pageboy bob. One of the annoying things about this presentation from the beginning has been these awful elaborate hairstyles (think Sansa's Purple Wedding Medusa look, or Cersei in Winterfell), which require long hair. All female characters save Brienne and TitSnake have longish hair. But Cersei post Walk is going to keep that 'do she got courtesy of Salon de Sparrow? They could have given the actress gradually longer wigs and actually SHOWN time progression... But the show doesn't care about that, or lil Sam would be walking and talking by now.
  5. Thanks, @sweetsunray, Iwas going to post just this. If you like the show, there are plenty of places to express that.
  6. Yeah, with kinslaying being all the rage in Westeros now.
  7. I have to say, every time I see this forum title, I giggle. More like maybe last we take Kings Landing... if we have time...
  8. OMG! I just googled "Trustafarian Benioff" and my profile was the first result! It was a word scholarship students at Princeton (and probably other Ivies) used to describe the legacies who slummed in their $200 jeans and huaraches handmade on their last family trip to Guadalajara and sniggered at the 1600 SAT kids with their knockoff jeans and Chucks before they were cool. Sorry. This is not the space for classist ranting! Still, there is a big whiff of "privilege" about the way these showrunners treat "the help." I think their treatment of Siddig shows that (oh, and book readers like Ian McElhinney).
  9. It was, to me, a sign of the frat-boy, Goldman Sachs Trustafarian hijinks to come. And come, they did. Look at that recent picture at WotW of Benioff and Emilia Clark and some girls (or that lovely shot of him flipping off the camera as his wife liplocks with Pedro Pascal after an Emmy-fest). There's fundamental lack of seriousness about these guys. HBO ladles money over this production but they seem poor stewards of the story, personally, emotionally, financially.
  10. Apparently not . HBO was SHOCKED that the producers used a George W. Bush head as one of the spiked heads in one early scene (Joffrey and Sansa) -- and then boasted about it on the DVD commentary. The company had to issue a tepid apology and re-edit the episode.
  11. Ah, yes, dear, sweet Shireen, whose very existence -- and the extinguishing of same -- were purely a plot device in show as evidence of her father's enormous wickedness and her mother's insanity. She remains quite alive in the books, but possibly doomed, kind of a Schrödinger's Shireen.
  12. Yup, Gwen Christie has done remarkable work when she's given material worth watching. That bath scene in Harrenhall is still my favorite.
  13. Reminder: This isn't a debate thread.
  14. With Satannis's death, Randyll became the Best Military Commander in Westeros. And like being a direwolf or a husband of Marge Boleyn, or a Stark for that matter, with that title comes sudden onset stupidity and eventually death.