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  1. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic After watching the T.V show, I want to start on the books. Could I skip the first book altogether?   

    I would start at the beginning. There is a lot of foreshadowing going on, and you'll miss that.
  2. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Nitpick Without Repercussion   

  3. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic Martin seemingly confirms that Shae was planted by Varys   

    I could have sworn this was covered by a thread a long time ago. Our best theory was that Bronn took Shae from a knight that was acquiring her for Tywin. That was how Tywin knew Tyrion was keeping a camp follower.

    As for Varys' part in all of this, I'd assume he was talking about how Varys set up events leading to Tywin's death. Why did Jaime decide now was the time to tell Tyrion the truth about Tysha? While reading it, I saw words attributed to Jaime, but felt this was a result of Varys playing with Jaime's conscience. I imagine Varys telling Jaime, "I will do this for you, but Tyrion will always be a broken man as long as he thinks Tysha was a whore you hired. This will be the last time you ever see him. He must know the truth."
    "You knew?" Replied a stunned Jaime.

    Varys knew how Tyrion would respond. When reading Varys' pleas to Tyrion in the hidden passageways of the Red Keep, I immediately thought of Gene Wilder's pleas from Willie Wonka, "Stop. Don't. Come back." He knew what was coming. it was exactly what he wanted.
  4. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic The Most Unforgivable, Irredeemable Act in ASOIAF?   

    Four pages and not one single person mentions throwing a child out a window? Is it just because he lived?
  5. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic which is the most beautiful female character in the tv series?   

    Val the Wlidling Princess. It is known.
  6. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic Was it always obvious that Arstan was Selmy?   

    I knew something was up right away. Who starts squiring for a former pit fighter when they are that old? I never pieced it together until he talks about the maiden's favor with Jorah.
  7. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic Stark Comeback - Longsword Ice   

  8. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic The Iron bank and the Blackfyres   

    In case you haven't been paying attention, the reason he was "butt sore" about dragon jokes is because Braavos was founded by escaped slave from Valarya. It should be obvious why they don't like dragons. As for Targaryans dealing with the Iron Bank, it would most likely be only when absolutely necessary. I think it is safe to say that the IB charged usurious rates of interest to the Targaryans, so the Targaryans would only deal with the IB when they were the only bank capable of meeting their needs.

    This is probably why the vaults of Kings Landing were flowing with gold when Robert seized the Iron Throne. The Targaryans needed reserves to keep themselves from the untender mercies of the Iron Bank.
  9. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic Tyrion's last chapter and is he entitled to casterlty rock.   

    To which I say, "So what?" The opinions of Barristan, Victarion, Aegon and anyone else who isn't Dany aren't worth a mummer's fart. She is all that matters, and I think she can be persuaded that Tyrion was framed by Tywin and Cersei because he demanded to be named heir to Casterly Rock (as was his birthright, since his older brother swore a vow to the Kingsguard). Bringing the Second Sons back into the fold will-technically, the Second Sons will be Loyal to Tyrion, since they will be paid from the vaults of Casterly Rock-put him in favor with Daenerys.
  10. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic If The Red Wedding Did Not Happen Would That Have Been CheckMate and An End To The Lannister Rule?   

    If the RW didn't happen it wouldn't so much be checkmate for the Lannisters, but stalemate. The Wolf's men would have reorganized to protect Riverrun and the surrounding countryside, while Moat Cailin was recaptured from the Ironmen. The North never would have been able to make another heavy offensive incursion into the Westerland or the Crownlands. since they would be forced to defend their western shores from the Ironmen.
    The North also would have been the ones forced to deal with the wildlings at the Wall. They would also be the ones defending the realm from the White Walkers. It seems highly likely that once The North and the Riverlands solidified their independence, Dorne would be the next kingdom to break away. The Seven Kingdoms would them become three.
  11. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic When was Joffrey a dead man?   

    Basically acts were set in motion when Littlefinger went to Highgarden to propose an alliance between the Lannisters and the Tyrells. When asked about Joffrey, Littlefinger would answer that he was handsome and fair. However, he allowed/encouraged the men in his service to tell (true) stories while drinking with the soldier of Highgarden. This was why Loras asked to serve in the Kingsguard (to protect his sister from Joffrey) and why the Tyrells asked Sansa what she truly thought of Joffrey.

    Once the truth was out, it was inevitable that Joffrey would die. Since Dontas delivered the hairnet with the poisoned amethyst, Littlefinger clearly knew about it. he used the chaos following Joffrey's death to move Sansa to where he wanted her.
  12. Harle The Handsome added a post in a topic The sad tale of Janos Slynt; Westerosi elitism at its finest.   

    This thread starts off on the wrong foot. To say Janos Slynt rose to power through his wits, hard work and dedication completely ignores the evidence presented.