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  1. They totally experimented on what the Carapace took. Blondes, brunettes, girth vs. length, people with nipple piercings vs not,people with buttplugs vs not...I'm sure they tried all permutations Probably what passes for science with weapon races.
  2. I guess you're right. I think PoN was far tighter and had a better ending. I think the ambiguity of TAE is worse in hindsight, with the series being done. As of WLW I was honestly enjoying some of it, but he didn't stick the landing and it got worse. I meant "unreasonable" because this particular case annoys me far more than all the other mysteries about the metaphysics that Bakker has let be ambiguous. Probably because I feel like it's going to be a needlessly fruitless field of discussion and it's the fault of the author (unlike say...Big Moe crackpots). In comparison to how I feel it's really small potatoes, but it seems more negligent than deliberate.
  3. Yup. And I think it goes beyond deliberate complications. There are things that should be clear by now and I'm not willing to attribute them not being clear to a deliberate mystery. I may be wrong but...I don't believe that Bakker intended for there to be much ambiguity about whether it's Gilgaol and his four-horned crown that manifests in Cnaiur at the end, or Ajokli's head. And yet, because of ignoring a very simple rule of writing, here we are. And now, as you can see, it being one or the other raises all sorts of concerns. I'm unreasonably annoyed by this tbh.
  4. He doesn't burn in Hell. When you worship or make a pact with a being on the Outside apparently you draw their attention (I believe this was stated by Bakker cause it ruins the whole "worship oblivion and slip into darkness" crock people like Titirga were trying) For some this is seen as a good thing. Yatwer's Queen Mother for example, thought she'd be rewarded. Some people are dubious but apparently Kellhus thought he would be and was apparently right (if Ajokli didn't screw him) Not sure that Ajokli's plan was to redeem anyone- in any sense- and not just munch on the people and suffering caused though.
  5. Oh, looked it up,that makes sense. I was thinking about them passing through it in Prince of Nothing at some point.
  6. Plains of Megedda was in TWP right? I think as late as TTT Kellhus seemed unsure who was talking to him and thought it was the No-God. I assumed he made the deal later, whenever he figured out the Daimos and realized it wasn't the No-God talking to him but Ajokli. But...I honestly wonder if this was Bakker's intent all along or if he switched at some point and turned Kellhus/No-God into a red herring.
  7. I doubt many of them have as much to offer as Kellhus.
  8. Gilgaol also has a four-horned visage (because of his crown) right? I thought it was Gilgaol that Cnaiur was with. Seems like the best thematic fit for a divine patron. Honestly, this is why you only have one Steve per book.
  9. Perhaps he was just going off their innovations with skin-spies? Or they may have fixed some element of the Carapace but not had the final ingredient. Moe is a sort of skeptical guy, who he naturally discounts bullshit like "you need the soul of an Anasurimbor, it's in this prophecy!" and instead believes that they'll inch their way to the right conclusion again. That's assuming that it's Moe's conclusion. If it's the Consult's...then it's hard to imagine how they came to it. The above logic can kinda work for them...except the Dunyain tell us that they just chuck souls into the functioning Carapace for MILLENIA before it worked lol.
  10. Oh, sure, logically I just think it's kinda like a trolley problem; if you force people, leave them absolutely no chance they'll go for saving the most people.But they'll probably dodge being proactively on Team "Personally push this fat guy off the bridge" if they feel there's any other possible option. I think they'll just wish for some other solution. Besides, I thought you also hated their (apparent) incompetence.
  11. There's always that one guy
  12. The thing about them is that they're not as convenient to hang hopes on. Akka is doing things for Akka reasons and Mimara is actively working for/with the forces that make victory for any side -even the Ordeal- so unpalatable. Kellhus is one character you can really believe could conceivably solve both the Consult and Damnation within the scope of a book or two in the TAE series, as the plot went With Akka and Mimara it's harder to tell.
  13. I think people end up believing in kellhus planning everything towards some great end out mostly cause everything else is so unpalatable. I's not like the Inchoroi or gods can win. Well, they can but who wants that? EDIT: Also, did Proyas have haloes? Ah, I remember when that was a thing. I don't want to see Bakker's take on Ewoks...
  14. 1. I said that's what it seems like, and it is. 2.Why not believe him?
  15. Bakker's dragons are such little shits. At least Smaug had gravitas