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  1. The thing is, Downton did start as a sort of "prestige soap" or so it seemed. I think it was a significant part of its original draw. Then it quickly started getting absurd and just never stopped.
  2. Football: fixture congestion

    Oof, Fabianski...come on.
  3. Sopranos- so awesome

    The Shield's final season will probably never be topped for me.So fucking tense, I thought I'd get an ulcer. Frankly,The Shield doesn't get enough credit. It had a rough patch with S3 but it legit one of the best shows ever but it's rarely in the discussions along with The Sopranos and The Wire. I honestly think it's cause of the people who made and broadcasted it.The aesthetic probably didn't help, even if it was deliberate. As for mobsters being rich: I mean, they do pretty darn well for themselves. They're not Escobar rich or anything but the top guys are quite well off for their actual ability to contribute to society. Paulie isn't really supposed to be a "top" guy, which is why he tried to have Vito and Ralphie whacked. Tony, Ralphie, Richie...all were on their way to doing good before they ruined it with things like gambling and Janice.
  4. Football: fixture congestion

    It's simply a matter of pragmatism. A manager is more expendable than the players if there's a widespread revolt, especially at this juncture where you can fire managers but not players, especially if you're worried about floating some massive wages if you go down The board is getting a lot of shit, we'll see if it filters down to the players.
  5. Football: fixture congestion

    If you're spending 30 million on Slimani and even more on others I don't think you should be 17th though. Going down can be disastrous, especially if they have players like Vardy on big contracts. If they wanted to be a 17th place team they wouldn't have any of these big expenditures.
  6. Travis Browne has been on a horrible skid, wasted anything he had going for him. Surprised he's not cut tbh.
  7. Football: fixture congestion

    Arsenal crumbled. It was not a surprise but they fooled me with an actually good performance in the first half.
  8. I thought S3 was a bit too much like a half-baked political thriller tbh. That genre shift didn't do it any favors . John Wick was great. It was like the action of Bourne and Raid without the shaky-cam and the locations of a Bond film. I can't really remember many eye-rolling moments besides the long catwalking scene of a certain character he has to deal with early. We get it, everything is cool and European. To me it's a bit like The Raid sequel (JW is the closest Hollywood comes really): I personally think it's a better film with a more expanded aesthetic palette (this is less notable for John Wick since the first one had a good enough budget, compared to The Raid 1) but some people think it lacks the focus of the original and may bloat a bit. The first action scene in the prologue is the only one I felt may have gone on a little too long. I liked the rest of the film.
  9. I was not a fan of the climax of this episode frankly.
  10. Cast a cloud over a fight GDR arguably clearly won.
  11. US Politics: Redefining National Security

    I still recall the new shades of equivocating and pandering he managed in the primary and then in the general, when he supposedly no longer had to worry about an attack from the right.
  12. Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again

    Arguably even readers do it a bit. I mean,Kellhus clearly conditioned the path for Akka and yet we still find his shit tedious.
  13. Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again

    No one can escape the delusion of agency. and it's not like Akka necessarily understands how bad the Dunyain control can get.
  14. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    Similarly, we've been hearing about him being a political neophyte that can be twisted this way and that by just giving him the right set of words for months.And yet, in his first week, he does the sorts of things he campaigned on and not the fantasy stuff "moderate Ivanka" or Al Gore or Kanye were supposed to feed him. Everyone has their illusions with this guy,everyone takes what they want to be true. Some liberals sound like his supporters, with the wishful thinking of "oh, he wouldn't really do that if we just talk with him!". Come on man.
  15. US Politics: Now with Alt Facts

    Exactly, it's all well and good to recreate that Starship Troopers scene about "violence never solving anything" but I'm very dubious about the idea that Richard Spencer is the guy for whom we need to suspend the basic rules of society for her, and if there's any benefit to that.