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  1. I'm rooting against Stipe mainly SO he doesn't break the record. I dunno, I just like the absurdity of it. Also: Rose is fucked and she looks like she knows it too.I wonder how much better Waterson would fare in comparison.
  2. Have only seen the finish,but Rumble being finished by RNC is the least surprising thing that happened this week.
  3. Brody is good,I hope it's a return to form.
  4. Really? Can you link it? I mean, if you just mean that
  5. Which is why he's right that Clearly a pretty selfish move.
  6. I'm legitimately outraged by this and I'm not quite sure why, I don't support or care about PSG and I have no stake in the UCL this season. fucking grates.
  7. He didn't though. He took a half measure and then folded. And now everyone is talking about Sanchez being the only redeeming factor in that performance and how weird it is that he missed the first half. He had two horrible options and somehow managed to create an even worse one out of thin air. I think a lot of people have sympathy for Sanchez where they wouldn't if he played for any other team in the top 6 cause of Arsenal's issues, but it is unacceptable to be a diva about it. My concern now is the case where both Sanchez and Arsene leave. Who knows what Arsenal'll look like. Which is why, barring a drop out of Top 4 Wenger will probably still be around
  8. It's being reported that Wenger benched Alexis for what people suspected: being a diva, and not to "go direct". If that is there any way the match could have been worse? Imagine if I had a timeout and my parents let me leave cause I was the only one who could run the house and I actually fucking succeeded. Absurd.
  9. Given the way the last fight was scored, I can see a draw. I can't see an outright Woodley win. At all. He went napping for three rounds. He had a good takedown in the third but it wasn't a 10-8 round. But I don't think they'd ever have scored another draw so we get this.
  10. There's no way Woodley won that fight.
  11. Wenger looks so grumpy. It's amazing.
  12. At a certain point what's the point of potential money? Sure, he's big in Russia (which isn't a big PPV country anyway) but he not only keeps fucking up fights (and he totally blew the momentum he gains) he's in a division with the biggest draw in UFC history. If this was LHW or HW or some weak division the UFC could have infinite patience working him up until he well and truly Cains things up. But it's Conor's division and he not only has this absurd Mayweather project going on it's an exciting division with both Tony and Nate immediately available, before you get other fights in the Top 5.. Conor has a lot more say and options and will make money either way and says he won't fight him. Historically he's been more reliable on this than Dana. Honestly, speaking of Conor; I always thought it was a lame excuse from Dana to justify special treatment when he says "Conor does everything we ask him" but boy can I see why he appreciates Conor. Khabib-Ferguson has been cancelled thrice, Nate has come in overweight, Aldo pulled out of like half his fights,Pettis wasted his chance at FW (if he ever had it), Weidman, Rockhold and Yoel all had problems at MW, Jones did his usual bs, Cormier is also a member of AKA and did what was expected of him... Say what you want about the cocky bastard; barring his brief Icarus moment he shows up. He hurts the division in other ways but he shows up.
  13. Yes, but this is Arsenal
  14. Arsenal look tepid. Like, no will, can't seem to play out and are lucky Coutinho didn't make it even more embarrassing. I can't wait for Arsenal FanTV.
  15. Conor called Khabib being a pull out merchant. Speaking of fights that won't happen....that fight is dead. Abou Diaby Kickboxing Academy strikes again I guess. At least Cormier has his belt (and Rumble didn't want Jones) so he has insulation. Khabib...He's never getting pushed again. It's always a waste. Especially when paired with his break for a few months cause Ramadan.