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  1. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    Yeah but I feel like those are different. Someone like Christie for example is clearly a presidential thing, which is different from becoming Speaker and holding it together as the opposition (God willing). You can run for President while still not having to mollify a few hundred Republicans as a matter of survival. If you If you win, even the primary, Trump has shown that you'll have far less trouble than one might think.
  2. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    At that point why would you want to be Speaker? I thought Ryan was The Guy, the one with the cachet to actually hold his party together. If they drop seats (which is seeming likely) then the hardliners would have more power, and if they'll boot Ryan...why would you want that job?
  3. Yeah, it doesn't really make sense at this point in their arcs tbh.A lot of people dislike the more arrogant, hubristic Rick (I hated him more when he was being an obnoxious bleeding heart) but there's very little way to sell them just going along with Negan for any amount of time without Negan forcing them. Between their experiences with other psychotic assholes and places like Alexandria making them feel like badasses just in contrast...there's no way. Something like this had to happen or you'd just have to rewrite Negan completely.
  4. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    That's the speculation. GSP doesn't want to give up sponsors and the UFC either doesn't want to or cannot make an exception, either cause it is a breach of contract or it sets a bad precedent for Ronda et. al. and yet they obviously don't want to let him go. We'll see.
  5. Sure, the bolded is a fair clarification. I read your post as sort of implying that, if they didn't morally have it coming it was a sort of comeuppance. As for Glenn being "heroic"...that's a high standard isn't it? It may not have been heroic, but was it evil? If they hadn't tried to kill Sasha, Abraham and Gregory after killing a whole bunch of other people and repeatedly stating their intention to run an apocalyptic protection racket they'd still be alive. Whether they died in their sleep or standing up seems secondary. I just don't think there's much overlap. Rick and his group have flirted with some shady shit, but they've always pulled back from it. They're harsh, arrogant and dangerous and maybe did something tactically unwise, it's not even close and it's not cause "we know Rick's group better".
  6. Maybe, but that's a different discussion than "I don't feel bad for you cause you murdered some people and thus deserve it". Them possibly being incompetent is something else, especially since the upshot might have been killing MORE people (or less or the right people). And I can't think of anything Glenn has done that puts him in the same category as Negan's and his operation?
  7. Which is exactly the problem with acting like Rick and co. slaughtered innocent lambs (which is a weirdly pervasive response). Like, the entire point of the whole of the Hilltop episode is that you simply can't coexist with Negan except as his client.
  8. What do you think was going to happen if those people had found Alexandria?
  9. Glenn was almost certainly dead given some production stuff (and obviously comic precedent)that came out. It was a question of who else was going.
  10. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    A good piece on how the GOP base doesn't really have the same priorities in terms of conservative policies as people like Paul Ryan,and why that's now a problem since they can't get a candidate to whip both sides together.
  11. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    Nor could I see Sanders coordinating the Alicia Machado thing, or any of the attempts to drive a wedge between the GOP and Trump. It just doesn't seem like his style. In the primaries as well he got some shit for his economic plans and blue-sky thinking- and that's with his opponent being relatively hands off. I think even people who resent Hillary would probably not doubt that she knows what she's aiming for and her feet are on the ground (or beneath it, in Hell, depending on your political leanings) I think they'd get caught up in a shouting match of big ideas that appeal specifically to the segments of the base that they rode in on, but I don't know that the contrast would be as great as with Hillary.
  12. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    It seems to be a bit more byzantine. It seems like the UFC have to give their "contractors" fight offers every so often and just...failed to give GSP one in time. They floated a fight with an injured Lawler with no actual formal agreement. So he's claiming he's out and getting ready to defend his claim in court. No one has any idea why the UFC didn't offer, speculation is: someone either fucked up royally or the UFC's new exclusive deal with Reebok is cutting across GSP's sponsorships in a way that's hard to resolve (i.e. they can't let him go to a fight with his sponsors and he can't/won't cancel them), so they're trying to muddy the waters or try to sort of wait him out.
  13. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    He started quite well . My take away from this is that Trump could have been a very dangerous demagogue if his attention span and self-control doubled to about hour.
  14. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Someone pointed out that white pantsuit is her "closer", it was what she wore to the DNC and when she got the nom. Maybe she thinks Trump is done.
  15. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Hillary needled Trump effectively enough, but I feel like the article slides over providence in order to tie everything together neatly. No,it wasn't context for the tape, the tape was context for the tape.It needed no introduction. Hillary clearly won the first debate and likely got her biggest surge and was never really behind or close after that...but everything from right before the second debate was tainted by things like the tape or the accusations coming out (assuming Clinton didn't leak them). Nor do I feel like Trump's Bill Clinton attack was as stupid as it seems. Like, Hillary seemed clearly skittish to attack him on it during the second debate, cause then Trump would just drag the conversation down to "we both did it", something he can live with while she,as the front-runner, didn't have to. Sure, it didn't win him any votes in the long term the time people were talking about him dropping out of the race. It was a matter of survival and keeping some base around him. And it seemed to work. He lived to fight another day, bleeding out but not dead cause Hillary didn't really go for the jugular on that topic. If the tapes hadn't come out Trump would still be behind by virtue of the first debate most likely, but I do feel like there was something different about them than just Clinton trotting out Alicia Machado with a nice bullseye on her. (for that matter, something she learned after they got lucky with the Khan thing) The tapes affected Republicans, Machado didn't.