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  1. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    I get that feeling too. I mean, he's clearly in a privileged position but I get wanting to put yourself out there but it's just too late and it's kind of sad.  That said...I'm markedly less sympathetic now. He went out there and met Gall despite knowing he had an injury which is just skeevy to me considering how much it meant to the kid. Either that or he was scared. Either way, at this point my sympathies lie more with Gall so I'm kind of annoyed that we didn't get this CM Punk thing over and done with and might be forced to wait another year while god knows what happens to Mickey Gall. If he takes a fight and gets his ass kicked the shot he was promised might evaporate while Dana finds another Michael Jackson to take his place.
  2. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    One and done. In fact, I think that's the expectation.    Dana wants Punk, but even more he wants him out of the hands of any other promotion. Punk signs, doesn't fight, Bellator doesn't get him, Dana wins. Punk fights, Gall tools him, he quits, Dana wins.   
  3. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    Every few years or so we go through this saga where we get a new spoiler/quote system that is so finicky it makes you wonder what the point of replacing having quote tags in plaintext is.    I mean, it looks pretty but not pretty enough.
  4. Supergirl TV show: anticipation or wary?

      To me it's not really suspect. It's just kinda bad. I don't recall when it hit me in the past three episodes but it did. No, I kinda do, it was the scene where Danvers had to go have dinner with Maxwell Lord for reasons.    It's not horrible-bad but this sort TV bland-not-doing-something-that-compelling-bad and I never felt that the drama surrounding the show was good enough to make up for it.    I felt like that for the first few seasons of Smallville but I don't think I did towards the end when it kicked up and stopped pretending that it wasn't going to mine all of Superman's history to make a story (making you wonder wtf was left over after the prequel). But then, I haven't seen it in so long so who knows? I think a lot of shows might improve when you don't have to sit down for 20 episodes.   Still, it's not a bad way to pass time.
  5. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

      There was even that sort of subtle PR around Rousey.   I think some of these guys (especially champions) go home and the gravity of it hits them and they start thinking they need to do this.  
  6. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    I really don't see the point of this sort of argument by description.    I don't think anyone needs to have the basics of how businesses work explained to them.  Point is that it's a shitty signing. We're not here to validate whatever  money-grubbing move the UFC decides to make on any given day.   ------------ Anyways, the damage control on Sage Northcutt was handled perfectly. He had strep throat! He's 19. Everyone who isn't salty as fuck over the fact that he makes more than them was nodding in sympathy and what seemed like a quick tap has totally been flipped. I don't think he was lying, but it was still well handled. I think Barberena has a point though though. True or not Sage chose to fight like that, and now because of his higher profile his comments kind of pour water on Barberena's victory.   At least when Dana's other blonde prospect VanZant lost no one outright made Namajunas's win illegitimate, they just focused on Page's "heart".        
  7. Halle Berry went on a run of bombs with movies she probably picked before the Oscars. It's not the Oscar's fault her proposed Bond spin-off died in the cradle and her franchise-starter Catwoman did too and then she talked herself out of her X-men job (she had to ask her way back in iirc).  And apparently she grew an ego. Not good.
  8. So, the Oscars are going to have reform.   I'm actually a bit surprised, because I thought they could easily have ridden this out and the boycott would die with a whimper kinda was badly conceived.       
  9. I take none of those things seriously tbh. There's some racism hovering around I'm sure. But all these hyper-reactionary outrages (Mad Max had the same thing) seem utterly ineffectual in the greater world, and are about a specific toxic corner of the internet full of disaffected nerds and conservatives* talking shit who are then given a greater voice because it rallies the base against the "MRAs" and gets clicks. I remember looking up the Mad Max boycotts and it boiling down to...a few guys on a shitty site  and a dozen Twitter accounts saying something before the movie even came out. It seems like a tempest in a teapot.   *Who I feel are...weird, as a demographic. I'd be more worried about others. 
  10. If the arguments that the Sony leaks made about how black actors don't play well in the increasingly important international market are sound...then not any time soon. TV will probably get better, film will be fucked.   
  11. The examples are why I'd think that the supposed mis-aiming at the Oscars is less significant than the framing of this as just a black issue. Are Hispanics and Asians doing that much better?  If there's been a misfire it's because of that sort of focus.Looking on other sites it's totally been framed as a "black" issue now. (Perhaps ironically because no one can think of an Asian role to nominate?)   I don't think it's  Pinkett-Smith or Spike Lee's fault but they're the only ones that spoke up. So the discussion has entirely been about that (and Idris Elba).
  12. Watched Joy and Spectre. The latter was exactly as bad as people said it was, the former...not.    DOR makes movies that, you either seem to buy into their charm and love, or have disdain for. I seem to bounce back and forth.  Disliked American Hustle, enjoyed Joy (sigh) despite whatever problems it may have had.   Spectre was just...ugh. 
  13. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS Strike Back

    Yeah, he could have moved into the role Leia was supposed to occupy (I saw supposed to because she was kinda like ROTS Padme- hoping that things were fixed but not actually doing anything to fix them) but his character is more suited to shenanigans than she is. She can just still be a badass in a boardroom, without Chewie or the ship.
  14. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS Strike Back

    Ford's problem is not age, it's whether he actually gives a shit. If the rumors of him asking to be killed off are true...then no. He probably scraped together all the fucks he had for this one film.  
  15. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS Strike Back

    None of those things needed to be explained because Star Wars was just Star Wars. IIRC it wasn't even "A New Hope" until around the time of Empire. It wasn't the first of six or anything. That's all hindsight.  Star Wars did everything it needed to do to justify the plot in that movie  because it wasn't expecting to tell audiences "oh, just wait, you'll get a spinoff next year and a sequel the year after that!".  That said, besides the annoying Republic/Resistance divide the much maligned derivative nature of TFA means that the handling of plots is closer to  the original Star Wars than not.