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  1. Have no idea what BJ Penn was thinking.
  2. I'm also interested in how things play out. Ivar and Ubbe are interesting, and we still have the revenge against Aelle to look into. Lagertha and all her people have been the least interesting but I suppose I can console myself with the fact that she seems headed to her death.
  3. Judith has anti-sympathy; she makes characters they're trying to make look horrible seem better in comparison. Like, am I supposed to feel bad about her mom wanting her to stop fucking her father-in-law cause she gave a feminist applause line? It's Vikings, we've sympathized with worse people and better characters. That whole scene was too much, it was the equivalent of the scenes you get in biographical films where the record exec or producer goes "it'll never catch on", while everyone knows better. I know the show has made it clear that Aelle is a dick but why not just have him make actual preparations that don't matter in the long run? I wonder where they're going with this blonde slave, she's just...there.
  4. I think Joanna is relatively safe. Bisping is in danger. Tyron looked good against Wonderboy the first time so I wouldn't bet against him. Mighty Mouse is close to a lock for his division. Amanda...I dunno, she seemed to do enough against Valentina then gas so I don't know who I'd bet on if Pena fails to grapple-fuck her like she did Zingano.
  5. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Right, and Ronda isn't in the same position as a lot of fighters. She herself was putting a time limit on her fight career, and around the time of her first loss she had all sorts of other things going on. It's not a surprise that people read into that. She has a lot of money, she can do other things and she clearly seemed to want to, given her film roles. When I say Pettis is done (more likely I say he's in trouble), I mean it in a completely different way. I think he's just fallen far from the belt more than he doesn't want to fight. He's legit not Top 5 right now (Alvarez,RDA, Barboza outright beat him, and Khabib and Ferguson are probably ahead of him) and that's a steep fall for someone like him in a shark tank of a division. It's fucking bad, and I'm not optimistic. That's very different from someone like Ronda who's outright talked about going away, as opposed to being on a downward trajectory and not leaving. When Pettis lost he didn't refuse to deal with MMA media since, he didn't say he was on his way out in his next fight. But yes, if she wanted to come back and hang around WBW and fight, she absolutely could (though for a $3 million purse it's a bit steep for non-title fights).Maybe one day she could get the belt back. But the ambivalence around Ronda and MMA comes from (or is abetted by) Ronda. You can't complain when you're literally telling people "I'm going to be gone soon" RDA lost twice, do you hear retirement talk?
  6. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    "We trained her wrong, as a joke" ? Or is that too mean-spirited?
  7. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    You can't "work into the clinch" if you have no ability to strike or cut the ring and your opponents don't just stand there and wait for you or bumrush you like Cat Zingano. It has less to do with her wanting to box and more to do with her having no choice.
  8. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    I'm sure she's a hard worker, she needs to dump Edmund. Seriously, has he ever rounded out a fighter? Travis Browne has regressed since leaving Jackson-Wink, I don't think he even remembers how to kick.
  9. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Ronda is done. Even worse she may have hurt her ability to jump into other fields like Hollywood or the WWE. If she'd had some offense she could have gone out with her head high but...This was arguably worse than CM Punk's performance. I think he did literally last longer. EDIT: Cyborg would have killed the Ronda we saw today.
  10. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Cruz said a bunch of shit about Cody. It got personal. He can't really have any complaints. Ronda at an actual camp will be one of WMMA's enduring hypotheticals.
  11. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Ronda looked broken after the first punch. It was legitimately sad, and that's hard to say about a millionaire world-beater like Ronda.
  12. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Holy shit, Garbrandt is taking Cruz apart. This is done.
  13. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Lineker was utterly outclassed. Jesus, give TJ a shot, he's basically killing the champ's contenders for him at this point.
  14. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    If there's anything less surprising than Cyborg popping it's Cain pulling out. Can't trust this guy with a belt or now even a fight at all.