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  1. Hendricks is done. Cruz doesn't really deserve a title shot next. He beat TJ sure, but then he put him on ice to go fight a completely undeserving Faber and then a lower-ranked Cody...and had the temerity to lose, badly. TJ on the other hand has beaten Assuncao, Lineker and Cody since then. Dana says that Mighty Mouse is next for TJ which should be interesting. MM seems pretty reluctant to fight bantamweights and I get it. I think he just wants to sit in his division and beat people up and make a comfortable living but people continually call for him to go up to fight guys who are bigger than him in a division he left for being small. But he should take it, and go up (instead of letting TJ come down)
  2. Good! Good riddance to Bisping, a horrible champion, barely beat a 45 year old and got finished by a welterweight trying to duck good contenders in a vibrant division. Time to retire Bisping.
  3. I think Joanna has Andrade's number tbh. Claudia was lighting her up, she just powered through it but she won't with JJ and her TDD/ability to get up is excellent. I think Claudia is still a better match up against Joanna. At least with Rose we haven't seen the outcome. I'd even go so far as to say that a finish is more likely with Rose than Andrade. Sucks for her but it'll be fun for us to watch.
  4. I know this is going to rightly be Canelo-GGG town for a while but the (much smaller) Rockhold fight was interesting. I think Branch had a good shot at ending the fight if he hadn't grappled with Rockhold which...why do that? Rockhold doesn't wrestle offensively a lot but his grappling is fucking excellent. The kicks are the flashy trademark but he really is a great MMA grappler. AKA has fucking great wrestlers/grapplers and he seems to have learned enough to survive and neutralize wrestlers like Weidman on the defense and just be a horror from top position. Don't give him a chance to recover. Rockhold also looked really timid striking. Bisping might have ate into his confidence on the feet and his attempts to fix his boxing defense have left him in a rough patch, cause he didn't look good. He didn't seem happy with himself either, in the interviews.
  5. You say that, but I'm kind of surprised by the various conspiracy theories and doubts and flak people are throwing up about this. How many times is this guy gonna prove who he is?
  6. Melendez keeps getting praised for his toughness but it's almost aggravating how he's playing into the Diaz bros. stereotype when it comes to checking leg kicks. Stephens picked him apart. Dude's been left behind.
  7. Same here. Floyd doesn't really give a fuck about anyone or anything except his money and the number on his record. whereas a lot of people were looking at it like "Floyd has to beat McGregor inside X rounds for the honor of boxing"...Floyd couldn't give a fook and was fine pacing McGregor out. Because the ref saved him. He was done, and getting hurt. It's not MMA where you can dive and get strangled like he did against Nate when he was "tired". It was headed nowhere good for him.
  8. There's some talk about a potentially new USADA test for that steroid which caught him by surprise but no one knows. It would explain him thinking he could get away with it; he may have before. That's the danger of such a program; testing isn't static.
  9. If he's found guilty all his Jesus talk won't mean anything. He's potentially gone for four years regardless. Game over.
  10. I feel this way about just about everything. The only payoff we got is what Kellhus was actually up to. now I'm hearing that Bakker has made that even more complicated in his AMA answers. I feel like we've headed back to 2009 with the finales of BSG and so on where writers were almost exuberant about confounding you with no answer in site and would tell you to your face that it's on you for not embracing the mystery. I haven't missed that shit.
  11. Insofar as they are ignored (and I've seen a lot of discussion on Mimara and her baby) it's cause we have no idea where they're going. Things haven't got that much clearer since they left Ishual. There is at least something concrete to Kellhus and his plan revealed here. Where the rest of them are going we're going to have to wait till the next series. And it's not a Westworld thing where you can easily predict the next chapter either, Bakker is almost deliberately opaque. Like...what does one even say about Esmenet after this book? Who cares?
  12. They totally experimented on what the Carapace took. Blondes, brunettes, girth vs. length, people with nipple piercings vs not,people with buttplugs vs not...I'm sure they tried all permutations Probably what passes for science with weapon races.
  13. I guess you're right. I think PoN was far tighter and had a better ending. I think the ambiguity of TAE is worse in hindsight, with the series being done. As of WLW I was honestly enjoying some of it, but he didn't stick the landing and it got worse. I meant "unreasonable" because this particular case annoys me far more than all the other mysteries about the metaphysics that Bakker has let be ambiguous. Probably because I feel like it's going to be a needlessly fruitless field of discussion and it's the fault of the author (unlike say...Big Moe crackpots). In comparison to how I feel it's really small potatoes, but it seems more negligent than deliberate.
  14. Yup. And I think it goes beyond deliberate complications. There are things that should be clear by now and I'm not willing to attribute them not being clear to a deliberate mystery. I may be wrong but...I don't believe that Bakker intended for there to be much ambiguity about whether it's Gilgaol and his four-horned crown that manifests in Cnaiur at the end, or Ajokli's head. And yet, because of ignoring a very simple rule of writing, here we are. And now, as you can see, it being one or the other raises all sorts of concerns. I'm unreasonably annoyed by this tbh.
  15. He doesn't burn in Hell. When you worship or make a pact with a being on the Outside apparently you draw their attention (I believe this was stated by Bakker cause it ruins the whole "worship oblivion and slip into darkness" crock people like Titirga were trying) For some this is seen as a good thing. Yatwer's Queen Mother for example, thought she'd be rewarded. Some people are dubious but apparently Kellhus thought he would be and was apparently right (if Ajokli didn't screw him) Not sure that Ajokli's plan was to redeem anyone- in any sense- and not just munch on the people and suffering caused though.