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  1. Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    Ken Scholes has been quiet for a good while and the last book in his series keeps getting delayed. JV Jones, obviously. She could have stopped writing all together actually. KJ Bishop hasn't published something in a long time I think.
  2. Bakker XLIV: The Goddess of Negative Theology

    Later: Hi Pat, So you've already read two Ishual chapters before there are 5 chapters left of whichtwo more focus on Ishual, can I conclude that there in total 4 chapters focusing on Ishual or at least the continuation of Akka and Mimara's story? How many chapters do the Great Ordeal/Ishterebinth/Momemn storylines get if you tally up the totals for each? This is something that interests me
  3. Bakker XLIV: The Goddess of Negative Theology

    That is correct. Overlook determines the publication date, and whether or not it will be published. As you say, Scott has already confirmed that it will come out next year, they just need to determine what month. As for the lack of lack of resolution ( though of course it's wait and see on how little resolution there is until Pat has finished TGO), that doesn't surprise me . They don't really seem to publish these volumes with the idea of a standalone read in my mind. That is why it would be good if TUC came out very quickly.
  4. Bakker XLIV: The Goddess of Negative Theology

    Scott stated on his blog that TUC would be in the area of 400 pages excluding the encyclopedia section, so TGO should have a somewhat larger part of the story clocking in at about 500.
  5. Netflix & BBC Team Up for ‘Watership Down’ Miniseries

    Cool. No word then on when it will be out?
  6. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Regardless who wins the series between The Beheaded Clippers and "scheduled to be top 5 lottery team" Portland , Golden State is going to have a supremely comfortable run there. They certainly wouldn't even needCurry for that.
  7. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Massive bad luck for the Clippers with Paul out for the season and now Griffin as well. That sure turned ugly in the space of one game. Season over. I can still see them beat the Blazers but after that it is over. As for Golden State and being lucky, I wouldn't say they were lucky in the regular season but no one can deny their massive luck in the playoffs. I mean, we went over that last year, they lucked out every round until they got to the Finals where they lucked out even more. It's true that you can only beat the teams you play, but that does not mean you can't be damned lucky by who you have to play, and it also impacts how people look at your win. Again, this regular season they have been storming, but the Clippers should have been a big opponent for them, and now they are going to cruise first past round 1 in which they meet a Rockets team that is 76'ers level of terrible, and then a beheaded Clippers team that they will sweep. The next step is for the Thunder and Spurs to ravage each other in a 7 game series. It all seems to be going their way. Even Curry's injury, a first bit of bad luck, has turned out quite ok.
  8. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    Watching that trailer ( again, not convincing) I feel as if I have seen half the film.
  9. I will say that I always appreciate a good map in a Fantasy book, and a dramatis personae as well. Of course you can have good backs without maps, such as Abercrombie, but even then a map would have been very nice there, as has often been said. I do agree that a detailed map with good names ( and by good I mean the same standards as applied by Gas of Many Reeds) can be an indication of quality and the work that has gone into it. But of course, we have seen books with gorgeous covers, gorgeous maps, that were very poorly written and a total turn off.
  10. Joe Abercrombie

    Well, Heroes stands out as the most popular one, if you look at the thread I started a while back with the poll results. Last Argument of Kings and BSC follow.
  11. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Terriblenews about Chris Paul. Out 3-6 weeks with 4 weeks as a likely minimum. The Clippers are never going to make it past the Warriors now, and thus Paul's season is done. In the sideline of that news, Griffin has re-injured his quad and is unlikely to play game 5. And in the sideline of all of that, my bet has taken a turn for the worse. Between Toronto being truly shit, the Clippers injuries and the Heat vs Charlotte series now tied with a nasty feeling that Charlotte might even win this, I find my bet besieged from all sides. Still, not all is lost yet.
  12. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    There is no way for Golden State to drag out the series against the Rockets though. The Rockets are completely done, didn't even want to win at home anymore as we have just witnessed, could only have less chemistry together if they actually started to beat each other up on court, and are in any case no match for a team that plays the sort of game that Golden State or the Spurs do. They have Harden but who else do they have. Even playing with their two best bigs upfront ( Dwight and Motiejunas) against a smaller Golden State frontcourt did not allow them to get enough points because these guys are not skilled enough, don't even catch the passes they get half of the time. And then there is the defense. I wonder what remains of that Rockets team. Maybe even Harden would rather leave. I think he and Capela might be the only guys Morey really wants to keep.
  13. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Yes according to Wojnarowski the MRI was negative, he has a grade 1 sprain and would be out for two weeks, possibly more. That is not that bad, if that holds out he will be back sometime during the Clippers series. But of course it remains to be seen.
  14. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    Man that Jon Jones fight was one of the dullest fights I can remember watching in UFC. He knows he wasn't good, and that was certainly visible. And still OSP didn't come close to beating him. Of course a broken arm doesn't help.
  15. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Arsenal are just really, really dire.