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  1. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Next Saturday looks like a great day for fights. UFC206, sadly now much, much diminished, but still. Glory Collision: Verhoeven bs Badr. Please don't disappoint. And Anthony Joshua fights Eric Molina, that should also be good, also being aired here on Saturday.
  2. Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    Very disappointed with this game due to the massive influence from Jacco Peyper, a clearly very biased ref. Impossible for me to see who was the better team and should have won this rugby match due to his repeated interference which was consistently in England's favour. At 13-16 in Australia's favour, he allows a try by Marland Yarde which completely changes the momentum of the game. It's a clear knock-on by Yarde, pushing the ball forward with his left hand, and then later pressing it with his right hand. Easy to see in the video replay, and when you think he will disallow it precisely because of the video replay, he allows it. After that, dubious penalties to England, and when that was not enough, he gives Haylett Petty a yellow card because of a supposed late tackle. HP was on his feet and yes, he did not disappear, which is apparently what Peyper wanted him to do.. Again the video replay, and dreafully, not just another England penaltry, no , a yellow card , opening the way for more England tries. To the great joy of this ref. Terrible display.
  3. Parts of 'The Winds of Winter' you are looking forward to

    Seconded. And I'm very much looking forward to see: a) how much in in what ways George's story will differ from the films b ) how it fleshes out those things that did happen in the show, but which the show raced through. c) I want a book that is extensive and detailed. The show was intriguing, but season 6 felt like one long highlight reel.
  4. Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    England team looks seriously hindered by the absence of Launchbury, who I really like at the lock position, and Vunipola. What a blow that he will miss the Six Nations as well. I suppose Wood is not a worse option at 7 than Haskell or someone else that's available so not really a loss at that position compared to the Six Nations of 2016. I did think Itoje made a really positive difference and he's out as well.
  5. Chess - the world in black and white

    I see Wesly So is also playing in Wijk aan Zee, alongside Carlsen, Karjakin, Aronian and Giri. It's good for the sport that there is a developing rivalry and to have several genuinely good contenders, even if Carlsen may win every time.
  6. Chess - the world in black and white

    I'm a complete layperson at chess, but do find it quite interesting to follow the legend of Magnus Carlsen, and to see what his competitors can do. I did watch some of the Candidates tournament earlier this year in which countrymen of mine were hoping Anish Giri might make it through, but apparently he's too defensive, which I suppose is why all his games ended up in a draw. So from what you guys are saying, Caruana ( who I recall finished high in that candidates tournament), MVL, Nakamura and maybe Aronian are the likely top challengers for the next year or two? And another question: why is it that these all these best of the best level guys are all so young? All of these guys are in their twenties. Where are the guys in their 40's? Seems like only Anand. I seem to recall the Karpovs and Kasparovs of old were still going at it and being the best even when in their 40's or 50's?
  7. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    They are actually my favorite Hobb covers. Not as nice when John Howe designed the Dutch covers though, but they have maintained the same style since he stopped doing them. I like the UK covers by Jackie Morris as well, and the US covers for this new series by Del Rey are good as well.
  8. Fool's Quest

    The Dutch translation comes out on April 12th. The US edition comes out on May 9th.
  9. Fool's Quest

    Dutch cover art for Assassin's Fate by Robin Hobb, as per Jussi. A broken candle and an "M". If it has to do with anything ( and it usually does) then I'd think Molly, which is odd. I also see it is coming out in April in Holland, awesome. It's enormous btw, Dutch hardcover of book 3 clocks in at 896 pages, which is 150 pages more than the already huge Dutch hardcover of Fool's Quest.
  10. Star Wars Novels/Graphic Novels

    I saw the 4th trade is coming out next week, is that what you've been reading? Or are you reading the weekly issues? It seems intriguing but I am especially interested in how they end it.
  11. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Was watching a video of Khabib vs Michael Johnson here And it really makes me wonder how he would stand up to McGregor. McGregor had such a hard time already with Mendes, and surely Khabib is better and stronger. If he floors him, Conor is in for a world of pain and I think he knows this a fight that would dim his star. On the other hand, has Khabib fought a striker as good as Conor? A fight against Ferguson would probably be more attractive from a visual standpoint. I'd be very happy with either choice. Brunson nearly had Whittaker there with that flurry of blows. But at some point while barreling forward he ran into a left hand, and that changed the whole course of the fight.
  12. The books coming out in 2017

    Sadly, that is a very sobering analysis
  13. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Holloway will beat Pettis and then fight Aldo. That will be a fight I very much look forward to, in the first few months of 2017.
  14. The books coming out in 2017

    Well, maybe, maybe not, but seeing as Justin Sweet is one of my favorite artists I will definitely be getting this.
  15. china mieville

    Comes out remarkably quick, May 2017 already.Ʃville/dp/1784782777 I am very interested in this. At the same time I still have Robert Massie's classic "Nicholas and Alexandra" unread on the shelf, so am wondering if it's too much of the same thing.