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  1. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    Hahaha, he looks awesome
  2. So about this Cincinnati Zoo gorilla they killed..

    I wasn't referring to you specifically, so no need to direct a general comment to yourself and then say "I didn't say that". 1) No one is claiming to be more of an expert at when to shoot a gorilla than zookeepers. Though having said that I have always been interested in gorillas myself and through literature and documentaries know a fair bit. 2) It seemed to me that there is something of a discrepancy in the reporting, talking about wild and rough behaviour from the gorilla necessitating a kill shot, compared to the various footage videos available which do not show this. So maybe the rough housing really did happen and was threatening and in that case, ok, no queries. Of course it is also entirely possible that any possible rough housing is being brought up to prevent enraged audiences from saying "guys this wasn't necessary, you fired way too soon" . That would not be a first. 3) You don't need to be a gorilla expert to judge a situation if you have the facts. But we don't have the facts. At the same time do not overinflate the knowledge of the people that shot the gorilla. This was the guy from the dangerous animals response team, armed with a rifle, and this person may well have simply thought, better safe than sorry. Or he may he very well have been instructed by the zoo's manager to simply shoot at the moment of clear sight, just to run no risk whatsoever. Who knows what deliberations this person made, and whether he had any specific knowledge of what gorillas do in these sort of situations? You don't, you simply assume that he made the right decision because you think it's the right decision, and if someone says, maybe they were a bit hasty there, than you say that person must be lacking in knowledge. He may well have been given an order.
  3. So about this Cincinnati Zoo gorilla they killed..

    They may feel some guilt over the death of the silverback, but if anyone should feel that guilt, it's the zoo. And they should feel guilty because they were not able to come to a satisfying solution. Unless you think shooting the gorilla is a satisfying solution. Whatever else you may think, they let him down, big time. The boy simply should not be able to just crawl in there, and when that happened, it is my feeling they were too quick to shoot the animal. This can only be seen as satisfying if you think that even the chance that something might happen to the child, is sufficient reason to kill the gorilla. This is not a view I subscribe to.
  4. So about this Cincinnati Zoo gorilla they killed..

    I think it's a bit difficult to blame the parent, or parents, simply because I do not know the circumstances. What's clear is that he escaped her attention, crawled under metal bars and later on fell into the moat. From that I wouldn't make a judgement on the parents; they may have been careless, but then again, maybe not. I think from the zoo perspective though, if the gorilla was really starting to roughhouse with the boy, then I can understand why they act because their thought is "boy's life more valuable than gorilla's, because he's human". Absent evidence of that though, they may have been premature and that saddens me. The gorilla did not seem bad intentioned at all, so they are ending his life simply on the premise that something could happen. That's even worse than if he had actually abused the child. Better safe than sorry they say, but at the expense of the life of a magnificent and innocent animal. Apparently the two female gorillas were going crazy when the silverback was shot, they just knew what had happened even though they were out of sight.
  5. Came across this list and because do like the atmosphere in some of these Stephen King adaptations, a lot, I thought I'd see what else is out there. Which ones are your favorites? Mine would be: Top tier, the truly excellent Shawshank, Green Mile Second Tier : Good to very good The Mist, Hearts in Atlantis, Storm of the Century, Stand by me Third tier: Decent Dreamcatcher, Big Driver, Misery
  6. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    And on another note, someone from OKC should really explain why they play the iso ball. It doesn't work. It's what got you killed so many times before, it's why Brooks was criticized so severely, because it makes it look as if OKC doesn't have an offensive plan at all. Watch Russ bring the ball up and drive to the basket or jumper; or, give the ball to Durant, who will hit it it 3 times out of 10 in that situation. There is no flow to it whatsoever. Now I understand the series has been so close because likewise, Golden State has been having it's own huge problems. 3 point shot upon which they rely entirely not falling, yeah, that will cost even them a game. Green being an idiot. None of the 3 centers they bring in really work well against Adams or Ibaka. They have their issues. But surely OKC's issues is the constipated offense that they use at the end there. In addition to that there may be a mental issue as well with giving 4th quarter leads, as Rhom pointed out. P.S. A special word of praise for Steven Adams posterizing Draymond Green in the most glorious fashion. Ouch!!
  7. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    OKC played a fantastic game overall and so did Golden State. This has been a massive slugfest. I didn't get to see game 5 but apparently that too was a rollercoaster and that was the game where I said at the time, OKC needs to close this out now, in 5, or lose the series. It will happen like that I'm afraid. I just knew they were going to cough up this sixth game, I knew it, I dreaded it, I didn't even want to say anything about out of sheer superstition, and of course, it happens anyway. Where does it go wrong? 1) With Durant continuing to shoot poorly this series. This continues to stick out like a sore thumb every game. OKC are winning despite his poor shooting percentages. 2) It goes wrong because Thompson and Curry are suddenly making the incredible shots they could not make before. 3) It goes wrong because in that final quarter when the Thunder where up by 8 points, they reverted back to hero ball, iso plays for Durant, which pretty much consistently didn't go anywhere because Durant isn't at his best this series. 4) Between them, Russell, Durant and Ibaka were 1-19 from the 3 point line today. Yeah, that is awful guys. Anyway, deeply disappointed. Let's all hope at least Jaime had a good night out because he missed an incredible game. I am hoping against hope that the Thunder play a massive game in game 7. It can be done, the games are a close affair and it could still go either way. However my instinct tells me that Golden State wins this, and then takes the Cavs in the finals, which means even more smugness on the shit faces of Draymond Green and Stephen Curry.
  8. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    I have nothing against Nibali myself but he was so clearly not the best man for a large part of the Giro that his win doesn't seem right. Having said that, he was better than Chaves over all, and Valverde, so that's fair, but Kruiswijk just killed it, massacred people in that mountain time trial and never lost any time uphill. It was a dominant display and the Italian media ignored him for as long as they could. What a shame.
  9. Came across this news story today. 4 year old boy was left unattended, or in any case the parents were not paying attention to him, as he crawled under metal bars, through bushes and shrubs, and fell into a moat that divides the gorilla enclose from the visitors. Two female gorillas are distracted and sent inside but the silverback has seen the boy and slowly moves to him. Eventually he stands over him in the moat. Seems to want to protect him. All of this is recorded on video. They ended up shooting the gorilla because he might have hurt the child due to his strength. There is a lot of talk about the reason for them doing this is because the gorilla supposedly dragged the boy across the area at some point. However that does not appear anywhere, on none of the videos do you actually see the gorilla get rough with him, which is what is widely being reported by the media. This sort of thing annoys me. There are multiple angles on the gorilla standing over him on the moat, but no one has video of that dragging or any rough play, but it is being reported that exactly that is why they shot him. In any case, very sad that a rare gorilla had to die, and especially as it seems from the footage that there was not even bad intent.
  10. The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread

    I bought it but have not read it yet. I can confirm it's a beautiful book btw, as mentioned in those reviews. Beautiful llustrations and there seems to be a lot of story covered in this one. I think it's just over 500 pages as well. I'm hoping it's not shit.
  11. Summer not dead?

    There is no denying it was a very disappointing death scene. We've seen so little of him so far, it's basically been two years, and he comes back to die quickly and in a manner that has no effect. They could have done more with that. Even if you despreately don't want to overstate the power and importance of the Direwolves, you should still have him do more than this.
  12. Tennis Volume 6

    I think all of that is premature. It's not that said that he cannot recover from this with rest.
  13. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    Very sad about Kruijswijk. He was so much better than everyone else. Dominates the Giro. And then falls. I hope he can save his 3rd place today so that he has something.
  14. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    I want to. It needs to happen. No chance of me watching it live though unless I really get up in the middle of the night.
  15. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    My concern is similar. I very badly want OKC to win this. However I have this nagging feeling, hopefully wrong, that they had to win game 5 just to have it done with. Now they go back home and that should be a big advantage, two home wins under the belt and all. But the pressure to win at home will be enormous. Will that help them, or work against them? You need to win that home game. Of course you could also say, it's still not over for OKC even if they lost at home, likewise the Warriors need to win very badly in game 6 as well. In a hostile arena.