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  1. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Cavs have been taking a lot of losses lately, even at full strength. Two days ago, beaten at home by the Wizards, who are in excellent form. Last night, thrashed by the Spurs. A string of defeats before that already. And Boston is now leading the East. Beal and Wall have been remarkable, a pleasure to see that backcourt at work. Other observations: Looks more and more like we'll get a Rockets vs Thunder first round series in the West Other teams that are very poor towards the end of the season and dropping fast: Atlanta, Detroit.
  2. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    So, I went to Amazon UK to find some dvd's of Ghost in the Shell series and man is it a confusing mess. There seems to be a movie, a sequel, a series called Stand Alone Complex, another series of that, then something called Solid State Society, possibly even more. What is worth seeing guys? I prefer more modern anime in terms of graphics but obviously story matters as well.
  3. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    Indeed. I have all of the big bbc series, and several smaller scale ones that he's narrated, on dvd.
  4. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    I have the audiobook of this, one of the very few audiobooks I own. I occasionally listen to it in the car, he has such an excellent and unique voice and it is quite interesting.
  5. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    I'm a bit sceptical. I never love the the dual roles for 1 actor thing.
  6. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    I think not, but mostly I just want him to stay with United next season as well. Even moreso if it is unclear whether Griezmann comes. But I would like him *and* Zlatan.
  7. Trailer Thread III

    Michael Bay will ruin anything. Hopkins is a top 5 favorite actor of mine and I have a great deal of his movies on dvd. They are even tying this into cool things like King Arthur, Merlin etc. You'd once again begin to think that this might actually be tolerable. But you can already tell from the trailers that this is going to suck.
  8. Trailer Thread III

    Second trailer for Transformers The Last Feminism: 12 year old girl outsmarts Men and Robots. It looks dreadful.
  9. Kong: Skull Island

    I expect they will be fairly similar in size when the two films eventually come out. The whole point of Kong's tremendous mountain like size in this film is that he is set in the Godzilla universe. Otherwise the size of him in the King Kong film by Jackson would have been fine. They also mentioned that he is still growing which I guess will be used as an explanation for even greater size in 2020. Saw the film this weekend. I quite liked it, amusing, worth seeing. Certainly not excellent but the reptiles were a passable antagonist I suppose. This made me do a comparison with the 2005 Peter Jackson films. I think both versions of Kong look awesome, and I like them, but in terms of size I prefer Jackson's Kong. Surely a Kong the size of a house, several times the size of a man, which is what he is in that film, is more than sufficient. Still, once you get used to his size in this new film, it's not an irritant. But it feels a lot stranger than 2005 Kong. I also feel that character was more expressive. What brought the 2005 film down was that awful first hour of introduction. Once that is over it's a fine film to watch, but that is one of the slowest intros I can recall. Mercifully this one doesn't have that. I do think this film lacks the real set pieces like the fight against theT-rexes in the 2005 film.
  10. Tennis Volume 6

    Murray will really have to show this year that he can hold that no. 1 spot , because last year he became no.1 in a year when Djokovic broke down, Federer was out, Nadal was out.. Still, he has raised his game and I think for the entirety of the year, he will be fully in the mix with Federer and Djokovic. It's just been a poor start for him this year. Same for Djoker but then in the case of Djokovic this has been going on for a year now. He still has the excellent flexibility and brings everything back, but he struggles to make a difference in the rallies, lacks power shots. For me, Stan still rounds out the top 5. Maybe Nadal isn't really top 5 material anymore and someone else will step in.
  11. Tennis Volume 6

    I think Nishikori has plateaued, and Raonic as well. They are about as good as they're going to get, give or take a few percentages. They've worked on most of the things that they were not naturally good at it, but are now facing their own limits. Raonic' ground game is going to remain problematic at the very highest level in tennis. He will keep his own serve but he has trouble breaking serve and once he has a rare game where the serve isn't as good, he's broken. Nishikori of course has other limitations. Now, Federer. I still have to watch his games against Steve Johnson and Sock. Disappointed the game against Kyrgios didn't go through as that was the one that would have been game of the tournament. As it is I think that honour has to go to Wawrinka vs Thiem, a real slug fest. So all in all Federer, while he did beat Nadal, has a fairly easy path to the final. But in that final, a win against Stan just felt inevitable to me, and thus it went. Stan just isn't allowed any mistakes by Fed. The first set Federer was playing perfectly but then Stan was really good as well. But then, Fed just pounces on the first opportunity. Second set a lot of mistakes, Stan even takes the lead, but he was broken back quickly and I never felt he would beat Federer. It's just great that Federer has come back so refreshed and playing so well. There are streches in these games this Indian Wells where he has played as well as he ever has. Just incredible the sheer class on display by Fed.
  12. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Haha, indeed. I think they might finish in this order. Brooklyn-Lakers-Sixers-Suns-Magic The Sixers have two more wins than Phoenix but Phoenix is going to have to really tank to not go beyond that whereas I am not sure where this depleted Sixers team gets *any* more wins from. So without the lottery, the Lakers would be safe, but it does not take that much to go outside of the top 3... Not sure what the Knicks are tanking for btw. They just lost to the Nets at home, but they're never getting into the top 5.
  13. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    I think Saric will probably get Rookie of the Year. Embiid would be deserving as well simply because when he was on th court, he was far and away the best " Rookie". His teammate Saric on the other hand has really had a strong second half and wasn't bad before that either. A very nice player. I am looking forward to finally seeing Simmons, Embiid and Saric on the court together, but that won't be before November. Re: Utah. Hayward and Gobert are their best pieces. Hayward is a very fine wing, and Gobert has emerged as a 7'2 center who can actually play a bit. They've upgraded in point guard this season by trading for George Hill, and that was a weak area before. So basically they are just a very solid team, hard to beat, and very, very consistent game in game out. They just beat the Clippers quite handily, and look to finish ahead of them in the West.
  14. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Some excellent CL clashes there. Nice.
  15. Tennis Volume 6

    I wanted to post here but then Leap said word for word what I was going to say. I'm really enjoying watching Kyrgios of late. He's an attractive player and now that he's combining that with a string of wins ( including top players).. yeah, good stuff. In the last round he beat Zverev in two sets in the Battle of the Super Talents. I have recorded his match against Djokovic ( once again, early exit) and Federer vs Nadal as well. Surprised to see Fed's done such a number on Nadal, on a somewhat slower court as well. Kind of interesting as well that Kyrgios has now beaten the Djoker twice in the space of two weeks, on hardcourt, in their first two confrontations.