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  1. Calibandar added a post in a topic MESSI, RONALDO, NEYMAR...   

    I'd agree with your top 3.
    In special mentions I would definitely have Robben, Douglas Costa, Rakitic and Bale.
  2. Calibandar added a post in a topic NBA Season 2015 - 16 Bow to the Brow   

    I watched him against the Timberwolves. They kept hacking him and he kept air balling his free throws. It is astounding how bad he is, and you cannot believe why the Clippers don't have him improve it through rigorous training. At one point he shot 3 in a row that all fell well before the basket.
    Definitely agreed with this, as a result of the fact that the Rockets, Grizzlies, Clippers and Pelicans are now seriously malfunctioning teams. It's not like the East got better, but the West definitely got worse. And some of that stuff looks like it will not be easily resolved. 
  3. Calibandar added a post in a topic NBA Season 2015 - 16 Bow to the Brow   

    Yeah well let me say it's not my intention to slam the Lakers. I was more thinking about "what would have happened if Howard had stayed", coupled to what happened to Bryant and Nash. There was never a championship window in hindsight. But with foresight, I think you could have said that window was very slim as well. 
    Which is not really the case with the Cavs, they definitely have a very good window and not just last year, but the next 3 years by the looks of it. I'm one of the people who defends the Kevin Love trade. Though obviously a scenario where Love would have come over this Summer for free is better, they wouldn't have been that competitive last year. Yeah they didn't win last year, but with Love at least they *could* have. Surely the Cavs are much better positioned to win than the Lakers where with that trio of 38 year old Nash, 35 year old Bryant and injury prone Howard.
  4. Calibandar added a post in a topic Tennis V   

    I guess it depends on whether you just consider the result, which is what you're doing, or whether you take player availability into account, which is what I'm doing. For me the fact that Murray played Belgium in the final and that none of the major nations even competed does influence how I feel about the overall class of the performance. Seems only right to take that into consideration.
  5. Calibandar added a post in a topic Football Thread No. WhoCares - Let's keep the conversation going   

    Well he has 48 goals from last season apparently, so that is a big thing in favour of Ronaldo.
    You wouldn't put him in the top 5 based on this season no.
    I wouldn't mind if Neymar won because he has been so so superb this season for Barca, but the season is early yet and last year he was not quite as consistently phenomenal as he is now.
  6. Calibandar added a post in a topic NBA Season 2015 - 16 Bow to the Brow   

    1) They could, of course, have predicted Nash's decline, and should have.
    2) Foreseeing injuries is not bullshit when you're talking about guys in their mid and late 30's. Especially guards who have tons and tons of miles on them. And again it's about all 3 of these players together ( Old Nash, Old Bryant and Dwight) supposedly being the core which would always seem problematic. Could that ever have worked? Not in 99% of cases IMO.
    3) Tyson Chandler was 27 years old when Dallas signed him and "it worked out well for them". What a bizarre example to give in this discussion.
    But anyways, agreed to disagree.
  7. Calibandar added a post in a topic Tennis V   

    Did you not just say in your previous post:
    So what is your point really, or is there no point to be made, you're just disagreeing in a general direction? You disagree with me that beating Belgium in the finals is not that great an achievement? That would be odd, given the low level team Belgium has.
    Or is your point that Belgium is a great team simply because they made it to the finals, even when presented with the fact that all the major nations did not have their top players involved in the Davis Cup this year? Because that too would be a very strange position to take, why would the road to the finals not matter? You're saying "Belgium reached the finals after all", and none of the other big nations did, thus implying it was a great performance by Belgium, and that that makes them a hard team to beat. When you consider that the other nations you are referring to did not actually get to field their top players, it makes it a completely different story, obviously.
  8. Calibandar added a post in a topic Tennis V   

    LoL, I thought you were from Belgium cause that 's what it used to say under your name.
    I don't think beating Belgium itself was "quite the achievement" no. Not at all in fact.
    If you want to broaden the point to "it was quite an achievement for this GB team to win the Davis Cup this year in general" than I would say yes, since they only have one decent player in Andy Murray. For all the talk  of upcoming British talent we hear about every Wimbledon, they still only have Murray. And he has done well, obviously.
    You seem unaware of the fact that these guys often didn't play for their country. As just pointed out by Leap. This devalues the win IMO because otherwise they would have been knocked out earlier.
    Even Australia, they are in an inbetween period. They are now relying on guys at the very start of their career to do it for them.
  9. Calibandar added a post in a topic NBA Season 2015 - 16 Bow to the Brow   

    Well, my point was really that even with the information they had at the time, that would never have worked in 99% of circumstances. Nash was always going to be very old even in season 1. Bryant was already well past his prime by then and while they did not foresee the specific injuries, it was quite feasible they'd be coming in the 2/3 seasons following, him being 34 at the start of that deal. The only thing that could have gone either way IMO, was Howard. And that went the wrong way, so consider if he'd actually signed on with the Lakers long term. 
  10. Calibandar added a post in a topic The Man in the High Castle [Spoilers]   

    Watched the first episode online and as with the Expanse, my main feeling was it is quite dull.
    Intriguing in premise, but dull and slow. 
  11. Calibandar added a post in a topic NBA Season 2015 - 16 Bow to the Brow   

    On another note, can we take a moment to reflect back on the Laker's Grand Plan from two/three years ago, that summer with all the major transactions? How that would have turned out? 
    They signed Steve Nash, then 38 years old, to a big three year deal.
    Bryant, then 34, was supposed to be the other piece of the puzzle.
    And Dwight Howard would be the man in his prime, the man "who will be the Pillar of the Franchise" for years to come.
    Howard of course had been dealing with injuries for some time but it was expected that that would be temporary. Dwight is now 30 years old and has spent the last three seasons ( one at LA and two @ Houston) not playing back-to-back games and dealing with a variety of injuries. Don't see how that would have been different if he'd stayed with LA.
    In other words, this could never ever have worked. You have two guys way past their prime and 1 guy who is still quite young who you're hanging everything on, but that's a guy with mentality issues and someone who seems past his best prematurely. I've never given it that much thought, but this was really not a bright thing to come up with. Especially signing Nash. I can understand why Bryant would re-sign on a major deal that he wasn't worth and why the Lakers hoped he would still have value. You can see why they'd maybe hope that Howard would return to his Orlando form. But Nash, at that age?
  12. Calibandar added a post in a topic NBA Season 2015 - 16 Bow to the Brow   

    I'd still put Love in the top 15 of NBA players over a whole season. I wouldn't yet do that with Wiggins.
    Carmelo is a player I would actually not have in the top 15 anymore btw. I think the remainder of his career he will probably be what he is now, assuming he stays relatively healthy of course. LeBron on the other hand is dancing around like he's a feather, despite turning 31 and many miles on him. Some players age faster than others, obviously. And some are just so skilled that they can still be one of the two best players on a team even in their mid 30's. Even Carmelo could still be a useful SF 2/3 years from now.
    My top 15 so far would be:
    LeBron, Durant, Curry, Westbrook. Aldridge, Leonard, Cousins, Paul, Griffin, Paul George, Drummond, Love, Davis, Harden, Butler.
  13. Calibandar added a post in a topic Football Thread No. WhoCares - Let's keep the conversation going   

    You must be wrong, because Louis van Gaal said we "dominated the game" and should have won.
  14. Calibandar added a post in a topic MMA & Boxing (v16)- Get it together, man.   

    I haven't watched either of the Klitchko's in their prime, so that needs to conceded right off the bat.
    That said, I have now seen the last 3 title fights of Wlad, and have not been impressed in any one of them. Against Fury though, wow. For someone who rules a sport for so long he sure didn't look confident, and incredibly cautious.
  15. Calibandar added a post in a topic Tennis V   

    It was only against Belgium though ( no offense Apache, but the team they fielded was pretty shit)
    Davis Cup has been too devaluated the last couple of years. Too many big players make the choice of not trying.
    Won't diminish the joy on Murray's part I'm sure, but something that I do consider.