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  1. The new timeline is called the Dark Imperium timeline. Maybe new timeline is not the right word, it is after all the same setting, it's just that where before the setting was static, they are now advancing the 40k setting, albeit at a leisurely pace. Still, since it started last year, two Daemon Primarchs and one Loyalist Primarch have indeed returned into the setting and there are more novels coming out this year to expand and advance the storyline. Novel wise, the book you want to be reading as the start is appropriately titled "Dark Imperium" by Guy Haley. This sets up what happened, the opening of the Great Rift and the advance of Chaos towards Holy Terra.
  2. Apparently the previously oldest world number was Andre Agassi, at age 33. Federer now 36.5 years old. That said I would still love to see Djokovic come back for real, and Murray, so that we can get some classic face offs again.
  3. Hard to believe in OKC, just seen them struggling so often and doing so poorly. On the one hand you can say, well in a 7 game series they could be a difficult opponent for other teams and I tend to agree with that, they have that potential. But Golden State is surely too fluid and versatile to really be bothered by this OKC team. Houston on the other hand, it took me a while to believe it, but they look legit. Maybe not good enough to beat GS legit, but better than any team in the East, or anyone else than GS. Harden has been phenomenal and Paul has had a strong season as well since he came back.
  4. Good, looking forward to the 4th series, this show has won me over.
  5. There is a lot of variety in quality in 40K, and in the Horus Heresy series as well. You do not need to read all the books though, I certainly haven't. You could pick and choose what strikes your fancy. Chronologically you'd either start with First Heretic or Horus Rising. Some confrontations and legions are more interesting than others. Aside from the ones Fall Bass mentioned, you could also say start with Thousand Sons, or Legion, or even Mechanicum, as they are all early books in a somewhat separate location. Master of Mankind and Praetorian of Dorn are a sort of loose duology you could say, highly regarded, as are Scars and Path of Heaven by Chris Wraight. One thing a lot of people do not know is that Forgeworld ( part of Games Workshop, but a separate entity) create stunning Black Books of the Horus Heresy. 7 volumes so far, they are campaign books with superb fluff and illustrations that are as good as anything in science fiction. Downside? They are expensive, 75 pounds a book. But it is lovely stuff if you do get one. For an example:
  6. Most recent publications: Ruinstorm-Annandale- Oct Old Earth-Kyme- Dec Burden of Loyalty anthology- This Feb Wolfsbane by Guy Haley-May To be followed by Slaves to Darkness by John French, a novel that will have all the Chaos Primarchs together just before they hit Terra. Release in August I hope. After that we will get a novel on the Fall of the Death Guard, a novel by Guy Haley on Titans at Beta Garmon, and we will start with the first Siege of Terra novel within 12 months it looks like. Siege of Terra may be branded as a sort of mini-series within the overall Horus Heresy series. This series kicks some serious ass Meanwhile Black Library also has another series going on called "The Primarchs" which is also set in the early stages of the Warhammer 40k universe, set mostly during the Great Crusade, decades before the Horus Heresy begins. 7 short novels out now in that series, and very much worthwhile.
  7. There will be a second season yes.
  8. Brolin looks great as always. Film needs more Colossus though.
  9. No, the rating at RT does not mean it wasn't divisive.
  10. Yes, divisive in general response, with many people either loving or hating it. The fact that there are more people who wrote positive reviews than disappointed ones doesn't change that it was divisive. You mentioned IMDB, stroll through the reviews on there for this film. It goes from 2/10 to 9/10 all the time. Star Wars Last Jedi is likewise a very divisive film. And yet it is also 7.5 on IMDB. I went to the cinema and watched 12 strong with Chris Hemsworth last night. Decent film, likely to be around 7 out of 10 as well and that's fair, but that is not a film that is going to be divisive.
  11. Even though Soylent Brown is exaggerating, there is something very frustrating about Wijnaldum. I see this whenever I watch him in the Dutch national team as well, where he is a regular btw. Managers like him, he plays for Liverpool and makes the national team. He seems like he could be great, has skills. But there is something about him that makes him under perform, like he never goes full throttle. Either it's indeed scaredy cat syndrome or he just isn't as good as he is deemed to be. I know in critical games for Holland he is always " ok" and that seems to sum him up. Not a difference maker. I'm not wasting too much words on United. Just like the rest of mankind, I think Mourinho should go ( and of course should never have been appointed as everyone screamed at the top of their lungs back then).
  12. Yes, extremely divisive. Check out the reviews online, it is very much a love it or hate it film. Which, again, makes total sense because it is a very different style of film than the first two and one that reduces the whole film to a satire of Thor films. Others who want to be generous say that Waikiti "embraced the comedy and craziness" . The fact that some did love the non-stop tongue in cheek doesn't mean it doesn't really divide opinions. There are tons and tons of 1 to 2 star reviews for this film out there, you don't need to do more than a quick google to see it. But I'm sure none of this will fly with you because hey, you liked it, and thus it's not a divisive film.
  13. The spin offs like Rogue One and maybe this Han Solo film are not that exciting to me, but I am very interested in the new series of films by Rian Johnson and D&D. Just depends on what they decide to focus on.
  14. Started watching Britannia as suggested by this thread and indeed, I must share the sentiment. There were misgivings before release and they prove to be true. Pretty poor so far.
  15. True. They picked someone who does not remind of Han Solo. Still, I'm giving this film a chance and hope it might be good. I'm expecting right now that it may level out as a mid-tier SW film a la Rogue One, meaning, a few solid sequences but possibly some very irritating characters that you at no point give a shit about.