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  1. Publishers certainly keep trying to give us the next Martin. Problem is that 90% of it just isn't very good, or worse than that. There's really only a few authors worth checking out. Apparently it really is very hard to deliver on what people want, and it requires real skill to do it. We see so many debuts being released with reference to "this is the new Martin, Abercrombie, or for readers of Mark Lawrence". And damn, so little of it is worth my time. Two major sagas have been completed recently by top authors Scott Bakker and Robin Hobb. I really rate Abercrombie, and it's wait and see what he comes up with. They tried it with Lynch, and that failed. Rothfuss was a good try, and that has failed as well. Abraham, I don't think he hits the heights we are talking about here, a new series you enjoy on the level of ASOIAF. Miles Cameron, Anthony Ryan, John Gwynne, it's all passable stuff but nothing great. I also cannot say the Malazan series is near the level of ASOIAF when it comes to writing and characterization, or even worldbuilding IMO. Richard Morgan gave it a shot with the Land fit for Heroes trilogy. I'd love to read Happy Ent's plant based Fantasy, it sounds great.
  2. To continue.. Shocking trade. Even though Boston was rumored to be in the mix, Phoenix seemed more likely. But they refused to give up Jackson ( let alone Booker) and Boston certainly did not have such qualms. As much as it is a loss for the Cavs to have to let Irving go.... what a haul. Thomas is as good a point guard replacement as they were going to get, rated higher than Bledsoe. And an excellent value piece in Crowder. And the 2018 Nets pick, which is a surprise. However we should perhaps not assume that this is a guaranteed top 3 pick like this year. The Nets are getting a bit better and there's some teams in the East in full on tank mode. Cavs line-up: Thomas, Smith, LeBron, Crowder, Love, or Love with Thompson and Crowder off the bench. Celtics: Irving, ....., Hayward, Morris, Horford Can I say I'm a bit underwhelmed by the Celtics team? Irving and Hayward are spectactular additions, Morris and Horford solid starters. Feels like they gave up a bit much. Either keep the pick, or Crowder.
  3. Zodiac is really memorable. The scene that really stands out to me after all these years is the scene where the serial killer walks up the couple at the lake in broad daylight and then slowly murders them. This whole film is a very unattractive package IMO. The trailer looked dreadful . Wind River is one I am keen on seeing as well. Both of those other films are excellent and Soldado is a 2018 film that I really want to see.
  4. I mean, you can't believe he would do it on purpose?After all the denials from the last time?? How on Earth can this happen to you again? How could he possibly have thought he could get away with it? I'm sure they are going to say it was accidental through a supplement once again, but really, how can you maintain such a position for the second time? Another huge blow for the UFC if this holds up.
  5. Well, there is a 2008 film Gomorrah, then there is a 2015/2016 new series called Gomorrah which is apparently quite different from the film, and there is a 2015 film Suburra ( excellent) , to be followed this October by the Suburra tv show that will air on Netflix. Not sure what it is you have seen.
  6. Well we can't have unexamined sexism. Let's talk more about feminism and women's issues in a RIP thread.
  7. Well. Froome looks in fantastic shape. Chaves as well. Bardet and Aru have so far shown they have carried over their Tour form into the Vuelta. Nibali was dropped a bit there at the end of that mountain. Aru and Bardet as well but they kept it close enough that it was never more than a few seconds. Some real casualties in this first uphill stage. Poels imploded due team Sky's incredibly frantic pace uphill. Lost 1:35. Kelderman and Kruiswijk at 1:14 already, with the latter now 2 minutes behind Froome already in the GC. Michael Woods and the Yates Brothers finished at 25 seconds so limited the damage. Zakarin at a minute already though.
  8. Don't understand this comparison. The Corner is much older than the Wire, but Suburra is a new film, much more recent than the Gomorrah film and released at the same time as the new Gomorrah TV series. It's also very slick looking.
  9. Other lesser known riders I am interested in are the young Movistar riders Fernandez and Soler. Hoping for a strong Vuelta from Kelderman as well, top 5 finish would be a very good performance from him. Obvious favorites: Froome, Nibali, Ary, Yates Brothers, Chaves, Zakarin,Majka. I would love it if Poels could go for his own chances in this GC, rather than have to implode for Froome. Sky says he has a free role. We'll see.
  10. Funny review I read of TUC, titled "not a laugh, from cover to cover“ "The series in general, and this book in particular, is deeply Tolkienesque - the scope and complexity of the imagined world, the sounds of the proper nouns, even the style of the maps. In fact, the book might well be how a version of the Lord of the Rings as told by the Lord of the Nazgul would turn out”.
  11. Guess it's going to be a November release.
  12. No they shouldn't. Especially now that they've come out with statements saying that they will not sell him this season, and in a situation where Liverpool have been getting shit all done on the transfer market. They might still get Van Dijk regardless of what happens to Countinho, and that would be a solid get. Countinho's the heart of the offense and this is the season where Liverpool is back in the CL. If it's about money, sure, get ride of him for 120 million, a great offer, but it really diminishes the squad. Hopefully for them, it's not about the money but the performance. If there were realistic replacements for Countinho running around, Barca itself would already have approached them, certainly now that they are constantly facing closed doors in "negotations". But no, for them it's Countinho and Dembele or bust. They could easily get Draxler if they thought he was worth their time.
  13. Yes, but it also shows how dire the situation at Barcelona is and how badly they need an oxygen injection in the form of Dembele and Coutinho. As much as Liverpool need and want to hang on, Barca need this double acquisition very badly. And it seems as if Deulofeu, predictably, is already seen as falling short. That move back to Barcelona was a surprise, as he couldn't even make it off the bench at Everton.
  14. It'll be interesting which of Bagley or Michael Porter Jr ends up as the no.1 pick. They both seem like mega talents.
  15. Not sure what your point is, or if there is one.