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  1. I'm not concerned about the route. It's always a mix between a difficult route and what the riders are willing to do. So now they will have to make the difference on fewer mountain stages, and there are a lot of contenders that need to make a difference somewhere. This could well mean an increased amount of attacks when it's less expected.
  2. Scroll down to the product details on " Publisher: The Overlook Press (July 25, 2017)" Ominous, especially given their history of doing this every single time.
  3. Uh oh. First the date went from July 4th to the 11th. I am now seeing July 25th on the Amazon site as well. They are sure being consistent at Overlook, having pulled this exact same trick with TTT, TJE and WLW as well.
  4. It's a fantastic show. Of course everybody knows it's slower paced than most top tier tv shows, but this did not rake in the Emmy's year after year for nothing. But Isis' problem with the show was that she feels it is way too misogynistic for her taste, and if that is the case, it's never going to be a show for her.
  5. Other riders of interest: Uran- Cannondale lead guy. Finally a good GC from him? Has been quiet so far this season. Pinot leads FDJ- How good is he now after a few weeks of rest. You can imagine he'll not let Bardet take all the shine. Gesink, Roglic and Bennett from the Dutch team, what can they do? Meintjens, unexciting but very good uphill. What shape will Contador be in? He has a very good helper in Pantano, and Mollema as well.
  6. He doesn't seem like a great fit there at all. I suspect the Cavs will be doing all they can to get George and Anthony would be only be of some interest as a back-up option, and I don't think they'd be willing to lose Love over it either. Who they might part with for George, I imagine.
  7. I understand everyone can't stop talking about the Dwight Howard trade to the Hornets. Changes the NBA landscape completely, I know. For me the two most interesting possible story lines where what happens to George, and to Butler. The Chicago trade is just terrible from every angle and there is no defending it. Everyone is jumping on Chicago for making a terrible call, and they did. They got nothing in return for a top 12 player in the league, 27 years old, starting his prime, who didn't need to be traded yet by any means. It's just staggering how bad the deal is, how little they got. But more than that I do not see the need. Why not keep Butler and rebuild around his friendly contract, which you could extend to a max in two years? Why is he not your centerpiece, or one of a trio of guys you'll need? At his age and with his two way prowess? Thibodeau must not believe how fortunate he is. This is exactly the guy he wanted. If you're the Bulls, you had a team with Butler, Rose, Noah, Gibson, Mirotic, McDermott, and it all fell apart in such a short space. Not all of that is on the Bulls for sure, Rose and Noah declined in their own right, Mirotic was not as good as hoped for. But to then trade the best piece that there was and is, and the probably future of the franchise. Maybe in return for a sensational no.1 pick and role players. I understand that maybe they just didn't get good offers, but then you keep him. As for George, I don't see him going to the Celtics. I am hoping he gets traded to the Cavs and makes them even better. If not, then the Lakers is an interesting scenario but to me it seems they are not as talented and filled with potential as made out to be. Ingram, Randle, Nance, Clarkson, a fairly unexciting bunch if you ask me. The T-Wolves and Sixers have genuine big talents in their roster bigger than anything LA has, including Ball. I don't see George go there and really win.
  8. I watched Transformers Last Knight in cinemas. It may well be the worst film of the last decade. If that sounds like hyperbole, see this film and find yourself nodding in agreement. Nothing about it makes sense. Very little of it is amusing. The Transformers themselves act and look ridiculous. The film is very racist. It is one big fat disappointment from start to finish. On top of that it is far too long at 2,5 hours. People at halftime were complaining in the cinema. You should have heard the reactions afterwards. Almost no redeeming value. The way they tried to bring in Merlin and King Arthur and completely butchered that made it so much worse. Then the sexual innuendo between Wahlberg and the unknown English woman. Man this was woeful. Even for an explosion freak like Bay this film is just one big explosion from start to finish, so absurd. Most irritating is how worthless he makes the Transformers, how nothing in these films has any meaning.
  9. Very interested in this series. I really liked some parts of the 2009 film and am definitely intrigued to see this work translated to series form.
  10. Quite looking forward to this. Early November will have a couple of series ready for binge watching. First 8 episodes of this one, The Deuce season 1, Inhumans season 1, Stranger Things II.
  11. That is very nice. Great work. Very nice image of an Inchoroi, The Nonman immediately reminds me of the Engineers from the new Alien films and I assume that is Kellhus towards the end, in the air blazing light from both palms.
  12. I agree it's a no brainer, and I like Kevin Love a lot. It's also true that presents Indiana with a scenario where they are at least getting a star. Assuming George actually wants to leave, which seems obvious if he's interested in contending. If the Pacers can get Love, Love will be disappointed because that is precisely what he did not want, but he has a good few more years left on that shiny new deal. George just brings more versatility and looking at a list of available players, it's hard to see anyone you'd rather have on that Cavs team outside of George. Hopefully it happens, it would be cool to see all of that together. As for Paul to the Spurs, as much as the Spurs need a new point guard, and they do, I'm afraid the Clippers will load up for another hopeless effort and waste talent and potential in the process.
  13. Wait, what, the tv show Mad Men? Creepy and gross?? Reminder to re-watch Proposition, it's been many years.
  14. Strip him of the Lightweight title, give it to someone else. That will finally get him back in the ring.
  15. From today's Zach Lowe article: So, what are the chances of this team staying together, has anyone given thought on that already? Curry's going to go on a much bigger deal. He's on 12 million a year and will go to max. What about Durant, currently on 27 million a year? Green will make 16 million, Thompson 18 million. Iguadala, Livingstone, Pachulia, West, McGee, all UFA this summer.