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  1. Trailer thread II

    It just looks like they wanted to make a Fantasy movie, with a Chinese setting, and anything that they thought of, is in. So you'll have the Wall as China's most splendid bit of architecture, you have long flowing colourfoul gowns, swords, exotic weaponry, people that leap like no person can ( Flying Dagger style ) and monsters that will, hopefully, include a chinese dragon. That I would like. Long and flowing without the wings, just for a change of pace.
  2. Yeah the costs are ridiculous but the shipping will be very fast, I've used it before in the past as well.
  3. I just looked at their site and it doesn't look available. I would cancel that order HE, and re-order from If you can afford it have it shipped with super fast shipping, it's what I did. I received it within 48 hours, you probably would as well if you're in Germany.
  4. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    Wert, this is what my reply would have been to your "why". I would think though that in addition to the UK hardcover now disappearing, Del Rey will be keen to see a release for Thorn at about the same time as the UK edition, for the same reason many publishers want it. And as such, the fact that del Rey has not even scheduled it yet suggests to me that the UK release is also in danger. Primary publisher or not, I don't think Del Rey would want a release 6-12 months later ( and Del Rey's schedule is already ready up and including April 2017, and Lynch is not on it currently). They may still slot him in before April, who knows. My feeling is that as long as there is not even a listing for a US release, we're not getting the UK version in September. The first 3 books did not have significantly diverging release dates for US and UK releases either by the way, so there is also no precedent. An announcement that September is also falling through would not surprise me one bit.
  5. (Book spoilers) American Gods on Starz

    I was surprised to read this as well, it seems really slow. He's even suggesting that the first book covers more than 3 seasons. It all seems stretched really thin and borne out of need rather than desire, simply because Gaiman kept putting off writing an adult novel that is to be American Gods II. In fact he still has to start it now.
  6. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    It has to be almost out of the question that it comes out in September, looking at these developments. Which is odd because it really has been announced by both author and publisher. That actually happened. But with both the US edition and UK edition not available for ordering just a few weeks before supposed release, I mean that is very rare. We'll see.
  7. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Was hoping for some actual footage but I guess they haven't started shooting yet. Still very interested though.
  8. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    I have to think the fact that Juve is buying Higuain for 90 million Euro and Napoli buying Milik from Ajax as a replacement are all signs that the Pogba deal is really happening. An announcement please!
  9. I like your relating the word count to pages, that's appreciated. I will add though that Scott said on SA forum in response to my question that he has since added 4 chapters to TUC. 4 chapters is usually around a 100 pages in Bakker books so it looks like it will be 500 pages plus the glossary.
  10. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    I think there is more bad news yet to come and the UK release also won't be in September. I just got a notification that the UK hardcover has been de-listed on Amazon UK and is now showing as "unavailable" instead of being released on September 22nd.
  11. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    The US edition still isn't listed on by Del Rey. If they were really going to release in September, it's been left unusually late. Still some time. But I'm of course sceptical.
  12. This is exactly why I ordered through and got my order quickly. said "two to 4 weeks" for Great Ordeal on the day of release. That's apparently exactly what they are doing.
  13. Star Trek: Beyond the 1st Trailer

    It was a disappointing film, much in the way that Into Darkness was as well. The start is really good, with the gorgeous visuals of the space station, followed up by the Enterprise and the attack on it. This was good stuff. And then it's all downhill. So much action, just so much of it, endless sequences of meaningless stuff. It just induces so much yawning. 2 stars out of 5. Star Trek 2009 remains the best of the reboots.
  14. (Book spoilers) American Gods on Starz

    Yeah, I agree, good actor. Anyway the trailer looks quite good, pleased with that.
  15. Tour de France, lets have a threeway

    Crazy stage. Dumoulin exit with a broken wrist. Currently unclear if the supreme favourite for Rio Time Trial can compete. Mollema crashes and drops from 2nd to 10th spot, the Tour lost in one fell swoop. Porte had to waste a lot of energy catching up with the peleton after a crash. You could see he was too gassed at the end. Hope he still gets on the podium, he deserves it. Froome crashed as well but once again showed gratitude to Wout Poels who delivered him up the mountain. As he keeps doing again and again.