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  1. china mieville

    Seems to me the quality of his work has been on the decline since PSS and the Scar. Now I was never the biggest fans of those books anyway, and certainly Mieville is not my type of writer. But there is at least some stuff that I found intriguing in his worldbuilding in those two novels. But then, Iron Council was seen as a disappointment. Embassytown was a step down that I at least could not finish. City and City seems to have been well received but personally I did not care for it. His YA novels likewise did not impress me. And of late he has been producing bite sized novellas which like the rest of his post- Bas Lag work, runs into very mixed reception. I remember 12 years ago or so it really seemed like this guy would keep blowing people away with new stuff and be a top writer in the genre but IMO, it hasn't happened. His best work was his first, and after that, well, very mixed results.
  2. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Chris Smalling was dreadful again. Partially at fault for goal 1, 3 and 4. He has never convinced me as a solid defender and he continues the trend of being a liability. Should have blocked Hazard's shot. Should not have allowed him to come inside at 10 yards from goal, terrible defending. And between him, Blind and De Gea, one of the three should have had the ball instead of Pedro for the 1-0. Pogba has been utterly mundane so far and continued that trend as well. He and Herrera both were extremely lazy in allowing Konte to just walk away from them on that 4th goal. Of course you'd still think Chris Smalling would be able to block an offensive non-entity but nope. The midfield looked overrun and incapable. All in all the team is lucky to take 1 point from 2 games against title favourites. Clearly underperforming. Hard to say why they were so bad. Easily demoralized maybe? The thing that is structural with this team is the incredible defensive frailty. I think this is partly down to the fact that Smalling and Blind just aren't very good defenders anyway and are thus liabilities in every game. They will have good moments, but each match there are moments when they are tricked and found out by attackers. Blind of course is not a defender anyway. The second problem is that everyone can clearly see that the offensive play is completely hobbled. Relying on a brilliant moment from someone but no real plan going forward.
  3. china mieville

    Kraken is the only one outside of the Bas Lag books that appeals to me, would love to hear some more opinions on it.
  4. Godzilla 2 (22 March 2019) February 2018.
  5. Godzilla 2 (22 March 2019)

    I intend to watch Skull Island and Godzilla II even though I was not bowled over by Godzilla. Still I find it hard to give monster movies of this size and budget a miss.
  6. I wish they hadn't gone with the whole Baby Groot thing. It's widely considered to be a marketing ploy for kids and to sell even more Groot toys because the kids are going to eat this up. He'll be the size of a small plant and could well stay that way throughout the film. Diesel described him recently as a much more naieve version of Groot and it's very likely that he will be there mostly for comedy scenes. Which for me is a shame because that is the GoTG character I like by far the most. Other than that unfortunate decision I am very much looking forward to it.
  7. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    I agree. While I'm sure Barca would have won this game eventually, it could have been much closer. City were sloppy and it was probably wrong to bench Aguero. I agree with you on the whole "false nine" thing, that is such a Guardiola thing but oftentimes it does not work. It certainly did not work when he tried to make Gotze his Messi at Bayern and taking off his real striker for Gotze. Messi is unique, and Gotze has nowhere near that level of skill. Same here, Aguero should play.
  8. Yup. It's almost impossible to say who finishes second in the east, or who makes the playoffs. You'd think only the Sixers and Nets stand no chances of making the playoffs in the East, but for the rest everybody is in there. And for the Sixers I am not even so sure. If they get Simmons back in a few months and couple that to Okafor, Embiid and Saric, that is the beginning of a promising team. If pressed to pick a top 5 I would guess Cavs, Pacers, Celtics, Pistons and Raptors. In the West it's pretty similar actually, I am not sure if there is any team left there that cannot contend for a playoffs spot. I'm not even willing to completely rule out the Lakers or Nuggets. Much of this has to do with the very bloated middle. There are 4 teams that you'd rate as above the rest, and no one outside of the Nets and maybe the Sixers who will suck hard.
  9. Ken Liu’s Dandelion Dynasty

    Same here. Intrigued by the premise, but the dialogue and characterization turned me off quickly.
  10. Why Tolkien is not coddling his readers, why Tolkien is awesome

    As a Tolkien fan and one who has read Letters of Tolkien, I am also of the opinion that not taking what the author himself has to say on the matter into account, is a false position to take. Of course he himself is more equipped than anyone to take about intention and content. Especially Tolkien, since he is an author who took the time to explain things at length.
  11. Totally get this about the Bulls. So they trade Rose, ok, some liked, some don't, but you get Rondo in return which is a step back. In other ways the team has not really improved. Wade is a nice addition and he still has gas in the tank by the looks of it. Mirotic looked very inconsistent last year and looks even worse so far. Maybe McDermott will be a good contributor. But all in all I can see why fans would be hopeless because where is this team going other than mediocrity? I'm sure nobody was hoping for Rose to go and be replaced by Rondo ( and Wade). Mirotic has to step for this team because they need a good perimeter shooter, there are already two complete non-shooters among the starters in Rondo and Lopez.
  12. It looks pretty intriguing actually.
  13. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Disappointing game again. There was a lot of tension throughout but so little in the way of good football. What was obvious is that these two teams cancel each other out. There is a lot of quality on the pitch on both sides and they were very evenly matched. I felt that neither side was really going for a win. Having said that, if any team deserved a win it was Liverpool, because De Gea had to do two extraordinary saves. The Coutinho shot was incredible. United on the other hand created very little but was sound defensively. All in all it remains very tight in the top 7.
  14. Quarry - Cinemax

    Well I just looked up Banshee. The season 4 numbers are between 250,000- 400,000, with an outlier of 500,000 for the s4 finale.
  15. Sopranos- so awesome

    Just watched this last night. At the end of the episode Tony sits down in his couch after a night of hard work cleaning up for Janice, Carmela says she's leaving for Italy or else she'll commit suicide like the Russian goomar. And then the song "Hey heyyyyyy, I save the world today, everybody's happy now " comes on, which is a lovely ironic song to come in at that moment.