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  1. Football: fixture congestion

    Oh I woudln't be that negative. The team's become harder and harder to beat, and Chelsea is going to diminish and slow down a bit at some point as well. It should probably be the FA cup final based on what's still in, the two best teams, but now we'll get it earlier.
  2. Trailer Thread III

    Pros: Fassbender& Gosling Cons: Malick, so probably vague and weird, plus the topic doesn't really interest me.
  3. Neil Gaiman working on NEVERWHERE II (finally!)

    This is a change from the interview a few months ago in which he said he would finally be writing his American Gods sequel, especially in light of the AG series having started. I was certainly more interested in that.
  4. Reccomend recent debut spec fic. authors

    I've just bought 3 copies.
  5. Football: fixture congestion

    Spurs are giving an excellent account of themselves in Europe, it must be said. Early exit Champions League, and now losing to mighty AA Gent. As for the CL, fantastic stuff from Bayern, and the Madrid vs Napoli game was very good as well. Arsenal however were very, very weak. Hopefully this will have some mental impact on them as well.
  6. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    Same here. Have decided to stop trying after two/three episodes.
  7. SS-GB (new alt-history BBC drama)

    Will check that out this weekend, looks interesting. But then again so did Taboo, and I've quit on that due to it being boring.
  8. Football: fixture congestion

    The league really needs Chelsea to drop a game, or draw two or three more, for this to be interesting again. Maybe it is not as impossible as it seems and they are perhaps entering a bit of a rut? United's been nicely on the rise of late. It would be good for the league if the top 6 is fighting for the title rather than second place.
  9. Unbreakable Sequel Next Up For Shyamalan

    The two films are nothing alike though, as far as I'm concerned. The tie-in at the end feels gratuitous to me, but if the success of Split leads to an Unbreakable sequel, ok.
  10. NBA 2017: The Cavs are B-Horror Movie Villains Yeah Relic. Poor racist Charles Oakley, it's all none of his fault, it's all the fault of the organization who had to send in security to remove an insulting asshat. Your point of view on this is ridiculous and I'm glad you've decided to say no more on the matter.
  11. NBA 2017: The Cavs are B-Horror Movie Villains

    Well, from the ESPN reporting that I heard and read, which is my exposure to this scandal, is that Oakley came in there and was foul-mouthing right from the start. He then continued to do so according to other people in his and Dolan's area, and then security was called in to remove this asshat from the stands. I don't see how this is a disgrace to the Knicks. Are we now supposed to believe that poor Charles Oakley is innocent, that he was really removed without proper reason, and that he only started behaving like an outraged animal once security came? I don't believe a word of that. It's misbehavior, and then crying because you were punished for it. The fact that more Knicks fans hate Dolan has nothing to do with it either. Imagine you're James Dolan, you own this club and you sit there and this guy keeps insulting you from a couple of rows back. I would certainly have him removed myself.
  12. Sopranos- so awesome

    I think for most of the series I did root for him because I found him cool and sympathetic. Sometimes he is wrong, and yet oftentimes he is dealing with other people that are seriously flawed themselves or just worse than Tony, like Nictarion indicated. In the discussions with his family, for instance Meadow and Carmela, I sort of go back and forth on whose POV I find most sympathetic, it's certainly not like Tony is always in the wrong there either. But mostly it's just so enjoyable to follow what he's doing.
  13. MMA & Boxing 19: Cody Garbrandt's Dance Party

    Dana White in the post-fight interview very unhappy with this card. Only good thing about it was Poirier vs Miller, which I agree, was a fantastic fight. Superb stuff. Souza vs Boetsch a predictable shit match. Silva vs Brunson was ridiculous, I agree with White that Brunson won that match and the refs messed it up. I never thought they'd give that to Silva and don't understand how they even get there. As for the main fight, quite dull.
  14. Really quite excited for this, could be a superb film. Thanos at long last.
  15. NBA 2017: The Cavs are B-Horror Movie Villains

    What's the disgrace to anyone except to Oakley, who apparently behaved like a moron and was rightfully removed from the stadium? He seems like a genuine idiot who just thought he could go to a Knicks game and just let loose.