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  1. Indeed. Had been hoping for a late 2018 release for the first book, even though that hope was based on nothing.
  2. .
  3. Possibly but they could go just behind Milwaukee and Miami at no. 7. Sixers almost beat the Wiz in Washington last night. It has begun Relic.
  4. I'll give it a shot. West: 1) Golden State 2) OKC 3) San Antonio 4) Houston 5) LA Clippers 6) Timberwolves 7) Portland 8) New Orleans 9) Denver 10 ) Memphis ( I don't like this team and Gasol is wasting the final year(s) of his basketball prime) 11) Lakers 12) Utah Jazz 13) Suns ( better than last year ) 14) Mavericks ( this team is dog shit) 15) Kings ( not as bad as we may think but still battles for last with Dallas) I think the Clippers will be quite good. I have Denver at 9 basically because I like the young core of Minnesota better, because I am higher on a Lillard-McCollum-Nurkic trio than on what the Nuggets have, and because I think that despite the lack of a backcourt, Cousins and Davis are enough for a playoffs spot. For Denver, I am in wait and see mode on whether Harris and Murray are really good, but I like the team in general and think every position is well covered. Jokic could explode and the differences between Denver and the others are minimal. I further think Memphis no longer makes it in the company of so many talented West teams. Utah is extremely dull now. Curious about the Lakers. East: 1) Believeland 2) Wizards 3) Celtics ( this is in light of the Hayward possibly season ending injury) 4) Raptors ( even without Hayward they are still not as good as Boston, I am not so sure that also applies to Washington) 5) Milwaukee Bucks ( I want to say they go 4th actually, with Jabari Parker back in Feb, but I suspect Raptor record might be a tad better. This to me is a much more exciting team). 6) Miami ( quite like this team as well, solid and with a chance to surprise bigger teams) 7) The Sixers. Yes, it will happen. 8 Detroit 9) Charlotte( a complete snoozefest IMO). After this I honestly have no idea who's the worst of them all.
  5. It's really sad all things considered. End of the story for him, for the Celtics as well despite what they will say, and the East just got robbed of the only rivalry there would have been.
  6. If that is season ending then it's just a massive, massive blow to the Celtics. I'm sure Hayward will recover, question is how long it will take.
  7. I'd love to see a tv series of a film like Wind River which was so excellent. Not saying this is that but the setting at least is reminiscent.
  8. Final Thor trailer promises a great deal as well.
  9. Switzerland will be better than Nothern Ireland for sure. Denmark beats Ireland as well. Eriksen, Jorgensen, Bendtner, vs no one player of note at all. Croatia vs Greece is closer. Based on talent you'd say Croatia. Italy will do Sweden easily. Swedes take the place of the Dutch, it really would have been the icing on the cake if we'd now draw Italy and go out in the playoffs, as Sweden most certainly will.
  10. Show still going strong?
  11. Remarkable isn't it. Seems to be a result of there being 4 really good teams in Napoli, Juventus, Lazio and Inter. Inter has Icardi who is really on fire this season, Lazio has Immobile, Juve has Dybala and Napoli has Insigne, Mertens, Callejon and Hamsik.
  12. One thing I noticed from some who have seen it is that there is more and more dislike of how the future is presented as dystopia. It's grainy, dark, the weather is fucked up, there are Tokyo style neon light and giant artificial women in the cities, you know the drill. Some people just get tired of that, and Ghost in the Shell had that in much the same way earlier in the year. Didn't bother me personally. I thought this film was overlong and it never managed to actually stir excitement in me, but it was well made and I enjoyed watching it.
  13. Predictions for upcoming fights: UFC 219 Featherweight Max Holloway (c) vs. Frankie Edgar [a] Heavyweight Alistair Overeem vs. Francis Ngannou Lightweight Eddie Alvarez vs. Justin Gaethje Flyweight Henry Cejudo vs. Sergio Pettis Lightweight Al Iaquinta vs. Paul Felder I expect wins for Holloway, Ngannou ( great matchup), Alvarez, Cejudo and Felder ( Felder's an animal). UFC 218 Middleweight Michael Bisping (c) vs. Georges St-Pierre [a] Bantamweight Cody Garbrandt (c) vs. T.J. Dillashaw Women's Strawweight Joanna Jędrzejczyk (c) vs. Rose Namajunas [c] Welterweight Stephen Thompson vs. Jorge Masvidal Middleweight Johny Hendricks vs. Paulo Borrachinha Here I expect wins for Bisping ( what a shit matchup), Garbrandt ( will be close and exciting, the real headline fight), Joanna ( easily), Masvidal and Borrachinha.
  14. Dost is no van Nistelrooy, but certainly a much better striker than Vincent Janssen, which was my point. Anyway, on to Liverpool vs United, seemed to me to be a game in which neither side really wanted, or dared to win. I think Mourinho actually has a point for once in his post-match interview when he said that he kept waiting for Klopp to make an offensive change all game long, and it didn't happen. Both sides could have done more, but the truth is that United were happy for a draw, even came for a draw by the looks of Mourinho's line-up and tactics, and Liverpool were both unable to penetrate United, and unwilling to really commit to an offensive tactic at Anfield. In other news, surprised that Chelsea allowed themselves this miss against Crystal Palace, yet unsurprised by the fact that Arsenal already looks like it will be competing for nothing at all this year, even though it's early days. Likely to finish 6th.
  15. True. And there was so much else that wasn't right, from the constant slow and hesitant starts of this team, to the line-up that changes drastically every other game. And then there's some guys who once looked promising and just turned out to be... shit. The two central defenders should be Virgil van Dijk and Lazio's Stefan de Vrij. Did these two even play together once in the entire qualifiying campaign? The right back was a different choice literally every single game. No matter if the person did well, next game they'd be on the bench. That astounded me. Most problematic for me was the continious use of non-scorer Vincent Janssen as the Dutch striker. You could see early on that this guy just will not score goals, could predictably not get a sniff at Tottenham and was worthless for Holland. But no, keep using him game in game out whilst Bas Dost scores 34 league goals in Portugal last year. So many bad decisions. And still better than Sweden.