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  1. It * could* be a lot better I suppose, that's a 15 episode run they have planned, this first season seemed more like a try-out. Hopefully this second season will be what is hoped for.
  2. So, thinking of trying this, the premise intrigues me, seeing how the world is and deals with an actual outbreak.   More interesting to me than the constant and full on zombie hacking from the Walking Dead series which I gave up on in season 2. What did you guys make of these 6 episodes?
  3. Football: gegenposting

    Yeah this spells the end of any CL hopes I suspect. Don't need to be a prophet to see that. Just another very poor display. You can see in the press conference that lVG is once again at his wit's end and I'm not even blaming him. Clearly he does what he is able to do as a manager and it's not good enough now, and certainly never was good enough in the first season and a half of his tenure. The players let everyone down, again, including themselves. It seems more and more that LvG is still in charge because United simply doesn't have a suitable replacement lined up. He's even offered to resign and he's still at it, so clearly they think the fault lies not with LvG. Every time I watch United, there is this immense sense of mediocrity about them. If the squad hadn't just been overhauled, you'd think the medicine would be to overhaul the squad.
  4. All encouraging for a Summer release.
  5. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Interesting stuff in the western playoffs race.  Houston now outside the top 8 after yet another loss, this time against Portland in which a supreme Lillard led his team to victory despite strong games from Harden and Howard. Meyers Leonard also playing well btw. Utah is 0.500 as is Portland, the Kings are down a few games but not completely out yet with Cousins in the team. Dallas is only 1.5 game ahead and while Memphis is 4.5 games ahead they have just lost Gasol and could go down hard.
  6. F U '16! The House of Cards Season 4 Thread

    I actually agree with all of that. I did not enjoy them falling apart, nor did I really like either Frank or Claire's storyline. It was still very watchable, but not just not as good as the first two.
  7. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I would be interested in watching , but the main worry is that Fuller's involvement will have negative impact on American Giods, which is a show I want to see much more. Is it really likely him running this new Trek show will not impact the release date of AG?
  8. F U '16! The House of Cards Season 4 Thread

    It's one of the show I am most looking forward to this year. I actually know people in "real life" who like this show as well. Season 3 was somewhat disappointing compared to the first two, definitely agreed, but I don't see why that means season 4 will not be a great season again. 
  9. I definitely think they will release it this year, but it might not necessarily be July. I have been looking at the dates for future books on Overlook website and and something there is a difference of a few months. Of course those books were at least listed on Overlook's site, which Great Ordeal is not. But still. At some point in the next few months Scott will either confirm or inform us of a new delay. It's a bit odd though, Overlook has confirmed multiple times that it would be released in July 2016. That said, Overlook has just updated their books listed on Amazon, going up to December 2016. There are many new entries, but Great Ordeal is still listed for July 5th.
  10. New Season 6 Stills

    I am most surprised by the Sansa picture, it does seem as if she has a belly. Given that you would not normally expect to see that sort of posture on someone with her slim figure, it at least hints that pregnancy might be the case. Edit: seeing the pics posted above it may not mean anything. It would be a strange plot twist to give away in pre-publication film still anyway, wouldn't it. The Bran/Bloodraven pic has to be a vision, neither of them would be able to stand there. Of course I expect every single scene between them to be interesting, but it'll also be interesting how this vision sequence is presented. Other than that nothing unexpected so far. 
  11. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    The Kings just aren't going to give him up. That is something that Cousins will have to force, and he hasn't done that so far, and that is why he's till there wasting time. Wall and Cousins would be great as well, just like he'd be with Lillard or @ Boston. Wall is clearly a superb player himself and they would share their prime together.  
  12. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    I've been watching the Bulls deteriorate the last few weeks. And it was never great to begin with, but it's getting worse and worse.  I don't believe they will miss the playoffs but there is a lot of teams close to 0.500 in the East and they cannot afford to drop too many games without Butler. This is clearly going to be a challenge for them with Butler out.
  13. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Not sure if this is an opinion prevalent in these campaign threads, but as a fan of the US and one following this whole election, I do feel that the US has a genuine dearth of good candidates this time around. Not that I am able to judge Obama and how he did over 7 years, but he at least seemed a "natural" candidate who just seemed somewhat head and shoulders above the rest. But now? Hilary Clinton comes across as a shrill woman with less than zero charisma, on any scale. She's 69 years old, at the very edge of what I would deem a desirable age spectrum for someone in such a demanding job. She would not get my vote if I were a citizen, of that I feel certain, and in doing so I apparently join the ranks of most young Democrat voters in the US. Bernie Sanders? I thought he was supposed to be a just a joke candidate set up so that it did not appear as if Hilary didn't even have to run. He seems do be doing much better than expected. But despite his advance age of 74, you have to question what wisdom he offers. As for the Republicans, Trump is ridiculous, which leaves Rubio and Cruz, who are ok I guess, but like Hilary elicit little feeling or inspire confidence. 
  14. Rugby - RIP Jonah Lomu.

    If only the Italians could find someone, somewhere, who could kick the ball, they would have beaten France quite solidly. And that is not the first time I have seen that the last few Six Nations cups. They drop so many points, a real shame. England vs Scotland, not a great game but very tense. I don't have Ljkeane's knowledge of the game by any means but I felt the England team definitely could look more exciting. Superb game from Vunipola though, a rock, but then he is usually one of the best. Ireland is hard to judge with as many injuries as they have.  
  15. X-Men: Apocalypse Redux Daze of Future X-Titles

    Come on, she looks gorgeous, I don't mind a costume like that, at any point. Nice Superbowl trailer btw.