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  1. The books coming out in 2017

    Book 3 has now been moved to May.
  2. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    I am quietly hoping that happens. Would be so great if El Imbatido could finish on the podium here in what I can only describe as an absolutely insane performance. Let alone a win, which seems a bit unlikely. I am already very surprised he is competing here. And yeah, Contador looks shit. That's a shame.
  3. Guy Gavriel Kay

    What did you like about River of Stars? Agreed btw on the World Fantasy Award, he should be on that every time he releases a book because he writes the sort of stuff they generally like to reward anyway, and he's actually both popular and very good. And that popularity can be a strike against him with these sort of awards, I feel.
  4. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    If the fight had gone to either guy that would have been ok for me. I watched the post-match press conference from McGregor and I don't like how he is trying to evade Aldo. He said it just isn't an interesting fight for him, and also claimed that he had to wait two years to fight Aldo because Aldo pulled out, so now Aldo would need to wait as well as far he was concerned. He felt he had better fights to be done. When asked that if he did not defend his belt against Aldo later, he would lose it, his reply was that the UFC would not do that. He feels that they will let him get away with that because in his eyes Aldo's win over Mendes was not impressive and because McGregor beat him in 13 seconds. All of that is total bs of course, and to my eyes it just seems like this is the one fight he does not want.
  5. Football - dawn of optimism

    Apparently Chelsea are out of the Lukaku race as there is said to no longer be a race, Lukaku has said he will stay at Everton for at least one more year. Chelski now trying to sign Mandzukic from Juve. Good news for Everton who IMO have an excellent squad. Also, Bravo to City is done and Ajax keeper Jasper Cillissen is expected as the replacement.
  6. Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    Massive beating beating for the Aussies. England the second best team in world rugby right now? I feel they are. What a team the All Blacks are. Losing Nonu, Smith, Carter and McCaw, and against Wales as yesterday I just find them very impressive. Superb replacements I guess. I may not have given this enough thought, but to me they are the best in any sport I follow ( and that's quite a few).
  7. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    I do hope the next match will be against Aldo in November. That is the fight I want to see. And I think Aldo will beat McGregor. I thought McGregor again looked remarkably vulnerable last night and just have a feeling Aldo will not be beaten by him again. Some great other fights as well. Shame Rumble ended Teixeira so quick. Tim Means really destroyed his opponent as well. Story simply no match for Cerrone, I thought that would be closer.
  8. Suicide Squad: Real Life or Just a Fantasy?

    Hahaha thanks, I'll get right on it!
  9. Billions tv show

    Trisk, Bryan Connerty is the character name of Giamatti's assistant. I thought he had a great storyline as well. Wags likewise was memorable and an actor who seems to be in more great shows. And yes, there is definitely more to come, and of course the ending of the season does ache for more.
  10. Suicide Squad: Real Life or Just a Fantasy?

    I'll try and see if I can watch that new Batman Killing Joke animated film and see if that's good.
  11. Billions tv show

    I came upon this show through IMDB, saw it featured Paul Giamatti, one of my favorite actors, and then Damien Lewis and Maggie Syf as well. Wow, how did I not hear of this. Let's give it a try. Having now finished all episodes I am pretty bowled over by how excellent this was. This was early House of Cards level good for me. Very different show, but it gave me some of that feeling. Just excellent throughout. Ended very strong as well, and a second season starts next February. I'm impressed. Anyone else seen it?
  12. Football - dawn of optimism

    Oh and before I forget, Pogba. He had some moments already last night in which he looked really special. You can see his class right from the bat.
  13. Football - dawn of optimism

    I was also surprised to see him start again last night next to Pogba, but we really have to him Fellaine massive credit here, he played exceedingly well, didn't put a foot wrong all game. Like you I think eventually one of the 3 more "gifted" players comes in next to Pogba, but still, he is clearly putting a mark. Mourinho will love the physicality of these two together, and frankly, so do I. F365 is reporting that United are done doing deals for the season and I think there may be truth to that. In other news, Liverpool suffering a bizarre defeat at Burnley. You could say "typical Liverpool", no consistency there. Chelsea being old Chelsea again, 1-0 down against Watford for a long time, and leaving with a 1-2 win. That too, is typical, and typical also, of title contenders.
  14. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    Pretty much agree with all your points. Let's see what MAL can do, expectations may be a bit high for someone so young. Froome may be less knackered than we think, but like you I am leaning towards thinking this will not be his GC.
  15. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    High expectations for specific events in films often disappoint, is basically the point. For instance, specific things you're looking forward to from a book adaptation that never works out as good as you think it will. A Batman vs Superman film in which the eponymous battle is a big fat disappointment. A Star Wars Force Awakens film where you're really looking forward to seeing Luke Skywalker 30 years on, and then he's in the film for 5 fucking seconds without a word of dialogue. A Return of the King film where you cannot wait to see Gandalf the White take on The Witch King only to be presented with Peter Jackson's Fail-Fest. Two Avengers films which are..... nice... but not really as good as you thought it would be to have all of these characters together, kicking ass. In this case, many of us really want to see Vader in an awesome role and we want to see quite a bit of it. Many would gobble up a film in which Vader is the lead character, or in any case plays a large role in the story. The narrative from Kennedy and others on the filmmaker's side is already the opposite and is tempering expectations; when they have spoken of Vader in this film, it has come off as though it will be little more than a cameo. A small role, he will be used very sparingly, they said. I think we may still like what little we do see, but going into it with the expectations Leap has, is bound to disappoint. Not because those expectations are in any way unreasonable, but it is not what they do, and rarely does it turn out like that.