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  1. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    After Monday's amazing stage, today another superb performance with Froome and Quintana finally entangling themselves from Valverde and Contador, gaining 6 seconds. Froome wins the sprint. That was excellent and basically what we were hoping for during the Tour.
  2. HBO's "Westworld" (Fall 2016 premiere confirmed)

    They are just lacking the phenomenal shows like The Sopranos and The Wire , not able to replicate that kind of greatness. And they've tried. They gave David Simon a second chance with Treme but that did not work to that level. Boardwalk Empire as their second try at a mobster show had qualities but most people didn't like that near as much as The Sopranos. Luck was an interesting series that got cancelled. Rome was cancelled. Vinyl I did not see but I didn't even care to watch it from the trailer and it was panned. I still think their output tends to be above average and a sign of some quality when you see the HBO logo, but they are missing masterpieces. Westworld is the big one now, with Leftover season 3 starting in January, and then GoT season 7 in June. Stuff like American Gods and Preacher or a try at an HBO SF series a la BSG /B5 could have been big hits IMO.
  3. Football - dawn of optimism

    Leicester doing some serious business here, signing both striker Slimani and midfielder Adrien Silva from Sporting Lisbon. Slimani I have been impressed by, 27 goals last season in 33 games as well I see. Silva I do not know but he played for Portugal the Euros apparently, though did not stand out. Also, Sissokho from Newcastle to Spurs they say. Could he play next to Wanyama and create quite the formidable pairing? Wonder what this means for Dier who had his breakout year last season.
  4. Football - dawn of optimism

    Perez is probably squad depth at best, I mean, he is 27 years old and I had never even heard of him even though I watch the Primera Division with some regularity. By no means a standout player. Mustafi is simply necessary but with Gabriel back he might not be a starter. But he could be ahead of Gabriel as well. In other news, Brazilian talent Gabigol ( Barbosa) does not sign with an EPL club after all but heads to Inter. The other Brazilian talent is Gabriel Jesus who comes to Man City as of December.
  5. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Well the booing I was talking about was the booing you generally hear during MMA games when the grappling and take downs stuff goes on for a good while. A lot of people just don't like and I am certainly in that group. An example of that booing recently was for instance Cormier vs Anderson Silva. His style is just not popular with a lot of fans I think. He's one of the fighters who really comes across as a decent, sympathetic guy but the attempts to end a game through the grappling is just not a great watch. As for pure stand up disciplines, I like those as well. Definitely a fan of the K1.
  6. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    I think she is one of the three best writers in the business when she is writing Fitz & the Fool novels. The inconsistency lies in the fact that when she moves away from those truly excellent works ( as good as ASOIAF), it's not as good anymore. Liveship decidedly less succesful a read than Farseer/Tawny Man. The Soldier Son series had a mixed reception. And the Rain Wilds series also felt overlong for the story it had to tell. The new series is a return to form.
  7. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    To each his own, but it's a very unattractive style that kills watching a fight like nothing else. Hence all the booing from the crowd.
  8. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    The Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon fight was excellent. Pettis vs Oliveira was a good one as well. Big shame about the Maia fight, I know it's the way he always wants to fight but I just have no admiration for that style at all. It would have been nice to see Condit fight, and he didn't get to one thing, immediately the take down. Snore.
  9. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Chopped into 3 parts can mean more than the arbitrary way you choose to explain it as. I think most people would agree that Rotfuss' trilogy, which has always been billed as a trilogy, is thus " a story in 3 parts". Take away the whole "he said it was done and he fooled all his readers argument". That is too easy, because yes he did, and yes, he his at fault, he did create false expectations. But even completely aside from that, if he or anyone else is billing a series as a trilogy and book 1 comes out and only tells a part of that story, I never understand how people like yourself come up with the viewpoint that there is no obligation on the author's part to complete, or that you should not have expectations of this story being finished in a timely manner. No one walked into reading The Name of The Wind 10 years ago thinking that the final book was more than a decade away Scott. If people had known that alone, it would have impacted sales. When you buy book 1 of a trilogy, you buy into the idea of the story being finished as well, and you're willing to pay for each book, but if that story is not being finished, most people don't even buy book 1.
  10. The books coming out in 2017

    Here you go: Just a minor shift in scheduling it seems since the manuscript is done. A lot of awesome books being released in short order next year IMO.
  11. The books coming out in 2017

    Book 3 has now been moved to May.
  12. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    I am quietly hoping that happens. Would be so great if El Imbatido could finish on the podium here in what I can only describe as an absolutely insane performance. Let alone a win, which seems a bit unlikely. I am already very surprised he is competing here. And yeah, Contador looks shit. That's a shame.
  13. Guy Gavriel Kay

    What did you like about River of Stars? Agreed btw on the World Fantasy Award, he should be on that every time he releases a book because he writes the sort of stuff they generally like to reward anyway, and he's actually both popular and very good. And that popularity can be a strike against him with these sort of awards, I feel.
  14. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    If the fight had gone to either guy that would have been ok for me. I watched the post-match press conference from McGregor and I don't like how he is trying to evade Aldo. He said it just isn't an interesting fight for him, and also claimed that he had to wait two years to fight Aldo because Aldo pulled out, so now Aldo would need to wait as well as far he was concerned. He felt he had better fights to be done. When asked that if he did not defend his belt against Aldo later, he would lose it, his reply was that the UFC would not do that. He feels that they will let him get away with that because in his eyes Aldo's win over Mendes was not impressive and because McGregor beat him in 13 seconds. All of that is total bs of course, and to my eyes it just seems like this is the one fight he does not want.
  15. Football - dawn of optimism

    Apparently Chelsea are out of the Lukaku race as there is said to no longer be a race, Lukaku has said he will stay at Everton for at least one more year. Chelski now trying to sign Mandzukic from Juve. Good news for Everton who IMO have an excellent squad. Also, Bravo to City is done and Ajax keeper Jasper Cillissen is expected as the replacement.