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  1. Tennis Volume 6

    I really have to think that beating Murray at this point would be too much, even if he handles Nishikori as well. I expect a tough game against Nishikori, and I suspect everyone will. But historically Nishikori hasn't really been able to unsettle Federer. Could be a very attractive match. And wow, there is even a chance I could actually watch an Australian Open game since it will ( probably)be in the weekend. I'm surprised Fed's gone past Berdych so easily. When I read the result the "smooth operator" song popped into my head.
  2. I realize there are only two guard spots but they should have gone to Westbrook and Harden based on actual performance. These are the two guys who are front runners for MVP imo, so they should certainly start in the All Star Game for the West.
  3. Westbrook not voted in among All Star starters- bizarre.
  4. Tennis Volume 6

    This is a really interesting and unexpected development. Let's not ignore what a bad sign this is for Djokovic though. He is again unable to rise to another level or shift a gear. I thought his early loss at Wimbledon to Querrey might be a one-off, but since then we have seen it was not. Still, he played well in the tournament before the AU, even beating Murray. Anyway this puts it wide open on one half, but Murray remains a massive favorite win here, especially consider that he lost in the semi or final of this tournament again and again. He will want this badly. I think Fed should be able to make it past Berdych but Nishikori will be really tough. And then he's got Murray already. Nadal will potentially face a very tough test against Zverev but Zverev can be so inconsistent. Also, Apparently Zverev was really impressive today against fellow 19 year old American talent Tiafoe, who got his ass kicked. And then Nadal would have to play Raonic. Stan the Man has an easier path to the semi finals. I expect it will go like this: Fed beats Berdych, beats Nishikori, but loses to Murray ( but ideally this would not happen...) . Murray beats Stan and goes to the final. In the other half, Dimitrov has been in great form but so has Gasquet, nice 3rd round match there, attractive. Probably best one along with Nadal-Zverev. However I think Raonic will advance past everyone, including Nadal, and the final will be Murray vs Raonic. Raonic has looked very good so far and I particularly like how he's talking about being more aggressive, more at the net, and that this is why he hired Krajicek.
  5. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    Neither a US or UK date is known for season II. I expect in the Fall for the UK.
  6. Tennis Volume 6

    Haven't seen the Fed game but the result was not overwhelming, though he did not drop a set. Of course, we have seen a slow start from Fed before the last few years, before starting to play better. Not surprised by Evans in the sense that Evans has been in the form of his life and Cilic can be so inconsistent.
  7. Football: Reds Rising!!

    I just don't think he's overrated. He's been very succesful with Bayern and Barca, and while it is certainly true that in those cases he was given tremendous squads that overpowered most of the opposition, it's also true that under Guardiola's management, Barca played better than it has of late under Luis Enrique. At the same time he was a little less succesful than Heynckes at Bayern, but still, the team played very well. So his time at City is the first period in which he faces adversity, similar to Mancini and Pellegrini. It's normal to face adversity at City, the club embodies it.
  8. Is that really a flop? There is contact and Green's shoulder does clearly hit his chin. In football ( soccer for Americans) we only call it flopping when someone dives or falls without ( or hardly any) contact.
  9. Football: Reds Rising!!

    That's a little too easy isn't it. The last 3 seasons have shown incredible inconsistency, with them being quite shit for a fair amount of games. United for instance has won two titles the last 6 years as well, and we're not pretending that there is/was not a structural issue there.
  10. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Well what I've noticed is that Stones is still poor and extremely overrated. I didn't get what the fuss was about when he was at Everton to be honest, so it's not City related. But City wanted him and he certainly didn't get better. Then there's Otamendi who's also far from convincing. Not sure the keeper's good for this league either. Kolarov, also problematic at the back. On top of that, De Bruyne is having a very quiet season so far. But this is all individual assessment which is not what the problem is IMO. I don't actually know what the problem is but there is something about this club, or if you like this team that they have assembled over the past 5 years, that just doesn't work. Regardless of manager. There's always this sense that they should be great given what they have collected, and they're not.
  11. Football: Reds Rising!!

    I feel this thread did not spend enough time talking about how Man City got trampled by Everton, and what a highly problematic and overrated team this is. Even Pep can't help this club.
  12. Tennis Volume 6

    Yeah there are signs of an early exit for Stan the Man, because he did not play well leading up the Aussie Open either. I see a 4th round matchup with Kyrgios that we could look forward to I would consider it a bad omen for the rest of the season if he cannot beat Berdych, and like you I expect him to advance. I know he's just back, but his basic level should be good enough to beat Berdych. His Tennis at the Hopman Cup two weeks was decent; lost to Zverev in a tight game, but beat Gasquet and Dan Evans. Nishikori also does not tend to have the game to beat Federer, but obviously he's improved over the years. As for Nadal, he looked very good in the first few games of the year. Keen to see him continue in that style. It's interesting to see how he still needs to get used to how much more capable players seem to be off the baseline nowadays. He sees guys hitting incredible shots and he just has to accept that; he used to win nearly almost every rally in his heyday, and the difference is certainly not just a decline on Nadal's side. The sport has increased it's depth. Him and Zverev had a great match already last year btw.
  13. Sherlock

    Dreadful final episode. This series is becoming borderline unwatchable. I thought the first few seasons were passable at best, didn't really love any episode, but it was ok. But as pointed out above, nowadays it's all about getting into Sherlock's psyche, getting under his skin, trying to make it more and more personal by including his entire family etc. Zero enjoyment.
  14. Cycling 2017 - warming up by going down (under).

    Giro is going to be massive this year, be ready So many contenders for this 100th edition.
  15. Tennis Volume 6

    So, Australian Open has started. Interesting storylines as far as I'm concerned: Loads of new young players rising in the ranks the last year. We know about Zverev and Kyrgios, but what about the 4 Americans, Fritz, Donaldson, Opelka and Tiafoe. What about the young Russian talents Kuznetsov, Chatchanov, Rublev, Bublik? How will Federer hold up in his first Slam in quite a while? Due to his ranking having dropped he now faces serious opponents in early rounds, such as Berdych in the 3rd round, and Nishikori is a likely 4th round opponent. What about Nadal? Will we get the predicted final as a 5 hour slugfest between Djokovic and Murray? So, day 1, Federer has advanced past Melzer but dropped a set. Three of the young Russians advanced to the second round whereas Kutznetsov pushed no.5 ranked Nishikori to 5 sets.