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  1. With a bit of empathy you could actually quite easily understand why for instance in our country we still have a royal family, or in several other European countries. Latest polling shows that a majority of the population is still in favor of it, and there are obvious benefits to it for the royal family so you can easily see why they themselves would not object, even if everything they do is under the media spotlight.
  2. Hopefully we will see this sometime next year.
  3. Haven't read the book but the premise is intriguing and a film version by Netflix sounds good. My first thought when I saw the title of this thread was "but they just did the Old Man Logan film with Jackman, this a reboot already?"
  4. Bakker should have won for Best Fantasy novel. Or Hobb.
  5. I'll be tuning in for Rico Verhoeven's heavyweight WC belt defense against Ben Saddik tonight, Glory Event.
  6. What I meant was critical success, and admittedly I assumed that because I think Killjoys and Magicians are woeful, that they were not critical successes.
  7. My thoughts: Pros: You have an excellent voice for this. Cons: The background music is dreadful and gets on my nerves.
  8. Wow what a hateful, insane bunch of people. My interest in watching season 6 was already low after the decision to kill Spacey's character, but this sort of radical nonsense ensures below zero interest.
  9. The Nightflyers show by SyFy, based on Martin's novella, is getting its first season and GRRM says it debuts in July 2018. Could this be their second success next to The Expanse?
  10. "Overeem looks like he's been electrocuted!" commentator on Fox. And that was only one blow. Let's have Miocic vs Predator tomorrow please. Also, if Cain ever fights again ( officially not retired) then I'd like to see him against this guy as well.
  11. All episodes release December 29th.
  12. I've watched the first season over the last two weeks. I felt it started rather slowly and I didn't feel invested over the first few eps. It starts to get going as of episode 5 and eventually I would say, it's a pretty good show, worth seeing. It's clearly not as good as the film and yet some of the characters are interesting and I'd watch a second season. Calling the sister Livia immediately made me think of Livia Soprano.
  13. Saw it this weekend. On the whole, not very good. I'd rate it way below Man of Steel and also below Batman vs Superman. Still not entirely without merit. Spoilers:
  14. Man the Clippers are absolutely depleted. Teodosic: Might be back in January Beverly: Out for the entire season Gallinari: Has already missed 10 games and counting. And now, Blake Griffin knee injury, damage to be determined. Meanwhile it's depressing to watch OKC, I had not imagined they'd fair so poorly. Maybe Zach Lowe was right to suspect that the addition of Carmelo messed up what would otherwise have been a good combination between Westbrook and George. Which is not to say Carmelo is to blame for how this continues to go. I don't know why they're this bad.
  15. Dreadful music.