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  1. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    You're not sufficiently invested Wert. That's the prob.
  2. Fool's Quest

  3. Does anyone else have some thoughts on this? I had some mixed feelings about season 1, how does season 2 differ from 1?
  4. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    3-0 to Arsenal already, could they do even more damage? Haven't seen the United game but pleased to hear Rooney was on the bench and the indirect result a big win against the champions. This should embolden Mourinho's belief.
  5. Fool's Quest

    And now the synopsis for Assassin's Fate as well. UK release date also set for May 2017 now, updated their listing, same as US date. Amazingly the book is now listed as being over a 1,000 pages on Amazon UK, I wonder if that will turn out to be roughly correct. It is true that previous closing volumes in the Fitz series have been very long, but not this massive. Then again the synopsis seems to suggest a great amount of story.
  6. Trailer Thread III

    You guys are ridiculously critical if you think that looks awful.
  7. Tennis Volume 6

    I watched good bit of that Davis Cup game and really thought Murray had it in the bag, especially after he won the 3rd set. But Del Potro has shown this year he has incredible tenacity, much more than I thought he'd have. He's conservative with his slice backhand but it works fine against players like Murray who thrive off the pace of agressive players but who was trouble creating his own shot.
  8. Trailer Thread III

    I like it, looks good. Superb space ship design. Vibes of "Moon" and "Sunshine" as well as Interstellar and The Martian.
  9. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    It seems everybody, here and elsewhere, agrees that if anyone is to be dropped, it should be Rooney, and of course that refrain was played under van Gaal as well, and even under Moyes. I think that even if Rooney has the occasional fine game, which sometimes he does passing wise, he does not perform with *any* consistency and that alone should see him removed. On top of that I am not convinced he is the right sort of feeder and partner for Zlatan, whose place should be undisputed btw. If one considers that Zlatan, as awesome as he still is, might be a bit past his best, it's not great to couple him with another player who is very much past his best, and has been a non-scoring entity for years. So yeah, Rooney out. I think Mourinho will be tough enough to do that soon if this continues. Problem might be though, who does he replace him? He's got little faith in the Armenian, immediatelly dropped from the team last weekend alongside Lingaard and Blind. All 3 of these guys disappointed him vs City and bam they are out. Seems a bit harsh and not the way to give players confidence. Just my impression from the sidelines. So we're strugglinbg upfront as well as defensively. I think Zlatan and Rashford definitely need to play in any starting line-up. Those would be my first markers on the midfield-offense board because they're fine players that score easily. As a 3rd forward I would like to see Martial given a consistent chance. If not him, Lingaard. The midfield, I am torn, because on the one hand I do like Fellaini next to Pogba, an obvious starter. But I would also like to see real footballers like Schneiderlin, Herrera, The Armenian and Mata given a chance. Defensively the backs are fine as they are but Blind, Bailly and Smalling all have a lot to prove.
  10. Tennis Volume 6

    It is a concern, certainly, for him as well. If he gets back to normal fitness though, which is the plan, I would expect him to still be top 4 next season. Mostly I don't really care whether he wins another slam or not, and I certainly don't expect him to lead the field and become no.1 What I do care about is seeing some fantastic games from him next year.
  11. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    So read this morning that UFC 205 will have: McGregor vs Alvarez Woodley vs Thompson Weidman vs Romero Edgar vs Stephens Cerrone vs Gastelum That would be an awesome line-up. McGregor vs Alvarez should be amazing and very interesting feature. Weidman back in the ring. Can Woodley repeat his performance vs Lawler? Edgar vs Stephens a great pairing IMO.
  12. Tennis Volume 6

    Yup. He thinks he still has a chance and I am not disagreeing with him. Furthermore he loves playing the game so much and he sees that he is still competing at the highest level even if he isn't as good anymore as he was 10 years ago. Barring injuries though, I think he will continue for at least two more years until the end of 2018, and quite possibly 3 more years until end of 2019. Federer has said he took the rest of the year of to recover and get his injured knee and any remaining back issues sorted, on the explicit advice of his doctors. Specifically they told him that if he ever hoped to play pain free again, he should now rest. To me that is someone who is out recovering from an injury, not someone who deliberately took a leave of absence because he needed a break from the game. That is not the case at all as far as we know. I'm also not sure he is "rapidly declining". In the last 3 years he's made some modifications to his game that had professional commentators repeatedly say "Federer has never moved better". Now, the game has changed, and I don't believe that when he comes back he will be moving better than ever, personally. But I do think that outside of counterpunchers who get back every ball he hits, like Djokovic and even Murray, no one else presents an insurmountable hurdle for Fed even now. But I will agree it's been quite a while since we've seen a super Federer. He did have a few such massive games in 2015, beating Djokovic in straight sets etc. I'm not convinced Djokovic is starting a decline btw.
  13. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Well, 1) I do think Pogba so far at Juventus has shown that he is as good in his own way as the other guys you list, certainly as good and IMO better than Thiago, Verratti, Kante, who are the players you would compare him with from that list. De Bruyne, Hazard and Mahrez are radically different players that are either wingers or no. 10 type of players, so your or I can't compare them to Pogba. 2) Neymar is a sensational talent, agreed. 3) As for the other guys, I agree all of those are examples of players that did not live up to their billing and of course we could name more such names from the last 10 years. I don't think a single one of those carried the hype and potential of Paul Pogba though. Perhaps only Fabregas, and he simply got sidetracked at Chelsea IMO, plus I think that like Rooney, even though he's only 30, he's got so many miles on him because he played regular first team football already at age 17. He was phenomenal at Arsenal.
  14. Tennis Volume 6

    I do think Federer retiring now would be premature. Premature for a couple of reasons actually, one of them being that he still loves to play tennis at the highest level and is very obviously still capable of doing that. Another reason will be that he feels he has some unfinished business; I think if he felt in his body that he was breaking down or not able to keep up, he would grudgingly retire, but outside of Djokovic nobody is outplaying him even at age 34. Another point is that he has the sort of effortless highly skilled sort of game ( which so few players still have in this era) that will allow him to grow old on the court gracefully. I think winning slams will be hard for him because of the best of five element, but I can definitely see him win Masters tournaments still if his form is great. Finally I think he wants to continue because he himself feels he can still be the best or among the top 4 for two more seasons. As for Djokovic, I certainly do not think he is past his prime, and see him play for many years yet. He's 29 years old. Let's look at the ages of the top players in the 2017 year: Djokovic: 30 Murray: 30 Nadal: 31 Federer: 35 Wawrinka: 32 ( bit of a late bloomer isn't he) Del Potro: 28 Nishikori: 27 Raonic: 26 Outside of Federer all of these top guys have a few years left, all depending on injury. If anything ushers in a new era it's the young range of top talents. Americans have high hopes for Fritz, Tiafoe, Opelka, Donaldson. Kuznetsov, Zverev, Kyrgios, just to name a few names.
  15. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    They've done excellent business. They did not miss the Polish right back because they have Passlack and one other guy to replace him with ease. Hummels is clearly a loss for them though, we will see if Bartra can up his game. Gundugan is a good player but also the sort of player you can replace. Reus and Gotze returning could be big, and so is Schurrle as their most pricy addition, and then remember that all of these guys are still young. Dembele and Guerreiro are clearly very talented players, and so are Mor and Pulisic. They even have two no.9 strikers to choose from. As for Pogba, certainly the club overpaid but any blame or scorn for that should go to Juventus asking such a prodigious amount of money for him? I did not care how nuch United had to pay, I just wanted the club to get Pogba as this is a generational talent who at 23 years old could be a superb midfielder for the next decade. As for Messi/Neymar, I do actually think Barca would ask well over 100 million euro for either of these as well. But they simply won't sell them, they want the very best players and these are clearly the very best. Neymar is a sensational player as well.