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  1. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Not sure if this is an opinion prevalent in these campaign threads, but as a fan of the US and one following this whole election, I do feel that the US has a genuine dearth of good candidates this time around. Not that I am able to judge Obama and how he did over 7 years, but he at least seemed a "natural" candidate who just seemed somewhat head and shoulders above the rest. But now? Hilary Clinton comes across as a shrill woman with less than zero charisma, on any scale. She's 69 years old, at the very edge of what I would deem a desirable age spectrum for someone in such a demanding job. She would not get my vote if I were a citizen, of that I feel certain, and in doing so I apparently join the ranks of most young Democrat voters in the US. Bernie Sanders? I thought he was supposed to be a just a joke candidate set up so that it did not appear as if Hilary didn't even have to run. He seems do be doing much better than expected. But despite his advance age of 74, you have to question what wisdom he offers. As for the Republicans, Trump is ridiculous, which leaves Rubio and Cruz, who are ok I guess, but like Hilary elicit little feeling or inspire confidence. 
  2. Rugby - RIP Jonah Lomu.

    If only the Italians could find someone, somewhere, who could kick the ball, they would have beaten France quite solidly. And that is not the first time I have seen that the last few Six Nations cups. They drop so many points, a real shame. England vs Scotland, not a great game but very tense. I don't have Ljkeane's knowledge of the game by any means but I felt the England team definitely could look more exciting. Superb game from Vunipola though, a rock, but then he is usually one of the best. Ireland is hard to judge with as many injuries as they have.  
  3. X-Men: Apocalypse Redux Daze of Future X-Titles

    Come on, she looks gorgeous, I don't mind a costume like that, at any point. Nice Superbowl trailer btw.
  4. This is England (movie + '86 + '88 + '90)

    Definitely remember the film as a remarkable experience. I have seen the series on amazon but never tried them.
  5. Tennis Volume 6

    I was watching the highlights of the Federer vs Djokovic semi final here and the thing that just kept cominbg up was, yes, Federer, you're still very very good, and you are still able to dominate guys from the baseline as well, but as 90% of these rallies show, that is *still* not your winning tactic against Djokovic, why aren't you at the net far far more, especially when you see how you win points against him when you do go to the net rather than be dragged into a long rally. I don't get it, it alsmost seems sheer stubbornness on his part not to do it.          
  6. Football: gegenposting

    Everybody who hates United is going to laugh his or her ass off if we actually get Mourinho. The one single person in football I hate and have said for years I want nothing at all to do with the club. Anyone but him. Don't do it. Just don't do it.
  7. Star Wars Novels/Graphic Novels

    I'm not very excited by the Gray novel now that more details are out, I was hoping for something else. Here is to hoping there will still be a lot of interesting details. I wouldn't mind the subject at all if there were more books lined up in the new setting, but since only this one and Aftermath II are lined up for the whole year, it suddenly becomes more important what Bloodline New Republic is about.
  8. Tennis Volume 6

    Here we can discuss further. Next main events will be the Masters tournaments in March, Indian Wells and Miami. Federer out for 4 weeks, hopefully back by then.  
  9. Tennis V

    Even if that is true though, you always have to look at the opposition any one person had in their period of dominance. Always an interesting discussion when you get into the details and compare people. For me for instance, I rate Federer much higher as a player than I do Serena Williams, and I would certainly say he is the more gifted player ( outside of the physical attributes of male vs female). But I could not argue that he dominated his tennis period the way she did in the women's game. But that is down to a vast gap in competition. A similar discussion is the "who is greater, Messi or Maradona" debate, where you have evaluate them in their time periods. 
  10. X-Men: Apocalypse Redux Daze of Future X-Titles

    I laid an evil trap when I asked "I wonder who the Asian x-woman is supposed to be" , wondering if others also noticed that was a bystander who inserted herself into the pic.  
  11. X-Men: Apocalypse Redux Daze of Future X-Titles

    The only thing I have heard sofar about this production that I've disliked is Jennifer Lawrence and her dislike of playing the Mystique character. Not a fan of her acting anyway. Everything else, including the cast in general, looks very interesting.
  12. X-Men: Apocalypse Redux Daze of Future X-Titles

    The Asian X-woman doesn't ring a bell though, wonder who she is...
  13. Tennis V

    I hope he makes it back to his old level. He was a genuine competitor to the top guys who was unfortunately and untimely removed. With the recent retirement of Robin Soderling ( still only 32 I think) it's good to see Delpo back, but I am cautious, this is not his first return.  
  14. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    On another note, I'd like to see more female fighters like Holly Holm. She really impressed me against Rousey, some proper strikes there. I feel a lot of the women's game is grappling and pushing, Rousey is always going for that armbar. Not that I didn't care for Rousey, I like her and her style but  I'd just like to see more of Holm's style. I could see her destroy Tate.
  15. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    The question is, if he does leave this summer ( if OKC doesnt reach the final again for instance), which seems unlikely, what team presents a proposition better than what he has in Westbrook and OKC? As far as we know he is very happy there so he'd have to leave because another team presents a better shot at the title. Who does that? Well, Golden State does. And they could slot him in at SF over Barnes and Iguodala. It could fit. The Spurs? Not really, with Kahwi and Aldridge already at his position(s). The Lakers, another rumoured destination? Not unless they get other top players alongside Durant. He's not coming over to play with Russell and Julius Randle I would think. The Clippers? Maybe if they trade Griffin. Still, it doesn't feel likely that he goes there, what's the upside over OKC. The Bulls, maybe they could somehow make it. Get rid of Rose, and you'd have a superb tandem in Butler/Durant, find a good PG to go with that. The Heat have been rumoured. I don't see the fit, or at least not how that is in any way better than OKC.