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  1. Saw King Arthur this weekend. Didn’t like it. Very fantasy focused, loads of flashy CGI, but poor characters and poor story. Just not engaging. Excalibur is High Fantasy weapon of massive power, which has some value in itself in terms of spectacle, but it becomes all about the sword and someone wielding it rather than about Arthur, or knights, or anything to do with the Arthurian legend really. Secondary characters... crap. Excalibur, First Knight and 2004’s King Arthur were all significantly better and I’m left with the feeling that it is a massive shame we didn’t get a great King Arthur film. All of this budget and opportunity, utterly wasted. As Trump would say: Not good. Sad.
  2. I was screaming like an idiot when I saw that this afternoon. What a fantastic ride. I could see him keeping pace with Quintana yes, as the climb went on he just keep pulling really well and the other guys were giving 110% just tryinbg to stay in Dumoulin's wheel. He was even angry none of them took the lead but they were gassed, and Nibali was dropped soon after. Then he catches up qith Quintana and drops him as well in the final 400m. Nice jump at the end over Zakarin as well, for those who may remember, that was a carbon copy of what he did to Chris Froome in the Vuelta 2015 mountain stage where Froome seemed to be winning. As for other riders, Mollema lost the most and drops back from 3 to 6 for now. Kruijswijk was finally better and will still look for a top 5 finish in the final week. as might for instance Adam Yates. Pinot recovered well, Nibali isn't good enough ( and realistically, he wasn't good enough last year either). Still there is so much left to go this week. Not just Tuesday but every day is a mountain stage.
  3. Landa's not doing anything, he looks terrible. Terror Giro for Team Sky, but it's not bad for other teams to get some glory. Gaviria is really making a big name for himself.
  4. It's intriguing what Boston will do with that number 1 pick. As good as he is, I would not mind the idea of them trading Thomas, if it nets them George or Butler. Fultz looks excellent, and I just don't see how the combination Fultz/Thomas works. And I'd really like to keep Fultz if I'm the Celtics. As for Hayward, good player but to me slightly less valuable than George or Butler. Supposing that they can lure him, keep Fultz and Thomas, that is an obvious improvement but I'd rather have George or Butler with Fultz, mid term. This due to the size of Thomas' massive next contract and I think he will decline in two seasons.
  5. Most interested in Troy Fall of a City myself. Howards End perhaps as well. Maybe Miniaturist. I missed Watership Down in the list but maybe they didn't include it because it's animated.
  6. For me the most interesting game is the UEFA cup final next week for United. And also of interest are the rumours of a James Rodriquez signing.
  7. Van Garderen is not now nor ever was he close enough as a climber to even compete in a grand tour. He's never among my top 10 favorites in the GC's I predict.
  8. Incredible performance by Dumoulin. Just incredible the burst of power that this guy emits even over long distances. Will he hold up under the intense pressure that is 100% certain to follow? I hope so.. I expect Kruijswijk and Thomas will be able to jump some places in the final week as well. Kruijswijk unfortunately isn't as good as he was last year but is notably always stronger in week 3. We can expect a lot from Nibali as well, and Pinot, Zakarin as well.
  9. That series went as expected, in the sense that ultimately the Celtics win. Well I can't speak for Warriors haters the world around and I don't think I qualify as a hater, but there are easy arguments you can come up with with for why this team is disliked that has nothing to do with their success. The Durant move has really done them no favors though, I'm with you there. Makes it very hard to root for Golden State in itself. Then there is Green, who is the most irritating player in today's NBA, and he happens to be a Golden state player. Everything about him sucks and I simply don't want him to have any sort of success whatsoever. And now there's Pachulia as well, with a potentially series-ruining dick move. And the way he just screams out after that foul, like he can't believe anyone would even call that as a foul, quite revolting, so disingenuous. I don't have anything against the two guards.
  10. In total agreement with you guys when you see the replay. Why does he take that extra step? That's the thing that gives it away and declares intent. I have to say I am beginning to really hate these Warriors and will be rooting all out for the Cavs in the inevitable final. The thing that just gets me is how they constantly luck out with their opponents being hobbled. We don't need to go over all the previous years, we know it's fact. But now again, the Clippers lose Griffin and thus lose the series against Utah, which allows Golden State to play a hopeless Utah team that gave them no trouble at all in 4 games. Does that mean the healthy Clippers would have beaten them, no, but it would for sure have been a tougher series for GS. Now they finally play the Spurs, who I actually think could do something against them, and Leonard already starts the series injured, the one guy you don't want injured. And then on top of that, when he does play, Pachulia takes him out with a so called accidental move. And on top of that, they have Draymond Green being a complete piece of shit game in game out, mouthing off to the refs in ways you rarely see. Even against lowly Utah he could not keep his dirty mouth shut. I guess Kahwi will be out for game 2. Hopefully he will be back for game 3 but to be honest he just doesn't look right. When you see in how much pain he was just after his ankle rolled over from stepping on David Lee, he is injured. Golden State luck out, again.
  11. I was surprised the Stipe fight was over so soon. You'd think Dos Santos would be able to give him a really good fight and maybe over several rounds. And for someone so experienced as well. I want to see Stipe vs Cain, or Stipe vs Ngannou.
  12. It's a partial beheading of the Giro with Thomas out of contention, same for Yates really, and Landa gone. Kelderman was also in excellent form and was the main help for Dumoulin, he will be missed. Thomas and Yates in particular have seen their Giro ruined because of this. They can still do top 10 I suppose but much more is no longer realistic. I think Thomas was in great shape for this Giro and was one of my favorites. I was very impressed with Dumoulin. Excellent climb from him, really showed he can play with the big boys.
  13. What's immediately missing here are interesting mutant powers. Why is that so hard to do? It's all very similar and not distinctive in the way it looks.
  14. My favorite performances from him that I recall are Southern Comfort ( great film) and Tombstone. Always thought he was a good actor. RIP. Think he was in Emerald Forest as well.
  15. Characterization to me was better in Pon than in the first two AE books as well. Particularly Kellhus, who is no longer a POV in the new series, is a loss for me in terms of characterization. I never liked Achamanian and Esmenet so them continuing to be here whilst Cnaiur, Conphas, Serwe, Moenghus/Mallahet etc are gone, is another loss. However Akh's point is entirely valid; AE has some supporting characters which are really interesting such as Kosotor, Cleric, Maithanet and Inrilatas, I found all of these quite excellent ( though Cleric was a little too nondescript and crypticly characterized for me, but I liked the idea if who he is and that he is still around). I am also intrigued by New Moenghus, Serwa, Kelmomas and Kayutas. so it's not as if AE has nothing good in this department, but it lost its main draw.