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  1. We can continue here. Few trades I am picking up because of some rejuvenated interest in comics, all stuff I haven't read before: Avengers vs X-Men Infinity- Hickman ( some 600 pages) World War Hulk Justice League: Darkseid War, vol . 7 Thor vol. 2 Who Holds the Hammer Sweet Tooth by Lemire, trades 4-6, completing the series. Old Man Logan vol 1 and 2. by Lemire and Sorrentino. Old Man Logan hardcover collected edition by Millar. Currently looking into: Secret Wars. Love the art by Ribic, unsure as yet of the story being of interest. Civil War 2. May give that a pass.
  2. I've already given up on Valente years ago after sampling several of her books. I've not enjoyed a single one of them, the one that was least unpleasant was the two book series that brought her into fame, Orphan's Tales. There was something to be said for those. Since then it's been a downhill slide from an already not very high slope. Her books generally feel super self indulgent. But hey, if this new Space Opera book is so highly recommended and so praised as seen here, I am curious. So I read 15 pages and already had my fair share of her style of writing and characterization. Conclusion: If you're a fan of hers, you might enjoy it, but if you're not, no reason to expect that this is mouthwatering at all.
  3. Kind of agree with this. They have to win this against this depleted Boston team, if you can't win a series now, how far off can you be and still be called a realistic "opponent" in a playoffs series.
  4. Like you my primary interest in this news is finding out if we are seeing new material, or even a completed novel after all. You might think not, based on the fact that: It was previously assumed there was nowhere near enough material Chris Tolkien stating in "Beren and Luthien" last year that this would be the final book. The synopsis of this Gondolin referring back to the style of Beren and Luthien. However, something happened that not only changed his mind and made him decide to go ahead and publish, which is one thing, but where does a 300 plus page count ( 320 even on US edition) come from? If I look at my copies of BolT 2 and UT, I come to some 115 pages, and only one of those is in the hardcover format that Fall of Gondolin will be. Add 10 more pages from the Silmarillion and a short poem, we are far, far away from 320 pages. So the big question is, is this a more rounded story, what else is added? The synopsis' suggestion that the Tale of Earendal is also presented, even though not written by Tolkien, might mean more has been added to flesh out the Fall of Gondolin itself as well.
  5. Raptors are massive betting favorites to beat the Wizards, I think they will struggle more than expected and like you could see 6 games. However I think Milwaukee has to be beating this Boston team. Boston won't make it. I think the Sixers will win but it will be tighter than what I see expected on ESPN experts panel. I think the Rockets will lose at least 1 game to the T-Wolves. Thunder vs Jazz will be really close, the Jazz have become very good. I'd still say OKC because you can't believe they would let that happen. I'm also not super sold on Portland beating NO, it could be close. Still, it shouldn't be that close without Cousins, and yet NO has been on a great run.
  6. Thanks, I didn't know it released all at once, nice surprise. Lost in Space is on my interest list as well.
  7. Not sure if this is the most up to date topic but I saw Season 3 has been released on dvd in the UK.
  8. Ah but Netflix has in fact got a big one in the pen, created by Planet Earth luminaries, narrated by Sir David himself.
  9. What the hell? Few hours ago I was still somewhat happy that at least Holloway fights Khabib. What happened???? Edit: Deemed unfit to fight by medics due to weight cut.
  10. I feel pretty much the exact opposite. This season has lead to a large degree of apathy on my part. I can't see where the excitement is. Left and right I see debilitated teams. The Spurs without Leonard the entire year, they were hard to watch before and are now a genuine sleeping pill. The season started so badly when Hayward got injured right away, that took so much suspension away. And now they are annihilated with Irving out as well. The threat of that Boston team was so good for the NBA, a challenger in the East and possibly even for GS. Now, nothing, and also no replacement. No one really thinks Toronto will amount to much in the end. The Cavs have been such a disappointment after the trade. They've revamped their team and now they look "ok'ish". Still coming out of the East yeah, but not a serious NBA finals challenger. On top of that, OKC could hardly have been more depressing and disappointing, and we're at the end of the season and they still don't seem to have it sorted. This too robs a lot of excitement. Same for the T-Wolves who I was high on early in the season, such a disappointment. The Pelicans looked pretty cool for a while and then Cousins went out, another story ended. So that leaves.... the feel good story of Portland? Not good enough to beat Houston or GS. The Sixers? Yes, that is still of interest, though the question is if Embiid comes back healthy. It's been the season of one team after another going down the drain.
  11. I just watched the last two episodes of season two and episode 1 of season 3, excellent stuff. Great finale of season 2 with the flash forward in time and showing part of how it ends at Culloden, which is then rounded off in season 3 episode 1.
  12. Disgraceful behaviour by McGregor, totally agree with Dana White, if he has a beef with Khabib then finally step up to fight him in the ring instead of dodging and not defending your belt, don't bring 20 goons in and attack a bus. What a piece of shit, he is losing fans fast. And yesm unfortunate how much impact this has on the card, which was half ruined anyway because of yet another Tony Ferguson withdrawal ( unbelievable).
  13. LoL, shock tactics is the right word for it indeed. Stuff does come out, you have to give them that, they do produce at a good pace, with varying quality. But their advance notice is almost non-existent, it is comical.
  14. I've started watching this show and much to my surprise I find myself...........enjoying it. Cruised through season 1 last week, finished season 2. Yes it had some silly stuff but I am loving it for the setting, some of the characters and the story is not bad at all. The Highlands look magnificent, as do the characters.
  15. That is quite the cast there for King Lear.
  16. Anyone else watching the hardcourt tournaments of Indian Wells and Miami? Federer looked weary and after a finals loss to Del Potro in Indian Wells took an early exit in Miami against Kokkinakis, one of the biggest talents on Tour. Del Po just beaten in the semi finals by a resurgent John Isner who is coming out of nowhere, playing excellently. Other thoughts from seeing the games the last two weeks: Raonic is back and in Miami he looked very good, only beaten by Del Potro in a great and very tight match. Nishikori has just returned but he looks far from his best. Djokovic has played two games and was beaten easily in each of the first rounds. It's been mostly of interest to me to see the biggest talents at work. Zverev had a lousy start to to the year but has suddenly found form in Miami, I expect he will make the final. Kokkinakis, seeing him at work has been very nice, definitely a future hit. Shapovalov to me is probably the most exciting yougster, only 18 years old and such a great shot maker. He reminds me of of Nadal because he's a lefty and so good at such a young age, but he has a really different flair and plays much more aggresively. Needs to work on his returns though, and this baseline stability. Finally, Coric is kind of the opposite of Shapovalov, much more dull to watch but Djokovic like in how extremely solid he is from the baseline.
  17. They do. I've gone to completely uninterested because of them.
  18. Can't wait to see this in action in the film.
  19. Basically, another game decided mostly by Messi's extreme brilliance. I particularly liked goal 2, where he wins the ball off of Fabregas I believe, is then just a tad faster than player one, is then once again faster than player 2, and then assists the ball calmly to Dembele who finishes. Then on goal 3, he picks up the ball just outside the penalty area and with one move and a very fast first few yards, immediately outpaces two defenders and scores.
  20. Not sure if I mentioned it before but this book by John Howe that is due in October is one I am really looking forward to. Glorious cover already.
  21. I wonder where they are with the Foundation adaptation, haven't heard news in a long while.
  22. I like the analysis you guys have given, clearly your understanding of the game is greater than mine. Despite the breakdown problems I am still hoping for a solid win against Ireland. There's this running theme of "who's best after the AB's" and my feeling is that with everyone fit, that's England just ahead of Ireland, but opinions obviously vary on that. I am heartened to see in this Six Nations tournament that Wales is doing better again despite injuries, and Scotland looks on the up, as does France who I feel are underestimated on the British Isle.
  23. As I was rooting for England, I had hoped the Scots would be able to give a good follow up performance but they can apparently only muster real zeal when they play England. Abominable game from them against the Irish. Unclear why England's suddenly falling apart. Billy V's absence after all? I am just guessing, maybe it's just a short bad spell in a long series of good to great games.
  24. I read the first chapter of The Last Jedi last week, looks pretty good and I will pick up a hardcover.