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  1. I don't know how anyone can have any sort of discussion with someone that isn't informed by politics. Even if all you talk about is aesthetic gardening, the conversation is shaped by the political spectrum whether or not you consciously think about it. The seeds you buy, the amount of leisure time you have, how much water you can afford to use, etc has all been shaped and governed for you by the political sphere and the way you discuss these things reveals a little bit of your ideology to one another. Furthermore, I don't get where some decide that drawing the line at who you allow within your group of friends somehow means you are unwilling to be close to those with whom you disagree. For most decent people, some things are simply non-starters. Racism is a non-starter for me, as an example. You aren't eating at my dinner table or stopping by for xmas if you are overtly or casually racist. Nope. It's not about being unwilling to disagree but being unwilling to put up with people who dehumanize others based on the way they were born. I don't understand. Do you think members of minority groups get a free pass or are unable to know the difference between right and wrong? Like I couldn't imagine wondering these things if, say, it's a gay person who thinks gay people should be sent to conversion camps or women who think women should be chained to the kitchen.
  2. I thought you said you prefer to keep politics out of friendships. Or maybe you just meant you only want friends who align with your own personal belief systems. Sort of like how everyone else works.
  3. I hear ya. It's exhausting have to meet some of this moronic shit head on. It's not much better on the other side of the fence. In several aspects of my life, including professional and one part of personal, I'm required to make nice with people from certain groups. I have to smile at the sons of confederate veterans who stand along roads in this area manically waving the stars and bars, be polite to known kkk members, patiently listen to the Trump supporter who has become emboldened to be overtly racist where a year ago he kept it contained and private. Even in small aspects of my life, like getting my hair done by someone who suddenly starts talking about her love of Trump who is 'putting those black lives matter folks in their rightful place' and keeping quiet not due to work but because I have no idea whether or not I'd be safe to simply refute the idea that black people need to be 'put in their place'. It's exhausting. Then I feel sick to my stomach because often kids, including those that live with me, see me not standing up for what's right. I teach them about how bad the confederate flag is and then I smile at it's flag holder. Makes me want to vomit sometimes. Lots of protests and counter protests this weekend. Stay safe decent folks.
  4. I called you the same thing, too, buddy. It's so strange that you're upset over people being identified as nazi sympathizers but completely defending nazis rallying. I wasn't requesting a permit to exercise my freedom of speech. Only accurately describing the behaviors of a couple individuals on some random forum for a defunct book series. The things people defend. smh. Then they wail and wonder why they get labels.
  5. Wow, MSNBC beat out Fox News on Wednesday for number of viewers http://www.nola.com/tv/index.ssf/2017/08/msnbc_becomes_most-watched_cab.html I had no idea that MSNBC was doing so well. I'm not a fan of the network, but it is a bit heartwarming to know that perhaps the liberal electorate is watching more news these days.
  6. Sorry, you're translator isn't working. It's more "I'm not technologically adept so I don't know how to post a picture here without it connecting to another stupid photo sharing website like you constantly do so I just click the first one I saw on google images without spend an hour reading the website where it was located because it was the image I was trying to show, not the content of the site." The Paradox of Tolerance is pretty basic shit. The cartoon has been splashed across the interwebs for at least the past week.
  7. On a similar though mildly different note, anyone else following the spate of resignations? I'm not that knowledgeable about all the various councils and advisers and such that exist and some have surprised me, though it's likely I'm surprised more because I didn't even know some of these committees existed in the first place. I don't actually know how these groups are formed, if the groups of members are appointed. On one hand its concerning who would take over after and what sorts of bugs they'd put into people's ears. On the other hand, I see groups like the digital economy advisers resigning, a group made up largely of big business folks, and I see other large businesses work quickly to reject nazis from their product (OK Cupid banned crying nazi, as have a whole bunch of other social media platforms) and I'm feeling a bit optimistic. Not much, but a tiny bit. Maybe big business has a conscience after all, or at least profit margins can still be harmed by association with nazis. More, I am curious if this will sway Trump in any way. He always seems to want to impress other rich people and right now the rich people are basically calling him and his acolytes vile scumbag losers. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/08/18/trump-commerce-department-advisory-board-resignations-241791
  8. I recall you like simple pictures to understand things. It just so happens that someone has created a very simple cartoon to enlighten you on this very topic. (I havne't vetted the reddit forum, no idea what it's about, just googled to find the first image of this cartoon)
  9. I don't preach tolerance. Not even close. I reject the idea that it's automatically an insult to identify someone as what they are. I mean, if his views are a certain thing, then he is a certain thing. This isn't confusing. For example, my views are informed by feminism, and I am a feminist. In a different sort of example, I have views that are highly negative towards cats, therefore people call me a cat hater. Calling me a cat hater isn't an insult because, um, I am. If I had a problem with that label, I'd maybe look into changing my feelings about cats.
  10. You're right. I'm sorry because I haven't pointed it out enough. There are a lot of us who he doesn't have fooled.
  11. I'm sorry, what? If you want to assume that people who joined the forum recently are too ignorant or incapable of discussing politics, specifically american politics, then that's on you. I will judge someone based on what they say not on their newness to the forum. I also don't buy into this idea that whitewashing things will somehow convince them to be decent. If you can't be decent without someone licking your balls, then you aren't decent. Again, youre reading comprehension fails and you put words in people's mouths. I've called both of you sympathizers, not actual nazis. I don't give a shit if I convince either one of you. Someone upthread brought up some of the nazi/white nationalist/far right tactic of internet propaganda, false flag attacks, gaslighting, anything to put a 'kinder gentler face' on the vile shit. One of my close friends has been knee deep in researching for an article about the evolution of today's white supremacists and so she's been on some of the forums they frequent and it's amazing how similar their tactics are to the way some of you post here.
  12. "If you call me on my shit (the shit where I defend and sympathize with nazis and gaslight minorites), you're regressive and vile, but definitely the nasty things I say aren't vile." Got it.
  13. Again with ignoring everything else that's written and focusing on a label that hurts your wittle feelings. What's sad is people equating nazism with valid ideologies. If you don't want the label, stop doing the thing. Being silent in the face of behavior and statements like your is why we are where we are.
  14. This worship over free speech is also highly selective and it tends to reveal the unconscious beliefs of people. I have a feeling that even those who support nazis being able to recruit for genocide would probably be outraged if a group of pedophiles held a rally to incite sex abuse against children.
  15. Second dumbest shit I've read all day. Again, nazism. Stop trying to compare this to having a firm disagreement about nearly everything else. Freedom of speech should always end at incitement to commit violence. Always. We are not talking about a valid ideology. We restrict speech in lots of ways. It really says something about a person that wants to protect nazis so that they are allowed to do their nazi-ing. I'd label this behavior as sympathizing.