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  1. I know. I was responding to commodore who was all "um, I'm so confused about why the jenningses are showing remorse because it's so strange that characters would evolve help me"
  2. Hope it goes well, WinterFox. If you need a place to retreat, don't hesitate to hit me up. Thanks all for the advice. I think I accept that gf has good reasons to not be outed herself and that she might need to take a lot of steps to make sure that doesn't happen. Ultimately, I thought about what karaddin said and that it's ok for me to have my lines, and I just can't accept the line that's been crossed. The dinner with the work friend wasn't isolated. There are a lot of things I've shrugged off that I shouldn't have. Like agreeing with some random confederate flag flying dude about something terrible. I get the reason why, I'm still not ok with it. Once my kids were there and I'm definitely not ok with them hearing someone they are supposed to trust say those things. I'm so much more devastated than I thought I'd be. Of course, I'm deeply upset about ending things with her. I love her a lot. But it's also that this was simply one of those perfectly perfect relationships that would be extraordinarily rare to find. I'm asexual so I've always struggled with romantic relationships. It was strange because she's highly sexual but things just always worked perfectly well with the entire set up and her lovers. I'm actually good friends with one of her past lovers. So yeah, it's not just breaking up with her that I'm mourning but also the fact that finding another workable relationship will be nearly impossible. I found I really liked having a workable relationship.
  3. It's been clear that Philip and Elizabeth's outlook as been changing over time so it's no surprise that they maybe, ya know, are questioning things and feeling less happy about their job.
  4. The essence of slavery isn't whether or not the slave master considers the slave their property. It's one of those where if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck even if you call it a horse. Eudocia was a de facto slave. The author is clear that Eudocia was the family slave. It's already been discussed that the slavery of today is different than the slavery of yesterday. I think that's why it's difficult to use the words 'slave' and 'slavery' these days. We hear slave and we imagine things from the history books, not our friend's domestic. Slavery continues to exist the world over.
  5. How shitty of a person am I for hoping he does? Pretty much any of his songs are inappropriate and offensive. Might as well go all out.
  6. I think that might be miswritten as I've seen other articles with comments from his wife saying that he'd tried for years to write the story.
  7. Toby Keith will be performing at a men-only concert in Saudi Arabia while Trump's there. This should end well. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/toby-keith-donald-trump-saudi-arabia_us_591db4cfe4b034684b0a23ff?ncid=engmodushpmg00000012
  8. Some of my Trumpster family members have been saying that the left wing media is hiding the terrorist connection. For reasons?
  9. Whether or not someone views their slave as a slave has little bearing on whether or not the person is a slave. ISIS calls their female slaves "Wives". Still slaves, though. It's been discussed already, slavery today doesn't look like the slavery of yesterday. I didn't say the author was trying to make himself a hero. I think he was complicit. As everyone has already stated, I'm sympathetic towards him. One can feel sympathy towards a person while also being appropriately critical.
  10. That's cultural relativism and it's bullshit. Essentially anything could be considered ok if you just claim "MY CULTURE!" I mean, in some Catholic circles, it's a cultural peculiarity to rape little boys. So your whole "You follow yours and I will follow mine" doesn't fly. Doesn't fly with slavery either.
  11. It's so weird how different places can be. At my last house, it was dratini all the time. I have several draganair because I didn't realize there was a third evolution for it and kept evolving dratinis.
  12. Terms of endearment can still be used in an insulting and exploitative manner and they aren't always appropriate. Perhaps Eudacia would wish the world to refer to her as Lola, but she's not here to comment one way or another. Therefore, it's not appropriate all of us random strangers to be using the name - endearment or otherwise - that was foisted on her as a slave. I think people have been very sympathetic to Alex. But it doesn't change the facts here. He was complicit. I don't accept cultural relativism when it comes to the big stuff - murder, genital mutilation, slavery, etc. You describe a symbiotic mutually beneficial relationship with katulongs. Great. If they are allowed free movement and to leave when they want, then that's not slavery. Eudocia was not allowed to leave for nearly 6 decades. That's slavery. Period. Calling it something different and trying to apply cultural standards doesn't change what is it.
  13. The situation you described seems reasonable. I can't deny that I haven't taken a similar approach in certain situations, especially lately. In this new town I've given many nods and shrugs and empty smiles to these Trumpettes, though I acknowledge I do so more out of convenience than because my personal safety is immediately threatened. I'm just really torn on where the line is, what's considered too far.
  14. I especially love the adds that freeze the screen or force you to watch instead of scroll through the threat. /sarcasm
  15. Yeah, but Michaela also isn't going to get votes at final tribal while Cirie definitely would. There are so many advantages out there, why risk it? Agreed about Sarah being super boring. All the rest of the players are pretty boring. Not a single standout. I root for Cirie just out of familiarity, but even she's not adding much to the entertainment factor.