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  1. A lot of brought civil suits against MSU as well as the USOC, and I think USA Gymnastics (I don't know how that organization works, tbh). I'm likewise curious/hopeful that criminal charges can be brought against the enablers.
  2. Sure, women can be crazy. The thing is that it's a pretty common tactic by men to resort to calling a woman crazy when that woman says they're wrong (or irrational, which the fat coward did, or hysterical or bitch or cunt). This place has been a positive for me, too. I've spent years here, first discussing a book series I liked and then moving to other topics when that book series failed. I find the analysis of things from about a dozen people to be very helpful and informative. I like seeing what things people are watching and talking about tv shows. I don't contribute anything of particular value. Yet sometimes I'll say something completely uncontroversial and it will set off a chain reaction. Like two days ago where I said supporting known rapists is wrong, or after that where I slammed transphobia and a comedian who perpetuated it. I had zero reason to believe that there would be such a bizarre response to these seemingly uncontroversial things, just like I had zero reason to believe that anger at child murderers would be a problem. I didn't even expect a response to these things, because it's just random comments. The issue as I see it as that many of you seem to be friends off the forum and that seems to blind some of you when someone you know is confronted by someone who disagrees with them. It's like a knee jerk reaction and then you'll follow me around and try to fight with me about every little thing I say, especially the non-controversial things, perhaps because you think it's noble to stick up for your friends. This is my guess. After a few days it wears off and then you move on. As for the topic, it becomes even more infuriating with each passing day. It's clear that unarmed people, especially children, shouldn't be murdered and even clearer that police need better training. Everyone, even the one who has excused this particular murder, seems to agree with that.
  3. If you find it impossible to avoid my opinion, that's on you. Many of you obviously place a very high value on my opinion (which is ridiculous, btw, as I very rarely make any in depth analysis of things these days and instead just jump in with very generic and seemingly non-controversial opinions like "transphobia bad, child murderers aren't good, nazis are shit and so on sprinkled with a bit of 'hey if you don't want to be bad then don't do that thing'). I post in dozens of threads, a small handful have turned into these dragged out things. Two times in as many days has been your choice and you continued even after I gave you outs and said I didn't want to play your game. There's nothing mysterious about my opinions. I have a pretty consistent opinion on things. It's like you and a handful of others deliberately decide "hey, I totally know pepper hates child murderers and she's probably going to mention it but I just can't stand the idea of not responding to her and I'm going to make it seem like my choice is really her fault."
  4. Waiting to see if "camera malfunction" excuse it used. So it appears that the murderer was actually called in to assist his partner. Yeah, totally justified killing.
  5. Here's a potential Trump affair that the puritans can get up in arms about: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/01/author-of-fire-and-fury-michael-wolff-suggests-trump-is-having-an-extramarital-affair-now.html While listening to the book I had wondered if Trump and Hope Hicks were having an affair. After Wolff's comments people are speculating it could be her, Nikki Haley or Kellyanne Conway. As POTUS, obviously any sexual or romantic relationship would be highly problematic as there are some serious consent issues associated with one so powerful having relations with his subordinates. THIS is an affair that would be in the public's interest and not simply part of a private marital concern.
  6. Calling out a handful of people, if that many, is hardly saying that the board is 'full of people' who are shitbags. There are thousands here. Four or five is barely a rounding error. I'm also wrong all the time. But I know without any doubt that I'm not wrong about things like rape or child murder being bad. I think even you might agree with those things.
  7. "but, but, but Pepper, we have to be kind and gentle with the nazi's, rapists, murderers and all those who support them. they might call you a bully if you are even the slightest bit firm" I have to say that these past two days have made me incredibly baffled at the fact that so many of you place such high value on my opinion.
  8. Oh look, another account that confirms the pig attacked first and for some reason the child isn't allowed to defend himself. But we can't believe the account because pigs are the only ones who matter. As far as ruling this justified, this is zero surprise. Murderous cops being brought to justice is the exception, not the rule.
  9. Why are you so happy to believe the murderer or his allies? He shot a child who was unarmed and who was defending his mother from attack. At this point I have zero reason to not believe eyewitnesses.
  10. I love that the GOP is trying to hashtag schumershutdown but twitter has trumpshutdown and gopshutdown trending.
  11. WTF are you even talking about? I didn't quote you. I know you aren't arguing against FBs puritanical bullshit. If you want it to be enough, you need to converse with several other people who have deliberately continued litigating this issue.
  12. It's like these people literally don't realize they are completely in power here.
  13. Yes, I'm watching, also on Politico. Failed vote. It's insane that Republicans control all branches of government and still fail.
  14. Yes, it's been really inspiring hearing these women speak about what happened to them. Some of it's really hard to hear becuase it's such painful stuff, but they're definitely heroes. I'm also glad that they aren't allowing the various organizations involved to get away with their complicity in this. Yesterday it was announced that the USAG terminated their contract with the Karolyi training ranch. Thank fuck.
  15. Except that Cuba is able to provide for these needs despite being a 'poor' country. The US struggles to do the same - we have some horrendous numbers - despite having a relatively high GDP. I'm not sure what you consider 'pretty small' or 'more than enough'. It's obviously not true for millions of Americans, a number I wouldn't consider small by any stretch.