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  1. Have only been able to log in once since the update. Even uninstalled and reinstalled. No go.
  2. Cosmo article about women scientists running for office.
  3. The thing about Trump's base is that they will gobble up whatever he says is good whether it actually makes sense or not. Look at the coal miners, they believe that he's going to bring coal back even though it's clear this isn't happening. So whether or not the AHCA is going to be unpopular, all Trump has to say is that it's awesome and his followers will pretend it is. You can't out stupid the Trump voter.
  4. I'm sorry, is there any proof that not pointing out demographic realities somehow helps motivate old white men to vote in solidarity with me? Because we just had an election where a bunch of old white men (and yes, even 53% of white women) voted against their own interests and the interests of their children for reasons that had nothing to do with some anonymous woman on the internet informing them of demographic shifts. I mean, they might have voted against themselves and their kids because of those demographic shifts, but not because I brought them up. Sorry, I'm not going to lie about numbers just to placate some demographic who can't handle the idea of other people having shares of the pie.
  5. Ok, then I guess this means you're aware of what the point is? Come on, Manhole, don't go down the "some of my favorite politicians are women so I can't be complicit in sexism" rabbit hole. Even you should know better. Just because 'it's politics' does not also make it not misogyny. You need to really examine the reasons that the GOP orchestrates these hate campaigns against women like Pelosi. What? It's pretty clear he's lying. I was obviously being sarcastic.
  6. It's hard to imagine why you'd get poor grades in a Human Sexuality course.
  7. Is the game slow to open for everyone else, too? There's a pokestop at the end of my road and I usually open the app when I leave my driveway because then it will be open by the time I get to the stop sign, but since the update it hasn't opened fast enough, even if I sit at the stop sign for a bit. Can't tell if it's just the game or if I need to do another uninstall/reinstall.
  8. Frankly, I'm not sure how telling people that equality is a good thing is rubbing it in their faces. Would it be rubbing it in a slaveowners face to say that slavery is bad? Lol, no. For all the reasons I've already stated. See previous posts.
  9. What @Week said. Just because people aren't explicitly saying these women should step aside because they are women doesn't mean that criticism against them hasn't been steeped in misogyny. My issue isn't a problem with suggesting that unpopular politicians step aside. I'm concerned that there is a lot of extra focus on the unpopular women without considering why they might be unpopular with conservatives or when that focus excludes other unpopular men. There's always a lot of focus on the female politicians and that's largely because women are hated at much higher rates. We Democrats shouldn't be capitulating to people who aren't even interested in voting for our party just because they don't like someone. So fucking what if Republicans don't like Pelosi or Clinton, they were never going to vote Dem anyway. What we should be doing is selling to our would-be voters what certain politicians add to the party or to the political sphere in general.
  10. So as expected there were never any tapes of Comey and Trump's conversations. Either that or the Russians and/or Obama are refusing to hand them over. http://www.npr.org/2017/06/22/533965746/trump-i-did-not-make-and-do-not-have-recordings-of-comey
  11. It's not a hypothetical that women in politics are treated very differently than men in politics. Same with minorities. I don't even know how to address any of this because it's so offensive that it's nearly comical. White men are a dying demographic in the US. Continuing to cater to them only delays progress for everyone else. Yes, we need to figure out how to get progressives and liberals to vote more since they are the majority demographic. Now, the rollback of LGBT rights is not on the margins. Perhaps it's on YOUR margins because you aren't concerned with these things or it doesn't affect you, but it's definitely not on the margins for those it does impact. These aren't 'symbolic victories' for conservatives. They are things that are actually happening and they cover large swaths of the country. This isn't about arguing wedding cakes. It's about whether or not transgender folks can occupy public spaces including schools and government offices, LGBT folks can adopt or live in housing or be employed, and much more. And yes, there are still a lot of questions about adoption considering several state legislatures have been reintroducing and even passing laws that prevent gay singles and couples from fostering and adopting. Insisting that all of this is symbolic is a huge offensive slap in the face to all of us who are impacted by these things. See several posts in the last thread and the one before and the one before and this one. See Fez's posts, including the one quoted above. The fact is that female politicians are more frequently cited as the ones who need to step aside so the Dem party can proceed.
  12. Sure, Niki Haley doesn't have anyone's best interest at heart unless it's a rich white person. Obama definitely improved the lives of black people in pretty meaningful ways. A male replacing a female isn't backsliding into misogyny. But none of this is the point here. The point is there are posters who keep repeating things about female politicians being the problem and needing to step down because they are distractions. Those same posters tend to be the ones who say things like we need to slow down civil rights or that there isn't been a backlash against certain equality measures. It's outrageous and ridiculous and what feeds into the general air of misogyny or racism. There are dozens of articles on this white liberalism problem. I encourage people to read them. https://www.google.com/search?q=white+liberalism&oq=white+liberalism&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2198j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 And when the next female leader in the Democratic Party begins to have unfavorable ratings with Republicans, what then? Should we tell her to leave, too? This is always going to be the case. Though, yes I agree that it's time to recreate the Democractic party, which means steadily replacing the old regime, men and women alike, whether they have name recognition or not. Except they do, repeatedly. Quit trying to downplay it.
  13. Yeah, but Pelosi is well known because she was the speaker for some time. If there is another female democratic speaker, it will be the same issue. Look, Ossof was never going to win if he didn't win outright at the first election. It's a very red district and progressives just don't vote in the numbers they should. It's admirable that he got really close, but he still wasn't going to ever win that run-off no matter what attack ads the GOP candidate used or didn't use.
  14. I find it all incredibly annoying, personally. I get sick of the invites and 'offers'. I've seen people sucked in. My youngest sister bought into it all and got in with two companies, but ended up no better off than she started and I think maybe even more broke. However, I have some friends who do Lula Roe and they seem to be doing alright with it and it financially improves their lives. I don't participate, I can't afford $50 leggings that fall apart quickly, but I guess enough people can that they are able to take an extra vacation a year or buy a new car or send a kid to private school.
  15. I'm not really sure what you're point is here. Did it ever dawn on you that perhaps people didn't feel safe to create movements like BLM until there was a black president or black AG's? Wow. Seriously, wow. So basically, "Slow down on wanting that equality thing because white men will get mad." Um, no. And yes, the Republican party is absolutely trying to rollback gay rights. Have you been sleeping? DeVos is doing all sorts of shit in the DoE. Sessions in the AG office. 'Religious liberty' laws are popping up everywhere, absurd 'bathroom bills'. Just because the GOP isn't creating a law that makes gay marriage illegal doesn't mean they aren't rolling back rights. There's more to equality while gay than marriage. Go take a stroll in the LGBT thread and see what we all have to say about what's going on. Not sure if you're addressing this to me or to the people saying to send the women folk away. Yes, I know telling women to go away is incredibly unfair. I'm not confused about that.