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  1. There are one hundred thousand posts on these forums of people bitching about things. This was literally the most absurd one.
  2. I'm not saying it's real....but who "confirmed" that it's "80% fake"?
  3. So is the show Hounds taste for chicken. That doesn't mean its a great poultry conspiracy.
  4. If she literally said "Ned, this is my son with Rhaegar, your nephew" and then got out of her deathbed to do a Bollywood dance number reinforcing the statement people would still be here arguing.
  5. They don't need any kind of escape hatch. You're acting like everything that happens in the show is 100% book based. If they have 13 episodes left and GRRM decides as a "gotcha D&D!!!" twist to make Jon the son of Randall Tarly and a Volantine pot scrubber they're going to give sero fucks and continue on their stupid course. You guys are REALLY reaching.
  6. It's not that difficult even for the idiots running this show. Dany/Tyrion/Greyjoy/Dorne/Tyrell all became one storyline. Conquest or just rolling over KL and heading north to final war. KL: Cersei drinking winein black dresses with Star Trek shoulder pads, Jaime moping...the only thing that's going to happen here is an intermediate obstacle for Dany going north. The only other show-verse southern house is Tarly, why they would not fall in immediately with the Tyrells would be a mystery. KL is a stumbling block now, it's going to be 90% Jaime/Cersei drama. Euron: Potentially more of a threat than KL, IF they incorporate any of the dragonhorn elements...if not, maybe Euron will say cool stuff like "Arrrrrrgh shiver me timbers and cock" and then get eaten. Sam/Gilly: Stare at books, maybe have some kind of informational/assistance role in final war. Wall: Come down. Jon/Sansa/Batfinger/Vale:Fake bickering and drama incited by Batfinger until final war Arya: Kill stuff revenge grr Brotherhood/Hound/Brienne: Head north for final war. Bran: Fill plot holes the writers cant Jorah/Essos: Hopefully nothing They couldn't possibly be more ready for the end game.
  7. Yes, and who the hell outside of show-o-logists even remembers that. People I've talked to today were confused as hell. They can have a previously on segment about Dorne...like anyone will ever forget that segment for the rest of their natural lives...but no lead in to that? It didn't need to be there. It's just another example of D&D trying to insert something in because they like it, regardless of it's actual value to the story. We could have easily cut out Grey Worm/Missandei romances and Tyrion/Grey Worm/Missandei wine drinking sequences over the past couple seasons and got a real northern plot and the pies. If it only takes NO setup except a small scene from three seasons ago for Arya it would have only taken 5 minutes to do it right. She could have poisoned the Lothar and Black Walder and slit Walders throat. Same effect. No silly little girl serial killer somehow cuting up bodies and making pies in a kitchen with no one noticing story line needed.
  8. When did that explanation happen in the show? A throwaway scene from 3 seasons ago? I bet if you polled show watchers maybe 5% would recall that and maybe another 5% would confuse it with reading it in the book.
  9. She knew the audience would recognize her without it.
  10. Also, more of a book nitpick than a show one...but if they only send white ravens out to herald the coming of winter....how in the hell do they know where to fly?
  11. I think that was the great breakfast nook.
  12. Seriously...this is just ridiculous at this point. Jon and Sansa both know Bran WAS alive. Presumably they both know he was north of the wall and with all the crap going on up there why would they ever even guess he could still be alive? It's not like Jon was campaigning for the "throne". No one stole anything from anyone.
  13. The hardest thing for me to buy into with Varys, is why the fuck was he just chilling behind a drape waiting for a bell to ring?
  14. The Frey pies was stupid. No context, no set up. She could have just as easily poisoned all three of them at the table.
  15. So even Pycelles whore got more lines than Rickon.