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  1. First Use of this word in the series

    I will be revisiting this thread next Sunday my sweet summer children. Hold out hope.
  2. Ramsay's Gift

    They're already giving him Rickon.
  3. Ramsay's Gift

    Big Daddy is right on the money.
  4. Ramsay's Gift

    One old lady mentioned the North remembers hardly comparable to the sheer wealth of torture and murder we've seen Ramsay behind. There were two castings, one for Umber and another for a lord with a rousing speech who switches allegiances...there's possibly a Mandrely-esque conspiracy/betrayal there.
  5. First Use of this word in the series

    The actor for Rickon was seen filming this year. With D&D 1+1=2.
  6. Ramsay's Gift

    You're looking for an in depth interpretation of what's going on in the North. This show does not have time for that, nor the desire. Look at the rate things are being wrapped up and people are being killed off. The Umbers show up next episode with a gift? Rickon is with the Umbers per show cannon. Ramsay has a trailer voiceover that says "do you like games little man" and we know the show loves to hammer us over the head again and again how "bad" Ramsay is. Bet a paycheck on it.
  7. Ramsay's Gift

    The banners are Umber, on the show it's a round chain link with 4 chains going outward from it.
  8. Ramsay's Gift

    Why would a northen lord (Smalljon) have a hostage from the Riverlands and give it to Ramsay? Not following this one...Jon probably wouldn't care if they did.
  9. First Use of this word in the series

    Littlefinger will have nothing to do with Rickon. Last we saw Rickon and Osha they were headed to the Umbers for safety. The preview for episode 3 shows men riding with Umber sigil flags. Immediately after the actor playing Smalljon Umber tells Ramsay he brought him a gift. The trailer has Ramsay saying "do you like games little man", and the early Stark teaser had the Ramsay voiceover saying "Winterfell is mine"...this is textbook D&D...they have 5 full episodes until the episode 9 battle to use Rickon as bait/torture whatever to draw out Jon, barter for Sansa and give the remaining loyalists reason to come to the "Starks" aid.
  10. [Spoilers] EP602

    That's the point. It wouldn't make sense even for D&D so Shaggy has to be eliminated immediately for Ramsay to hold Rickon hostage. Whether that means Umber telling Ramsay "we had to kill the wolf"...or Bringing a dead Shaggy as part of the gift, or Ramsay doing it himself, you cant have Rickon as an involuntary hostage with Shaggy at his side. The wolf is gone. There's no way that D&D are not going to milk the amateurish "dramatically satisfying" angle of Rickon in danger as a means to draw out Jon Snow. We know the battle doesn't happen until episode 9...so that's 5 more episodes to reinforce Ramsay being "bad".
  11. [Spoilers] EP602

    We'll get a quick hand wave explanation of Shaggydogs status or perhaps he's just there dead already alongside hostage Rickon to be dramatically satisfying.
  12. [Spoilers All] Boltons Misled - Karstarks and the GNC?

    Well the Umbers are safely out of the pro-Stark equation. With Smalljon showing up next week with a gift for Ramsay (widely speculated to be Rickon since the Umbers is where she was taking him after they parted ways with Bran & co) there's no way we're not in for weeks of suspenseful "I have Rickon Stark" torture tension to remind us Ramsay is bad. This is textbook D&D...Rickon Stark is our motivation for Bastard Bowl...it's going to be ham-fisted. I don't see how the showUmbers come back from that, they're just another casualty of D&D. There was the casting of a Northern lord who "switches allegiances"...once could assume now, with name mention it's Manderly. Though since they like to change things it's probably Bob Manderly...and who knows how they'll botch that.
  13. Doran and Dorne in Season 6

    If you were the maester and they killed Doran and Hotah, you'd run too...not wait around to see if some crazywanted your service. This show if filled with bad writing...that was one of the few things that seemed realistic.
  14. Doran and Dorne in Season 6

    Or because they were just stabbing the hell out of everyone that second. If Luwin was standing on a porch and Theon and Dagmer stabbed...Bran, Rickon & Rodrick in close order...Luwin would have hauled ass too, not stood around tapping his feet thinking "gee, I wish all this stabbery would wrap up so I can determine whether Theon is claiming Lord of Winterfell or just abandoning it to chaos so I can determine who my new boss is"
  15. You really want these guys making up dialogue about haircuts?