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  1. HBO Episode Teaser - I am so sorry

    It sounds exactly like her, Bran has a noticeably deeper voice than her...we'll see I guess
  2. The first appearance of grown Lyanna Stark

    lol, they couldn't hide Tower of Joy and that was 7 guys at a fort in the middle of nowhere.
  3. The first appearance of grown Lyanna Stark

    He met her literally at the tourney when he gave her the wreath instead of Elia.
  4. And Bran...wasn't the whole reason for him being omitted from 5 that they wanted to skip over his training and have him come back like "Skywalker in Jedi"? Yet...he's bumbling around...making mistakes, not knowing his limitations, going places he shouldn't...and getting people killed? Seems kind of like the exact opposite of Skywalker in Jedi. We in fact got half a season of him being trained anyway.
  5. The first appearance of grown Lyanna Stark

    I would guess it's at Winterfell. They couldn't keep ToJ filming a secret, not sure how they could hide a tourney.
  6. HBO Episode Teaser - I am so sorry

    "I'm the First Ranger, my job is out there." Decent article, as well as the screenshot of the scene from the trailer. https://newrepublic.com/minutes/133679/benjen-stark-return-game-thrones
  7. HBO Episode Teaser - I am so sorry

    It's not confirmed. It say it on IMDB, who has continually been wrong over the years...they've had Lady Stoneheart AND Benjen on there several times. That doesn't mean it's not true however.
  8. HBO Episode Teaser - I am so sorry

    It's clearly Meeras voice. They have wights chasing them...she obviously can't outrun them pulling Brans sled. She probably despairs and at the last minute the guy on horse with the flaming weapon attacking wights from the trailer appears. Benjen.
  9. Will Benjen Stark be killed in this Ep?

    The guy that plays young adult Ned spoiled that in an interview already so it's probably on point. He also said he's going to be in 6 and have something more substantial in episode 10. I'd guess we get a little bit more of Ned in the Tower of Joy and we get blue balled again right before the Lyanna reveal saving that for episode 10.
  10. Will Benjen Stark be killed in this Ep?

    Again, IMDB has repeatedly had false castings and character returns, Stoneheart and Benjen multiple times. It almost means nothing to see someone on there before the show airs.
  11. Official Synopsis Released

    Also...IMDB also said he was returning last season, and has also had Lady Stoneheart on there multiple times so far. Thought it's likely he's the one in the trailer with the flaming weapon...IMDB confirms nothing.
  12. Official Synopsis Released

    For any other story yes...for this one no. Any other character in peril of any level has died a miserable death.
  13. "When George first told us about wights being able to climb on cave walls and ceilings by gripping tree roots were were in shock...but it made so much sense"
  14. Oh don't you believe for a minute we won't get a Bran reaction shot to Summers death. When he wakes up next episode we'll get "where's Summer?"...it's going to be dramatically satisfying.
  15. Benjen [SPOILERS]

    It's not a "fireball" per say, but a flaming weapon of some type...flail, morningstar what have you. He's running down wights on horseback.Odds are pretty great that it's Benjen...obviously from the episode trailer, Meera is apologizing...the wights ARE coming down on them. Someones going to be deus ex machina, I can't see a whole new character being introduced. GRRM has said Benjen is NOT coldhands...it's probably just Benjen who's been hiding away somewhere. There's also a promo pic of Bran slumped over on a horse in winter garb. http://watchersonthewall.com/first-look-at-bran-in-game-of-thrones-season-6/ It's most likely not a vision, since he walks in those. So if he gets rescued by someone that has a horse...