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  1. I'd say S1 Westworld tackled the problem better though it has a ways to go.
  2. Had an international flight so got 3 movies in quick succession. Spiderman:Homecoming. I'm not a fan of kid/teenage Peter Parker stories but Spiderman was probably my favorite superhero growing up (edging out Batman). This movie worked out quite well and I particularly liked how they did Vulture and his storyline. The original Spiderman theme song at the beginning really hit home and I sort of knew then that Marvel wouldn't mess this up. I wasn't so warm to his technosuit which felt like Peter was a different version of Iron Man rather than the uniqueness of classical Spiderman but I got past it as the movie went on. Hell or High Water. I enjoyed it. Definitely the best role I've seen Chris Pine in (that's not saying much though). Ben Foster really nailed it. I've been a big fan of his for awhile and I'm surprised he doesn't star in higher profile films --- but maybe that's what makes him so good. Anyone else get the feeling that Jeff Bridges played a more modern, less alcoholic version of Rooster Cogburn from True Grit? Think it's the way he does his western drawl which always fascinates me when he speaks. The Grand Budapest Hotel. Been a big Wes Anderson fan since Rushmore but some of his movies are hit or miss. I loved this one. It's delightful and original and reminds me of a kids cartoon and story except with an adult edge. Loved Ralph Feinnes. I've had Moonrise Kingdom on my Netflix queue for quite some time and feel almost ashamed for not having gotten to it yet (or even the Darjeeling limited) given that Anderson doesn't make big revenue blockbusters.
  3. I enjoyed it but I thought the pacing could have been a little quicker (which is a similar perspective I have on the original movie so it worked a little in that regard). Villanueva knocked it out of the park when it comes to paying homage to the first movie. More than just themes and tone, I really liked how he handled Deckard, the transition in his story and the overall ending. It went from a movie that shared the same universe of the first with some overlap in characters and themes and then became a continuation of the original Bladerunner. Also I pretty much liked all of the characters and how much screen time they were given (Leto in particular) and how that time was used. May watch it again just to soak it in some more on the big screen.
  4. Fuck, I have to choose between seeing this movie in a standard cinema this weekend or waiting 2-3 weeks for an IMAX. Should I wait? In comparison, I saw Mad Max Fury Road opening night in standard... but my first comment to my buddy after the movie was that I needed to watch it again in IMAX.
  5. These reviews for Blade Runner 2049 are getting me very hyped. There's a theater playing it somewhat close to me this weekend. I may have to go see it this weekend if the shows aren't sold out.
  6. Finished Season 7 of the Walking Dead. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's version of Negan saves the show. Reminds me of the breath of freshness that Russell Edgington gave True Blood. Can't imagine where the show will go after him. Without Negan, the show is a bunch of cheesy bonding scenes and artificially forced dramatic moments that lectures us on the despair of the characters and their moral struggles. I just don't care about the priest, Morgan, or Rosita. I definitely didn't understand Sasha's motivations and Daryl and Jesus didn't get enough screentime. The only character I was interested in aside from Negan was Carl and maybe Dwight.
  7. I think I can see why the first episode might be a little difficult or slow to get into but it definitely picks up after that. I think by episode 4 you'll know whether it's a show for you.
  8. LSU with some stupid penalties. 2 separate and completely unnecessary ejections on their defense for this game and parts of the next.
  9. Yeah, that trailer is good. It also highlights to me the value in good translation. I hope I'll be able to get high quality subtitles in real time when the series is released.
  10. Just got up to episode 4. I was thinking about skipping S1 altogether and jumping to S2 where the critical acclaim really seems to start. I'll keep going though.
  11. Having been somewhat disconnected from CFB the last 2 years, seeing ND still have their contract with NBC amuses me to no end.
  12. Finished Narcos S3. Thoroughly enjoyed it and you pretty much know what you're going to get if you've seen the first 2 seasons. Now I have no idea what's up next. My entire watchlist and recommended shows are dark dramas but I think I need to watch something a little lighter and fun next.
  13. I enjoyed the season much more than I thought I would. I actually thought they could have stretched the storyline out longer (but not sure about a full 2 seasons) if they had given more screen time to Pacho and Chepe whose characters I really enjoyed. I still miss Murphy as the narrator but Pena held up well. I also continue to really like the format where they intersperse clips and video of actual events between scenes -- particularly about the Colombian government, President and the succeeding events. Really puts another light on the farce that is the War on Drugs. Jorge's storyline carried the 2nd half of the season and he was probably my favorite character in the whole season.
  14. Interesting. The director of Gomorrah the TV series and Suburra is teaming up with Taylor Sheridan to make the sequel to Sicario. How did I not know that?