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  1. Yeah, ditto, I'd start with the series. The movie is decent but the show is on a different level. You'll know by the 3rd or 4th episode (possibly sooner) if it's for you.
  2. Yeah I'm also looking forward to Snowfall too. I watched Shimmer Lake on Netflix. Dark dramady crime film in the same vein as Fargo (honest cop investigates nitwitted burglary). Enjoyable enough to pass the 90 minute runtime. The end has a twist you just don't see coming.
  3. I ended up re-watching the episode from Season 1 where Ciro goes to Spain, negotiates with Conte and then with the Russians. That might be my favorite episode from Season 1. Loved the tension of Ciro not knowing how Conte would receive him and later being helplessly left in the open ocean. The negotiation and Russian roulette with the Russians was the icing of the episode. That scene was executed very well.. all of these high society Russian criminals cheering Ciro on to blow his brains out. I could definitely feel the relief of Ciro jumping into the ocean later in celebration that he was able to pull off the deal with Conte and with the Russians in the face of death.
  4. Speaking of.. I watched John Wick 2. I liked the expansion of the universe but I thought the sudden introduction of Rule # 2 and the blood oath marker was a little cheezy. Still you watch this movie for shootouts and fights scenes and it delivered in a way that they can churn out 100 more chapters of John Wick and I'll still keep watching. The Rome scenes were a little underwhelming but I don't know if that's because they were very hyped for me or because of poor lighting (I watched it on a plane and had hard time seeing some of the scenes). I really liked Common and Ruby Rose's characters. Definitely would watch more scenes with them.
  5. I saw it as: Ciro took away the only girl in Pietro's life, and so Pietro did the same. It was really the only way to hurt Ciro in an equivalent manner and a great way to show yet another similarity between both men (being directly responsible and capable of the murder of an innocent girl to get what they want).
  6. Ciro was my favorite till he killed the girl in S1 then I never quite warmed back up to him. Killing Deborah in the S2 premiere was awesome.. it didn't feel out of character at all to me. I could feel the pressure on Ciro and Deborah during their fight and Ciro's descent into madness.. I really didn't like Genny's character in the first half of S1 because I'm tired of the imbecile mob boss son trope. I was hoping he'd get killed instead of being a multi-season character like what the Sopranos writers did with Anthony Jr. But he's probably my favorite now and I love his interactions with Ciro. I'm hoping for more Ciro vs Genny in S3. Definitely going to miss Don Pietro. His character definitely had presence and eminence in the show. When he sat in his chair in his office.. I just kept thinking of Tywin Lannister sitting on a throne decorated with lions. He was such an alpha male character -- I really liked the way they pulled of his reign, fall and rise again.. Counting on Patrizia for S3 and using her Pietro-tutored skills to deal with both Ciro and Genny. With the number of characters the show kills off, it's great that they have others who can take larger roles and still keep me interested. If you go to the Gomorrah subreddit on Reddit.. there's a link to a streaming site (you can PM if you want). Doubt it's legal but I couldn't resist watching the show. I'll buy the show some other way to compensate them.
  7. Did you finish the last 2 episodes? They're a doozy..
  8. So I guess Carnage is the villain in the Venom movie. I'm not sure how reliable this information is. This just feels so wrong.. like we're witnessing the birth of a giant dumpster fire. I just can't imagine a 2 hour storyline that introduces both of these characters (with or without Spiderman) that would work.
  9. Since the still unrefuted theory that Bronn is Chiggen.
  10. There is nothing that refutes this possibility. One takes place in the future, one takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and one takes place on Earth in the 1930s.
  11. I watched the first season of TNT's Animal Kingdom on Amazon Prime. I enjoyed it well enough to pass the time. I got strong vibes of The Shield in that I wouldn't be very surprised if someone told me both shows took place in the same universe. I do grow weary of the dumb criminal as comic relief trope but this was not near as prevalent as in other shows like Justified. I generally liked all of the characters but I think Ellen Barkin's "Smurf" and Shawn Hatosy's "Pope" stood out the most in a creepy and sinister way. I find myself really curious what Kath Pettingill (real life Smurf) is like in real life.. and though she'd probably be harmless, I'd be scared to actually meet her. Now I just need to watch the movie.
  12. The movie is on Netflix (US) as well. It's very different from the series. It's slower and has a Crash-style film structure where you follow 5 (?) random people whose lives are affected by and loosely connected to the Naples mob. Some parts of it reminded me of the Italy scenes in the Godfather. It's not the Machiavellian mob war of the show (but that doesn't take away from it).
  13. Sorry for the long post incoming.. I saw Wizard of Lies. It was decent I guess. If you have an interest in the financial industry and crisis, then you might enjoy this movie. Otherwise there's not a lot going on and it isn't very tense or dramatic (although it tries to be very dark at times). During the movie, I kept finding myself asking the same question: What part of these characters are fact vs fiction especially with regard to Ruth Madoff? Bernie Madoff - scumbag and corporate sociopath. I knew that going in. There's an ongoing theme questioning whether he is a sociopath or if he just happens to be the mascot of the financial crisis and Wall street greed. I think there's some truth in both based on my experiences with corporate executives. It just doesn't make him any less despicable or responsible of his crimes. The man didn't just screw over his investors and immediate family (wife and sons) but according to the movie, his sister-in-law and their family as well. I need to google it to see if that part is true (I'm guessing so). This guy had some serious chutzpah. Mark and Andrew Madoff -- here I'm more sympathetic to the 2 sons even before watching the movie. They were guilty in the court of public opinion but I never saw or ready about any actual evidence of fraud. Mark's fate also strikes me as someone living under the kind of pressure that would have prevented him from committing this level of fraud in the first place. Again was their portrayal more fact or fiction, I'll never know. Ruth Madoff -- this is the one character which I had the most doubts about. What I've read about Ruth Madoff is completely different from the movie version. Was she really an innocent bystander who never learned how to live life on her own and is completely dependent on her husband? I suppose living a billionaire lifestyle could turn you into that but talk about pathetic excuses to side with that man (even after all that her family and victims went through). The elitism about Benie and Ruth Madoff was only hinted at in the movie compared to things her daughter in-law had to say about them -- so I again had to question how accurate their portrayal was.
  14. I watched Logan. Loved it. This is the best X-Men / Wolverine movie made by Fox and a great way to end the franchise. I particularly like
  15. I finished Season 3 of Bloodline. I was one of those people that enjoyed Season 2 and didn't find it to be a letdown compared to Season 1. I may try to rewatch the S3 finale again just to see if I had too much wine (don't think so) but this season... ... ... .. WTF did I just watch? The last couple of episodes felt like the writers from John from Cincinnati and Dexter got together and decided to one up each other on how bad they could tank a season. Seriously wtf were they thinking? They didn't explain anything at the end; whole character arcs and plot lines went missing and unanswered and the overall experience was a deeply unsatisfying one. The incoherence of it is stunning compared to the story told in the first Season. The last scene made the series finale feel like a midseason episode that got cut short -- except you can't jump into the next episode for the 15 more minutes you needed to finish that scene. Very disappointing.