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  1. The Prestige is generally my answer to questions where the movie was better than the book. I didn't find the book very memorable. I actively recommend watching the movie first so the book won't spoil the reveals.
  2. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy v2 and was thoroughly entertained. It felt forced in the intro / first chapter but then found it's rhythm. It got more laughs out of me than I was expecting. I also wonder how many teenagers get all of the 80s references. Also watched the movie Suburra on Netflix. I highly recommend this movie to fans of Gomorrah. It has the same setting (Italy but not Naples), themes, tone, visuals and sound. In fact it's like a cross between Gomorrah the movie and Gomorrah the tv series. You see how organized crime touches different people's lives but you get a lot more violence and mob politics than the movie. Netflix is making a series out of this movie and I'll definitely be checking it out. Also the women in this movie make me want to move to Italy and find my wife.
  3. It might have been the inspiration for it (meaning the scene in Lethal Weapon). Now I'm curious of similar scenes in TV or movie around or before that time..
  4. I watched Manchester by the Sea. I almost didn't because I didn't want to watch something depressing but I'm glad I did. It's a really beautiful movie about the effects of overwhelming grief on a person. Michelle Williams is an amazing actress. I I think I would have picked this movie over Moonlight for best picture.
  5. I've actually wanted a serious Spectre movie for several years and that was part of my massive hype towards Spectre. But the execution was so terrible. The Blofeld reveal that fooled no one, literally stringing together photos of the previous villains to show how they're connected together... just ugh. And the icing on the cake: Bond has brain surgery on him to complete his transformation to an apathetic womanizer who can never commit to or fall in love with a woman.. but it doesn't work because.... LOVE!!!! Give me a fucking break.
  6. I agree with most of this except the Justified comparison. The only similarity with Justified is that there are rednecks and hillbillies in both shows. Completely agree about the Ozark's not being a "character" and that being a missed opportunity. Hell, even the RV in Breaking Bad became a kind of character. It was a little strange.. on one side this town was supposed to be some backwater smalltown place and on the other, it's supposed to be this major tourist attraction offering millions in revenue but I never felt like saw the full sprectrum between both sides. Yeah, when I was trying to think of a show to compare it to, Bloodline came first to me since it had the criminal angle and the focus on the family and their dynamics. Also, completely agree about Julia Garner.
  7. I would have preferred a rebooted series but in the same, more serious and less gimmicky vein as the last few movies. Spectre was a pretty conclusive movie to both the franchise and Bond's character (though it was also one of the most disappointing movies to me this decade). I can't see where they take the character or story from here that builds something greater than the previous events and villains unless it's a kind of standalone movie.
  8. I finished out Ozark on Netflix. The story is about an accountant father that engages in criminal activity and is always trying to dig his family out of various dangerous consequences and encounters. I see the show compared to Breaking Bad the most but I don't find that very apt aside from the premise and the finance-instead-of-chemistry solution of the day episodes. Also, this show is much darker -- thematically and visually. There's no real light or funny moments or quirky characters (which I think it could have used). Practically everyone is a monster and at times, I felt like the writers tried to one up themselves on how to make their characters more depraved than the last one. Jason Bateman plays the same role he almost always plays except he's a complete sociopath. In fact, where Breaking Bad made you sympathize with and maybe root for Walt and his family in the initial seasons, Bateman's character and family get zero sympathy right from the start. If you watch, check out the opening title card which changes based on each episode. It's a fun little detail. Overall: good not great.
  9. Yeah I was expecting a dark comedy ala Fargo but so far (2 episodes in), it's mostly dark drama. Bateman plays a character that's almost sociopathic.
  10. To my misfortune and regret, last night was the first episode I watched in it's entirety.. and I haven't even seen most of the pilot which is making it hard to follow along (I have no idea what's going on with the wrestler and the lady). But I am getting VERY positive vibes from what I've seen so far. This show is good right? Edit: Spelling and stuff.
  11. I don't think Escobar is completely necessary though I will miss Agent Murphy'a narration. I was equally interested in other characters outside of Escobar -- the reporters, the president and his aide, Pablo's various lieutenants and hitmen, the CIA guy, Chepe etc. The best and most fascinating thing about Narcos was how they unfolded these monstrous real life events from the wrappings of fictional dialogue, drama and characters. I actually learned things about Colombia's history that I did not know. If they can keep that up with the rise of the Cali cartel, then I don't think I'll be disappointed. The one thing I hate is how I enjoy this show that essentially glorifies these monsters.
  12. Stay away from that Gomorrah thread until you're done with S2.. there are MASSIVE spoilers in there. That said, I'd be curious about your reaction after S1.
  13. I watched Kong: Skull Island. I was more entertained than I thought I would be -- mainly because I loved the soundtrack and the way some of the scenes were edited together with the photographs being taken. John C. Reilly's character was still funny despite seeing most of his lines in the trailer. In fact, I've seen almost all of this movie before in some form or another but they still pulled it off such that I was entertained.
  14. It gets incredibly... shameless (for lack of a better word) in the 2nd or 3rd season. If you like the first season then I think you will like the next 5 seasons. Season 6 and 7 got a little stale with the storylines but I think if you take a break instead of marathoning through them all, you may have a different experience.
  15. So I was reading about Gomorra the book and apparently it's similar to the TV show in the same way that Homicide: Life on the Killing streets and The Corner are similar to The Wire. It seems several actions in the show are based on real life events particularly from the events of the Scampi feud. Definitely going to see if I can get an English translation of the book as I enjoyed reading both Homicide and The Corner after watching The Wire.