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  1. I'm still reading Gomorrah but was thinking I'd give ZeroZeroZero a shot before the end of the year. Interesting that they're not going with an Italian cast like Gomorrah and Suburra.
  2. I guess I don't see it necessary right now or at least I don't need to see Deadpool in the MCU. His standalone movies rely on raunchy R-rated Ryan Reynolds humor which Marvel can probably successfully water down to PG-13 material if they attempt a crossover. But I don't feel so strongly one way or another. Actually now that I think about it, the better potential is having MCU characters show up in R-rated Deadpool movies. Hopefully we can get Wolverine from the X-Men movies showing up with Omega Red in R-rated Deadpool 3.
  3. Hmmm.. never heard of this but it looks like something right up my alley. Yeah I was waiting to watch this in theaters but then it never seemed to come out or be advertised and I just sort of forgot about it.
  4. Not sure how reliable this is but seeing as we're already on the topic: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/04/19/kevin-feige-hoovering-up-deadpool-fantastic-four-and-x-men-for-marvels-phase-4-dark-phoenix-the-last-fox-x-men-movie/ I think they could just leave Deadpool alone.
  5. Shatterstar looks so ridiculous. Loved it.
  6. Gomorrah would be my pick coming off Narcos though it's heavy. My general rule of thumb is 4 episodes for a show and with Gomorrah you'll know by then if you're interested to commit longer I think.
  7. Let's try this again. Yeah I think they're too far along in Dark Phoenix production to stop it now. I do agree they just need to hand over all other production plans and licenses to Marvel Studios immediately so that they can plan how to integrate X-Men and Fantastic Four into the current universe. Once Dark Phoenix is done, I think it's best to just forget about that franchise and reboot once more (and scrap the current cast). And I like the idea of the Infinity Wars being the cause of mutation. You could have Infinity War Part 2 ending with the birth of mutants. Also the space settings in the current Marvel universe give an opening for the Fantastic Four to be created as modern humans begin to venture offworld. You could bring in a Krull/Skree war at some point. Apocalypse can come from space, the future, or be another Infinity Stone side effect. I think Magneto's backstory with the Holocaust needs to be sacrificed despite it being a core part of his motivations and sympathy. I don't see how you pull it off without it feeling like a writer's trick. You'd have to substitute some other Baron-Zemo / Killmonger like purpose into his character.
  8. I hadn't considered the idea of a multi-movie overarching villain for Phase 4 like Thanos because.. what's going to top Thanos and the Infinity War? I could see Doctor Doom. Possibly a celestial being like Galactus though I think he lacks character. We're already getting Dark Phoenix round 2 and I hope we don't get a round 3 (even if it is Marvel Studios doing the storytelling). Ditto with Apocalypse. So who's left?
  9. I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if any of Thanos's Black Order are more than just throwaway henchmen characters despite that casting decision. I don't know how you introduce those characters and keep them threatening with 30 A+ actors on the other side while also fleshing out Thanos for what is practically the first time. Also seems interesting that this is the first time we're hearing about Coon given the movie is being released next week. Edit: Now I'm wondering if there's a longer term plan to use the Black Order as villains in Phase 4.
  10. Had a wedding in Atlanta so caught 3 movies on the flights to and fro. Dunkirk. I liked this more than I thought I would. Because I was on a plane, I couldn't hear the music along with some of the dialogue and watched the movie with subtitles. I think that was very detrimental to the experience and I should have watched this movie in theaters if for the music alone. I liked the looming feeling of doom -- especially considering the enemy isn't a focus of the movie and is on screen for very short and anonymous periods of time. I also enjoyed the aerial fight scenes and Farrior's storyline was the best. I'll watch this movie again properly. The Florida Project. It was good. I don't really think of it as best picture of the year material. It basically follows an impoverished 5 year old through a summer in her life as she lives with her struggling mom in a cheap motel. Imagine following a group of young children around while they play, perform antics and cause mischief. That is exactly what this movie feels like except you're watching it on camera. Beasts of the Southern Wild is sort of a similar but more superior movie -- mainly due to a memorable soundtrack and a better storyline. Logan Lucky. Definitely enjoyed this movie. A better version of Ocean's 11 with a smaller and more interesting cast. Again, I had some audio issues and I'm not sure I understood all the details and complexity of the movie so I may re-watch it at some point. I haven't seen Adam Driver in much (only Star Wars I think) but he seems like a solid actor. Channing Tatum is solid as well but I've warmed to him for his roles in Hateful 8 and Hail, Caesar!.
  11. Yeah that Villanova run at the end of the half hurts. They're in control now.
  12. This is a fun game. Both teams came to play. I'll be very curious about 2nd half adjustments and if both teams can keep the hustle going.
  13. Divincenzo has 16 of Villanova's points. Next highest has 4.
  14. !! Holy cow. I did not think that was going in.