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  1. Been on a western kick lately. Watched Bone Tomahawk. Brutally graphic movie. Lili Simmons did the best job of any role I've seen her in. Hatfield And McCoys. It was okay. Making my way through Godless. Filled with cliches I've seen before and more "Hollywood" than both of the shows I mentioned before. The opening credits show images of life in the West. It made me think of Deadwood's superior opening credits and how great of a montage of western life it summed up. Gold, whiskey, women, bloody meats, mud, horses, and with the fiddle playing in the background.
  2. My exact thought during the volcano chase scene was "This looks like Dante's Peak meets Jurassic Park." Then during the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom title scene, I thought "With a Transformers move title." It really did look like a bunch of overdone scenes and cliches crammed together in a movie. I feel like I've seen people run from a dinosaur stampede a million times in these movies.
  3. https://deadline.com/2017/12/netflix-old-mans-war-john-scalzi-sci-fi-novel-jon-shestack-madhouse-entertainment-1202221957/ Well Netflix appears to be on a roll. When they signed on to do Altered Carbon, I was hoping someone would make a movie on the Forever War but I'll definitely take this instead. Old Man's War is certainly one of the better sci-fi novels I've read in the last few years.
  4. I've never paid attention to the critics choice awards so I'm surprised to see an entire section devoted to Reality TV. Anyways, I'm really glad to see Patriot nominated in the best comedy series category. Very underrated show. I thought at least one of the characters (Red from That 70s Show) might be worthy of a best supporting actor award.
  5. Finished The Last Colony by John Scalzi. Pretty much standard Scalzi. Entertaining and fast reads (I think of them as snack novels) with the same kind of pacing, dialogue, wit and plot turns you get in the predecessor novels. I "hopped" Zoe's Tale and picked up The Human Division since Zoe's Tale wasn't available at the library and it's the same story as in The Last Colony but told from a different character's perspective. That might be a mistake but I can't imagine it would be a big one. A After that, I'll do A Deepness in the Sky or A Fire Upon the Deep depending on what my library has immediately.
  6. I see what you're saying especially with (Luke Cage and DDS2 spoilers)
  7. I've never read his comics but there were a couple of times during the show where I was thinking "This guy is batshit crazy."
  8. Finished it. It was ok. Castle killing people was too overstated and forced. Even if his ethos permits him to kill, does he have to kill absolutely everyone? Dude came off as a lunatic.
  9. ... I was thinking about this movie recently. Someone on this forum described it as 'Ewwwwww' and I wholeheartedly concur. I still like this movie and the last dialogue scene.
  10. Only halfway through the series so far but I agree with this. Frank being a completely psychopathic murderer feels forced in that his primary solution to any and every problem is always to kill someone. It doesn't feel very natural and even if I accept his character as a completely bred for war soldier whose outlier personality make him perfect for a comic book vigilante, who are all of these side characters sympathizing with him? Karen's intro to him in particular was mystifying to me given how their arc ended in DD S2. She should have a reaction of fear and revulsion (particularly after that diner incident), not sentiments closer to big brother finally came home. And to actually aid him in a quest which will inevitably lead to a murder spree.. pretty unthinkable to me. Micro is the only character who has a legitimate reason to support and aid Castle.
  11. Finished Banshee. I'm definitely going to miss this show and it's characters. The ending was nostalgia on steroids -- real tear jerker for show fans and a satisfying ending. Now on to Punisher.
  12. I haven't started the series yet and probably won't until I finish the last season of Banshee but I'm confused on one thing: Why is Castle still hunting for the people who murdered his family? Was that not resolved in Daredevil S2 with the Blacksmith storyline?
  13. I just watched the first episode of Banshee Season 4. Wtf did I just watch. The opening was a mess.
  14. Yeah this was my thought too. It's been done enough and we have Trixie moving on to Sol. Seems like a backward and uninteresting step to go back to that relationship even if it's meant to induce nostalgia. Not sure how you handle a 2 hour movie in general and it will sorely lack Cy Tolliver and the Farnum/Richardson interactions.
  15. I'm halfway through the first season of Amazon's Patriot. I thought this was going to be light-hearted comedy drama but my initial feel for the season was that it was similar to Fargo S1 (though not nearly as good and without the marquee lineup). Now after going through 6 episodes, this show has much more of a Coen's brothers feel to it. Like an amalgamation of multiple pieces of their work. I'm actually surprised they were not involved in the story or production of it. The story follows a disenfranchised and rather depressed spy on "just one more mission" as he deals with absurd situations in his undercover life as well as his missions to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The show is black comedy / dramady, with quirky side characters and genuine humor perhaps reminiscent of Burn After Reading and maybe The Big Lebowski. I haven't seen Inside Llewyn Davis, but there's even a strong melancholy folk music component to the plot -- not just as part of the show's soundtrack. I'm enjoying it. If you like the humor and style of the Coen's brothers or maybe even Sneaky Pete, I think you'll like this too.