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  1. How did Rhaegar kidnap Lyanna in the first place?

    Not necessarily. She was independent and sort of a loner (like Arya) she might have wandered off aimlessly to be with her thoughts... And then BAM! Lots of Targaryen soldiers all around.
  2. Why am I so addicted to this website? :P

  3. Tyrek Lannister

    @SerGrahamando of Utterhsill Yes he was. I think Jolene's point was that we dont know directly where either of them are (the brotherhood location is never known) so in this place of "Unknown" they could meet :) Though why that would happen I'm not sure, Dayne and Lannister have no real connection.
  4. Tyrek Lannister

    I don't think Varys had anything do to do with it, I reckon it was Tyrek's own decision. Think about it, he was witness to Robert's death, and it was only a matter of time before someone suggested he had something to do with it, rumours like that pop up all the time for no reason, sometimes with disastrous outcomes. He had been married to a baby girl of one and ridaculed for it mercilessly, if you were him how could you not be pissed off by that arrangement? And we know little of him, there could have been a lot of more reasons for him to be angry at many things- which could have led him to flee King's Landing on a sudden thought and rare oppertunity of escape in pursuit of his own path. What that path is I don't know, since we really know very little about him, but he could change sides, going North or Stannis or Team Daenerys, or even the Brotherhood without Banners, there are a dozen of places he could go and have some impact in being there by simply bearing the name Lannister.
  5. Just had an exam :( and am trying to unwind within Westeros

  6. Re-reading a Storm of Swords, and am again pained by the loss of dear Robb Stark

  7. Just reading A Storm of Swords, and recall how much I despise noseless Rorge.

  8. Waiting to see re-run of Game of Thrones episode, after the devastation of missing it on Monday :(

  9. How did Rhaegar kidnap Lyanna in the first place?

    @ Dragonfish I dont have direct quotes, but they all mention it in regard to something immoral, like kidnapping. No one ever really mentions it as anything else but "Being carried off at swordpoint".
  10. How did Rhaegar kidnap Lyanna in the first place?

    Ser Barristan called it kidnapping Viserys called it kidnapping Aerys did not deny it as a kidnapping Catelyn called it a kidnapping Lord Manderly called it kidnapping (I'm aware none of these people were actually there, I am merely making a note)
  11. How did Rhaegar kidnap Lyanna in the first place?

    @ Lord Littlefinger's Lash Do you have any evidence to support that? I cant imagine Lyanna would abandon her entire family on an entirely vague and unreliable prophecy. Especially to give birth to a child, which, if she was like Arya, would be the furthest thing from her level of importance.
  12. How did Rhaegar kidnap Lyanna in the first place?

    @ Sarnius I did say this is a theory concerning the idea that there is no R + L I know that it is a possibility, a likely possibility, I was merely exploring the opposite option.
  13. (This is presuming Lyanna went without consent and was in fact taken against her will.) If my memory serves correctly, we are never told of the circumstances of Lyanna's disapearance. We simply hear that she was kidnapped, not how, when, where, or by who (Rhaegar must have had help). How could he have kidnapped a High Lord's daughter so easily? Where was she? Winterfell? King's Landing? Either way, it shouldnt have been easy to take her. Where the hell were her guards when he came? How did they get her away without someone noticing? If Lyanna was in fact like Arya, she wouldnt have gone without a fight. Was there no evidence of it all? Any theories? Contradictions? Evidence?