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  1. Your thoughts on Izembaro?

    It makes it obvious that she is leaving, perhaps for a long time, which implies she is departing from Braavos, to this strange Izembaro.
  2. Your thoughts on Izembaro?

    Izambaro might be a concept, or a weapon, or an inanimate object. Who knows?
  3. Your thoughts on Izembaro?

    I know :P If GRRM had both Arya's mentors too alike it would raise a few eyebrows. It was just wishful thinking :) And I've never thought of Izembaro being a place, interesting idea! For some reason I'm imagining a really weirdly shaped tower or something...
  4. Your thoughts on Izembaro?

    Izembaro is the man Arya will go to for her new apprenticeship in being a Faceless Man. Even though we have not met him yet, I am already beginning to imagine what he will be like. What do you want him to look like? Act like? Train like? Essentially, how would you create Izembaro? I'd like a rather Syrio like character, with the "Just so" and a Braavosi accent, though maybe a little stricter. He should not be nice, but not mean either, just the right balance in between so that Arya learns well from him. He should also come up with amazing words and phrases that Arya can emulate and use in her training. And I don't think we should ever know what he looks like. Every time Arya meets him, he should have a new face. That way, Arya always has to work to guess which one is her mentor, and it makes him pretty cool :) What about you?
  5. Vote : Who will rule westeros?

    Aegon Targaryen
  6. The Bear & the Maiden fair

    ...Ahhh I didn't realize just how filthy it was till you said that... I can't ever look at bears the same way again now!
  7. The Bear & the Maiden fair

    I don't think Tyrion would be a goat. Usually when symbolism comes in the character's sigils represent the people. Eg- The Sun's son, was Quentyn, and the Dornish Symbol.
  8. How did Rhaegar kidnap Lyanna in the first place?

    Not necessarily. She was independent and sort of a loner (like Arya) she might have wandered off aimlessly to be with her thoughts... And then BAM! Lots of Targaryen soldiers all around.
  9. The Bear & the Maiden fair

    Yeah I always thought it was more pointing to Sansa, being prudy and distastful about big, scary, frightening men. Whereas Dany is attracted to that sort of tough guy (Drogo, Daario).
  10. Missandei

    Maybe so. But there's an issue, Dany considers the Starks to be her enemies, amongst many. I don't reckon she would kill Arya, but neither do I think that she would trust her, even if she is just a child.
  11. Missandei

    This brings us back to the above debate though, would Arya be able to kill Missandei?
  12. Missandei

    Dany would not send a young child into such certain danger, kids are her weakness.
  13. Robb Stark or Jon Snow?

    I reckon that Robb would have the upper hand, but only after becoming King in the North. It gives him experience Jon could not have.
  14. Missandei

    I doubt it, as it seemed she had been with the ruler of the Unsullied for most of her life, learning the languages in order to be a good scribe. Also the kindly man makes it clear that the Faceless Men only train children, and more importantly girls on very rare occassions.
  15. Missandei

    Sorry, didn't mean to shock you :P But my point is Arya not killing women because she can't/won't? There's been women she would have gladly killed, like that bitch in Haranhall who threatened her with a splintery broomstick.