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  1. How did Rhaegar kidnap Lyanna in the first place?

    Not necessarily. She was independent and sort of a loner (like Arya) she might have wandered off aimlessly to be with her thoughts... And then BAM! Lots of Targaryen soldiers all around.
  2. Missandei

    Maybe so. But there's an issue, Dany considers the Starks to be her enemies, amongst many. I don't reckon she would kill Arya, but neither do I think that she would trust her, even if she is just a child.
  3. Missandei

    This brings us back to the above debate though, would Arya be able to kill Missandei?
  4. Missandei

    Dany would not send a young child into such certain danger, kids are her weakness.
  5. Missandei

    I doubt it, as it seemed she had been with the ruler of the Unsullied for most of her life, learning the languages in order to be a good scribe. Also the kindly man makes it clear that the Faceless Men only train children, and more importantly girls on very rare occassions.
  6. Missandei

    Sorry, didn't mean to shock you :P But my point is Arya not killing women because she can't/won't? There's been women she would have gladly killed, like that bitch in Haranhall who threatened her with a splintery broomstick.
  7. Missandei

    Cersei, and she's just on the kill list, Arya hasn't actually killed any women at all.
  8. Missandei

    ...That's a little unusual... But to each their own I guess... I've decided to discard the idea that Arya will kill Missandei. Here's why: Has she ever killed someone that young and of her own gender? No. She's killed two boys just a few years older than her. But never any girls her own age. I know we'd think that wouldn't make a different to who-gives-a-shit-Arya, but look at her kill list, only one is a woman.
  9. Missandei

    :laugh: Foolish me. I apologize Missandei, I may have condemned you to death with my affection.
  10. Missandei

    ... Ok, so I hate that theory so much it hurts... But it makes so much sense! Damn it! :P I reckon that will happen now :( I really don't want it to... But it sounds so Martin like and interesting for the narrative. And Missandei is so much like Arya, age and size and brains wise, it would be perfect... Ahh cruel world! So mean!
  11. Missandei

    No! No, she's too smart to die! Too cool! I actually might be more upset by her death than Robb's!
  12. Missandei

    So I was just wondering, what do you reckon the little Naaith scribe has to offer? Personally I find her quite interesting. She's obviously clever, and wit prospers well in Westeros. Barristan Selmy even notes that he thought her smarter than all the men on the council. She can speak a dozen languages around the world, which is no easy task. And she advises Dany on what to do concerning Meereen's state, without which Dany might have failed even worse. She was also the one who came up with Selmy's plan to take down Hizdar and his men. For a tiny ten year old, that's pretty damned impressive. I reckon that Missandei has a big future ahead in the game of thrones. I couldn't imagine what exactly... But to try and guess Martin's intentions is to try and guess the lottery numbers. I still think she has potential in something important that will occur when Dany at last moves to the attack. She's been built up to be someone clever and sharp and quick-witted, which will most definetly aid her to survive the game... Or even win... No. But still, what do you think of Missandei? What lies ahead for her?
  13. Why am I so addicted to this website? :P

  14. Tyrek Lannister

    @SerGrahamando of Utterhsill Yes he was. I think Jolene's point was that we dont know directly where either of them are (the brotherhood location is never known) so in this place of "Unknown" they could meet :) Though why that would happen I'm not sure, Dayne and Lannister have no real connection.
  15. Tyrek Lannister

    I don't think Varys had anything do to do with it, I reckon it was Tyrek's own decision. Think about it, he was witness to Robert's death, and it was only a matter of time before someone suggested he had something to do with it, rumours like that pop up all the time for no reason, sometimes with disastrous outcomes. He had been married to a baby girl of one and ridaculed for it mercilessly, if you were him how could you not be pissed off by that arrangement? And we know little of him, there could have been a lot of more reasons for him to be angry at many things- which could have led him to flee King's Landing on a sudden thought and rare oppertunity of escape in pursuit of his own path. What that path is I don't know, since we really know very little about him, but he could change sides, going North or Stannis or Team Daenerys, or even the Brotherhood without Banners, there are a dozen of places he could go and have some impact in being there by simply bearing the name Lannister.