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  1. Revisiting the valonqar from Maggy the frog's prophecy

    I believe it's a good idea and is as credible as any other theory surrounding the prophecy. At this point, we don't know what will happen, and I like this idea better than the idea of Jaime or Tyrion killing her. Due to Tyrion's comment, “I will hurt you for this. I don't know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid.” it is widely assumed that Tyrion, also being the "little brother", will commit the act. I feel that if that were the case Cersei wouldn't be killed while sad (as the prophecy foretells), but while happy (which seems to be Tyrion's wish). It could be that Tyrion indirectly causing the death of Tommen and Cersei's paranoia surrounding Tyrion (due to his comments and actions), will cause her to believe that Tyrion is responsible for Tommen's death and therefore fulfilled the prophecy. She could then harm herself in her grief, which means Tommen's death (as Joffrey and Myrcella's little brother) is what truly caused her death. I like that idea. :)
  2. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Davos comments on Stannis' appearance shortly after Renly's death, before the second shadow baby and the Blackwater.
  3. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Stannis has paid a price for Mel's "powers". His health is deteriorating, he played a part in the death of his own brother, contemplated killing his own nephew, constantly struggles internally, believes he will have to lead the fight against the Others to save Westeros, and probably knows that he will die in the end. Stannis' story has not been peaches and creme since the "red woman" arrived in his life. Stannis' story works on a thematic level because it is more of an exploration into the dangers of religion more than anything else, and Stannis has suffered immensely due his struggle with his new found religion.
  4. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Renly was warned, but to be fair...the warning was rather cryptic. ^_^
  5. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Initially, it bothered me because I immediately identified the "shadow baby" with dark magic and evil. Once I took a step back to really take it in, I saw it as just another weapon of war.
  6. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Magic is a part of ASOIAF, so magic will alter the story at certain points. If Stannis was sitting the Iron Throne as a direct result of Renly's assassination I might see things differently.
  7. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    "Shadow babies" are a part of the game, because magic is a part of the game. "Shadow babies" are exhaustible, since Stannis could die if he made another one, so they don't bother me. I don't see the difference between Renly being assassinated by a Faceless Man vs. a "shadow baby". The end result was the same. To be fair, that's probably because the magic in the series doesn't bother me.
  8. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    I'm not sure. In my opinion, magic in ASOIAF seems neutral. Its nature depends on the user and the purpose. In Stannis' case, I don't think he views Mel's "powers" as magic. He seems to view it as divine interaction from R'hllor, which further complicates the matter.
  9. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Stannis also can't seem to forget the peach Renly offered him, even though it was clearly a jape.
  10. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Exactly, it is a superstitious belief based in religious dogma. Stannis killed someone that was fully prepared to kill him. Plus Renly even had the audacity to joke about Stannis' death, while Stannis grieved Renly, and tried his best to reason with Renly.
  11. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Renly knew he was a traitor to the Iron Throne, but he certainly had the choice to become a traitor. Renly betrayed Robert, Joffrey, Tommen, and Stannis, his own brothers and nephews (if he didn't believe that they were bastards). Renly chose his fate, and in the end he didn't have enough "might" to make his claim "right".
  12. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    Stannis chose to try to broker an alliance with his brother, not to attack him. Renly, and a large number of the men that followed Renly, should have been fighting for Stannis, and Stannis wanted to allow them the opportunity to do their duty if they didn't believe Joffrey should be their king. Renly chose his fate, not Stannis.
  13. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    Oh NOOOO...I can't get this mental image out of my head. That would be horrible. Hopefully, Stannis will completely abandon Mel asap, and shape his own destiny with the new knowledge he has received.
  14. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    Maybe, sacrificing himself for the greater good of the realm will finally give him the inner peace he deserves. He will finally respect himself, and his sacrifice will earn him the respect of the people and his name will be remembered for years to come. I feel that GRRM has something big in store for Stannis, and it will be pleasing to his fans. I actually wrote a brief skit about him and Davos fishing a while back, I wish I could remember it. :D
  15. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    :crying: I hope GRRM doesn't take Stannis out of the game prematurely. He has set it up for Stannis to have some form of a happy ending, even if it ends in death, and it still seem realistic. *fingers crossed*