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  1. I doubt that. It seems he knows exactly what's going on. In a world with observable magic, religion is substantially more rational. It's likely the Gods of ASoIAF are real entities (or at least some of them are), even if the entities in question are psychic gestalts rather that what we think of as deities in the context of our own culture.
  2. Glad to see someone else put this together.
  3. Generally speaking, slavery isn't a very efficient system. Employers who are too concerned about the wellbeing of their employees (because they paid for them) are less likely to make risky innovations like those that made the industrial revolution possible. Ironically, the reason the northern states advanced industrially while the south stagnated was because the southern slaveholders were too invested in the safety of their workers. In the north if an employer lost a worker to a mining accident or factory mishap they just pick out a new one. A slaveholder has to buy a new one.
  4. weird that khal drogo isnt on here. As readers we see him through the pov of a fully stockholmed girl, but he was just as much a monster as Gregor clegane.
  5. The Starks are basically the Children's "nannycams" for humanity. Anything The Stark knows, they know, and the Children can sway The Stark to whatever decision they wish by sending him directives in dreams. Rhaegar was a mythic player, but you're still talking about the "game of thrones". The Stark cannot be trusted to make decisions in the best interest of humanity when those choices would conflict with the interests of his masters.
  6. well at least this way it wasn't 'just a dream' and we can reasonably argue that the story will play out as presented.
  7. She'd hate it though. Arya would be a better match for Theon if only because the Iron Islands appear to have a more relaxed idea of how a woman should behave.
  8. This, yes. To keep the Black Blood concentrated so every Other created from his offspring retains the properties of house Hoare, free from the influence of magical control. The culmination of centuries of selective breeding and a sabotage of the Children's doomsday weapon. Too bad the rest of the plan didn't come together.
  9. i think there are two reasonable explanations for the ironborn: 1. They are first men who held on to their native culture while those on the mainland were uniformly absorbed into the religion forced on them by the children. One can point to similarities between the ironborn religion and the myth of Storm's End, or interpret the myth of the Grey King's slaying of Ygg the demon tree as an exaggerated retelling of the story of their resistance to being assimilated. 2. As suggested in AWOIAF, the idea that the ironborn are from someplace else entirely, a hitherto unknown land beyond the sunset sea. One can point to the mystery of the seastone chair or the stories of the Farwynds as supporting evidence. I suspect both are true. That the bulk of the ironborn were first men who absorbed a small foreign population which allowed them to either resist integration by the children or to throw off the rule of the children, depending on the timeline. I see the most likely candidate for this foreign influence is the last "grey emperor" of Yi Ti with the family name "Har". It's a bit much of a coincidence to ignore, with the only serious argument against it based on the "official" timeline and the Grey Kings placement in the age of heroes and the Grey Emperor coming after the Long Night. But as noted, the timeline is clearly flawed.
  10. For one, note what she says. She's making a statement that follows a question, but we shouldn't necessarily infer that she's answering the question being asked. "Only then will he return". "He" not "Drogo". For my money, she's talking about Rhaego. Whose birth had no witnesses except MMD and whose body was disposed of before anyone reliable could look at it. Rhaego isn't dead.
  11. It's entirely possible his wives died in childbirth: Gregor's offspring aren't likely to be easy to produce. As a landed knight, Gregor isn't likely to have a maester in residence, compounding that problem. Apart from Ned's "dark whispers" there's no reason to assume he killed them. If I were a matchmaker, the obvious pairing would be Brienne of Tarth. By sheer size she stands a better chance at surviving birthing his children, and her combat skills make her more likely than most to survive Gregor himself if his violent outbursts are actually the problem. Plus: imagine those children.
  12. Now feed that army. Now feed that army while it's 500 miles inland laying siege to a castle. Good luck.
  13. Probably nobody. His immortal existence goes against the core tenants of their philosophy. They're bringing him the Gift because the Many Faced God is overdue. We don't understand their bylaws very well, but based on what's been explained about how preserving a life beyond its time creates a "debt" to their God, it's reasonable to presume that a life preserved indefinitely creates a serious problem for them that needs to be rectified at any cost. But if we have to assume there's a client, my money would be on the Citadel. This would explain why he's at the Citadel now: he's collecting the payment. Lewin almost certainly knew more about what was happening to Bran than he let on: Bloodraven making contact with Bran may have been what led the Citadel to such a desperate action. I don't think we understand Quaithe's motives enough at this point to pin anything on her and I really don't see Varys and Illyrio as players of the Mythic game. I don't think they know exactly where he is, just that he's somewhere North of the wall. Becoming Rangers of the Night's Watch would give them a plausible cover for riding around up there hunting him down.
  14. Or he may have finally figured out that his blonde hair and his wife's red hair couldn't possibly produce his son's brown hair.
  15. Well, for one, I despise the misuse of the word "theory". The word you want is "hypothesis". To the point, my least favorite hypotheses are the "ships". I despise ships. I'll take a 2000 word crackpot about Hodor and Catlyn's lovechild over a 2000 word essay about shipping any day.