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  1. Daenerys: "Promise me"
  2. And she's important, I think. I'd love it if I could find something which could indicate for sure whether or not the Tully's had red hair in their line before any intermarriage with Lothstons or Whents. Two minor hypotheses of mine are: House Hoare carried a red hair gene. "Harren the Red" was called such because he had red hair. Lord Commander Hoare (first name unknown, brother of Harren Hoare) is Craster's ancestor. I substantiate this only with a few odd lines describing him as having "black blood" (a phrase used prominently to describe House Hoare) Put together and add 300 years and it would stand to reason that red hair would start popping up here and there.
  3. There are some odd cases where people of the far north appear to be bastards but are called by their mother's family name instead of the regional bastard name and are treated as legitimate children. Maege Mormont's daughters are, I think, the best example of this. Another example, albiet one shrouded in myth, is the bastard child of Bael the Bard and the Stark girl he impregnated, who grew up as a Stark and became The Stark. I generally agree with this assessment.
  4. Because the Maesters convinced them it was a good idea. The better question is "Why did the Maesters want the Tullys to betray the Targaryens." But that's fairly easy, the Maesters have been undermining the Targaryens from the start. A more interesting question: "Why did the Maesters want to breed Starks and Tullys?"
  5. We have no reason to believe this is the case, and quite a few reasons to believe otherwise.
  6. Tywin, Varys, BRAN and a warrior. Can't forget the psychic shit.
  7. We don't fully understand how their face-shifting works. He didn't seem to need any "hardware" to change from Jaquen to the Alchemist, for example. There was no faceless body left behind then, why do we expect one earlier? I don't believe in Jaquen=Syrio, but that seems like a flawed reason for rejecting it.
  8. Only the top tier can actually do that though.
  9. I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out where the earliest accounts of red hair come from. It seems to be an unusual trait. The First Men and Rhoynar seemed to be brown haired while the Andals were more often blonde, while Targaryens have their silvery hair, but red hair doesn't have a clear origin.
  10. I've come to the same conclusion, that Rhaego would have looked Dothraki, subverting the expectation. I operate on the assumption that the copper skinned, silver-haired prince in the HotU is Aegon. The banner is Bittersteels. This keeps the visions chronological by birth order of Dany's children (if that vision was related to Rhaego it would have come first, not second) assuming that her second child will be born and/or conceived during her conflict with Aegon and her conquest of the South, which seems likely.
  11. I believe that Aegon IV was manipulated by someone (my money is on Lucas Lothston for reasons detailed in "House Hoare is Alive" found in my signature) explicitly to bring about a succession crisis. As such, his belief that his sons weren't his own, and the inspiration to legitimize his bastards, may have been an idea planted by this manipulative influence; in other words, he may well have believed it to be true.
  12. It may or may not be worth noting that the word "rape" has a different meaning today than it did in antiquity; consent was irrelevant to the definition, if a man had sex with a woman he wasn't married to (particularly if he took her virginity in doing so) it was rape (conversely, sex with one's wife was never rape, and this odd idea hangs around even in modern law). This is why the "punishment" for rape outlined in the old testament is that the rapist had to marry the woman he raped (and pay her father). Basically rape was a property crime: you break it, you buy it. GRRM doesn't seem to use it this way, however, which is why I say it may not be worth noting.
  13. A chapter # would be excellent. I don't remember this either. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the Citadel is working on breeding a parasite to kill Weirwoods (I believe the entire history of Westeros can be largely explained by biological and psychic warfare between the Citadel and the Children) but they probably wouldn't use it on their own tree. Their White Ravens appear to be a part of an attempt to replicate the Children's gestalt, which would mean they probably need the tree: the ravens alone wouldn't be enough. The moss could be something they are using to subvert the weirwood, perhaps? Though the Citadel does have factions. The "Destroy all Magic" faction might have decided the "Use Magic for Ourselves" faction has gone to far with the White Raven project and employed their parasite to kill it.
  14. Interesting stuff. I don't think the Weirnet has "Time Travel" exactly, they are simply capable of experiencing time in a non-linear way. This may be a sort of tow-may-to tow-mah-to sort of distinction I suppose, but it's important to remember that the Weirnet isn't all-powerful: the humans have managed to destroy a large percentage of the Weirwoods, something that likely would not have been possible if they were truly able to send their consciousness back in time and get "do overs" the way you describe. For example, if we accept the given story of the "Breaking of the Arm of Dorne" is generally what happened then it shows a clear example of an instance where the Weirnet probably would have wanted to use the ability to go back and break the arm sooner, before the hooligans arrived at all, but they didn't.
  15. It's been argued that it's not limited to dragons: that "low-grade warging" occurs between horses and riders as well. Some point to Lyanna Stark as an example of this, and use it to explain how she was able to succeed as a jouster despite a relative lack of strength and training. If so, this would be the most likely form of telepathic talent found in Dothraki bloodlines, particularly in very skilled riders like Drogo.