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  1. The Bat and the Wolf?

    No objections.
  2. The Bat and the Wolf?

    And does anyone else find the Ironborn bastard surname "Pyke" somewhat out of place? Every other bastard surname is simply a frequently occurring natural object/substance found in the region in question, but Pyke is the name of a specific island. Why the difference? Why aren't they "Harbob Irons" or "Harjim Salt" or "Harbill Tides" or something? Why "Pyke"? I'm not prepared to offer enough of an opinion on the topic to cover a new thread.
  3. The Bat and the Wolf?

    Interesting point. I do wonder how often bastard names are used as double meanings in prophecy. We know heraldry is used frequently, and many people point to Melisanre's vision of "only Snow" while trying to see Azor Ahai Reborn as being an example of it. I personally like the interpretation of the Lightbringer story where "Water" refers to a crownlands bastard, either Gendry or one of the "Baratheon" children, all of whom would be called "Waters" if their true parentage were known.
  4. I figure Jon's resurrection will be a culmination of the other forms of resurrection we've seen. Like Drogo, his body will be healed by blood magic. Like Veramyr his soul will survive in Ghost. Liker Beric and UnCat, his body will be reanimated by the Red God. By themselves, each method creates only a partial resurrection with flaws, but together they will allow for a true and complete return from death. I don't think we'll see it until the very end of Winds of Winter though. He'll spend most of that novel dead or dead-ish.
  5. Bittersweet ending of your choice

    Is this a prediction? Tyrion will survive to the end. Bran might as well, but he won't be "Bran" at that point. Jon will die. Dany HAS to die for the story to make sense. Sansa might survive. Arya might survive, but her situation is much like Bran's. Petyr survives if Sansa does. Euron and Ramsay both probably have to die. I really don't care about the animals. They're symbols and/or plot devices, not characters. Just my opinion. Hightower. Obviously. Well gosh, none of the above. The seven kingdoms will be in anarchy as the fimbulwinter falls upon them. Dany is the one death I'm 100% sure of. There is no "saving" Westeros. Whatever "sweetness" is in the ending, it doesn't involve the "good guys" "winning".
  6. Arya will become Queen

    The "Bride of Fire" quatrain is likely predictive of the three fathers of Dany's three children (which is why Hizdahr is excluded), and the third stanza is a clear reference to Jon Snow. If you have a different interpretation I'd be interested to hear it.
  7. Oily Stone: Plastic?

    The distinction between psychic abilities and magic is meaningless.
  8. What is the Others plan?

    Someone made the magic that holds back Winter.
  9. What is the Others plan?

    My suspicion is that the wall (of Ice) is not "the wall" that's holding the Others back, nor is it even an intended barrier. It's a side-effect. Think about it. You put up a magic barrier that blocks ice magic, and then for 8000 years you bombard it with ice magic, it's not much of a surprise that a large accumulation of ice would form on one side of it because all that magical ice is just stopped right there. It can't go any further, so it builds and builds and builds.
  10. Rhaegar and Lyanna weren't in love

    Well Targaryens are genetically predisposed toward controlling dragons. Starks are genetically predisposed toward being controlled by CotF. It's possible a child of both lines would have served as a "bridge" allowing the CotF more direct control over the dragons.
  11. Baby swapping in Westeros

    I believe there's a level of irony here: the real prize is Gilly's baby because it has Craster's "black blood" (which is short hand for Hoare ancestry) concentrated due to multi-generational inbreeding. "King's blood" because power resides where men believe it resides: you don't need a real King as long as people believe it's a king burning (which is why Rattleshirt glamoured to look like Mance is a viable alternative.) King's blood as actually an aspect of shadowbinding, not blood magic. Blood magic is the understanding of bloodlines and the psychic/magical powers therein. So from a blood magic perspective, it's Gilly's baby that's relevant.
  12. "Moral ambiguity" is overrated and overestimated

    Well of course it is. It's always "safest" to assume anything you don't understand is a threat and destroy it immediately. It's an instinct called "xenophobia" and it's served our species very well over the course of our evolution. That's PRAGMATISM though, and that has no bearing on morality or good vs evil. Yes, they are obviously harmful to humans. It seems likely that humans and Others cannot coexist. Ergo, if we are to survive, they have to die. But the inverse is also true: if they are to survive, the humans must die. So there's no good and evil here, only pragmatism. We have no evidence they have deliberately killed anyone except members of the Night's Watch, a military force they may well have just cause for war against. Any civilians dead likely died of exposure to cold and winter-related hardship (starvation and so forth), and we don't understand anything about the Others' relationship with the cold. Do they "bring" it? Do they do so willfully or is simply a side effect of their presence? Or is the cold simply the result of natural forces outside their control and they are simply moving South as the environment becomes more hospitable because of the cold? Is cold the natural state of the world? Is the warmth something HUMANS brought that's now fading? We have no idea.
  13. "Moral ambiguity" is overrated and overestimated

    This isn't a show forum. "I don't understand it, so it must be evil" is a terrible way to think about a people.
  14. "Moral ambiguity" is overrated and overestimated

    Well the OP specifically called out the Others. You're right, there are humans who are straight-up monsters in the series. I don't know that anyone would argue otherwise. The Others, however, are not so easily pinned down.
  15. "Moral ambiguity" is overrated and overestimated

    We really don't know anything about them one way or the other. We have 8000 year old stories as the basis for what we think we know. We don't know the causality of the Others and the Long Winter. Do the Others bring the Winter, or does the Winter bring the Others? We don't know. We see firsthand very little "evil" done by them. They attack and kill members of the Night's Watch, notably at the Fist of the First Men, but the Night's Watch is a military organization, and if the Others have just cause for war with the Night's Watch they are reasonable targets. Do they have just cause for war? We don't know. Maybe 8000 ago they were unjustly kicked off their land and then had a magic wall built to keep them off it. Maybe they just want back what was theirs. Maybe the Others have a different concept of time than we do, and what happened 8000 years ago to humans was a recent injustice still in living memory. We don't know whether they mean to kill the various civilians that die due to the cold that comes with them. As noted, maybe they don't bring the cold at all. Maybe it was always supposed to be that cold on Planetos and whatever warming magic the humans did all those centuries ago is just now wearing off. Consider yourself in their place. If some kind of fire-people invaded your homeland, raised the temperature to 200F/90C, drove you and your people to extinction after building a wall to keep you from coming back, wouldn't you be justified in attacking the soldiers they station on that wall to take your land back? Are you responsible for the fire-people that die when the temperature returns to normal Earth temperatures?