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  1. "Bara-Theon" would mean "Hinderance of the Gods", basically a translation of "God's Grief". GRRM doesn't care for linguistics, so he just snatches bits and bobs of Greek and Latin here and there.
  2. That's just calling a spade a spade. He takes over Hodor's body because he's bored, despite the abject terror it causes him. That's evil as fuck.
  3. I don't care for the "snow (or ice) = water" equivalency people try to make when talking about prophecy and/or legend. It's weak here, and it's weak when people try to do it for the Lightbringer story.
  4. Factors to consider: She was pregnant with a Targ bastard at the time She was at Harrenhal Also worth noting: she didn't seem to see the future. Farsight is a much more common ability than prophecy. I've been trying to come up with a good hypothesis for how the fire magic works, something that's consistent with our other observations about magic. Seeing visions in fire is easy enough: you stare into a fire for long enough and you become temporarily blinded. Being unable to see is a pretty well established way to activate a psychic talent, so this isn't a mystery. So what we need to determine is, why does she have psychic talent (as a Rivers she could easily be a Blackwood byblow) and how does she know to activate it by staring at a fire?
  5. "Brown" can be described as "dark" but even if you assume that wouldn't be the case, a gene for a lighter hair color can "hide" behind a more dominant gene.
  6. Well I think GRRM telling us (twice from two different characters) that Craster has "Black Blood" is meant as a clue that he's a descendant of Lord Commander Hoare, and I also think that the Stark kids have Hoare blood through their Whent maternal grandmother. I think the blood of House Hoare will be important soon; Harrenhal is the reason magic was suppressed for so many years, but it was only able to do that when there was a Hoare ancestor in residence. I think it's very relevant that every major player in the mythic game (the game of... bones? I dunno lol) now has in their possession someone with Hoare ancestry: The Children of the Forest have Bran The Faceless Men have Arya Littlefinger has Sansa (yes, I think he plays in the mythic game, or at least knows more about the mythic game than he lets on) The Citadel has Gilly Melisandre has Gilly's baby Euron was noted as having a Hoare ancestor among his supporters Apart from setting up in Harrenhal and reestablishing the magic suppression effect (this seems to be Littlefinger's plan) I'm not sure why else the Black Blood might be important. I speculated a while ago that making Others out of people with the Black Blood (especially if you concentrate those genes via inbreeding) is the reason they're becoming aggressive: the Black Blood allows Craster's sons to resist whatever magic would normally keep them under control. I've also speculated that the Seastone Chair is a mini-Harrenhal, creating a more localized magic suppression effect which just covers the Iron Islands.
  7. He may have been. Look at Sweetrobin's hair color. Then look at Lysa and Jon's. It would really be ironic if Jon had no idea about the Lannister incest at all: that his genetic research was to try to determine whether he had been cuckolded, Lysa murdered him because he had found out, and Littlefinger arranged for Ned to find his way to the twincest to hide the motive.
  8. Yeah, I was talking about the greyscale hypothesis. The Bran hypothesis hits most of the points reasonably well.
  9. There are some problems with that interpretation: no "wings" and no "shadow fire". Also, it doesn't fit the "lies" theme of the stanza. My interpretation: it describes House Hoare surviving the burning of Harrenhal to become House Lothston (Lothston literally means "hateful stone") with their bat sigil. Shadow Fire is Lucas Lothston's role in starting the Blackfyre rebellion. It's important because it means that the Whents (descended from the Lothstons) are the heirs to Harrenhal. Sansa's maternal Grandmother was a Whent, and Littlefinger is Lord of Harrenhal. If Harrenhal, empowered by the "black blood" of Hoare, is the reason magic had been suppressed in and around Westeros (the last dragon died two years after House Lothston took Harrenhal, and Daenery's dragons were born just after the last Whent was evicted from it) then it stands to reason that Sansa as the Lady of Harrenhal (or even Queen of the Rivers, depending on how well woven Littlefinger's schemes really are) would pose a real and immediate threat to Daenerys and her Dragons simply by holding the castle. All of it propped up on the lie that House Hoare is dead.
  10. IIRC, during the Dance of Dragons several of the draconic casualties are noted as having been killed by the fire of other dragons.
  11. Imagine a Roman Emperor converting to Christianity, or an English King forming his own Church. Both were "unthinkable" and not without consequence, but they happened all the same. I suppose the difference is that both Henry VIII and Constantine I were already well established monarchs at the time of their conversion.
  12. Only if Arya is also the Waif. So it's the Waif pretending to be Arya pretending to be Jayne pretending to be Arya.
  13. No, a child doesn't need to nurse "the moment it's born." It's normal for an infant to take several hours before it even figures out how to latch onto a breast. And the milk doesn't come in for several days. And infants typically lose about a pound (10-20% of their bodyweight) in the first week of life because of these factors. That's 100% normal. Egg doesn't have prophetic dreams either. There are Targaryens (and Blackfyres) who have prophetic dreams, but Egg isn't one of them. He believes strongly in prophecy, but the prophecies are never his own. Yeah, I've been getting that impression.
  14. We're beginning to argue in circles. Again, simply remove the sharp objects, set them aside. And are you thinking he'd spend the whole journey to Lhazar (or wherever)? He's got to spend a few minutes in there. Plenty of oxygen in a chest that size for an infant. We have no reason to believe that Daenerys has any prophetic ability. And yes, every time a Targaryen crosses with someone without Valyrian-eque genetic lineage (Dayne and perhaps Hightower are deliberate exclusions) the darker hair color always supersedes. Since there's no reason to believe Drogo has any Valyrian ancestry, we should expect their child to have dark hair. Rhaego only needs to be inside the chest between the tent and wherever the wetnurse is. After that, he's just another Llazarine infant, no further deception required. The Dothraki ignoring this is easily explained by their fear of the proceedings (most refused to even be near the tent) and the chaos surrounding the fracturing of the khalazar. Of course I did. We only have her word on that. Odd character to decide to trust. If you want someone to die as a side effect of something, why warn them not to do it, and then warn them not to be near it when you're doing it? "I need you to stay in the tent for reasons. It's perfectly safe, don't worry." That's what you'd say. She's delivering the child, an event you've obviously never seen. Yes, the person delivering an infant can kill it if they choose to do so, and in a way that appears to be totally natural. Again, arguing in circles. He only had to be in the chest for minutes. Yes, a wetnurse is required. I'm largely agnostic on where he was taken, but there are several options. It's entirely possible the wetnurse and some other Lhazareen made it back to Lhazar and that he was never taken by a new Khal at all, but we also have no reason to believe newborns were left behind. The novel specifically notes that the old and weak were, not newborns: newborns are not without value at a slave market. Daenery's journey killed newborns because she was deliberately riding through the desert to avoid both the Dothraki and the Lhazarines. Do you really think the Dothraki are incapable of migrating with newborns? At no point does any prophecy imply the world is doomed. Well then you probably should just ignore it then. As noted, we're arguing in circles now. Demonstrably untrue. Thoros of Myr brings Beric Dondarrion back from the dead without killing anything. The only reason we think Rhaego had to die is because Duur said so, so we're back to "why do people trust Duur?"