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  1. Orphan Black 3: So, sometimes stuff just works out[SPOILERS]

    Anything. Everything. Longer life, increased physical prowess, Olivier's tail, other Neolution body mode. Photosynthetic skin would be pretty awesome.
  2. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Theatrical Release

    Series 3 of Plebs has been freaking hilarious. Especially episode 5, Grumio getting snared by a "feeder."
  3. Orphan Black 3: So, sometimes stuff just works out[SPOILERS]

    "So, sometimes stuff just works out" I really didn't like season 1 Donnie, but since then he's been one of my favorites.
  4. College Basketball 2016: Off-Season Shenanigans

    As the start date? I don't see how either '02 or '05 as a start or end date conforms with the known dates of the paper classes from '93-'11. Winter?
  5. April 2016 Reads

    I finished The Girl with All the Gifts by Mike Carey yesterday. It was pretty good, especially the last 25-30%. The chapters were very short, and this made the rotating POVs a bit frustrating at the start of the book, but at the end it made things very intense. I had been thinking I would read The Passage soon, because the final book is released next month, but I think I'm apocalypsed out for the near future. Now I'm reading The Incorruptibles by John Horner Jacobs. 25% in and it's very good, and extremely reminiscent of Felix Gilman's The Half-Made World / The Rise of Ransom City.
  6. Joe Abercrombie

  7. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    I think it really says a lot about the writers of this show. Inconceivable!
  8. 12 Monkeys

    You sure about that?
  9. Top 5 favorite fantasy series?

    Yeah there are. And I've only read the first 3-4.
  10. College Basketball 2016: Off-Season Shenanigans

    Nope. You would have been banned until 2023. Dana O'Neil has a pretty good article about it.
  11. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Theatrical Release

    I watched season 10 of Trailer Park Boys last night and this morning. It wasn't bad, but the middle episodes really felt off because of the guest stars Then I watched episode 3 of Unbreakable K.S. after having watched the first two the weekend it was released. I'm starting to think that I really don't like this show. Kimmy and Dong are the only characters that I enjoy. I actively loathe everybody else. So I just don't know if I can continue. I finished season 3 of Banshee last Wednesday. I think episode 3 might be my favorite of the series but then episode 6 was probably my least favorite And, YAY, Silicon Valley is back!
  12. I, forone, am glad that they're ending it after next season. Not because I want the show to end (not at all), but because I feel that way too many shows stick around way too long. I've really enjoyed the first two episodes of this season, and I think that's because they know they have a limited clock and they know what they need to do to tell the story within that timeframe. Kira asking about her dad was funny, and I immediately thought, "Sorry, honey, but he won't be around because he's got a bigger part on a higher paying show. Maybe he'll pop in when he has a break in his filming schedule."
  13. Joe Abercrombie

    It's my least favorite of the six Abercrombie books I've read. It's way too repetitive and was a slog to get through for me.