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  1. I would ask how often any Big XII team lives up to their seeding? I honestly don't know, but that would be interesting to run the numbers one day when I'm board. I'm pretty confident that KU would meet or exceed the conference average. It's also very difficult to meet your seeding when you're a 1 seed every freaking year. What I would really wonder about though, is why you're asking a question about the ncaa tournament when we're talking about the conference regular season. Deflect much?
  2. That has been mentioned since book one, and also in the tv show, so that comment upthread didn't make any sense to me.
  3. Walmart has it for $113.39... I wonder what shipping would be to your part of the world.
  4. Not when we have played poorly for the first part of the year, lost twice in AFH (once to a conference opponent that has never won there), and are playing with 8 scholarship player, one of whom became eligible after the start of the conference season because he graduated high school early. You sound like one of the talking heads that predicts we won't win the conference even during those seasons when we're the obvious favorite, just so at the end of the season, if they were right, they can come back and say "look what I said [and how smart I am]!" At least they pick another horse, and don't just bet on the field.
  5. Way to go out on a limb there oh seer or seers, prognosticator of prognosticators. Why don't you tell us who will win?
  6. Which is funny, as she is the very definition of a bigot - a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. But she's the "good kind of bigot," so... erm, yay! I put her on ignore several months ago, and it's been great. Up until she was quoted in nearly every post on the last page of this thread.
  7. And just like that KU is all alone at the top of the Big XII standings Craziness.
  8. Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddddd this is how I feel.
  9. Well more battery than assault. So, does that make him batteried or battered? One player was hit in the back/shoulder by a fan running by, and then three WVU go after (the wrong) fan. Did they mean to hit him? I don't know, only the person that did it does. But hitting someone from behind when their emotions are heightened is never a smart thing.
  10. I wonder if the Big XII will start enforcing their no court storming policy after another fan was punched after assaulting an opposing team's player? Eh, who am I kidding, there's a zero percent chance of that happening. I do think it's hilarious how WVU are railing against storming the court. Let's see if it happens yet again in Morgantown tomorrow (after their home cooking inevitably gives us diarrhea).
  11. Haven't we already though? I assume the dogs were the spark for Cortazar's research in the pens and what he's doing to Duarte. I eagerly await the return of ProtoMiller once Duarte throws Holden into the pens. Agreed.
  12. I watched season 1 of Jean Claude Van Johnson today. It was delightfully cheesy. I was surprised at how weird it got. Starting episode 1 of Electric Dreams right now.
  13. He was "The Fool" when Jane was trapped in the snare and "The Witch and The Fool" came to save her.