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  1. Yep. I'll be waiting for reviews before buying this one.
  2. I was worried it was going to be an $80K+ Escalade, or German luxury car. I literally laughed out loud when I read that it was a Charger.
  3. Who is the villain? Darseid?
  4. Okay, it seems that the car in question is a Dodge Charger. All concerns on my end are alleviated. It seems that it's more of an over reaction by our compliance department because of the current climate of college basketball.
  5. After I saw that Preston wasn't going to play I wasn't expecting a win either, so I was very happy with the result. Graham and Newman spent way too much time trying to play hero ball - I'm sure that will get corrected though. I can't imagine that Preston is a big enough knuckle head to be driving in an impermissible benefit car, it's more likely that he took out some kind of ridiculous loan expecting to pay it off next year when he's getting paid to play. I'm sure it will get sorted out relatively quickly, but if he ends up being ineligible we're in for a really long season and one injury away from disaster (Azubuike). Regardless of what happens with Preston, I'm really hoping Silvio de Sousa (a signed recruit of ours that supposed to be a freshman next year) gets cleared to come in at the semester break, and it sounds like the only holdup is waiting for the results of his SAT that he took recently.
  6. I wish Svi got the same calls that Allen did.
  7. I'm assuming this was referring to the first time Allen got that call in that game. Billy Preston is the most frustrating player to not yet have actually played a game. I liked this game better when we were up 11.
  8. The Expanse and The Last Kingdom seasons 3 are 1a and 1b for me - although it wouldn't surprise me if the latter gets released in 2019. Next is season 3 of The Magicians. The Alienist is the only new show that I know enough about to make me interested in it.
  9. This. I try to always take ear plugs to the theater as they're almost always too loud.
  10. Not flying back with the team. Apparently there's video of them stealing from three stores. So incredibly stupid.
  11. ... ... You realize his team lost and yours won, right?
  12. I've been slowly working my way through Deep Space Nine again. I'm on season 5 right now, and soooo many good episodes. And I'm also not so slowly rewatching The Last Kingdom, I watched the amazing episode 5 last night. I can't believe these episodes clock in at under an hour, there's so much packed into each one.
  13. Mark Titus' preseason NPOY picks:
  14. Some points?