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  1. Episode 6 of Sneaky Pete was amazing! I keep wondering how much Giovanni RIbisi practiced that squinty eyed smile in the mirror
  2. That's good to hear. It wasn't so bad that I wasn't going to continue, but were it to not improve, I doubt that I would keep watching. Nice about Sneaky Pete being from the writers as Justified, I hadn't heard that. I am a little surprise at how much "story of the week" each episode has had so far, I'm through episode four. Dang, I didn't know that was the finale. Had I, I would have watched it instead of another episode of Sneak Pete.
  3. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    Lethal Weapon
  4. I loved it. Especially the super creepy ending.
  5. I watched Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone last night. This was my first exposure to Harry Potter other than pop culture references... It was not good. That opening scene was one of the worst I've ever seen. Lot's of terrible acting, but most especially from Harry's Aunt/Uncle/Cousin, they should feel very embarrassed for that story line (Rowling if it's true to the books and the film writers for keeping it if it was). The special effects were far from that. Most of the story was light and fun though, so I'll watch the next one, and I'm sure they get much better as the series progresses, it is 16 years old after all. Right now I'm watching the first episode of Sneaky Pete on Amazon. The cast is stellar (Bryan Cranston, Margo Martindale, Peter Gerety, Giovanni Ribisi) and I hope the show as a whole lives up to that.
  6. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    And that's why we have our streak (and the fact that we rarely lose to the top of the conference at home either), every year the top contenders gift us with one or more head scratching losses. I watched the second half and OT, and for the vast majority of the second half the arena was like a morgue. They got a little more in it as the game got tighter, but there were a lot of empty seats visible and I'm not sure how the loudness of the crowd on television relates to the loudness in the arena because it sure sounded loud at the end, but with all those empties I just don't know. Next week will be completely different with the crowd actually being more like it was for the Baylor game. I'm still expecting a KU loss next week, in fact our upcoming stretch of games is brutal (after Texas comes to AFH): @WVU, @UK, Baylor, ISU, @KSU, @TT, WVU, @Baylor. I'm hoping we can go 5-3 in that run.
  7. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Woodard missed that FT and he then makes up for it in OT. 2.5 seconds for the win.
  8. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Even then, the recruiting class that won it in 2012 was the 2011 recruiting class The ending of WVU-OU has been pretty intense. Carter has some stones, and Woodard could have won it for OU with a FT and 3.1 sec but he couldn't make it.
  9. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    I didn't realize we had -1 championships in the past four years. Now I'm sad
  10. Gotham TV (Vol. 2)

    Yeah, not the best episode, but I love this crazy ass show. Although, Nigma making Penguin lose his shit was pretty good.
  11. Board Issues 4

    No more problems, so whatever the ad was it must not be around any longer.
  12. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    What's more distressing is looking at all those championships UK has in those four years. How will college basketball ever survive this recruiting juggernaut????
  13. Grimm 3.0 [SPOILERS]

    Episode 2 was very good too. Loved how they set us up to thinking that they might just return to the status quo, and then made things even nuttier with Hank and Wu saying they'll resign from the force! Will they actually do that?? How much longer will Reynard be Captain before stepping down to take on Mayoral duties? Did anybody else think that Kelly had way too big of teeth for his age? That was creepy, but I loved how uncomfortable Monroe was with Diana. Gold, Jerry, gold! Didn't know that. I'm one of the few people that has never read or seen any Harry Potter. I have added the first movie to my Netflix queue and will probably get to it in the next week or two.
  14. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    They should win their two games this week (Miami and NCSt), so that will likely rocket them back up to about 8 next week.
  15. I've been watching The OA during my morning workouts the past two days. It's okay, but the second episode didn't really live up to the promise of the first for me, although I'm still not done with episode two. Should finish two and three tomorrow. Yeah, I remember loving that show and craving new episodes. It's so bad now that I doubt I'll watch the second episode of this season. Such a bummer. I used to to really look forward to it too, and now I just don't care. Even with episode being a massive upgrade over episode one, I have zero desire to watch it. Plus, I have way too much other stuff that I still haven't gotten around to watching - Quarry, Outcasts, The Girlfriend Experience, and Travelers to name a few. It's just a shame to see a show fall so far, but it's not like it's alone in that regard - House of Cards and Vikings have fallen at least as much.