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  1. The Richard Morgan Thread III

    That sounds more like how I would describe Woken Furies than Broken Angels. I would describe Broken Angels as Indiana Jones in space.
  2. The Richard Morgan Thread III

    The next two Kovacs books do not fit that style, so if you still want more you should check out Warren Hammond's KOP books.
  3. Myrddin is getting internet famous (Possible Spoilers)

    Yeah... that doesn't work if you actually know how to pronounce Myrddin.
  4. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    Because the comic was pretty awesome.
  5. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    That might have been the dumbest goddamn thing I've ever watched. Wally: "Barry I had no idea you were the Flash." Did Barry kill Thawne at the end? I had kind of tuned out at that point. If not what the hell is his plan to ensure that he never "kills her again"? I don't even want to think what the affect this will have on the rest of the multiverse. Because really, Zoom should now be back to terrorizing Earth 2. Why couldn't Zoom steal Jay's powers? I was trying to not fall asleep at that point. They set up Jesse and Wally to be speedsters and then completely wiped it away Who else is now expecting episode 1 of season 5 of Arrow to be starring Robert Queen as Green Arrow? And they flashback to his time on the island. That would be fucking hilarious. I might watch it just for the lulz if I hear that that happens. Same. Although, I'm getting a little worried that the only board member actually planning to watch next season is Jaxom. I think I'm smelling almonds here.... He'll have to be "original" timeline Wells who built the particle accelerator much later (20+ year iirc). Barry will of course keep his powers, because he's immune to those timeline shenanigans.
  6. College Basketball 2016: Off-Season Shenanigans

    I was just coming to post that, and that Marcus Lee is dropping out of the draft, but transferring from Kentucky. Maybe you guys will use his scholarship on Newman That's pretty ridiculous, maybe OU should change the system and start deducting points if those seats aren't filled.
  7. College Basketball 2016: Off-Season Shenanigans

    KU is playing Indiana, Duke, and UK this season. All four teams are projected to be in the top 10.
  8. What's annoying you today? Part the grievous

    Been trying to by a home for the past 20 months, put an offer in on one Saturday at $32K above asking, just found out they took another offer. Annoyed is not quite a strong enough word, seething might work.
  9. College Basketball 2016: Off-Season Shenanigans

    Is this new information? I wonder if they'll be played in January again.
  10. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    "I'm sorry Mr. Reese, I need you at that wedding." "How come Harry doesn't sing to us?" "He doesn't sing to you?" That ending though! They got me that time.
  11. [Spoilers] EP605

    Two direwolves left. They best not fuck with Ghost. I'm becoming more and more hopeful that with Brienne going to the Riverlands we'll get some mentions of Nymeria and her pack, that Arya will actually truly and fully become No One, then is sent to carry out a mission in Westeros only to connect with Nymeria and be brought back to herself.
  12. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Final Cut

    Because I'm paying for HBO, I watched Wagons East on-demand yesterday. Always thought it was supposed to be terrible because of John Candy's sudden death while filming, and unfortunately it was just as bad as I thought it would be. He did look terribly unhealthy in his very first scene in the movie; he'd never been a small man, but I think that was the largest I ever saw him. Makes me wonder if his health would have turned around if the studio hadn't forced him to do the movie. I feel like I need to cleanse my palate and watch Uncle Buck.
  13. May 2016 reads

    Should have been here 10 years ago, here he is chillin on the board.
  14. Trailer thread II

    Good to see Lem landing on his feet after Viridian Dynamics closed up shop. I actually kind of liked the Lethal Weapon trailer