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  1. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    Ugh.  I hate everything about this season.
  2. The Ousiders (no, not that one)

    Anybody watching this?  I finally got around to watching the first episode today and thought it was pretty good.  It kind of feels like Justified from the other POV.
  3. Trailer thread II

    The Witch
  4. Then OU's?  It doesn't look like it to me (and definitely not "much," maybe "ever so slightly" because we still have to play ISU again).  After Saturday our toughest games are at Baylor and at Texas, yours are at WVU and at Texas, and I don't think that game at Baylor is that scary at all.  West Virginia looks to have the easiest remaining schedule, but their poor shooting and high foul rate makes them prime for a loss at any away game. 
  5. New Star Trek Series on CBS

  6. If we want to win the conference outright, we have to win in Norman.  But even with a loss on Saturday, I feel confident about a share of the title, because all of the top teams in the league will lose at least one more game.
  7. Board Issues 4

    I'll do that. I've been keeping a running tally in my head: Lego Avengers ad has done it four more times, an ad for Planet Fitness did it once, once for Verizon, and once again it was just a white box.
  8. And he knows even if he could get the Danes to successfully install him as the ruler of Bebbanburg he would only be their puppet.  He would still be beholden to Alfred, but he would have much more autonomy.
  9. ISU at Texas Tech just got really interesting.  Nader just intentionally fouled Gray on a run out, so Tech is shooting 2 FTs and will get the ball.  Tech is currently down 3 with 1:25 to go. ETA: Tech ties it up after going 3-6 from the FT line.  Now ISU has the ball with 22 sec on the shot clock and 24.4 on the game clock.
  10. Has the "leader of men" thrown down a suspension yet? I'm shocked that Allen played the rest of the game, but desperate times and all that.
  11. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    Interesting speed dial Barry2.0 had.
  12. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Same.  I have zero desire to watch anything in that timeline.
  13. Chinese hard Fantasy series like a Song of Fire and Ice

    Which ones are the robots?
  14. The Magicians - SyFy

    That was quite boring.  I liked what the did with it and where it's going, but I feel like they could have executed it much more effectively. 
  15. The Alchemy Wars - Ian Tregillis (Spoilers Books 1 and 2)

    I'm sure they feel that way because it fits their narrative and as the rulers of the world they certainly don't want to upset the status quo.  And there's a foundation for it in their religion.  I also have no doubt that Bell doesn't give two shits about any of that, and that she knows exactly what she's doing to the clakkers and then to Visser. Oh, and I agree with Pat, you should definitely read The Milkweed Triptych too.  Although his not liking this series is borderline insane.