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  1. I'm much less excited for it than I was before Iron Fist... but still excited. Iron Fist was just so awful, and after a terrible second half of Luke Cage, I'm starting to lose confidence.
  3. I'm very excited for this movie.
  4. But what was the message?
  5. Spoiler alert: The killings started when he lost Hobbes.
  6. Everytime he was on screen I just kept hoping he would die. As soon as that young woman maid showed up, my first thought was that he's going to rape her (and while it didn't happen this episode, I'm still confident that it will happen before the season is out). He's the epitome of terrible.
  7. Isn't it though? I mean, I don't have numbers to back it up, but anecdotally it seems like more kids commit suicide because of bullying through words (facebook) than do because of physical mistreatment. I can't remember the last time a read a story about a kid killing themself because of physical torment.
  8. I found the first season to be incredibly boring. There were good bits here and there, but overall I hated it. And the reveal seemed quite obvious from the first episode.
  9. I feel like they have a mandate to nominate at least one broadcast television show in the best drama and comedy categories. I still don't understand how House of Cards gets nominated every year, season 3 was hot garbage, and I have no desire to watch season 4 or 5.
  10. Getting everybody at a party to repeatedly shout "Penis Parker" isn't being bullied?
  11. Wow, can't believe I flubbed that. That the two are so linked in my mind, can be my only reasoning. I actually think I prefer Hot Fuzz... but it's really, really close.
  12. Thread title should have been: Terrible news for fans of ASoIaF - GRRM finds another distraction.
  13. Ten years already?
  14. Weird. I made that post on Windows 10 with Chrome, and have never had any problems with that combination here. Have you tried another browser on here?