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  1. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Ah, I was watching on a really crappy stream at work, and I'm not familiar enough with Baylor to know their numbers. I think Lual-Acuil will eventually be a really good player, but this is literally his third year playing basketball. Here's an article about Frank from my favorite CBB writer, Mark Titus, from a few weeks ago talking about how he has outgrown the song.
  2. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Wouldn't it just be so nice to have a few cupcakes in the Big XII? 8 of the teams are in the top 43 on Kenpom, the other two are 70 and 71. Every other major conference has at least one way down in the 100s, with most having two or three. I would love a couple of cruise control games, both for my stress level and to give our top guys a bit of rest while helping to develop the bench. I hope Texas Tech can get into the tournament, but I have to think they're on the outside looking in right now. They have a couple of really good wins, but they also lost way too many games that they needed to win - 5-9 in conference looks really bad. Had they pulled out wins @Tex and @TCU (4 and 1 point losses respectively), I think they're solidly in.
  3. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    What if it was turned inside out first?
  4. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    I don't want to say it's in the books, but yeah, it's all but wrapped up with 4 to play and a 3 game lead... Thirteen! He is the leading candidate for NPOY Hopefully his performance at the end of the past two game have that wrapped up for him.
  5. Grimm 3.0 [SPOILERS]

    pfffftt... So, yeah, that episode was not good. In fact, I've been pretty disappointed with the past four episodes. After such a strong start to the season, I just don't understand the return to the status quo. I guess it must be too hard for television writers to shift gears on a dime. Hank was pretty freaking funny this episode though, and Reynard's reaction to Diana's disappearance after he thought about it for a second was good. And how convenient is it that this centuries old relic has a timestamp on it that matches up perfectly with the date of the season finale? Serendipity! But really, I think it's more likely that magic created the date after its rediscovery or because of Nick's use of the stick. Juliette's vision and the fact that Nick could see it was interesting too. Hopefully that will make for a good episode next week, and I really hope this week wasn't just a way for them to recreate a Nick-Adalind-Juliette love triangle
  6. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    .... so, uh @Greywolf2375 ... what exactly do they teach at Duke? Ahhhh, who am I kidding, Kyrie Irving never went to class.
  7. Trailer Thread III

    I was wondering if that was going to be delayed to keep it paired with GoTs, and I'm glad to find out that it is not.
  8. February Reading 2017

    I started The Stars are Legion on Sunday during a continuing education conference, and what I read was great. Can't wait to finish my current physical book to get back to it. I've terrible about listing what I've been reading here too. Please be sure to let us know what you think about Too Like the Lightning; I've got my eye on that one.
  9. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    I love this cover so much (all of them in the series really). Great series that blend horror very well with epic fantasy.
  10. First Fantasy Book or Series

    Too young for The Dark is Rising? Maybe. Possibly too scary. Will is 11 at the start of the series, and isn't it usually a decent rule of thumb to have the main character around the same age? (I just made up that rule of thumb, but it makes sense to me...)
  11. It is absolutely not a Black Sails, more's the pity. I could have been if anyone had any idea of how to write and plot. The actors are fine, but they are hamstrung by such terrible writing. So they play it as straight as they can, but the mustache twirling is still in evidence. Is this real life?
  12. I enjoyed Frontier, but I'm not worried about how the characters are dressed which was a big point of contention in a review linked in this thread (as well as the ambiguous timeframe).
  13. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    This one looks over, congrats guys. We just cannot win against you this season. Your shooting percentage within two feet of the basket tonight is amazing, and our is abysmal... as is our 3 point shooting.
  14. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Oh, yay, we shattered that world record UK set when we played there