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  1. Uprooted by Naomi Novik, The Library at Mont Char by Scott Hawkins, and Six of Crows by Leigh of Bardugo are all $2.99 on kindle right now (and nook, but I'm too lazy to link those too).
  2. Aren't all of King's books?
  3. She's so indoctrinated in the Servants' Path that she probably saw Prilkop and Beloved as abominations. I tend to think that Beloved's coloring was more from the torture than being on the wrong path, because he didn't do anything detrimental to the world while he was captive. There are six instances of piebald in the book, four of them are followed immediately by bird (and then silver ship - Paragon), the fifth is followed by crow, when Bee first sees Motley, and the sixth is a reference to Fool's Errand. So it's piebald in the literal sense, not the figurative Piebalds.
  4. A White Prophet usually has a primary Catalyst, but it's not a one to one thing. Which is why Beloved was able to fool the Servants about Fitz's identity so long - "A stable boy, a bastard prince, an assassin." With Dwalia Bee changed in such a way that her skin became more pale - which I guess happens when the world is set on a less favorable track. Bee then darkened when she set things right by destroying the Servants, as Beloved darkened when he affected his changes on the world.
  5. Yep, good season.
  6. It's been an excellent season so far, and I'm really liking this model. I wonder how it will affect things in the future, because you know SyFy is using this as a test run for future series, including keeping a very close eye on people's' DVR habits while viewing it. On Friday, because of the limited commercials, there were several times when I didn't even bother fast-forwarding because the breaks were so short. I wonder if the production crew knew they were going to air it like this when they filmed it because each night sure felt like it was building to that night's final episode. Can't wait to see what the do tonight!
  7. I would put this one on the same level as Touch, with The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August at a step above. Her newest book, The End of the Day at about thirty-two steps below - I haven't finished it yet, but I'm not sure I even will. You're right about that, you're just wrong about which is the "hit"
  8. I Kickstartered the Champions of Midgard Expansions with the base game, really looking forward to playing it - it's on track for a June delivery. Terraforming Mars is excellent. Fuse is a great short and small game, Flatline is coming out soon, but it doesn't look to be as small. Bang! The Dice Game is excellent. I'm really looking forward to Magic Maze is this category (although not necessarily small).
  9. Episode 2
  10. No shit. I wanted to rewatch seasons 1 and 2 first. Frack.
  11. I don't think there's been anything to say that the Elderlings ever considered humans as an exploitable resource. In fact the evidence found in tRWC showed that there was likely significant trade between humans and Elderlings and that in a lot of ways they worked hand in hand. That also jives with the Six Duchies' histories about the Elderlings. By my estimation, I was thinking Prilkop is somewhere between 1000-1500 years old, not anywhere near 10000+. With the Cataclysm being 500+ years ago. I don't think their breeding program started until right around the time of the Cataclysm. I think that was what kicked the whole thing off. I believe the Four figured out what was going to happen based on past dreams that were collected, made things go very badly for the Elderlings and the dragons, and then wanted to maintain their newly gained power and control. I think you're sorely underestimating humans, as will the dragons. They've got sheer numbers on their side (the Chalcedeans nearly took down Tintaglia and Icefyre through an ambush in tRWC), and ingenuity (Chade's gunpowder) that can both wreak havoc if the dragons continue to provoke them. I do think the Liveship dragons will be more sympathetic towards humans (most of them at least), and it's already been shown that the Cassarick dragons are more so than Tintaglia and Icefyre. But I also don't think that the Path the F&F put the world on is necessarily supposed to be the most rosy, I think it's supposed to be the most balanced, with the dragons keeping the human race in check. I really hope that doesn't come back to bite them. I don't think that just because they're prisoners means they're any more likely to return Clerres to being populated by actual servants to the White Prophets. Look at the one who attacked Bee (Cora?), she just wanted to go back to living a life of luxury in her cottage with her delicious food. I think they're all too indoctrinated, but Prilkop's letter to Beloved (which probably arrived after he entered the stone) did show they were taking to farming and most of them had stopped dreaming. I agree that Fitz probably would have killed them all had he been able. The Fool certainly made it seem that way in FQ. Maybe it was just a way to try and convince Fitz to take him with him, but he did specifically go over a donation required to entice a White to lead you there. I really loved the Withywoods gossip. That alone showed that Molly wasn't shortchanged in even the slightest. She was Fitz's everything. I can buy that, but I still don't think it would have been easily accessible because of how deadly it is, especially in middle of all of that chaos. The guy in the market said that Symphe was just as beautiful when his grandfather saw her saw her 80 years earlier. In FQ I thought it was the names were more titles than actual names, based off of the Fool saying "there's always a Fellowdy" (I thought he actually said Coultrie but it was when they were talking about the pedophile). This book made me think that the current Four were also the original Four kept alive by their continual consumption of dragon flesh - which also explains how Coultrie would have his elevated position without ever having had any Dreams. If he'd lived that long because he was one of the original Four and was instrumental in their elevation.
  12. Yeah,you poor guys sure need to get a leg up in this whole recruiting thing. I don't think college coaches should be allowed to hold those positions at all.
  13. That was kind of surprising wasn't it? I thought he was set for either you guys or Duke, but I haven't followed his recruitment at all.
  14. Didn't we though? All of the Four refer to Beloved as him, and Fellowdy the pedophile instantly knew Bee for a girl... Yep, that was pretty much right after I commented about the stupidity of their plan. Not that the Fool's sneaking in with the butterfly cloak was that much better... well it was quite a bit better, it still wasn't that good of a plan. The two together was a like an inferior version of Bee's "weeding the garden with Molly." What's up with their acknowledgement of Verity as a dragon? It's not just because of his power level with the Skill, otherwise Bee would have certainly been recognized as such. Is it only because he carved his dragon? Does that elevate him in the Skill stream - that next level Fitz experienced after he was coated in Silver? If so, then what's up with him chilling with Chade and Shrewd in there? Obviously carving a dragon isn't required to survive in the Skill stream. Did Chade and Shrewd just join with Verity's larger presence? I really wish we had learned more about the stone dragons! How is pouring memories into those different from what happens in the Elderling cities? Was it truly an Elderling tradition that was shared with the Six Duchies Skill coteries? Because Fitz and Bee and a few of the Skill healers were so overwhelmed by Kelsingra, I can't imagine that any of the Elderlings possessed that same level of ability, and therefore how could they have enough to bring the stone to life? Maybe lesser ability but much longer life? Or maybe, and this is where I get a little crazy, going back to Shaun Snow's thought about FFNWolf becoming a real boy, maybe the live dragons are actually descendants of stone dragons that came to life And that's why they're so interested in preserving their ancestral memories through eating dragons and even the memories of beloved/important humans and Elderlings. They instinctively want to soak up as much as the possibly can. And on that note, it's 2am, and I need to sleep (I was up till 3 nearly finishing the book last night, couldn't hold out for that final 2% though)... Or at least it was when I typed this, but the forum wouldn't let me post it. Right now after much more frustration trying to get it to post, I figured out that it was too long as one post. So three posts it is! Or maybe not... now I think it might have been the spoiler code in shadowbinding shoe's post. I've removed that, hopefully it will actually work this time.
  15. Nor me. I think it could have been handled better, but Fitz and Nighteyes had paved the way, so it should have been easy for the Fool to follow. I thought he would intentionally drink the Silver. I wonder if that would have eradicated the parasites? I still don't know why his normal skill healing couldn't handle them Like the story about the two of them in the orchard and the gossip around Withywoods He killed Duke Ellik, Vindeliar, and one of the Four. The dragons recognized him as a friend of themselves and the serpents per Rapskal (which I think is hilarious considering he can't hear them). Two fine horses and a physically abusive boss seems like an ill reward in my opinion, but maybe they're waiting for him to come of age and then he'll be gifted with some land? Aww come on, now. I was really hoping Bee would hug Alise and or Leftrin on departing and fix their little problem. I thought it was well implied that Leftrin had been around the trunk quite a lot, but he was a romantic and never had that spark with anyone. It's cheesy but Alise was exactly what he was longing for - love at first sight.