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  1. Sansa shutting off LF was her best moment in this episode.
  2. Arya, The Hound, Jon.
  3. Gave it a 7. Arya and Hound bits were the best, also Jon's speech to House Umber and Karstark.
  4. As time goes by i am more and more convinced that GRRM will never finish Asoiaf.
  5. Hype intensifies
  6. Young Griff
  7. Loved it, felt a bit slow at times (especially in the beginning) but overall it was a great experience. I think i'll be watching it again this weekend. Loved the action and the full-on berseker mode that a Wolverine movie deserves. I heard that the director wanted to
  8. In my opinion they made a big mistake with how they handled Ragnar in season 3 and in this one, i think that his death would have been even more impactful if he was in his full force and captured as a result of treachery or something like that. But now he was just a shadow of his former self, maybe they wanted to keep his legacy intact by ensuring he wasn't captured as a result of a lost battle. Anyway with all its ups and downs i still enjoy the show.
  9. Is the leaked plot legit ?
  10. Hopefully it will be about Dunk and Egg.
  11. I can't wait for Jon & Dany's meeting.
  12. I'm pretty sure that the young kid Ford met is his younger self, their fathers said the same thing, they were dressed almost the same. I also think that the new narrative Ford is working on is connected with the maze the MiB is searching for (the little girl told him about following the snake's trail or smth like that and we saw Ford controlling that snake). I also think that Ford might be introducing religion to hosts and the meaning of God. The show is very interesting, the MiB is surely a Gold package customer (the most expensive), that's why he "does whatever he wants". If i remember well enough, in the first episode the Gold package is described as having access to a much wider array of park features and so on. When he said he was born in the park i think he meant that he discovered his real self there. Also, it seems that someone is talking to Dolores and is giving her tips and hints ... I think the gun she found is real and is only a matter of time before a host kills a guest, or we will even see guest on guest violence in the coming episodes.
  13. I don't think that the gunslinger is
  14. Really liked the pilot, the last 15 minutes defintely got me hooked on it. I really like this kind of mysterious sci-f productions. Nolan's mark is all over it. A theory i have about the gunslinger (and another one a little bit crackpotish):
  15. Yep, i know, i've made a confusion between threads :)) Of course i was talking about Lyanna Stark, but also i think we will get more from the Bear Islands Lady