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  1. I'm gone with you, unreal that 30% gave it a 10. Has to be HBO plants
  2. The best thing about this episode is that is was waaaay short and ended fast. oh, the cinematography was good.
  3. Advanced Crackpottery - The Mance Enigma

    Let's just ignore lore created by one person, told by many, that many could confirm but just decided not to because a theory sounds cool. The amount of mind/book bending for that theory is hardly fathomable.
  4. Advanced Crackpottery - The Mance Enigma

    It's not possible timing-wise for him to be Rhaegar.
  5. Advanced Crackpottery - The Mance Enigma

    We know he's gone on intelligence missions before and if he's hooked up with BR as well, it's certainly possible for him to figure it out.
  6. Advanced Crackpottery - The Mance Enigma

    I like, I like. And I usually hate 90% of the theories on here. I could see Mance being kin of BR, I'm not up on D&E so I have to revisit after I receive the books.
  7. 6. I really can't get over the plot holes and utterly unimaginable actions that the characters (especially at the wall) that are force fed the audience. Jamie and Tyrion was an odd scene that did nothing for me.
  8. Missandei is a Faceless Man/Woman perhaps Izembaro

    It's OK if she's not Izzy, still a great theory and one of the very few I'm on board with
  9. How would you rate episode 401?

    Gave it a 7, much better start than last season. there's one character I can't wait to get rid of though
  10. Jon and Arya

    I agree and I don't get foreshadowing out of that quote at all, just Ned still trying to get Arya to succumb to society/her mother's wishes. Not everything is foreshadowing. I also don't think Arya will marry, I don't want her story to become a love story. She gets enough "happiness" out of vengeance and what she does best. There's no real room for that kind of love in her world- and that's ok. She's not cut out for happiness.
  11. Jon and Arya

    Arya Stranger and Robb the Warrior
  12. The Citadel's Grand Conspiracy

    I just don't see where this is coming from. Seems to be a crux of your argument but there is magic in plenty of places in the world other than Westeros. Active magic hatched the dragon eggs in Essos. There seems to be a few other hubs of magic that Maesters can't touch. I think its much more logical to assume the maestros want to control magic as it pertains to Westeros. Additionally, the maesters are with the Lords and bound to service. Leaving out info or purposefully ignoring requests from these lords regarding magic, COTF, Others and all of that is shady on their part. If they were as stand up as you seem to believe, they should be sharing the info they have with their lords they are bound in service too.
  13. Stannis humor

    Im banking on this as well. Excellent post
  14. Stannis humor

    Mega props to the thread starter to converting more people than I've ever been able to do to Stannis fandom.